Ron Paul To Ben Bernanke: "People Lose Trust In The Government Because You Lie To Them About Inflation"

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Anytime Ron Paul sits across from Ben Bernanke you know sparks will fly. Sure enough, they did: starting 3 mins 50 seconds into the clip below, Ron Paul, guns blazing, asks the Chairman if he does his own shopping, if he is aware of what true inflation is, and if he knows that Americans don't trust the government because they are being lied to about inflation. And it only gets better, once Paul starts brandishing a silver coin. The punchline: "The Fed will self-destruct anyway when the money is gone" - amen. And ironically letting the Fed keep on doing what it is doing will achieve that in the fastest possible way. In fact, letting the system cannibalize itself with no further hindrances may be the best option currently available - just go to town.

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time to twist and shout like we did last summer ...

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Shit...never give the mic to Bawney Fwank. I guess you have to go through the pain of that guy to get to hear the real truth.

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and to think a bunch of retards voted for romney and satorum in droves yesterday instead of ron paul...we are F.U.C.K.E.D.

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I really like Ron Paul, but his question was about as well-delivered as I would have after three bong hits.

Hopefully over the next few years some new blood will be able to take Ron Paul's message and deliver it with more aplomb.

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Wasted. He needs to learn how to ask a question and then shut the fuck up...

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The Bernank does not have to answer anything he doesn't want to.  Ron Paul knows that.  He's not asking him questions because he thinks he'll get an answer, but rather to insert the topics into the converation and into the record.  


It's easy to forget how far gone things really are.  I found it particularly amusing when Benjamin Shalom (B.S.)  Bernanke asserted that the inflation statistics were "independently" compiled by the BLS.


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Rand Paul and Peter Shiff need to step up to the plate after this year.  It is a shame Schiff lost his senate bid.

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but the ultimate bitchslap was how the bernank made that silver coin worth 10% less FRNs in the span of 10 minutes

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You've confused the phony manipulated FED-controlled paper price with the real physical price again.

Two different things.

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Bernake Lends Against the Stock Purchases!

The Money is Rolled over into new Purchases of yet more stock!

The .25% that is paid on money barrowed?? that was raised from JUNK!! Collateral! to begin with? means NOTHING!!


Bernake Does NOT Need QE-3 outright where everyone can see it!

He has been printing every day of every week for YEARS! to push the market this much higher!




It is days like today that I believe you fucking stupid fucks deserve what is happening to you.

Now down arrow for your ego becuase of your ignroance!

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Nice 1 JW, Not onlu Bernanke lend against Stock Purchase but also against Commodity , buying into marker with worthless printed $ real assets. The country around the world are ultra stupid including Chinese.

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We only have until the middle of June to get out of underneath the GLD and buy physical Gold, because that's when the Pan Asian Gold Exchange opens and it will reduce the GLD to Zero where it belongs

How could 1 paper share of GLD be worth $1800?

$1800 dollars for a little tiny piece of paper ? ? ?

Are you out of your fucking mind ? ? ?

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What if Iran took silver for oil?

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They are about to overtly take blood for oil.

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Nothing will change no matter which establishment candidate wins the Whitehouse. Everybody knows this already.

It appears Dr Ron Paul will not be the GOP nominee, therefore the Ron Paul Crew will hand Obama the win by not voting for any of the establishment candidates. The Paul supporters will write in Ron Paul, or vote third party. Nearly 100% of them by my estimation, and vote against all incumbent congress critters too.

It will appear Obama and the Democrats gets most of the blame for the final destruction of the economy and country. I'm OK with that.  

Congratulations on your win President Obama.  Hopefully the people get that black president thing out of their system by the time your next 4 years are up.

Michael's picture

At first I was against that 401k thing because it distorted the markets and took advantage of the general public.

But now I think people who have money in their 401k's are going to get screwed again and deserve it for not learning from the past. I'm laughing my ass off, again, because they're too stupid to know they're going to get screwed again, and it's good for my entertainment.

It's a Schadenfreude thing. 

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Gene Sharp would disagree with you and he's a better man than you are. I agree you shouldn't vote.

Crisismode's picture

Gene Sharp would disagree with ANYBODY who disagreed with him.


He is a total cult leader.


What would you expect.

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Who says Ron Paul won't be the nominee? The media? Guess who picks the nominee. The delegates. 2008 was a test run for Ron Paul. His group is prepared for tricks this time. Everything might slide to Mitt Romney to try to squash the brokered convention but there also might be a riot at district conventions or the state conventions or the national convention.

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A replay of the 60' democrate convention, only Republican style.

I guess free love, and lots of pot are out of the question but the beer should flow.

Keg party and good BBQ at the Republican convention. Could be a good thing.

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And I'll be repeating this until ZH starts to feature it regularly...

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appealing on the outside, dangerous and fascistic when you look under the covers

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Which is why Obama will soon sign this POS legislation into law:

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"those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable"


Milestones's picture

Man oh man our constitution is truly gone. I am out of here and I don't care what the fuck this government says. Folks, read the above act if you haven't seen it--and the vote was a landslide with only 3 negative votes. These rotten bastards.        Milestones

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How 'bout those honorable Congressmen and women.  Un-f'n believable. Truly sad.

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Not in defense of Obama* or anyone else (just facts), but this is an attempt to clarify an EXISTING law.  Further, it appears that there was nearly unanimous support for it (though only 3 voted against it, Paul was, once again, on this short list [not sure of his stated reasons- always like to hear him, as his positions are almost always 100% sound]).

* Kind of hard to veto something that passes Congress unanimously, not like Obama has a spine or anything...

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I will be a Ron Paul delegate to our state convention....I hated how the McCain bots treated Dr Paul in 08 and that ain't happening again

Seer's picture

"I will be a Ron Paul delegate to our state convention."

I feel sorry for you not because you're a Ron Paul delegate, but because you're going to be surrounded by a whole bunch of fucking idiots, a den of snakes... (oh, and I'm quite familiar with the feeling- it's why I no longer vote)

malek's picture

 xxx will hand yyy the win

Written like a true shill

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What's truly scary is that Obama could win by a landslide in 2016.  That's not a typo.  If he can skirt ballot eligibility now, there's nothing stopping him from getting on the ballot in 2016.  And if he and his cronies have such little disregard for the Constitution now, why would they care about that little amendment limiting presidents to two terms?

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I endured this shit (by the "left") with Bush.  Never seems to get old...

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Micky - [I'm replying to your following post.] MFGLOBAL!!! HOooArgha!!!
401k's are going to get MFGlobaled.
I continue to be shocked at the immense, amazing gullability of the sheep.

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I believe that was both barrels....


For the record, I up arrowed.


Can I go now, without getting a load of buckshot in my ass?

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I really needed that Laugh!

Thank for being a Good Sport... You are a FARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! better man than me Bailey!

God Love Ya and God Bless Ya!

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"God Love Ya and God Bless Ya!"


Don't bring HER into this!

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if You believe in "God" + The Constitution of the United States + Own Gold and Silver + have more than 1 weeks worth of Girl Scout Cookies + Disagree / Protest / Vioce ANY! Opinion Against the Government of the Untied States ='s You are a Terrorist! a Home Grown, Extremist!

"O" I forgot!! If you served Your Country in Uniform + any of the above You are an Armed and Dangerous Home Grown Terrorist!

So please forgive me for My "God" stuff lately! I just want the FBI to be able to have ALL of the evidence against me.. when they go to Court to Sware to the Judge that I am a Home Grown Terrorist!


but you are bringing the rule of thumb to mind!

Cathartes Aura's picture

the rule that says you can beat your wife with a stick, providing the circumference is no larger than your thumb?

jaydub, not your best effort.

JW n FL's picture



it was the "Her" being God that I thought would bring out the more offended, LOL!

sorry it is Fight Club and I have been remisss in my smacking people for no reason as of late.

But Thank You for being interested enough in me to keep me in line!

Love in all forms is a Beautiful thing! and I do wish you more Love than you could ever need.


Cathartes Aura's picture

yes indeed, this IS Fight Club, and we all engage with this in mind - for the record, I've upvoted many of your posts, you throw in good links more often than not, and I love a good rant, ^ ^

and occasionally I'll flick you upside the head - you're "family" here, mad uncle that you are! 

and I too hope you're surrounded by loved-ones who return the favours. . .

take care weirdo!

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How quaint that you think they need to go to court before sending you to 'camp'. That concept is so last century.

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JW n FL said:

I just want the FBI to be able to have ALL of the evidence against me.. when they go to Court to Sware to the Judge that I am a Home Grown Terrorist!

Homegrown is alright with me.

Homegrown is the way it should be.

Homegrown is a good thing.

Plant that bell and let it ring.


Bringin It's picture

Thanks Stooge. Neil and I were neighbors once.

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It's no use talking to Trav about gold or especially silver.

He's in the Twilight Zone...

akak's picture

When it comes to silver, our dear raving racist Trav is not even in twilight over the subject --- it's more like he is experiencing a never-ending total eclipse of logic and sanity. 

Regarding silver, Trav is not just in the Twilight Zone, he's in the Nadler Zone.