Ron Paul: "Blame The Fed For The Financial Crisis"

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An OpEd from the only sane person in Washington, written for the Wall Street Journal

Blame the Fed for the Financial Crisis

The Fed fails to grasp that an interest rate is a price, the price of time. Attempting to manipulate that price is as destructive as any other government price control

To know what is wrong with the Federal Reserve, one must first understand the nature of money. Money is like any other good in our economy that emerges from the market to satisfy the needs and wants of consumers. Its particular usefulness is that it helps facilitate indirect exchange, making it easier for us to buy and sell goods because there is a common way of measuring their value. Money is not a government phenomenon, and it need not and should not be managed by government. When central banks like the Fed manage money they are engaging in price fixing, which leads not to prosperity but to disaster.

The Federal Reserve has caused every single boom and bust that has occurred in this country since the bank's creation in 1913. It pumps new money into the financial system to lower interest rates and spur the economy. Adding new money increases the supply of money, making the price of money over time—the interest rate—lower than the market would make it. These lower interest rates affect the allocation of resources, causing capital to be malinvested throughout the economy. So certain projects and ventures that appear profitable when funded at artificially low interest rates are not in fact the best use of those resources.

Eventually, the economic boom created by the Fed's actions is found to be unsustainable, and the bust ensues as this malinvested capital manifests itself in a surplus of capital goods, inventory overhangs, etc. Until these misdirected resources are put to a more productive use—the uses the free market actually desires—the economy stagnates.

The great contribution of the Austrian school of economics to economic theory was in its description of this business cycle: the process of booms and busts, and their origins in monetary intervention by the government in cooperation with the banking system. Yet policy makers at the Federal Reserve still fail to understand the causes of our most recent financial crisis. So they find themselves unable to come up with an adequate solution.

In many respects the governors of the Federal Reserve System and the members of the Federal Open Market Committee are like all other high-ranking powerful officials. Because they make decisions that profoundly affect the workings of the economy and because they have hundreds of bright economists working for them doing research and collecting data, they buy into the pretense of knowledge—the illusion that because they have all these resources at their fingertips they therefore have the ability to guide the economy as they see fit.

Nothing could be further from the truth. No attitude could be more destructive. What the Austrian economists Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich von Hayek victoriously asserted in the socialist calculation debate of the 1920s and 1930s—the notion that the marketplace, where people freely decide what they need and want to pay for, is the only effective way to allocate resources—may be obvious to many ordinary Americans. But it has not influenced government leaders today, who do not seem to see the importance of prices to the functioning of a market economy.

The manner of thinking of the Federal Reserve now is no different than that of the former Soviet Union, which employed hundreds of thousands of people to perform research and provide calculations in an attempt to mimic the price system of the West's (relatively) free markets. Despite the obvious lesson to be drawn from the Soviet collapse, the U.S. still has not fully absorbed it.

The Fed fails to grasp that an interest rate is a price—the price of time—and that attempting to manipulate that price is as destructive as any other government price control. It fails to see that the price of housing was artificially inflated through the Fed's monetary pumping during the early 2000s, and that the only way to restore soundness to the housing sector is to allow prices to return to sustainable market levels. Instead, the Fed's actions have had one aim—to keep prices elevated at bubble levels—thus ensuring that bad debt remains on the books and failing firms remain in business, albatrosses around the market's neck.

The Fed's quantitative easing programs increased the national debt by trillions of dollars. The debt is now so large that if the central bank begins to move away from its zero interest-rate policy, the rise in interest rates will result in the U.S. government having to pay hundreds of billions of dollars in additional interest on the national debt each year. Thus there is significant political pressure being placed on the Fed to keep interest rates low. The Fed has painted itself so far into a corner now that even if it wanted to raise interest rates, as a practical matter it might not be able to do so. But it will do something, we know, because the pressure to "just do something" often outweighs all other considerations.

What exactly the Fed will do is anyone's guess, and it is no surprise that markets continue to founder as anticipation mounts. If the Fed would stop intervening and distorting the market, and would allow the functioning of a truly free market that deals with profit and loss, our economy could recover. The continued existence of an organization that can create trillions of dollars out of thin air to purchase financial assets and prop up a fundamentally insolvent banking system is a black mark on an economy that professes to be free.

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Ahmeexnal's picture

RP about to suffer an accident in 3...2...1...

camaro68ss's picture

News cast- " RPs car exploded today, falty wiring is to blame"

Pladizow's picture

Because America always gets the president it deserves, RP will not be elected!

Quixotic_Not's picture

I personally don't think MeriKan wants an HONEST man in the WH, I think most 'MeriKans want someone that will promise them a piece of the Ponzi pie...

Shell Game's picture

So true..  Let's hope a highly motivated, irate minority will lead away from collectivism.

Troll Magnet's picture

That's the biggest problem with America.  For some reason, our own stupids believe that just because TPTB keep telling them that "We are the greatest/wealthiest nation on earth," they think they are all personally wealthy and that somehow their own "wealth," aka food stamps and gubmint checks, are at risk by truth-tellers like Ron Paul or some unknown threats from impotent countries like Iran.  If they would just wake up and see what's being done to them by the crooks they elect to office, they'd riot.  

Dr. Richard Head's picture

Hyperinflation will allow for Americant hindsight to kick in.  Unfortunately it will be too late to stop this watershed moment, but at least liberty will have ea seat at the discussion table?

traderjoe's picture

If people understood the monetary system, there'd be revolution by the morning.

- Henry Ford (paraphrased).

UP Forester's picture

Paraphrasing Hermann Goering:  The bigger the lie, the more the masses will believe it.

Al Gorerhythm's picture

  “It is well enough that the people of this nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

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The Fed fails to grasp that an interest rate is a price, the price of time. Attempting to manipulate that price is as destructive as any other government price control.......

That premise is incorrect because it defies logic and argues that the PTB is a bunch of fools. Change it to this and suddenly the mosaic comes into focus:

The Fed understands that an interest rate is a price, the price of time. Attempting to manipulate that price is as destructive as any other government price control.......

redpill's picture

It's hard to know exactly what they believe reality to be when they are trying to view the world through the hopelessly smudged glasses of Keynesianism.

macholatte's picture

RP is being as diplomatic as he can be and providing excuses for the sheeple working at the Fed. Let us hope that some of the Fed sheeple have actually attempted to think for themselves and begun to question the motives of their supervisors.  Nevertheless, here are a couple more pieces of the puzzle:

Yet policy makers at the Federal Reserve still fail to understand the causes of our most recent financial crisis. So they find themselves unable to come up with an adequate solution.


When revised becomes…

policy makers at the Federal Reserve understand the causes of our most recent financial crisis. So they find themselves unable to come up with an adequate charade to continue the looting of the country.



...the illusion that because they have all these resources at their fingertips they therefore have the ability to guide the economy as they see fit.


When revised becomes…

...because of government sanction they have all these resources at their fingertips and they therefore have the ability to guide the economy as they see fit


maddogs's picture

The Fed fully understands the carot and stick. Thru out it's history, the stick has been feared, even internally. The carrot of having a retirement plan, vested, after 5 years is pretty hard to beat,, subject to signing a full non disclose...kinda like Goldman Sachs non-disclosures.. but with teeth.

flacon's picture

When Bernanke's lips were trembling last fall in his interview on CNBS (when he said he could raise interest rates in "fifteen minutes") - you have to wonder WHY his lips were trembling. Was it:

1. Because he knew that he was cornered and there was no escape... or

2. Because he knew HE cornered the world and there was no escape for mankind and HE was the one who did it, along with Alan Greenspan and the rest of the homicidal maniacs - and he was afraid that the masses would lynch him from the nearest tree...


Knowing what I know of the arrogant hubris of intellectual pH-dees and Nobel Prize winners I am having a hard time knowing of all of this is planned or if they actually believe themselves. But Eric Holdren said it best when talking about the coming "end of civilization" - he said it would be caused by THE FREE MARKET! Clearly SOMEBODY understands the powerful force of REALITY:

White House Science Czar Says He Would Use 'Free Market' to 'De-Develop the United States


Given this revelation, I have no doubt that all these Keynesians in charge actually are closet Austrians and they PLANNED this business cycle to kill off as many humans as possible. 


Take a look at world population chart, and just think of it in Technical Analysis terms. MANKIND IS THE WORLD'S LARGEST BUBBLE - and these fuckers intend to pop it asap!



traderjoe's picture

How come he never talks about the Fed being the head of a private debt-money cartel?

John_Coltrane's picture

'Cause RP wrote the introduction for my copy of "the creature from jekyll island", the expose of the FED as a giant anti-competitive banking cartel'

RP knows exactly, in perfect detail, the nature of the FED, money, and real free markets.  He is one brilliant dude as this editorial shows.

And he scares the shit out of the banksters, like the Bernake, for this reason.   He is their intellectual superior and they know it.

RP in 2012.


i-dog's picture

'Cause RP wrote the introduction.....

Then, as TraderJoe asked, why doesn't he talk about it?

That book has reached a few [tens of?] thousand people in the last 17 years. RP has been in Congress for 36 years and could reach those few thousand people in just a single televised press conference.

The Fed has already been "audited" and now he wants a better one? Good. But he could audit me, too, and never get anywhere near the truth. Rothschild invented double-book accounting! And even if he succeeded in setting up a comprehensive forensic investigation, a fire or trrrrrst attack on the books would be next ... "you can't help bad luck!", as Rumsfeld would say after the Pentagon and SEC records disappeared in the rubble of 9-11. :S

Al Gorerhythm's picture

Why doesn't RP talk it up?

Ever tried fencing with a broadsword?

FL_Conservative's picture

The Fed isn't stupid.  They're just blinded by the WRONG ideology.  A free-market is perfect in its ability to establish price, supply/demand and the proper allocation of capital resources.  The Fed's ideology convinces them that they must influence the market to achieve a desired outcome, when, in reality, free market forces know better what outcome ought to be achieved.  This is illustrative of why "compromise" cannot be achieved in today's world....because it's impossible to get the WRONG ideology to accept its inaccuracies and our only hope is to get more of the "right thinking" into positions that can enable the correct outcome.

kridkrid's picture

Their ideology isn't wrong FOR THEM.  I think that's what people miss in this equation.  The whole thing has worked remarkably well for the real elite.  And not the 1%.... the .0001%. 

jfal014's picture

Still too many, try the top 7,000 , oligarchy = few rule, so may be even less (~ 0.000001%). The thing is I didn't think we can bet 'em, so must join them!

traderjoe's picture

The Fed was created to scam the people of their freedom (forcing them to use FRN's) and their wealth (inflation and fiat money).

It also provided cover for the income tax, and for sovereigns to have to borrow money. Neither are needed. See united states notes.

UP Forester's picture

The only thing the creators of the Fed didn't figure out was what happens when they succeed in stealing all the wealth of the world.

Or did they?

dracos_ghost's picture

Oldie but a goodie:

I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs. -- Thomas Jefferson

As for Ron Paul, I've been following him since back in the '80's and I'll admit he was the inspiration for me being a PM bug. That being said, isn't this a little of the pot calling the Kettle black. He's been in Congress for 30 years of abject corruption, a good portion with the Repubs in control, and taking HIS piece of the ponzi pie along the way. He can protest all he wants in public but, at the end of the day, he is just as much a DC Beltway whore as the rest of the miscreants.

Oratory: A+.

Execution: F.

The problem is that the bureaucracy has no check and balance anymore and are separate from the original institutional structure setup by the Constitution. Congress has abrogated all their rights to the likes of the Fed and the White House. All these bills with huge blank sections in them don't require Congress to debate issues anymore. They just attach riders to existing bills and say "damn the people" as they assume the people will remain pacified and compliant. Why the hell is the WH pushing a jobs bill and a budget. It's not in its purview --they are just opinions -- Congress needs to represent. Congress just rolls over because it's a stinkhole of unimpressive dimwits and leeches refusing to do their jobs by oath.

The Fed is a drug dealer, the US Gubmint is the junkie. Both are to blame.

baby_BLYTHE's picture

taking HIS piece of the ponzi pie along the way.


As a physician, Paul routinely lowered fees or worked for free and refused to accept Medicaid or Medicare payments. As a member of Congress, he continues to refuse to sign up for the government pension that he would be entitled to in order to avoid receiving government money, saying it would be "hypocritical and immoral".

legal eagle's picture

really, I am interested, citation please

Ckierst1's picture

If you will recall, as part of his economic proposal he has stated that he will not accept more than ~ $40K as pay if he is elected to the Presidency, although I do hope he will accept expenses, travel and associated entertainment and such, so he doesn't wind up nearly impoverished like Thomas Jefferson.  He is potentially better than Thomas Jefferson, who, in his own right, was stellar for his time.

Temporalist's picture

Seeing as though you were first I will just add to your comments (incidentally I can't give you an up vote sadly).  Ron Paul also never let his children accept govt. loans for school.  Ron Paul refused to practice in "Congressional Prayer" sessions because he believes it sends the wrong message and believes in separation of church and state.


Ron Paul was the ONLY person in congress warning of a bubble in housing and of an imminent collapse.  I guess telling people, as a government official, that there will  be a problem is just another nothing he's done.


I guess it's also nothing that Ron Paul has been warning of the increased deficits, the military industrial complex, the loss of constitutional rights and liberty.


It's nothing that there has been one man in congress that has been guarding the Constituion and trying to protect American citizens.


Here is a PDF for those that want to see more:


BigJim's picture

If Ron Paul refuses to leap tall buildings in a single bound, he's clearly just another shill.

blindman's picture

as a physician he doesn't need insurance.
self respecting doctors don't bill physicians,
or is that a thing of the past?

Temporalist's picture

You mean the guy who has never had a junket and will not take a govt pension and the lobbyists don't waste time trying to buy off?  That guy?

Troll Magnet's picture

Yeah, FUCK THAT GUY! I'm like an abused spouse. I am incapabe of thinking that I can change my predicament by simply leaving the situation. I need my abusive spouse around to tell me that I am the wealthiest and that our trailer home is the greatest while simultaneously beating the shit out of me. OH, IT HURTS SO GOOD!

optimator's picture

And, I do believe he's the only one running for the Presidency that hasn't 'visited' Israel prior to announcing.  Because Dr. Paul doesn't take any money from any of the lobbyists, he can't be bought even by the Zionists.  Dr. Paul had to give up mowing his own lawn because too many consituents were stopping to chat.  Compare that to the other candidates!

UP Forester's picture

Maybe because he puts Americans first, second and third?

Nascent_Variable's picture

Is this the earmark thing again?  Here's the speech where he explained his stance.

JPM Hater001's picture

Thanks for the link.  Just did.  I have never given twice to any candidate because if you give once they bug the living shit out of you with mailer, emails calls.

Ron Paul respects our privacy and does not aggressively pester you.  That is my kind of guy.

Temporalist's picture

Well...that's not true (I get emails daily and mail regularly) and it's not in his concern what the marketing part of his campaign does to generate donations but if any candidate needs to pester people for money it has to be Ron Paul since the Repubs marginalize him and offer 30 other potential puppets in his place.

shesalive's picture

Actually, it is his concern. I have a friend who is in the inner circle of Campaign for Liberty, and when Ron Paul found out how strong the tone of requests for donations from supporters had become, he scolded the guy (John Tate at the time I believe) in charge of writing that stuff. I could see a change in later letters. Tate was just doing what's typical for donation solicitors...but Paul wants a higher standard.


Nightblade's picture

Campaign for Liberty phone solicitions are incredibly obnoxious... also there seems to be no way to get off their calling list.

Cthonic's picture

The problem is that the bureaucracy has no check and balance anymore and are separate from the original institutional structure setup by the Constitution. Congress has abrogated all their rights to the likes of the Fed and the White House.


Congress routinely violates separation of power and non-delegation doctrines every time they delegate final rule-making authority under black letter law to appointed executive branch agency bureaucrats.  This is a de facto form of taxation (and regulation) without representation, and the legal origin of our out-of-control regulatory landscape.

blindman's picture

nice. i would add ...
the fed understands that they can redistribute
wealth by controlling interest rates and that
"destruction" is a highly subjective term. one man's
falling building and demise is potentially an-other's
pay day and the fed does enjoy directing those
outcomes whenever possible. the feds position as
fiscal agent for the treasury of the usa with their
fiat money system is destroying/has destroyed the
the potential of the nation to be one of free
people, by , of and for free people. they want to
take that away, they want to steal the promise
of the declaration and constitution from all the people.
and do it with control of the monetary policy and
the monopoly they have over legal tender. what
insights and pearls of wisdom, what peril have they
avoided with this monopoly over the money that they
enjoy? where do they propose to take the population,
the economy? where do we see any restraint or accord
with "life" and the universal principles in our
monetary policy?
the argument might go something like this. a nation
of law cannot compete with a "lawless" world so the
laws of the united states must be suspended to allow
the people to succeed in the world. i think i have
heard that argument expressed.
so instead of leading the way to a world with greater
integrity we lead the way into a day where there is
no integrity. who will follow? no one with any
sense or any money.
the result is what we have today. epic failure and loss of the spirit of the people, but not entirely. the rebels and non-conformists, the young at heart, are still alive and
" mine eyes
have seen
the glory. ....".
undoubtedly every energy vampire will try to suck
the life out of them but it won't work. we need them
to be themselves, not for them to be what we want.
that is the only path left for us to be rejuvenated.
it is there world now by default. we had our day
and our chance and decided long ago that we don't
have the interest or integrity to take up the challenge.
ron paul is not a con man, may be the only one
available who is not. that is good enough right now,
imo. the problem is the voting public has become used
to voting for con men. it is like an obsessive
compulsive need the american public has for wishing
to be lied to. i guess we love the righteous indignation
that follows? con men know this.
Tom Waits - Lie To Me

eureka's picture

Friends - for a moment, let us consider that we might all have the potential to grow - and let us connect the financial and spiritual dots... what would that look like... apropos US FED printing money for US EMPIRE, consider the following:

If China had the balls to dump its US garbage paper (cash, bonds, everything) on the world market - it could destroy US Empire in a day. And why wouldn't China do that - given US Empire relentlessly tries to screw China by De Facto USD Default, i.e. devaluation by inflation?

Is China stupid? Does China believe the fruits of its fourty years of hard labor for US Empire Elite & Clueless Consumer Masses is a pile of US garbage papers backed by nothing but said Domestic US Slave Masses submission to their US Elite Masters?

I don't think so.

As Zerohedge a.k.a. The Tyler today states there is "expectation that the US will bail out China all over again" - of course a US Empire-Centric and hegemonic delusion, a.k.a. lie, designed to obfuscate zerohedge's often stated analysis that Wall Street rigs the world with toxic debt and derivatives - i.e. that the whole world has bailed out the US Empire Elite Fuck-Scum for the past two generations - and that anything, absolutely anything US does is for the sake of US Empire Elite only. 


US doesn't bailout anyone, rather it takes from, and gets bailed out by, everyone else - all which, of course, only benefits the US Empirial Elite, and only keeps the 80% of US'ians, who make the US domestic slaves, intoxicated with cheap chunk from China - in a reversed old colonial scheme of "Let's give some glass pearls to the natives - they do so love shiny things" - only here the "natives" are the locals, the 80% US'ian disenfranchised and thoroughly enslaved masses, hooked on entertainment and vicarious living, i.e. pseudo identities, all hoping against all ods and any sane life aspiration to become stars, celebrities and rich & famous.

Oh well, what else to do when manufacturing is outsourced to China and there are neither apprenticeships nor mentor-ships nor education to be found for the millions - and so all they have is X-Factor, American Idol and other such "upward social mobility" motivational garbage to look to for material and social "salvation" - i.e. mistaking vapid dream-stuff and statistical impossibility for a compass for developing a sense of identity and dignity, via developing useful skills and thus confidence and a real strategy of life.

To all of which "I want to be a celebrity" garbage non-consciousness, I can only say that ANYONE who agrees with Dick Morris that "oh well, we will all be the lawyers and entertainers of the world" (interview on Bill O'Reilly some years ago) needs to have their head examined!

And so therefore - WHEN ZEROHEDGE READER-COMMENTATORS MOAN AND WHINE ABOUT THE ELITE'S DIVIDE & CONQUER SCHEMES - I HAVE TO SAY: THERE IS NO NEED FOR THE ELITE TO DIVIDE AND CONQUER YOU-THE US-MASSES - BECAUSE: you did not fight to preserve your republic and your core human and spiritual values - and so therefore I now have to preach these things to you like I'm some kind of old prophet or psychoanalyst, i.e. derivative prophet - whether it's any good or not, it's worth a shot -  so here we go:

You the US'ian Masses were never united - rather, you hate each other. For reference and verification of my observation look no further than to your idiotic self-created and self-bought-into nonsense concepts like "the culture wars", the ideological divide between liberals and right wingers, between old-cons and neo-cons, isolationists and globalists, hegemons and producers... etc etc etc - and it becomes very clear that you all don't love each other, or your shared Federation, but rather you love your own little ideologies and idiosyncrasies and want them each to dominate.

What do you think Jesus Christ would say to your self-absorbed, pathetic and petty provincialism? Well, what did he say to his followers and disciples? He pretty much said, over and over "don't be so petty, so small, so unforgiving, so unloving - be big - be as I am - love each other as I love you - let that be your first principle: the principle of love".

And so my question to all US'ians today is: "When are you going to show each other - and the world - how wonderful and big and courageously forgiving and loving - you really can be - how united and magnanimous you can be - how responsible you can be - for yourselves and your brothers and sisters of the world?"

That's our choice friends - sober, equanimous, kindness and grace - or ego-intoxicated, competitive smallness? 

If we choose the former - if we turn away from the unholy cult of individualism gone icon-worship - turn away from aimless collective consumption - turn to classical values, classical education and classical morality - i.e. real consciousness - maybe then we can transform the US itself - from being a Too Big To Fail and thus Needs -To-Be-Bailed-Out (by the rest of the world) Unholy-Empire Of USD Printing - maybe we can make US into the republic it was intended to be - of kindness and of freedom - for without the kindness, I tell you, there will be no freedom. 

Let us free anyone from being a submissive and anonymous individual among the 80% mass of US domestic slaves, who follows blindly and serve their masters of materialism, while squabbling over insignificant symbols of cultural and ideological division - let us be instead magnanimous and sober and kind - let us laugh at, not worship, any symbols of material power, and let us honor and share our fellow humanity - as if we have arrived - already equal, no one worth more than anyone else - and maybe then reality will follow our consciousness and our acts and we will have a renaissance of US greatness - ....

and if not - I say it is our own fault - yours and mine - for being US'ians in stead of enlightened human beings - for being, pathetic nitpicking, knuckleheads, in stead of sober, kind and larger than the pathetic competing ego, which has wrongfully been made into the slave-master and image of what the US is all about -

let us choose wisely brother and sisters, for the time is short before the end of things as they are...

share therefore your wealth and knowledge, teach and mentor those who are lost, produce and promote and support US made goods, set quality before quantity, do not brag, do not amass wealth but share it with all who are needy and worthy, because you can't take it with you

life is short like the day - hurry therefore and do right, because the dark night is coming...

Melin's picture

I'd rather consider what TJ would think than what JC would think.  JC and his "turn the other cheek and take it" attitude is why the sheeple are so easily herded and culled.

Clorox Cowboy's picture

Not so.  The sheeple are herded because they waste their efforts fighting each other.

Melin's picture

and my biggest worry is that the religionists will be the ones who win the fight.

Truffle_Shuffle's picture

My wife's biggest fear of all as well.  As a child she was paraded from church to church, denomination to denomination, sect to sect, cult to cult.  Makes for great story time.