Ron Paul Defeats Obama In Head To Head Polling

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Here's a chart you won't see anywhere in the mainstream media - not the right, and certainly not the left. According to Rasmussen's 2012 Presidential Election Matchups, which pit Obama against any of the four GOP presidential candidates, while the balance of challengers certainly appear to have no chance of defeating the incumbent (something we touched upon yesterday), today, for the first time, Ron Paul has managed to unseat the standing president, by a thin margin of 43 to 41, for the first time in this series.

Source: Rasmussen Reports (premium subscription required)

On the survey methodology: "Surveys covering three days are of 1,500 Likely Voters and Surveys of Two Days are of 1,000 Likely Voters. All Surveys Have a Margin of Error of +/- 3% ."

Some more from today's Rasmussen blog:

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows that 25% of the nation's voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as president. Forty percent (40%) Strongly Disapprove, giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -15 (see trends).


Just 19% favor increased U.S. involvement in Syria.  The Obama administration receives mixed reviews for handling that situation to date.


On the energy front, 58% believe that free market competition is the best way to get gas prices down. Just 27% think government regulations are a better approach. However, 67% believe that oil companies are using bad news to gouge customers.


In a possible 2012 matchup, Mitt Romney earns 45% of the vote, while the president attracts 44%. If Rick Santorum is the Republican nominee, the president leads by three, 46% to 43%. Matchup results are updated daily at 9:30 a.m. Eastern

What is oddly missing is that Ron Paul earns 43% of the vote, to Obama's 41%.

So on one hand Ron Paul defeats the president head to head, and on the other, the GOP itself tells us he is a distant third to two frontrunners who frankly make one question the sanity of every American voter?

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gwar5's picture

OT.   Think I missed something today.....

Jim Sinclair:    Says $714 Billion of QE was pumped into the ECB today, one of the largest QE dumps ever, anywhere. And that Bernanke's rhetorical bias against QE was an orchestrated coverup to distract from what was really going on at the ECB while he was blabbing. The money came from the IMF and FED to the ECB and then to member banks.

Anybody else know that was going on?  Gold was down nearly $100 on Bernanke's words, which is what shocked Sinclair. He says it was clearly all orchestrated to coverup the $714 Billion QE dump being done, just as the whole media was focused on Bernanke posing a bias against QE.


If so, the banks are belly laughing. They got a huge QE injection and didn't have to pay a price (yet). And, they actually got a correction in gold and paused the equities  just talking bullshit.  What a cruel, cruel world..... and it means we can expect more of same next time, too.







frostfan's picture

Basically, all the poll tells us is that a potted plant would beat Obama based on the participants.   I have no problems with Ron Paul winning the nomination if he earns it but didn't he get like less than 10% in Michigan yesterday?  Not exactly a strong case to end up as the future nominee......


Savyindallas's picture

a lot of stupid people in Michigan.

rsnoble's picture

We have a chance to make history here folks. November is a long, long ways away!!

Heroic Couplet's picture

Rasmussen? he's been slammed by the professionals in polling. Sorta like an MD, like Paul, being slammed by the AMA, except when Rasmussen makes a gigantic mistake, no one dies.

Ron Paul ran on the premise he would 'grill' Bernanke in front of Congress. Ok, where's the beef?

cherry picker's picture

Ron Paul would have a better shot as an Independant as his views are not fitting in with the Republican or Democratic profile and those two parties control their members with an iron fist to the extent that their members who gain the office would rather listen to party than their constituents.

Westcoastliberal's picture

This poll doesn't surprise me one bit.  Ron Paul is the only candidate who is a statesman first, politician second.  The rest "aren't worth the powder to blow them to hell" as my dear Mother used to say and it fits here. 

This is going to be an interesting Spring & Summer, kinda like 1968.

lakecity55's picture

RP can win. But the crooksters in the "GOP" Management don't wanna win. They're the same as the Progressives in the communist party.

Of course, my dog could beat the current turd, but RP is for real.

Gear Up, America. We can still defeat abu Hussein and his minions.

I don't want a crescent flag flying over The Peoples' House.

Andy Lewis's picture

Pulled that one right outta yer Rasmussen, didja?

lakecity55's picture


No More Commie Men! Ron Paul Is Bound To Win!

jse111's picture

The Rothschilds want Bamy and thus, it is a fait accompli. Accept Grasshopper, accept!

Jim in MN's picture

They are generally tied within the margin of error in the polls, and the undecideds are large enough to swing even the largest of Obama's 'leads' so let's just could happen.  Is that amazing or what?

gwar5's picture

Tomorrow: Sheriff Arpaio is releasing results of his 6 month forensic investigation by his 6 member investigatory panel, made of professional law enforcement investigators and attorneys with law enforcement experience, into whether Obama is a natural born citizen, qualified to be president.


This includes forensic examination of his birth certificate, his Social Security number from the state of MA, Obama's failure to pass e-verify, and other matters related to his apparent lack of existence. Preliminary remarks by some panel members indicate that it should be quite interesting, possibly a game changer.

Recall, just last month a federal judge in GA looked at the evidence, or lack thereof, and ordered Obama to appear before them to provide evidence he was qualified to be on the ballot. Obama declined.

War with Iran could start any second if it's ugly for Owebama.






Mark Noonan's picture

The real story here is that a sitting President is being held to under 50% support by a mere Congressman - what polling (other than bogus polling of "adults" done at a lot of MSM outfits) clearly indicates is a desire on the part of an electorate to correct the mistake of 2008.  My view is that Obama is doomed no matter whom the GOP nominates - the economy is in lousy shape and people feel it and further understand that all of Obama's "hope and change", "post-partisan healer" nonsense from 2008 was a lie. 

Jim in MN's picture

Balance the budget, lower gasoline prices

Ron Paul 2012

Corruption is MORE IMPORTANT than all of these so-called 'social issues' which are luxuries no one will care about if we lose the Republic. 

Jim in MN's picture

GOP neocons and evangelicals are upstarts who should mind their manners, and their elders, and their youngers, and fall in line for Paul.

Jim in MN's picture

A brokered convention in Crazytown AKA Tampa will lead to an effort by the ancien regime to push a Jeb Bush/Condi Rice 'Maximum Evil' ticket. 

You read it here first.  Don't let it happen.

Savyindallas's picture

That's pretty evil. How about Bush/John Bolton? Or Bush/Paul Wolfowitz? Pure evil would be Richard perle -but of the group I just referenced, Condi is the i-only they could seriously push on the sheeple. The Bush family is pure evil. Preston helped fund the nazis- and is a big proponent of Eugenics  -It's no coincidence that Bush senior was a good friend of John Hinckley's dad, and that Bush senior was having dinner with the Bin Ladens in Washington on 911. The Bush's are pure evil. Jeb is

no different. 

Dre4dwolf's picture

You wont see this on the nightly news, thats for sure, infact they will probably say the poll doesn't count and flip it.

Yen Cross's picture

The crosses are giving some love back. My fav. gbp/jpy.

Jim in MN's picture

Dallas Fed President says five largest banks in US should be broken up


gdogus erectus's picture

I'm good with whatever Diebold comes up with.

honestann's picture

This is one of the "total bummer" facts.  Ron Paul and his liberty views have risen fast enough to put him in contention this cycle.  The way things are going, it is even remotely possible he could pull it off, given a bad enough collapse, or bad enough news of some other [international] kind.

At the rate Ron Paul and liberty popularity has climbed over the past 4 years, he would likely be able to take it all in 2016.  The question is, will Ron be willing to run at age 80, and will people elect an 80 year old.  Let's hope so, because otherwise, the rest of you better do what I did... escape the evil empire before its too late.

nathan1234's picture

All Obummer's records are sealed.

All Ron Paul's records are open.

Anyone who wants justice in his/her life in the US should know they will never get it from Obummer.



upb's picture

who wants Obama back.  Paul has a better grasp on reality

dolph9's picture

Nothing is worth it anymore.  Ron Paul may have some good ideas, but he's aging and can't really articulate any vision for the country other than saying the obvious about the Fed.

Sorry, I'm going Galt, people.  Which means no voting for me.

Sathington Willougby's picture

Yep, can't be bothered, instead put a wet turd between your cheek and gum.  

Andrew G's picture

Now, a bit of a reality check for RP cheerleaders, or any other career politician's cheerleaders -

Cadavre's picture

Of course Dr. Paul can beat the Obambi Flesh Puppet. He can do it hands sown and that's the problem.

The establishment, the multi generational career members of the Federal Acting Guild Sayans (or FAGS) on the CSPAN TV, regardless of affiliation, with slimed tugs facilitations from plastic empty bunz up and kneeling lame stream media queens are so obviously desperately in plain view rigging the game. As long as it ain't  Dr. Paul, what's the difference between one skull fucked vanity queen and any other skull fucked vanity queen. Like switching the head on one Ken Doll with the head on another.

They're going to get caught doing it. You know it. They've already been nabbed fucking up real bad. Everybody knows it. When that happens the lizard gene of 300 Million born bred to bleed `em dry american assholes finally say fuck the poker face pretense decide to compose a dark opera of blood clot whore screams begging for the mercy afforded Mussolini?

Mister Street Crawler - 3 weeks and 5 days and - and thats this is best shill "Truth Army" recruits can come up with(?):

Ron Paul is a creationist.

My my my .. aren't we quite the sensitive intellectual type?

Does that mean the executive pen would be better used by  the hand of an ignorant inhuman fascist straw man sock puppet, who you can assure us is not a creationist, Than in the hand of a rule of law individual liberties war ending ponzi ending well read salt of the earth human, who you assure us is a creationist?



Dr Paul on Abortion : States right

Dr Paul on forced abortions of expectant Islamic mother by ignited prosperous rocket dispatched from under wing of drone joystick guided flown by Xe mercs contracted by the DoS and CIA: Against it

Dr Paul on Patriot Act : End it

Dr Paul on sound money: For It

Dr Paul on FED : Against it

Dr Paul on executive orders : resend them

Dr Paul on military industrial complex: Shut it down - if ya can't eat it don't buy it!

Dr Paul's personal beliefs : he does no prothlesize - and Street Crawl Guy - you the be the only one so it seem  with the inside scoop - so i guess we're all behooving believers now that you've enlightened us - from the bottom of my nut sack - thanks.

Work on your script man. Who the fuck cares? Religion is private. Like the play by play the last time you kacked off - who cares - you dig it - ok - great, but you sharing  accounts of a recent midnight confessions or daisy chain pink helmet tug parties does not advance dialog and may not be as interesting to others as it is you.

My dentist is a creationist. He's a great dentist.

Some people, like Rick :the Dick: Sanitarium imply divine connections - yeah - like god is grab assing and drinking beer with Rick "the Dick" Sanitarium as consolation for loosing his senate seat because his one and only notable distinction as a senator as being the only one of three 3 most corrupt senators, designated by CREW in 2006, that is not in jail. At least he ain't a creationist.

Or the O'bambi - one term wonder - Peace Prize Queen with blood on hands - at least he ain't a creationist.

Or, Mitt "the Twit Zombie" Romney cute but dumb pump doll for fat cats. Fearing Mitt's brain wattage ain't much more than the poor drooling Dubby's (cross bred with a nail). He sees headlights and hears foot steps. Money can both buy and sell illusions - but it cannot buy protection from the consequences of reality.

How about the orc with no light in eyes, the Newt "and Neutered Mean" Gangreenrich. Neutered, as Sanitarium  also lost his seat for corruption complaints. Fortunately , Neutered was graced with a book deal he entered with the Ruford "Muradoor Clock" Murderock (betting that wire tap scam Meurderock and Piers were running was a good `nuff argument for FAUX to shutdown "Freedom Watch") to publish 100 empty, but high quality and numbered, pages between two book covers. Neutered used the signing proceeds. from his immaculately conceived book pig `n a poke with the Murderdock, to pay back the million bucks he borrowed from Senator Doyle in order to pay his congressional corruption fine. BUT AT LEAST KILL ALL THEM INVENTED PEOPLE NEWT AIN'T a creationist!

So what.

10-4 - speak mind crwler guy

Sathington Willougby's picture


Oh you're over 40 and set in your ways, tell me all about how you're voting for Mitt Romney.  Isn't that what the newspaper said to do?

Frastric's picture

Even if Ron Paul does get in, I really fear for his life here. I'm all for him abolishing the Federal Reserve, but as conspiracies go I imagine someone amongst the banksters wanting him dead for even considering abolishing the Federal Reserve...

But it would be really cool seeing Ron Paul slay Obama in election debates...


covert's picture

radical Muslims like ron paul and somehow that seems suspicious.


covert's picture

radical Muslims like ron paul and somehow that seems suspicious.


mendolover's picture

If he did get elected I'd love to be a fly on the wall to see what he tells 'them' when 'they' show him the JFK assassination video.  haha

tony bonn's picture

listening to the news, you would have absolutely no idea that ron paul existed let alone was running for president....when i speak of rockefeller-mic-yale-cia cabal controlling the press, it comes through loud and clear on campaign coverage.....massive air time is given to the dried out douche bag newt gingrich who has performed worse than paul.....

local atlanta news coverage especially on 750am - the local pravda (soviet style) outlet - doesn't even mention his name except in the most casual dismissive drive by shooting type of way....

the news you get is controlled and you are told for whom to vote....

alicejl's picture

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