Ron Paul Explains His Plan For "Monetary Freedom" And Returning To The Gold Standard

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Ron Paul lays it out: "We know what to do - we did it once after the Civil War period, we went from a paper standard back to the gold standard, and the event wasn't that dramatic. But today the big problem is that both the conservatives and liberals have an big apetite for big government for different reasons, therefore they need the Fed to tie them over and monetize the debt. So if you don't get rid of that appetite it's going to be more difficult, but the transition isn't that difficult. You have to get your house in order; you have to balance the budget, you have to not run up debt, and you have to promise not to print any more money... I would like to have a transition period and just legalize gold money, gold and silver as legal tender, and work our way back... We want to legalize the use of gold and silver as the constitution dictates, rather than punishing the people who try to do that... I am quite convinced that the system we have will not be maintained - that's what these last 4 years was all about, and that's what the turmoil in Europe is all about. The question is are they going to move toward a constitutional form of money. or are we going to go another step further into international money - instead of having an international gold standard based on the market, are we going to go toward a UN, IMF standard where they are going to control with the use of force another fiat standard. I consider that a very, very dangerous move." And precisely due to that piece of phenomenal insight which nobody else in the GOP or Democratic roster is even parsecs away from grasping, is why Paul can never be allowed to be elected, why he must be mocked and ridiculed by a co-opted ADHD media which focuses on how many mistresses some other idiotic presidential candidates has, instead of focusing on the one person who grasps the big picture: the status quo can not be held accountable to a political leader who understand not only how the system is rigged, but why it is broken to begin with and that there actually is a way out. However, to the "status quo's" chagrin, one that involves the wiping out of generations of plundered middle class wealth to keep the richest denizens of 'extremistan' ever richer.

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gangland's picture

desperate bitchezzzz. get radical fuckerz

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Paul tells the truth. 

Seek and ye shall find.....definately with music.

Whose reach, and melodies, will bring peace......

Paul/Kuti '12

gangland's picture

 iwill say this about Dr. Paul:


the way i found him was in the deep early years of chimp bush, i would see this lone texas republican (i'm a lefty mostly with somne libertarian and fascist tendencies),


so i would see this texas republ;ican speak during the house open sessions on cspan after all house busines swas done and here was a guy railing aginst bush. from texas.


the only thing that bothers me about him is his absolutism.


it is attractive and repulsive at the same time


he is the MOST CONSISTNET elected official i have ever seen. look at his youtube clips from when he was new, he said verbatim the same stuff.


i respect that.


but he is an absolutist. not flexible / subtle enough for my taste os iwont supoport him... as much i do respect, count on him and support him, i wouldnt want for prez,,,shit he'd get shoit anyway.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

by flexible i think you mean he doesn't flip-flop

gangland's picture

im not sure you can be flexible and flip flop at the same time [duh all of dc? shrug..wall street, fire economy?...blah ]....there should be a point of sanity...which is what ... he is truly 1 out of 435 logically consistent. i've looked for holes, and it would be a reach for me to get into that...

wanklord's picture


By appealing to tons of bullshit about the Constitution and other patriotic crap, Congressman Ron Paul is able to seduce his brute and ignorant constituency while doing nothing at all in Congress (a clever way to make easy money). He is just part of the establishment while pretending to be a "genuine patriot." Dr. Paul is also a mediocre version of one of Leo Strauss' categories of society: the Gentlemen

The gentlemen, are lovers of honour and glory. They are the most ingratiating towards the conventions of their society – that is, the illusions of the cave. They are true believers in God, honour, and moral imperatives. They are ready and willing to embark on acts of great courage and self-sacrifice at a moment's notice.

Besides that, Americans are a bunch of stupid animals easy to manipulate and subdue. The sooner the US economy collapses the better, so these brutes will finally learn NOT to live beyond their means.


bob_dabolina's picture

The way you use the word brute makes me think of the NY Post police blotter.

gangland's picture

#NYPD Paid Detail Unit $37/ hr  non-union

phyuckyiu's picture

Is Wanklord going to post the exact same thing a bazillion fucking times? And his posts are always triggered by keywords.... I smell a BOT. I think being a BOT qualifies for a good zapping.

clymer's picture

he likes collecting red down-mods. It's like cyber-troll food

spiral_eyes's picture

fuck leo strauss, fuck neo-conservatism, fuck PNAC, fuck karl rove and fuck platonism/neoplatonism. 

Pope Clement's picture

and fuck Aristotelian 'isness' while you are at it too - Slick Willie only recent pol to understand that Korszibskian notion 

bernorange's picture

If you want to learn more about Ron Paul's position on parallel use of gold and silver as currency, have a look at his HR 1098 bill.  Contact your Congressman and ask him to co-sponsor/support it.

Hugh_Jorgan's picture

You go Ron! I hope whoever becomes the POTUS, chooses you to be Treasury Secretary so you can use your real talent!

jeff montanye's picture

ron paul is right about so much more than the monetary system (and, to my mind, far less controversially).  he wants to end the endless wars against islamic countries, stop supporting israel's persecution of the palestinians (absolutely counterproductive to the u.s.'s strategic interests and any humane tendencies), end the war on drugs (possibly the worst misuse of police power in history), restore civil liberties, stop the bank bailouts and increase transparency.  you think a secretary of the treasury can do this or any of it?  whose secretary of the treasury?  gingrich?  romney?  obama?  not a chance in hell.  i too think he would be killed if he came close to the levers of power but if he's game so am i.

eureka's picture

Bill Still, anyone? Secret Of Oz? Gold-Money is manipulated as easily by the Elite as fiat?

What say yee?  No four letter words, please. real arguments. I am all ears.

akak's picture

You mean Bill Still the Fiat Shill, who HATES the very idea of free-market money, or the separation of money-issuing authority from the State? The Bill Still who demands that fiat money continue to be issued by governments, with only some minor and inconsequential tweaking of the system to make it look "reformed"?  That Bill Still?

eureka's picture

Yes, that Bill Still - his movie shows that banksters created boom and bust cycles many times before using precisely gold, which they can hord just as easily as they control fiat today via the Fed - ...

if Bill Still's arguments are wrong, and or his history lessons false, do you know how...?

and how does the common man secure himself againts banksters hording all gold and then first dumping prices then buying up the rest and then pumping it again .... ?

is there any financial fairness for the people - except by controlling small elected bodies in small regions and states and removing powers from the Federal Government... - Ellen Brown suggest State Banks issuing money like they do in North Dakota.... what say you to that idea???

Michael's picture

Unlike Newt or Mitt, Ron Paul can keep his ideas on the same track.

Flip and Flop; Newt and Mitt

margaris's picture

Bill Still has a point, thats why he is running for president in 2012 if you didnt know!

Its really about WHO controls the quantity of money.

Gold does not address the WHO, but the WHAT.

Gold is distributed unfairly to begin with (banks have most of it).


Humanity will have to face this problem always and always again, until there is a solution:

How can we have a small government that fears the people and therefore serves them with utmost respect?


akak's picture

Gold is distributed unfairly to begin with (banks have most of it

That is patently untrue --- world central banks hold less than 20% of the outstanding gold supply, and even throwing in the bullion banks only raises that figure slightly.  MOST of the world's gold is in private hands.

Please stop peddling this lie, one of many in the dishonest, malicious pro-fiat campaign of Bill Still the Fiat Shill.

margaris's picture

I will research that.

In the Meantime RP 2012

AUD's picture

Ellen Brown is a fucking idiot.

One of her articles champions the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, "on who's credit was financed Australia's involvement in the First World War". The First World War destroyed the lives of tens of thousands & bankrupted the nation, we're still paying for it.

akak's picture

Bill Still the Fiat Shill and Ellen Brown the Money Clown are both rabid, dyed-in-the-wool statists, and in regards to honest monetary reform are nothing but disingenuous wolves in sheeps' (pun intended) clothing.  Their grasp of monetary history is radically weak to nonexistent, or else they purposely spread half-truths and lies, particularly in regard to gold, to further their pro-fiat, pro-statist monetary campaigns.  Beware these two!

i-dog's picture

I gave you +1 for being spot on with your assessment of Bill 'Shill' and Ellen Brown. They are indeed both disingenuous keynesian statists ... or worse.

But they are actually wolves in sheep's clothing ... not sheeps' (whether pun or no pun intended).

Just thought I'd help you to learn English punctuation, so that you may better help others ... as you are often wont. ;)

No need to thank me. Just keep up the good work!

akak's picture

;-)  You devil!

Actually, "sheeps' " seemed proper to me, as I interpret the phrase to refer to plural sheep, not a single sheep.  "Sheep's" would refer to the clothing of a single sheep, would it not?  But then again, there is no separate plural of the word "sheep" (i.e., "sheeps"), so I am not certain if your way or mine is technically more "correct".

Advoc8tr's picture

Each of them is a wolf in sheep's clothing, while together they are wolves in sheeps' clothing.  I agree with your plurality observation.

i-dog's picture

There is no such thing as a sheeps, or many sheeps ... so you can't tack the possessive apostrophe onto the end.

Here's a citation for my usage:'s+clothing

Do you have a citation for your unusual dialect?

akak's picture


There is no such thing as a sheeps, or many sheeps

Clearly, you have never met the American public, nor most Congressmen.

phyuckyiu's picture

The gold manipulation that you speak of requries the manipulators to actually have the gold first. This slows them down. They DON'T like that. Nor can they create it out of thin air. They also DON'T like that. Oh and talk to the State of New York about whether they are sound purveyors of money, handing out development 'GRANTS' to business from the State is legal now.

Z Beeblebrox's picture

1. Let people trade with whatever they want. Gold, bitcoin, Bob's Joule Tokens, whatever.

2. Stop pretending it's moral to allow one class of person to legally steal from the rest.

gangland's picture

bravo! end neoliberalism.

BigJim's picture

If you look at wikipedia's definition of neoliberalism, one of its key features is market-based interest rates.

This implies free-market money... which doesn't exist anywhere now, to my knowledge, and hasn't for a long time.

Ergo - we have not been living under neo-liberalism... at least, if we agree wiki's definition is correct.

This is the problem with labels like conservative, liberal, libertarian, neo-liberal - their meaning shifts with time, and the movements get intentionally co-opted by scum like Newt Gingrich.

eureka's picture

If a democratically elected STATE government - under campaign finance reform with no corporate and no hidden contributions - controls the money velocity for the state (as North Dakota does) - and if at the same time STATE law prohibits said state gevernment from spending money it doesn't have - could we the people then all benefit from having such a state control of money velocity COMBINED with and competing with privately minted gold and silver coins...???

I look forward to your POVs. Thanks.

fnord88's picture

As long as there is competing money, ie Gold and silver for people to save with, almost any fiat is fine. Even our current problems with the US dollar would never have got this far if people had known to save gold and spend fiat. The system has worked ( ish ), because people believed in it. Once they don't, it's game over.

Like a lot of things, most of the problems stem from pig ignorance. I had 16 years of quality education, including a physics degree from Australias best Uni, not once in that time did any teacher mention what money was, the downsides to inflation, the definition of fiat, debts role in the economy or how fractional reserve banking works. Did find myself compulsively buying shit i did not need, to impress people I did not even like though.

I'm beginning to think that was not a fucking coincidence.

Advoc8tr's picture

I've often wondered that myself.... I think it's pretty clear it is no accident.

phyuckyiu's picture

Here's some state controlled money in New York being handed out to business as Grants, i'm sure that will make for a fine and balanced money system.

"In this case, that means providing state grants and loans to private companies like IBM Corp. and Global Foundries Inc. for economic development."

Oh and New York had the money they spent. Having two competing monetary systems at once to have competition keep things in check is a pipe dream.

clymer's picture

the feds won't even let the states control their own hemp laws, or have local organic food co-op's.. Do you really believe they will allow capital to get siphoned into states that would propose competing local currency to the FED's FRN's?? 

It might happen short-term, but eventually some federal court ruling is going to ham-string the states into using only FRN's, which will pave the way for a daxton brown event.

Bendromeda Strain's picture

Eureka, you do realize there are fundamental differences between N. Dakota and Massachusetts, correct? How about N. Dakota and Washington DC, etc. The reasons that a state bank might work in a place like North Dakota show why it would not work under Chicago control, capice? Bill Still, Ellen Brown and their assclown attack poodle Denninger need to tell us all why they hate freedom so much.

FlyOverCountryBoy's picture

Eureka, you wrote: "Gold-Money is manipulated as easily by the Elite as fiat?"

That would be true if there is a fixed exchange rate (fixed by government).  But if the market is allowed to set the price of gold (and silver), as Ron Paul recommends, it will not be so easily manipulated via inflation and deflation. 

i-dog's picture

Those who are actively side-lining him now, and who have watered down the scope of his financial oversight committee, will never let him anywhere near the Treasury!!

He has many friends on the conservative right (he is a former member of the John Birch Society, and is well connected in the CNP), but none of them are supporting him ... they are all supporting luciferian bozos like Gingrich (33° Mason) and Romney (Mormon), for a reason.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

The whole first world lives beyond its means.  Yeah, America is flush in shit, but s is Europe.  So is Japan.  Cheap oil equals this. 

I don't know what your rant has to do with Paul.  You do seem to write the same thing everytime, and I don't think you understand Paul.

We are all men here.  If you don't like Paul, fine, don't vote for him.

TruthInSunshine's picture

Ron Paul won't be elected because the Lame Ass Stream Media (with all of their cable, network, newspaper and radio channels owned by 6 corporations), both deeply captured (by kleptocratic, Crony Corporatists - NOT free market capitalists; important distinction there) political parties, and a fractional reserve banking cartel (international in composition and hell bent on wiping out the notion of sovereignty, using fiat and the intentionally induced boom-bust cycles to help do so) will all do whatever it takes to sabotage him.

Hell, the Main Stream Media has already decided all on their own, being the objective reporters that they are (/snark), that they not only will sabotage Ron Paul, but that they will barely acknowledge his existence, portraying him as the 'fringe,' even when he consistently comes in first in GOP straw poll after GOP straw poll. What a great medai we have, no? I had always thought it was their job to convey facts, rather than tow the agenda of the elite.

Decades from now, more people will look back at this period and daydream about how much greater, freer and honest their governments, lives and economic and social lives would have been if only "we had listened to Ron Paul instead of the globalist kleptocrats."

jeff montanye's picture

interesting times bring interesting results.  the dissonance of the msm treatment of paul combined with any success of his (which, should the economy/equity markets go further south becomes more likely) is sure to attract attention, comment, support and, perhaps, some larger inkling about the msm, etc.  

the msm didn't understand rock and roll at the time and it did ok.

i-dog's picture

The MSM back then was in diverse ownership and r'n'r got plenty of coverage. Now, the MSM is in just a few hands that are totally in step with the oligarchy.

Paul is popular in Repub exit polls because political activists know about him - but when it comes to primaries and the full media campaigns, the public will never get to hear about him.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Going against the grain can be cool.  It may just be cool to root for the underdog candidate.