Ron Paul "Faces The Nation" On September 11 And Other Key Topics

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Rep. Ron Paul, who is statistically tied in first in the Iowa polls among the 2012 GOP presidential candidates, spoke with Bob Schieffer on how America's flawed policies contributed to 9/11, his stance on dealing with Iran, and the dismantling of key government institutions. Must watch, as unlike the other GOP candidates, Paul never peppers the audience (pardon the pun) with banal sound bites, moronic meanderings and pandering platitudes.

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Loving all the comments on the video, the internet loves Ron Paul.


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ron paul is the only one for me and millions of others.

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No one can under estimate the measure status quo will take to undermine Ron Paul election. All of us need to prepare for it. If it's true and MF Global was hit, it could also be to hit wealthy RP supporters. We need to think like them. What would you do to undermine winning election? Then we fight against it.

Those who live in closed primary and voted Obama last election, change your voter registration to vote in primary for RP. These closed primary states.

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
Rhode Island
South Dakota
West Virginia

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New Hampshire is an open primary state. Registered independants can vote in either primary.

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Many states are like this, mine is.  These primarys are give you significantly more voice, I suggest everyone take advantage of them.

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I took list from If someone has better list than this, please post it.

Everyone do search for your state for voter registration, in Mass if register as Independent not eliglible to vote for Ron Paul in primary.

Those who against RP will work to make registration confusing and difficult.

"Can Independents vote in the Massachusetts Primary?
Yes. (Be careful here. If you have officially declared your party as the ‘Independent Party’, you won’t be able to vote. If you’re not sure that you are a part of the Independent Party, trust me, you’ll know.)

"Can the ‘Unenrolled’ vote in the Massachusetts Primary?
Yes. (‘Unenrolled’ is the official term for what we used to refer to as ‘Independent’. If you are unenrolled, which means you belong to no party whatsoever, you may show up at your polling place and choose a Democratic or Republican ballot.)'s picture

I can confirm that Pennsylvania has a closed primary and you must be registered Republican in order to vote for Ron Paul. Do it.

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Paul and Huntsman are the only two talking common sense. The others---all rhetoric BS.

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I'd be interested to hear Huntsman's religious views; I wonder how much sense he would display when talking about metaphysics and his own personal goddam flying spaghetti f'n monster.  Mormonism is absolutely BULLSHIT, and anyone who believes in it is absolutely incompetent to lead a superpower nation of 300 million people (nevermind that those people themselves are not also moronms).  Has anyone ever done a ranking of the most arrogant demographics in the world?  I think I'll put the Mormons in my top five.

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When the option was McCain (and his 'hundred year war' in the Middle East), I was willing to see what kind of 'hope, unity, and change' the world might get.  My litmus test for the new administration was ending the fraudlently started wars.  When Big O's first act as pres was to up the ante by 30K soldiers in Afghanistan, I got my answer.  So to be clear, I am not a supporter in any way, but does anyone really think that Obama is going to lose next year?


I'll vote for Paul if he runs, otherwise I won't vote.  As an aside, I didn't vote in '08 either: my choices of voter registration were CA and AZ, and thanks to the corrupt electoral college, my vote wouldn't have mattered either way, in either state.

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register republican, vote for ron paul (or gary johnson, but ron paul is more likely to win).  he's got to get the nomination to get a chance to beat obama, who is eminently beatable.  even employment and sentiment as they are now bode ill for obama.  in a year?  much more vulnerable.  also obama has dispirited his base and generally given rise to the most intense case of buyer's remorse in history.

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Merinobeach - you still a dickhead. Ever read the Constitution. Religious affiliations have no place in elections. After all - lets pretend the born agains have the answer.

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If you half a brain or more you would realize religion does matter. Just because the ACLU and others have shut religion out of official gov. business does not mean that we as individuals cannot consider religious issues.

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"Has anyone ever done a ranking of the most arrogant demographics in the world?"

I bet you Christians/Muslims/Jews would far outpace any Mormon arrogance

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Ron Paul is an universal soldier as he can practically answer all questions regarding US presidency, economy, foreign policy, etc. and he believes in what he says being very consistent for almost all of life.

Have you ever heard about Bill Still - Libertarian candidate for president ?  He has  excellent coverage on economy including very unique view on money printing, brave position on FED, IRS, income taxes, banks, etc. He will never be covered by big media for obvious reasons.


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Bill Still is not a libertarian (he knows it), his followers are loudly anti-libertarians, and he is just trying to confuse people. His monetary ideas are as wacko as they can get. 

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Source: The Flaming Sword, Vol. XII September 2, 1898

"If that mischievous financial policy,[interest free colonial script money], which had its origin in the North American Republic, should become indurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without a debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of civilized governments of the world. The brains and the wealth of all countries will go to North America. That government must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe."

What this means is that our $250T debt would not exist today if congress had not passed the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, and we as a country would collectively be $250T richer. More than $1M per taxpayer richer. We The People should tell congress the US Constitution does not give congress authority to delegate to the Fed or anyone else, the power to create our money. We The People declare the Fed's powers unconstitutional retroactively and demand the illegally paid interest be returned. All $1M per taxpayer to be returned back from the owners of the FED. Colonial Script and Greenbacks worked as Unit of Account and Transactional currency. So can HR-2990. See FOFOA for details. Preserve wealth in Silver and Gold.

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Is everyone prepared and spreading the word to get out to vote on the primary elections to get Dr. Ron Paul on the ticket for 2012? Here is a link that shows when the primary elections are for each state. If you are in a closed primary race please make sure you are registered as a Republican or if you are a Democrat to switch your party affiliation so you can vote for the good Dr..

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Ron Paul Interview On DeFace The Nation 11/20/11

Bob certainly did his part to deface now didn't he?

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What about bob?

He was a fucking jerk.  Tried to twist Pauls words especially on 9/11.  "So you blame America for 9/11" You will notice a lack of punctuation...becuase that is just how he said it.

Paul had to reinforce...our policies encouraged it.

He makes a good point.  I mean it's been a long time since Mars or Mt Olympus have attacked us and we have no policy on them.

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Old Shrivel DickBob Schieffer got a major smack down from Ron Paul!

Old Shrivel Dick would ask RP a question... RP answered the question... then
Old Shrivel Dick would restate RP's answer twisting it to fit his liberal agenda.
But he was totally unprepared for RP challenging his restatement attempts!
Old Shrivel Dick Bob Schieffer was getting visibly upset with RP. 

Way to Ron Paul!   Save the Union... Vote for Ron Paul!

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Was that the same Liberal agenda that Karl Rove was following when skewering Ron Paul and making sure RP was denied media coverage during Bush's Admin? Amazing how since Obama got in the Republicans gave RP the microphone every chance they got...UNTIL election time started then they moved his ass right back to the margins.

It's not Liberal vs. Conservative you fools! It's Fascist vs. strong representative Republic. The Fascists don't give a shit about political parties, they use them BOTH. If you fall into the Liberal vs. Conservative paragidm you have already lost. We need to vote for those who will restore the republic regardless of whether they are Dems (unlikely), Republicans (barren except for RP) or a 3rd party (Gary Johns, Bill Still, and others, by far the best field of the 3).

I will be voting Republican in the upcoming primary, but if RP is defeated there is no way in hell I'm voting for Romney or Perry. They are just more globalist tool shills JUST like Obama, Bush I, Bush II and Clinton.'s picture

It's not Liberal vs. Conservative you fools!


Folks are waking up. Folks are learning. Let's talk with them and ease them along, not call them fools.

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We don't need no stinking Federal Department of Education. We already have 50 Departments of Education, one in each of the 50 states.

The social liberal engineers need the federal education system in order to keep the entire population homogeneously brainwashed and compliant with their collectivism ideology.'s picture

We don't need the Department of Education. We don't need no thought control. No snarky comments on Face the Nation, Schieffer, leave those kids alone.

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exactly.  remove a brick from the wall.

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In fact do we really need state level dept. of education? Isn't education supposed to be a  lcoal affair?

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As a teacher, this is the one department that certainly needs to go. Each state has a dept. of education and the best policies are the ones made close to home. Bureaucrats aren't faceless when they're local.

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What's with this Bill Still bullshit.  He's a Greenbacker all the way.  His idea of 'reform' is to have Congress in control of FIAT currency.  So instead of the FED's funny money, we have Pelosi and Boehner in the basement of the Treasury giggling and printing up PelosiBucks.  Watch the interminable film made by him called "The Money Masters" on youtube, and pay attention this time.

I come to ZH to read smart (and smartass) comments.  Bill Still and Ellen Brown are wolves in sheep's clothing.  They hide behind "abolish the fed" in order to travel in these parts.  Get with the goddam program people.

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Still is no Constitiualionlist. If he were true to the Constitution he, like Paul, would at the very least support the idea of Competition of Currencies! He instead feels a monopoly should be held on the currency by the congress, but not to have a true form of money independent of centralized control. His system will fail just as the Federal Reserve System is failing before our very eyes today.

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His view is a step in the right direction, but I go with Paul.

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Bob came across as a condescending asshat.  Ron Paul did a great job not taking the bait, IMO. 

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""Gold's spectacular decade-long run -- abetted recently by Europe's sovereign-debt crisis, the U.S. budget deficit and fears of a double-dip recession -- has tapped a new vein of investors in their 20s and 30s.

Gold's popularity among young investors speaks to the metal's role as a storer of wealth, and it says a great deal about a generation that has seen asset bubbles burst and governments fail to clear a path to prosperity.""


Gold appeals to a younger crowd

The precious metal's allure is thousands of years old, but these days it's attracting a new breed of young investors who are leery of stocks.

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Thank you from all us MAC users where Flash video clips can't be viewed.

Quite an attempted Hatchet job from Bob at CBS.  Lots of " Do you enjoy beating your wife ? " type questions.  Glad to see Mr. Paul can deflect those types of questions and make his points.  My sense is the MSM is starting to panic.

I sponsored 2 minutes of the Ron Paul blimp flight back in 2008 - would enjoy doing that again! 

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There are better options I believe. 

First, Phone Bank.


Second, Super Voter Brochures.


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Could he be any more pathetic (Bob, I mean)?  Limp, obvious hatchet job, no subtlety whatsoever.  Bob, MSNBC is on the line; they desperately need another pathetic jerk to round out their line up of agit prop spewing tools.  :-)

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Is it just me or does Paul get interrupted/cut-off way more than anyone else?

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They do not want you to hear the truth so they try to cut off, interrupt and ignore Ron Paul.

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“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” Mahatma Gandhi

I'd say Bob was tryin' to fight him. So next up... PAUL WINS!

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That was more dismissive and condescending so I would say stil in the laugh at you phase. But the establishment is starting to get a little concerned, trying to shut him down.

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First ignored him, now trying to twist his words and destroy him and if he gets too popular with the "End the FED" "stop the endless wars" rhetoric, well you know what happens.  Just ask JFK.

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not sure how really anti establishment kennedy ever was but this guy, paul, makes no bones about it.  i would absolutely think that assassination by secret executive order (cia, mossad, other) is his first concern especially should he win or come close in iowa.  the powers currently in control will not go down easy.

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If he were assasinated, and it were in any way suspicious, I think you would see a violent popular uprising.

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I'm sure you must be imagining it. No one would be unfair like that. S/

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did anyone else look at the date thinking the title was refering to the date of 9/11 :)?

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Seems like everybody is mind-boggled by Paul's vision of ending the Fed.  I'll agree with that one. 

But with all the government he would also end, I find it very strange that nobody pushes him on ending the Corporate Person as an essential component. 

Without protecting real people from psychopaths fat with obsene quantities of OPM, Ron would--in the world of his wildest dreams--merely condemn us to our Corporate-Feudal fate. 

Ron Paul's Vision comes up catastrophically short, imo.