Ron Paul Raises $1.8 Million In 24 Hour "Birthday" Fund Raiser

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Our congratulations and belated birthday wishes to Ron Paul, who yesterday raised a sizable $1.8 million in a "money bomb" fund raiser in under 24 hours. As a reminder this is merely an appetizer of what Paul's loyalists can do, considering back in 2007 Paul raised over $6 million in the same time frame. Nonetheless, we find it ironic that the very same fiat confetti that Bernanke prints with reckless abandon is the same that will be used to hopefully one day end the tyranny of central banking.

Press release:

Ron Paul Campaign’s Money Bomb Tops $1.8 Million 


Strong finish for one day online fundraising


Business Wire


LAKE JACKSON, Texas -- August 22, 2011


Over the weekend, 2012 Republican presidential contender Ron Paul scored big as his campaign’s 24 hour fundraising event finished with over $1.8 million in small individual donations. Paul’s campaign has now cracked the million-dollar mark in one day fundraising four times.


“Our campaign is truly surging, and this is just more evidence of the strength of our grassroots support,” said Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton. “We’ve just come off of an impressive finish in the Iowa straw poll, and our rising poll numbers and strong fundraising proves our message is resonating with people.”

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vast-dom's picture

HAppy BDay RP BUT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't say stupid shit like Iran can have nukes, okay?




Enjoy your special day and congrats on your monies -- it's a necessary evil ;) 

InconvenientCounterParty's picture

How will the markets price in RP's "strategic default" policy stance?

The longer he hangs around, the more interesting it will get.

redpill's picture

1.8 million middle fingers to the establishment and their media accomplices.

Max Hunter's picture

I'm not donating this time around until he loses the Republican nomination and announces he will be running as an independent.. Otherwise, it's a waste..

SwingForce's picture

When he gets Jesse Ventura as a runnung mate. Yeah! WTC7 bitchez!

wanklord's picture

By appealing to tons of bullshit about the Constitution and other patriotic crap, Congressman Ron Paul is able to seduce his brute and ignorant constituency while doing nothing at all in Congress (a clever way to make easy money). He is just part of the establishment while pretending to be a "genuine patriot." Moreover, Dr. Paul is also a mediocre version of one of Leo Strauss'(*) categories of society: the Gentlemen

The gentlemen, are lovers of honour and glory. They are the most ingratiating towards the conventions of their society – that is, the illusions of the cave. They are true believers in God, honour, and moral imperatives. They are ready and willing to embark on acts of great courage and self-sacrifice at a moment's notice.

Besides that, Americans are a bunch of stupid animals easy to manipulate and subdue. The sooner the US economy collapses the better, so these brutes will finally learn NOT to live beyond their means.

redpill's picture

I've seen you cut and paste this before, it was bullshit then, and it's bullshit now.

Confused's picture

Besides that, Americans are a bunch of stupid animals easy to manipulate and subdue. The sooner the US economy collapses the better, so these brutes will finally learn NOT to live beyond their means.


We both know that there is no point in trying to point out the nonsense that some of the trolls spout. When they refer to problems as being a nationalistic, rather than one perpetrated on them by corporate parasites, we can just ignore them completely.

Dave Thomas's picture

Is there any way that once a post accumulates enough red arrows that the blog can just collapse the shitty post? That would be sweet.

Doyle Hargraves's picture

Kind of off topic but some youngsters are getting on the bandwagon for Ron Paul check this out a local skateboard shop is selling Ron Paul skateboards!

Oh regional Indian's picture

While I don't agree with your caricature of american people (such a broad and ugly brush), I agree completely with your assesment of th egood dr. paul.

I was wondering about his constituents, who every election cycle saw the same old, aw shucks, I'm tawking about it you know, for 35 years he has talked about "it" (Eustace Mullins should have been a shoe-in for a life-time congressmanship for his contributiion to the cause)and finally got his son into a meaningful political position. Just another dynastic, do nothing blow-hard with a lot of free goodwill votes for some strange reason.

I'm sure some people on this board have been talking the good dr. paul's lines before him.

Vivek (ORI)

akak's picture

Your political telescope apparently works quite poorly from far-off India.

Please restrict your comments to subjects about which you actually have a clue --- the political positions, wisdom and integrity of Ron Paul are clearly not among them.

Oh regional Indian's picture

hey Akak, in my 12 years in teh Us, this is what I did:

1) Went to a top east coast school

2) Was a fellow of a much sought after fellow-ship provider

3) Was the Director of Technology for a Fortune 50 MIC company that crossed every technology you can imagine and then some

4) Was employee number 30 in a dot CON start up that went on to the biggest acquisition of the dot CON BOOM, 3.5 billion in March 2000.

5) Was broke but never destitute in the San Fran Bay Area and then in Marin, PAinted houses, shop sat, chai made, dog sat, meditated.

Also, DROVE coast to coast and up and down, only Idaho/montana unseen.

Have always been politically keen, was the Aide to the Governor of Karnataka (India's IT hub) for 18 months, so understand politics, deeply. 12 years as an officer in the armed forces, so have the entire fake military present and history down, pat. 

I can call bull-shit when I see it, wherever I want. I've worked on 4 continents too, so have a fairly wide grasp of global socio-political norms, histories and of corse a majority of the much maligned conspracies thereof.

I suggest you learn to be open, don't have a mind-set, have a mind-flex.

Vivek (ORI)

tmosley's picture

Funny that the guy who refuses to look at RP's record while labeling him as "just another politician" is deriding someone else for not being open minded.

I don't want to browbeat you on this subject, but Ron Paul is the only truly good person in politics.  Why do you want to write him off because his son entered politics of his own accord in an entirely different state?

Sledge's picture

You went to a top east coast school, huh? kinda like Obama, Dubya and Papa Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton, etc.  Hmmmmm very interesting. J/k, actually quite common and BORING. Are you working on your Nobel "Peace" Prize too? 


High Plains Drifter's picture

hey ori, paul has made a major flip flop already and most of these paulistas don't even know it i bet. he is now 180 degrees away from where he was in 2008, on illegal immigration. now he says the wetbacks are just here to do jobs that we amerikans don't want to do. isn't that special?

Gamblor's picture

This is the only position from which Paul and I differ strenuously.  NumbersUSA gives him a C+, 2nd only to Bachmann's B- grade for GOP candidates for president (Rick Perry gets a fat D-, in case you were wondering). 

Paul's vaccilating on the topic is interesting - he agrees we need to secure the border, but he just can't shake the common libertarian trope that people should be free to move from country to country seeking the best of what they want.  If we were all equally born and race was just a social construct, sure.  But that's a fraud and human biodiversity is the real truth.  He's sort of caught in the middle of the anarcho-capitalist and paleo-conservative schools of thought.  Sorry, human differences and culture don't allow us to do that what the anarchos want, so I'd recommend to him that he take a strong position on the national question.  In the past he did this, then got a bit soft in his I agree with HPD, above that it is squishy at best.

That being said, he so strong on everything else - he's the pioneer of freedom & the only candidate who is on the other side of all of the wars - that he's far and away the best choice for me in this primary.

(His answer to the e-verify question at the GOP debate was interesting and doctrinal libertarian, but in the real world I don't mind trust businesses to submit new hires to a 'citizenship verification process' to ensure that those who are citizens in this country get the rewards of businesses who hire here.)

StychoKiller's picture

It's really quite simple:  Open borders or a Welfare state, pick one, you CANNOT HAVE BOTH!

my puppy for prez's picture

"went to a top east coast school..."

THAT explains it!

nihilist's picture

Hypocrisy is a funny thing ain't it. Here you are accusing Ron Paul of being self serving, which of course seems natural since he does still partake in the activities of the political class. Yet the irony seems lost in you when your posts seem to be always undersigned with a hyper link to a pointless blog. At least the guy doesn't advertise the fact that he went to some flashy east coast school as if it was some rite of passage.

FreedomGuy's picture

Well, I went to the toughest top ranked school in the world and I say maybe you're good in IT and a few other things but your country is a century behind, played with collectivism and would have done better with more Ron Paul types. You produced a Ghandi but no Washington's, Jefferson's or Adams', yet. Perhaps in the future if you can educate your population on the merits of liberty you will create a few. Then they have to get into leadership and work a revolution. Put all your genius "global socio-political norms" into effect instead of sitting around drinking tea and convincing everyone else how brilliant you are. Not easily done as you have to generally use existing power structures. That's why RP is a Republican instead of Libertarian for now. Yet, he is still a libertarian.

Perhaps, Ron Paul hasn't been the brilliant double-talking leader of the libertarian revolution you might imagine. However, he stands consistently for a set of ideas that has attracted more people than ever. Words and phrases like "Austrian School", "keynesianism", and "voluntary exchange" are becoming routine. Hayek, Mises and Rand are selling better than ever. That doesn't happen in a vacuum.

Lots of "politically keen" people have brought ruin to their countries. I prefer honest, consistent and will take unpolished if necessary. Ron Paul may not be THE guy that gets the job done, but he may be a sort of John the Baptist paving the way for a more sophisticated libertarian leader. However, he will have planted the seeds for that movement.

America and the rest of the developed world will have to choose in the future. There needs to be a voice with a different path rather than the typical "strong man" (a.k.a. Hitler, Mussolini, FDR) who will save us. For now, that voice has been most consistently Ron Paul whatever his faults.



High Plains Drifter's picture

look, ori, i tell them. they won't listen to me. what else can  anyone do?  what is the definition of stupidity?  doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  he quit last time, (well some say he technically didn't but let's not quibble). you can tell a lot about ron paul when he pulls that bullshit ideas of his out of his reportoire about 911.  oh its blowback. yeh sure pal. give me a break. and they give him money again and think this old codger who has been inside the beltway for 20 years and now is what 76 years old is the calvary and he is coming to our rescue. his son is about as worthless as tits on a bore hog anyway too. if these guys hate government then why do they want to be inside the beltway so bad?  he talks to the talk but nothing ever happens. gee i wonder why. paulistas are living the american dream. they are asleep and don't even know it. 

tmosley's picture

So basically you are saying that you don't like Paul because he beleives that actions have consequences?

It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

High Plains Drifter's picture

well tmos. if he was dangerous he would not be doing anything?  do you understand this?. the system is corrupt. and it cannot be fixed. do you understand this?  there is no hope from any of these men? do you understand this?  you guys are dreaming if you think this man is your savior. he is not. and never would have been. you watch and see what happens. if he goes third party, he will split the vote, just like perot did and then we got slick willie. which it matters not who we get in office anyway. they are all controlled. until we get rid of the FED and get rid of the fiat money system , we shall always be tilting at windmills. and no, one man will not do this. it is going to require us all to do it. no one will do it for us. do you understand this? you and i are going to have to get in the street and take care of it. if we don't then who shall do this thing?  your children, or your grandchildren?  they system is broken. it cannot be fixed. i don't know how much more of this type of discussion can be done before it starts to sink it. i have said it once. i will say it again and again. our country is dying. the system is broken and is beyond repair. you speak of gold and silver, yet you still have hope in a system that is against you. strange dichotemy. there is no hope in this system. there never was.

Panafrican Funktron Robot's picture

This is 100% correct.  Within the cave, Paul is a light.  But he's still in the cave, and that light is merely a candle compared to the sun outside.  Free your mind waaaaay the hell more than you have already, and you'll arrive at truths such as what has been stated by HPD.

Rynak's picture

Which is "just give up - you cannot do anything anyways, and therefore nothing any dissenter says matters, because he hasn't the power  to change it?"

Well, in that case, fuck you.

I have never ever voted, but that doesn't stop me from respecting people which are at least someway reasonable, even if "the system" doesn't allow them to succeed.

For RPs arguments to be mostly consistent AND reasonable (even if not completely) it DOESN'T MATTER, if others allow him to succeed.

Truth isn't democratic.

Real change though, may be. But as it is now, it for "some reason" too doesn't appear to matter, RP or not. What the fuck does "representative democracy" achieve anyways, besides of peace of mind?

High Plains Drifter's picture

i never said i give up. i do however give up on this political system that never was. until you understand just who in the hell you are dealing with mi amigo, then you may just barely begin to understand the fix we are in. i say again. the system is broken and cannot be fixed. you see what is happening in libya. this is what happens to those who refuse to bow the knee to moloch. do you understand what i am talking about? your poltical system is a joke and the joke is on you and you somehow think that some silly wasted effort voting for some old man is some how going to change all of this. they are close to victory now . they will never ever allow some old fart from texas stand in their way. the powers of darkness are waxing strong and the beast is strong and you must be strong to fight against it . the world watches now. they know we are all that is left. 

fuu's picture

So what do you suggest? You spend so much time talking but it is all veiled references and you never actually come out and say anything.


Why don't you give us the HPD 10 point plan? How about the 5 point plan?

Rynak's picture

No, specifically me does not propose, that "voting for someone" will fix the fundamental issues of the system - but it may very well be a STEP towards revolution of the system.

That is my point of view - representative democracy, as well as the economic system we live in, is broken beyond repair - and yet, there are steps in between supporting the system, and outrightly rejecting it... and in any case, the arguments of dissenters which do make sense, are not tied to ANY political system... truth, integrity and honesty do not depent on a social system... they just ARE.

With this, i do not seek to imply that voting for RP will "fix everything".... at most, i just mean to imply, that it is ONE possible step in-between.

monoloco's picture

You may be right, nevertheless, I intend to change my party affiliation from independent to Republican in order to vote for Paul in the primary, because one thing is clear, a vote for any of the other clowns in the race is definitely a vote for more of the same shit. Let's at least give the man a chance.

Toe Cutter's picture

"I never said I give up. I do however give up..". Let me preface by saying, what a wonderful philosophy you have. I have read many posts by you high plains, and most of them are great. However you are missing the point on this one. Ron Paul is not running for president for power, glory, control or fame. It's not even to become the highest "honor" of being "elected" president. It's the message my friend. The information he is giving to us is great. You don't think this "old man" knows how the political system works? He has been in the system for 30 some years! When you listen to him question Bernank, you pay attention to only the words that are spoken right? There is meaning in those words. He is basically calling Bald Ben every name in the book, but you and others don't pick up on it. Ron Paul is delivering the message and it is up to us to carry that message to everyone. If you receive information that you know to be true to try to fix the broken system and you do nothing about it then YOU are the problem. What a wasted life you shall live if you are not willing to stand up, speak out, support or even die for a belief. Keep will get you no where.


High Plains Drifter's picture

the light shines brightly in the cave and the angry moths are attracted to it and fly to it because it is all they know, while stuck in their cave. ....and again (if there ever is another election and that is doubtful at this point) again, the angry moths will seek out another light shining in the darkness and they will fly to it again as they have time and time again and the soothing words of the light bearer sooth their anger and squelch their thirst for a season until it is time to do it again. for this is all they know. the goverfnment schools have stolen their ability to rationalize and to analyze and they do not understand  such is life in the gulag....oh what a stubborn people. a people who refuse to understand and to see things as they are and not as they want them to be......oh what a blind people, a people who cannot see what is truely happening. oh what a deaf people. a people who refuse to hear the truth about their world, a world that is dying and so for a moment in time, they hang their hopes on a light inside of their own caves, caves of their own making. 

StychoKiller's picture

Problems that cannot be solved by ballots will be solved by bullets.  Just come out and say it:  "I'm advocating for overthrow of the US Govt!"  Just ignore those black helicopters circling your house...

Sledge's picture

You are no "High Plains Drifter." Eastwood's character in that movie was more about Ron Paul than anything else. He came into Lago and found a town in fear. A corrupt town. No one had the courage to speak up against the criminal murderers in town. The mine owners, the sheriff, everyone was scared, ashamed and guilty for not speaking up. "The High Plains Drifter" (Ron Paul) cleaned it out BUT GOOD!! You are like one of the "regulators" in the saloon at the beginning of the movie. You ain't no High Plains Drifter!

High Plains Drifter's picture

you paulistas are like alex jones acolytes, anyone that dares to say something you don't like about your little buddy, then you get all mad and, wake up and think outside the box. your redemption requires blood, and sacrifice, not votes, do you understand this?  

Rynak's picture

"Wake up and think outside the box", suggested by someone with a troll track record (just click his nick, and then choose "track").

There may be arguments and opinions outside the box, regarding RP, but YOU sure as hell all aren't going to be the one supplying 'em, fucking parasite!

Sledge's picture

Oh but if it's Perry, you'll vote, huh? A Bush "regulator". Is this George I, or II? Or are you Rush? Is your AK-47/AR-15 Gold-plated like your microphone? Talk about being stuck in a box! I bet RP can bitch slap you a hundred times before you can move that rig of yours a quarter inch.

FreedomGuy's picture

So, who is the cavalry then? Is it someone who doesn't believe in consequences and blowback?


Rynak's picture

What is your point? That someone with unpopular (and in the massmedia itentionally supressed) agenda, isn't as popular as some would like him to be?

I usually tend to like your arguments ORI, but your above post seems a bit shallow. Even assuming that "they" are keeping him in check, how does that invalidate his arguments and intentions?

(Background: I do agree with most of RPs arguments, but not all, and those i do not agree on with him, highly annoy me... but that does not make me ignore that i agree with him more than i disagree with him, AND that his voting track-record, is consistent with what he is claiming to support, which is VERY RARE among politicians.)

StychoKiller's picture

It's either vote for Ron Paul, or the lesser of two evils (which is STILL EVIL, BTW!)

erkme73's picture

Touche on the username... very fitting.

akak's picture

Wanklord, with 71 (and counting) "down" arrows on your execrable and idiotic post, you would make the former ZeroHedgers leo Kovilakis and RobotTraitor proud.

zenbones's picture

The other 434 members of the house do stuff in congress all the time.  And it usually ends up with us getting raped one way or another.  Why do we want our "representatives" to do anything?  I want them to leave us alone.  Pass a budget to run the government as efficiently and small as possible.  We already have way too many laws on the books.  We don't need congress passing anymore.  Plus, Congressman Paul has to deal with both sides, R's & D's, being against him and against us.

High Plains Drifter's picture

paul introduces lots of pork barrel projects in his district. then he votes against them but due to the nature of congress these measures usually pass and then paul gets his pork barrel money and then he can say well i voted against it. slick if you ask me. real slick.....

tmosley's picture

Right, because the people in his district don't pay any taxes, and as such, are not entiteld to get any money back from the governemnt.

High Plains Drifter's picture

well he was on local news in 2008, as i have talked about before and you should have seen him when he was asked about this. talk about the texas two step?  this guy would have made bill clinton proud trying to defend that situation. well ah ah ah ha ha ..... ha ha ha 

John_Coltrane's picture

Hey, wanker, how does it feel to be such a loser?  You're doing worse than BAC in the voting!  Get thee to the Huffington Post where your trenchant observations will be more appreciated.  You're on a site dedicated to freedom and liberty and the information required to acheive those ends.

Ron Paul all the way in 2012!!!

Meanwhile, why not try to "minipulate and subdue" an African lion?  Its just a stupid animal which you could easily control with your vast intelligence.  Visit your local zoo and jump right into the enclosure.  We'll even post the news article ("Annnoying wanker eaten by "stupid" lion) here on ZH.  Then, you'll finally be a contributor to the site content.

jg's picture

I read Judge Napolitano being bandied about as a running mate.  Awesome, I think!