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Rothschild Is Now In TBTF Plunge Protection Business

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Paging Ray Parker Jr. with a remix request:

When some evil fund,

Is out there shorting you

Who you gonna call?

Why, Rothschild!

Following the already failed attempt by captured pan-European regulators to stop the local bank Friend-o treatment by instituting a short-selling ban, whose effectiveness as we pointed out lasted, oh, about 7 days, we find just what Plan B is. And, yes, Rothschild is involved. From the WSJ: "Societe Generale SA, whose shares have come under severe pressure in recent weeks, said Tuesday that it had signed a liquidity contract with Rothschild & Cie. to prevent excessive volatility in its stock price." That's right: Rothschild is now in the Plunge Protection business. And they all have the ECB to thank for it: after years of not learning from the New York Fed-Citadel Joint Venture, which "never" steps in at precisely the right time (wink wink), they have opened the market for third party PPT incursions. It only seems fitting that the bank that started it all, would step in and fill the void. Because after all if SocGen falls, Rothschild will sooner or later follow. That said, the official explanation is worth its weight in laughter: "The idea is not to keep the stock price high, but rather to keep it steady" a representative for Societe Generale said. After hearing such... brilliance... what really is there to say?

From the WSJ:

Societe Generale shares were hammered Aug. 10 amid unfounded rumors about its financial position after a British tabloid published an article alleging that the bank was in a "perilous" state. Its shares have lost 44% over the past month; at one point on Aug. 10 its stock was down more than 20%. The bank has called the rumors ludicrous and has underscored its strong financial position.


Analysts said that liquidity contracts in France are relatively common. Twenty-one of the CAC-40 companies have liquidity contracts with various financial institutions to prevent excessive volatility in their stock price. Rothschild has seven such contracts with CAC-
40 companies, including with GDF Suez.


Companies in France are allowed to buy and sell their own shares to prevent swings in prices, although the activity is regulated by French market regulator Autorite des Marches Financiers. According to a Paris-based analyst, Societe Generale until 2009 had a liquidity contract with one of its subsidiaries.


Analysts said the arrangement with Rothschild won't necessarily insulate the stock against big moves.

Well, unless Rothschild somehow found a way to avoid "the inevitable" from occurring, we would say we agree with that assessment 100%. But first, blogs which "plant" stories are sure to take the blame. That, or Dubya. After that, we go bidless.


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Tue, 08/23/2011 - 23:42 | 1593622 the mad hatter
the mad hatter's picture

remember, jews don't control the financial system.

they just run it.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 00:00 | 1593695 Cliff Claven Cheers
Cliff Claven Cheers's picture

Jew Envy?

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 07:11 | 1594355 Silver Shield
Silver Shield's picture

Rothschild involvement in BullionVault and the Hong Kong Merchantile Exchange.

The Only Thing You Need To Know About GoldMoney vs. BullionVault


The Rothschilds and the Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange
Fri, 03/02/2012 - 13:40 | 2217167 JW n FL
JW n FL's picture




I am a jew.

I come from a large family of Eastern European Jews.

Some observant, some not.


It is racist, anst-semtic, 3rd reich scapegoating, CRAP.

I believe in free speech. I try and stay out of ignorant, racist, lowest common denominator debates. However, if i believe that the debate has become disrespectful, to Zerohedge and what it stands for, i will have the debate temporarily halted. That is not a threat, it is a statement.


Let that be a Lesson to ALL! of You Goy Slaves! It is a Statement! of Authority!

Freedom of Speech!

And Censorship of the Truth!

Are at her finger tips!


Honestly! You Goy Slaves should have known better than to Anger Your Owner Lizzy!


If this sounds familiar! Here is why! Barbra Specter and Lizzy have that same “Jewish Authority over the Rest of us Goys!” We Goys can be silenced whenever it suits our Jewish Masters! And that is NOT! a Threat.. Per Lizzy! That is a Statement! See the video below and see if you can as well recognize the similarity between Barbra and Lizzy? Maybe Lizzy is Barbra? Who knows.


and for those of you wanting to know.. TruthInSunshine

 shares these views of Lizzy’s! and backs up Lizzy’s power to Silence the Goy Slaves! Truth be Damned!


Given the Fact that Lizzy has used Lobby Dollars with Tyler.. to provide herself with a Bully pulpit! And of course more sway than the rest of us.. Because of the Lobby Dollars.. I would implore you Goy Slaves to behave.. shy away from the Facts and the Truth for fear of being politically incorrect by AIPAC’s Standards!


It should be as well noted that Tyler has been threatened with a Law Suit for Liable! By the Jewish Lobby here at ZeroHedge!


The Truth it seems will not set you free! With regard to your Jewish Owners!


Let this be a lesson to ALL of You Goy Slaves!


Let us ALL! try to NOT! get Tyler or Fight Club in any Trouble.. even if the FACTS! Are being put forth for discussion!


Thank You for Your Time!


P.S. You will notice that 50,000 plus reads and over 600 comments later that Lizzy Allowed the Goy Slaves to have their Rant! LULZ!!


Wed, 08/24/2011 - 08:05 | 1594443 deus x machina
deus x machina's picture

always have the jew anti-semite card ready to pull, eh?  the jews have been fucking us for thousands of years, then my ancesters save them in WWII and what thanks do we get, more fucking in the ass.  same ol same ol.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 11:50 | 1595337 zenbones
zenbones's picture

Yeah, I used to think it was crazy to think jews had any influence until I realized that there were a lot of -bergs, -steins, etc running things.  Then I read about Aaron of Lincoln.  Wait a minute!  I thought the king was the supreme ruler.  You mean he needed a financier who, by coincidence happened to be jewish.  Then I read about the expulsion of jews and it got me thinking.  Did they expell them because they have big noses?  Probably not.  There must of been something seething underneath to cause that.  Then I read that jews became involved in finance because the guilds of the time wouldn't let them become tradesmen and blacksmith, etc.  Now does that make sense to you?  We don't want them to become a simple tradesmen so we'll let them control our finances.  Yeah, makes perfect sense.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 10:05 | 1594844 eureka
eureka's picture

Judging from zerohedge reader comments/up-down-arrows - c.a 70% of zerohedge readers are either anti-semites and or U.S./Anglo-leveraged-evil-empire deniers.

Who are the biggest leverage players?

Duh - knuckleheads - ultra leverage is called the Anglo-Saxxon Method for a reason.

The scum of the world is the Anglos. I know, bacause I am one.

Grow up all you homegrown pseudo-nazi U.S. hegemons. Own your fucking scumminess. Cowards.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 10:50 | 1595073 bigkahuna
bigkahuna's picture

Piss off.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 14:08 | 1595971 Hive Raid
Hive Raid's picture

"ultra leverage is called the Anglo-Saxxon Method for a reason."

Yeah, for the same reason that:

Money Printing is called Quantitative Easing

A Jew Private Bank is called The Federal Reserve

World War II is called the Holocaust

Historical Fact is called anti-Semitism


You're no kin of mine. Here's your Anglo Saxxon method:

WALTER CRICK, British Manufacturer, in the NORTHAMPTON DAILY ECHO, March19. 1925)

 "Jews can destroy by means of finance. Jews are International. Control of credits in this country is not in the hands of the English, but of Jews. It has become the biggest danger the British Empire ever had to face."

HARRINGTON, LORD. 19th century British statesman. Opposed admissionof Jewish immigrants to England because:

"They are the great moneylenders and loan contractors of the world... The consequence is that the nations of the world are groaning under heavy systems of taxation and national debt. They have ever been the greatest enemies of freedom. (Speech in the House of Lords, July 12, 1858)


BEAMISH, HENRY H. 20th century British publisher.

"There is no need to be delicate on this Jewish question. You must face them in this country. The Jew should be satisfied here. I was here forty-seven years ago; your doors were thrown open and you were then free. Now he has got you absolutely by the throat - that is their reward. " (New York speech, October 30, 1937)

WASHINGTON, GEORGE, in Maxims of George Washington by A. A. Appleton& Co.

"They (the Jews) work more effectively against us, than the enemy's armies. They are a hundred times more dangerous to our liberties and the great cause we are engaged in... It is much to be lamented that each state, long ago, has not hunted them down as pest to society and the greatest enemies we have to the happiness of America."

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 15:17 | 1596246 eureka
eureka's picture

In stead of piling dusty and blatantly racist quotes - try to answer some real questions:

Why are the world's hedge-funds and oligarchs centered in London?

Does not the English/Anglo system welcome them?

Are English governments typically composed of Jews?

Was derulating Maggie T. a jew?  Is Cameron?

Why are English government AND UK banksters ALWAYS jointly fighting EU banking regulations?

Answer these questions - and you will see that the USUKs (US+UK, my term) - sure, along with jewish banksters, because jews historically ran banking due to being barred from land ownership, run the globalist world of leveraged fiat financial terrorism.

The Point: A) banksters are of no single race or creed and B) who cares what color they are.

I.E. - it is leveraged, fractional reserve banking itself (privately owned or not), which is evil, not the cultural or ethnic groups at large from whom banksters arise.

Wed, 09/28/2011 - 00:47 | 1717429 Bringin It
Bringin It's picture

Eureka - Why are the world's hedge-funds and oligarchs centered in London?

YOu need to look into the "City of London", no ... not London, England actually, I'm talking about the square mile w/i London.  Some/all? English law does not apply.  Warrents for debt can not be served for example.  The Queen for example, can not enter w/o permission. 

The Vatican w/i Rome is some what of an analogy.


You are clearly operating under some unfortunate, but understandable delusions.  Educate yourself.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 10:08 | 1594853 SMG
SMG's picture

Not Jews, Illuminati. Big difference. I don't envy them, just want to be free.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 00:08 | 1593712 bankruptcylawyer
bankruptcylawyer's picture

shit i'm jewish, if you anti-semites could show me the place to sign on the dotted line to get my millions, please, lead me the way. we can split the guaranteed profits 50-50. 

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 00:26 | 1593763 NewThor
NewThor's picture

The Earthquake cracked the Capstone

on the Washington Monument. 

Didn't you illuminati fuckers read The Book of Revelation?

You get the world for one hour,


you'll be like Vampires roaming around Venus for the rest of eternity



Wed, 08/24/2011 - 00:38 | 1593807 spiral_eyes
spiral_eyes's picture

In related news, Brother Krugman calls for more earthquake damage as the thing to save the economy!

I'm not even fucking joking! 


Wed, 08/24/2011 - 00:59 | 1593860 MayIMommaDogFac...
MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

That guy has a serious problem...

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 09:52 | 1594793 Potemkin Nation
Potemkin Nation's picture

He's like a character from Atlas Shrugged.

Wed, 03/28/2012 - 08:49 | 2296869 jaffa
jaffa's picture

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Wed, 08/24/2011 - 01:26 | 1593914 DeadFred
DeadFred's picture

The earthquake was reported to be 100 miles south of Washington DC. Local residents say it sounded like a freight train coming to a stop. In related news, Washington residents report hearing a deep rumbling sound in the sky, shortly after the earthquake, that sounded like "Damn, I missed!"

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 01:57 | 1593991 OldPhart
OldPhart's picture

There seriously need to be a national hunting season for 'economics professors'!!

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 02:32 | 1594055 Spirit Of Truth
Spirit Of Truth's picture

Economics professors are the capstone for the greatest "extraordinary popular delusion" in human history, i.e., that greed is good:

Unfortunately, the historical consequences of this miscalculation will cost most of us everything, but the schmucks at least got nice offices and lax work hours before their stupidity blew the world up.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 08:13 | 1594453 Shocker
Shocker's picture

Not a Bad Business to be in

Wed, 04/11/2012 - 06:57 | 2333931 jaffa
jaffa's picture

Many countries are signatories to international treaties concerning intellectual property, and thus companies registered in these countries are subject to national laws bound by these treaties. In order to protect trade secrets, companies may require employees to sign non compete clauses which will impose limitations on an employees interactions with stakeholders, and competitors. Thanks.
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Wed, 08/24/2011 - 02:19 | 1594031 Michael
Michael's picture

The Washington monument is no longer in perfect alignment with the obelisks at the Vatican and other ones at strategic locations. This means the mystery power the Illuminati/Bilderberg believe they possess and draw their power from, no longer works. 

See 6:50 to 10 minutes into this video for further explanation; The Calling By Maxwell Igan Part 1 of 5

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 07:30 | 1594378 vast-dom
vast-dom's picture

michael stop with your moronic racist hatred -- go slither back to the kkk forums.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 14:00 | 1595936 toxic8
toxic8's picture

damage to wash monument:


capstone :


so let's say that is so (and it appears to be true)


what  does the Book of Revelations say? I am not familiar with the text.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 00:49 | 1593842 pesamystik
pesamystik's picture

Not all of you Jews get to feast at the table. However, Jewish household incomes are the highest in the country.

Second, Jews are overwhelmingly disproportionately represented in finance. Our last two Fed reserve chairmans were Jewish, and Greenspan was there since Reagan. The CFTC is headed by a Jew, Gensler. The SEC is headed by a Jew, Schapiro. I could go on, but these are the key positions in finance right now. When the gentile Brooksly Born tried to put an end to the uncontrolled deregulation, the three Jewish dynamos, Rubin, Summers, and Greenspan, squashed her down. Here we are today, and Jews still run the asylum.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 00:58 | 1593858 YC2
YC2's picture

jews run finance, mexicans run fern picing, greeks run shipping, and why the fuck cant I fish in moldova?

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 01:56 | 1593986 Lord Koos
Lord Koos's picture

How about you take your stereotyping and scapegoating, and go fuck yourself?


Thank you for your time.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 03:42 | 1594144 Sudden Debt
Sudden Debt's picture

Don't wind yourself up about stereotyping.

Look, I'm from Belgium and the Stereotype of Beglium people is that we're smarter than everybody else, stronger, richer, a lot more attractive than the rest of Europeans...

So how do you think we feel when we walk the streets when on vacation and people throw themselves at our feet to kiss them?


but do I complain about that stereotyping even as it's endangering my life? No, I don't. So you should stop to.


Wed, 08/24/2011 - 03:58 | 1594164 theMAXILOPEZpsycho
theMAXILOPEZpsycho's picture

Belgians are hot sure - but I haven't heard this.

I consider women from the south of france to be more attractive (and i'm moving there next month!) Also polish, lithuanian, and greek babes.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 04:30 | 1594206 Sudden Debt
Sudden Debt's picture

skip the greek once and all is true.

They're nice yes, but a bit simple. Sure the French, Polish and Lithuanian woman look good but I like to have a normal conversation with a woman to.


Wed, 08/24/2011 - 08:56 | 1594589 theMAXILOPEZpsycho
theMAXILOPEZpsycho's picture

Greek babes are the most under-rated in europe IMHO. Like others have been saying thats where I'll be heading to open up my brothel once their economy turns to dust and bullion goes to the moon.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 07:14 | 1594364 MarketTruth
MarketTruth's picture

Belgium is actually know for their very high rate of pedophillia.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 10:40 | 1595014 Bring the Gold
Bring the Gold's picture

I'm sure it's a coincidence that the EU is run out of that country...can't have front men that don't have skeletons in the closet now can you?

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 04:32 | 1594211 spdrdr
spdrdr's picture

Belgian womenfolk:

(a) NEVER identify themselves as "Belgian".  They pretend to be "Swiss" or "Swedish" or "Dutch".

(b) Irrespective of (a), one  is always able to identify them physically, by the disproportionate cheeks.


No, I am not smiling.  Turn the other cheek, so as to speak.......

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 04:56 | 1594232 Sudden Debt
Sudden Debt's picture

You just say that because your wife is ugly.


Wed, 08/24/2011 - 06:27 | 1594307 spdrdr
spdrdr's picture



Honesty plug     12+


Wed, 08/24/2011 - 06:43 | 1594326 onthesquare
onthesquare's picture

to be sure check for the braided armpit hair

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 05:21 | 1594252 Finger firmly i...
Finger firmly in dike's picture

This Belgium stereotype is only shared by other 'Belgians' (or I should say Flemish, French and German speaking inhabitants of Belgium). Although on the plus side it is very clever of them not having a government that can actually make major decision for what about 14 months now after the elections?

Don't know how proud you should be of being 'Belgian' if your most famous inhabitant is Manneke Pis (a little boy peeing)

he beer is very good though and after consuming plenty, so are the women in Belgium.



Wed, 08/24/2011 - 03:55 | 1594151 destiny
destiny's picture

ZIONISM is the word 

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 02:36 | 1594043 Michael
Michael's picture

You can take solace in the fact the overwhelmingly disproportionately represented Jews in finance, will also be overwhelmingly represented in the unemployment line when their banking system and Wall Street collapses in the complete and total economic collapse of the USA and the entire world.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 02:24 | 1594045 Id fight Gandhi
Id fight Gandhi's picture

They do disproportionally make up a major % of the financial world. While the race/religion stuff aside, it's its own "club." so deals, favors, backing are going on.

What they fail to so is keep in check the ones who bend the rules and make waves, they defend them. They should set a higher standard for themselves and work to be more respected instead of distained.

Just sayin

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 02:38 | 1594068 Spirit Of Truth
Spirit Of Truth's picture

The bottom line is this.  The Jews have turned their back on the God of Israel out of love for the false god of Mammon (money).  They are in breach of their covenant with God.  The "Promised Land" is thus no longer promised:


Wed, 08/24/2011 - 02:51 | 1594090 Fed Supporter
Fed Supporter's picture

I think you might want to do little more research.  God is not done with his chosen people.  Israel is God's time piece and his focus returns to them once the time of the Gentiles is fulfilled.  Jesus returns to Jerusalem and will rule from the new Jerusalem.  All nations will seek out a Jew to find an escort to Israel.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 03:07 | 1594111 scratch_and_sniff
scratch_and_sniff's picture

spooky bastard

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 03:15 | 1594119 HedgetBedgadget
HedgetBedgadget's picture

What makes you think that this "new Jerusalem" will be the actual Jerusalem from Israel?

I might be Vancouver Canada, though I highly doubt it.

I saw a stat on the Economist, stating that in Europe the countries that believe in the existence of God, in great percentage are: Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Greece (eurozone) and Romania (this is the country that is at the top of the list, probably 80% of the population believes there is a God, and not in the eurozone), Poland (not in the eurozone, doing good now but probably waiting it's economic bubble to burst). Data for the graph I believe was from the Eurostat.

It's interesting that these countries are financially attacked now by the Jewish-controlled Anglo financial system.

Maybe the new Jerusalem will be Bucharest, or maybe Athens (or Mount Athos) or Madrid, or Lisbon.


Why would God chose Jerusalem?



Wed, 08/24/2011 - 04:05 | 1594171 BigDuke6
BigDuke6's picture

Judas H Priest on a Popsicle stick.
Can we get back to the point and off the rapture....

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 09:09 | 1594650 JohnFrodo
JohnFrodo's picture

I need some VC to fund my Rapture Insurance. If you are left behind inflation and labour shortages are going to be a bitch, we cover you for that, and if you are taken, we will cut your grass and clean your pool.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 04:05 | 1594174 A.W.E.S.O.M.-O 4000
A.W.E.S.O.M.-O 4000's picture

The media bro, don't forget the media. Look what those bastards did to Charlie Sheen.


No more Godesses! And people wonder why he's an anti-semite.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 05:18 | 1594251 Luke 21
Luke 21's picture

Certain races are better at certain things. Did it ever strike you anti-semites that Jewish people might be smart businessman? Blacks dominate athletics, Indians dominate software engineering, asians dominate accounting, germans are the best mechanical engineers, etc. You fascists do not believe in free markets and would prefer to make value judgments from your ivory tower. If the financiers have too much money it is not the Jewish people's fault. It is more likely due to a corrupt fractional reserve banking system and a fiat currency. Fractional reserve banking is an unviable business that can only be sustained by bailouts and bailouts require a fiat currency. This can be fixed by making fractional banking illegal on the basis that it is a violation of individual property rights. Also a hard currency is neccessary. You fascist kooks who blame everything on the Jews are no better than Hitler. Hayek would be ashamed of all you so called liberterians who have allowed a conspiracy theory to cloud sound judgement. It seems like most of you are envious of the Jews because they are successful. You guys blame your lack of success to a conspiracy that suggests the Jews are keeping you down. Shocking, way to blame someone else.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 06:38 | 1594318 ping
ping's picture

I couldn't hear you for the sound of your Jew Gold clinking in the background. Were you saying 'Doidle doidle doidle shalom chhhhhhh lachhhhhacccham'?

Or it may have been Klingon. I'd hate to jump to concusions. 

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 14:38 | 1596098 Leopold B. Scotch
Leopold B. Scotch's picture


Fri, 03/02/2012 - 12:20 | 2216926 America- Some A...
America- Some Assembly Required's picture

signed in just to give you some green love     lmao

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 08:50 | 1594561 smore
smore's picture

The Ferengi (English pronunciation: /f??r???i/) are a fictitious extraterrestrial race from the Star Trek universe. They first appeared in "The Last Outpost", the fourth episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation in 1987, during which they made first contact with the United Federation of Planets in 2364 on the planet Delphi Ardu, though they had been mentioned in the series' pilot, "Encounter at Farpoint". They and their culture are characterized by a mercantile obsession with profit and trade and their constant efforts to swindle people into bad deals. They are also known for their business acumen and for exploiting females. 


Ring any bells?

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 05:42 | 1594269 e-recep
e-recep's picture

Well said. It has nothing to do with God, Zionism and Jerusalem claptrap. It's all about a well hidden club, or shall I say, a financial lodge.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 12:33 | 1595519 JR
JR's picture

Sarkozy is Jewish. Stanley Fish is wrong. In the link you give Fish says if Stauss-Kahn gets the post, he will be the first Jewish president of a France.  He should have said, the first president of France who admits that he is Jewish.

RAANAN ELIAZ  wrote May 8, 2007  In “Sarkozy’s Jewish Roots “ in The Australian Jewish News: “France's new president, Nicolas Sarkozy, lost 57 members of his family to the Nazis and comes from a long line of Jewish and Zionist leaders and heroes.”

The given ID on the article reads: Raanan Eliaz is a former Director at the Israeli National Security Council and the Hudson Institute, Washington D.C. He is currently a PhD candidate at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, and a consultant on European-Israeli Affairs.

Writes Eliaz:

IN an interview Nicolas Sarkozy gave in 2004, he expressed an extraordinary understanding of the plight of the Jewish people for a home: “Should I remind you the visceral attachment of every Jew to Israel, as a second mother homeland? There is nothing outrageous about it. Every Jew carries within him a fear passed down through generations, and he knows that if one day he will not feel safe in his country, there will always be a place that would welcome him. And this is Israel.”

Sarkozy’s sympathy and understanding is most probably a product of his upbringing it is well known that Sarkozy’s mother was born to the Mallah family, one of the oldest Jewish families of Salonika, Greece.

Additionally, many may be surprised to learn that his yet-to-be-revealed family history involves a true and fascinating story of leadership, heroism and survival.

It remains to be seen whether his personal history will affect his foreign policy and France’s role in the Middle East conflict.

In the 15th century, the Mallah family (in Hebrew: messenger or angel) escaped the Spanish Inquisition to Provence, France and moved about one hundred years later to Salonika.

In Greece, several family members became prominent Zionist leaders, active in the local and national political, economic, social and cultural life.

To this day many Mallahs are still active Zionists around the world.

Sarkozy’s grandfather, Aron Mallah, nicknamed Benkio, was born in 1890.

Beniko’s uncle Moshe was a well-known Rabbi and a devoted Zionist who, in 1898 published and edited “El Avenir”, the leading paper of the Zionist national movement in Greece at the time.

His cousin, Asher, was a Senator in the Greek Senate and in 1912 he helped guarantee the establishment of the Technion – the elite technological university in Haifa, Israel.

In 1919 he was elected as the first President of the Zionist Federation of Greece and he headed the Zionist Council for several years. In the 1930’s he helped Jews flee to Israel, to which he himself immigrated in 1934.

Another of Beniko’s cousins, Peppo Mallah, was a philanthropist for Jewish causes who served in the Greek Parliament, and in 1920 he was offered, but declined, the position of Greece’s Minister of Finance. After the establishment of the State of Israel he became the country’s first diplomatic envoy to Greece.

In 1917 a great fire destroyed parts of Salonika and damaged the family estate.

Many Jewish-owned properties, including the Mallah’s, were expropriated by the Greek government. Jewish population emigrated from Greece and much of the Mallah family left Salonika to France, America and Israel.

Sarkozy’s grandfather, Beniko, immigrated to France with his mother. When in France Beniko converted to Catholicism and changed his name to Benedict in order to marry a French Christian girl named Adèle Bouvier.

Adèle and Benedict had two daughters, Susanne and Andrée. Although Benedict integrated fully into French society, he remained close to his Jewish family, origin and culture.

Knowing he was still considered Jewish by blood, during World War II he and his family hid in Marcillac la Croisille in the Corrèze region, western France.

During the Holocaust, many of the Mallahs who stayed in Salonika or moved to France were deported to concentration and extermination camps.

In total, fifty-seven family members were murdered by the Nazis. Testimonies reveal that several revolted against the Nazis and one, Buena Mallah, was the subject of Nazis medical experiments in the Birkenau concentration camp.

In 1950 Benedict’s daughter, Andrée Mallah, married Pal Nagy Bosca y Sarkozy, a descendent of a Hungarian aristocratic family. The couple had three sons – Guillaume, Nicolas and François.

The marriage failed and they divorced in 1960, so Andrée raised her three boys close to their grandfather, Benedict.

Nicolas was especially close to Benedict, who was like a father to him. In his biography Sarkozy tells he admired his grandfather, and through hours spent of listening to his stories of the Nazi occupation, the “Maquis” (French resistance), De Gaulle and the D-day, Benedict bequeathed to Nicolas his political convictions.

Sarkozy’s family lived in Paris until Benedict’s death in 1972, at which point they moved to Neuilly-sur-Seine to be closer to the boys’ father, Pal (who changed his name to Paul) Sarkozy. Various memoirs accounted Paul as a father who did not spend much time with the kids or help the family monetarily.

Nicolas had to sell flowers and ice cream in order to pay for his studies. However, his fascination with politics led him to become the city’s youngest mayor and to rise to the top of French and world politics. The rest is history.

It may be a far leap to consider that Sarkozy’s Jewish ancestry may have any bearing on his policies vis-à-vis Israel.

However, many expect Sarkozy’s presidency to bring a dramatic change not only in France’s domestic affairs, but also in the country’s foreign policy in the Middle-East… (removed)

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 01:09 | 1593886 comrade rally monkey
comrade rally monkey's picture

your status is bs. revise your cut to 70-30, and then we'll believe you. (snark)

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 01:17 | 1593898 YesWeKahn
YesWeKahn's picture

50-50? LOL only a jew does that. A white would want 70-30, a black wants 100, a chinese want 10%.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 01:26 | 1593913 comrade rally monkey
comrade rally monkey's picture

no, no , no....he's a BK lawyer!  what lawyer is gonna split 50-50! there better than the rest of us ....It says so at the end of their names.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 01:37 | 1593938 AldousHuxley
AldousHuxley's picture

ask your rabbi. he has to verify few things first like that your are a jew. they don't want to make a mistake of giving stuff to muslims or worse palestanians.


and start with all expenses paid trip to israel from birthright israel to verify you dual loyalty (valued at $10k)

and how much would you value your anti-semitism card usage at?


ZH posters refers to money changing Jews who are also zionistic Israel first fuck America types (ie. AIPAC).

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 07:05 | 1594350 ping
ping's picture

Who the shit is marking down AH? I can't believe the pro Zionist crap being posted. There's an undeniable, statistically proven correlation between the individuals most responsible for the most viciously sociopathic sectors of our society, and their own self-professed, self-identified Judaism, but we're not allowed to mention it? No-one has done more harm to us in half a century, not drug cartels, gangs, organised criminals, industrialists, unions, terrorists or foreign powers, but we can't mention that

They can talk about religion and race and culture but we can't? They can - and have here - explained the clusterfuck of all financial failures and impending collapses as success on their part, inspired by their incisive intelligence and delightful social norms, with only jealousy on our part for not being avaricious enough? Excuse me? 

They can come out with comments about their 'superior' achievements, their 'unparalelled' creativity and 'productive' organisational skills? So it must be OK to be very 'pro', but if you're 'anti' that's racist? Okay. it's just that I recall a certain group gave us Marx, and Lenin, and the Rothschilds and Dick Cheney's brain slug and the most souless and hollow popular culture any society has had the misfortune to endure, and it wasn't the freaking Canadians! 

We have to ignore who owns the banks, controls the most powerful lobbies, and runs the Fed? I mean, we have to ignore what you can find out from reading their own freaking websites and annual reports?

Mother F****r.

I, I just give up. I should wind up my company. Hell, I only make things. I've only been growing real capacity. What the hell do I know. 

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 10:46 | 1595053 marsdefIAnCe
marsdefIAnCe's picture

the ones that are not souless and/or clever enough to con the goy face to face get paid to post garbage on the net


an innovation USSA has taken a liking to recently, re: hbgary / managed personality software, etc.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 02:25 | 1594048 BlackholeDivestment
BlackholeDivestment's picture

awe man, Bankruptlawyer. Seriously, why in hell would you deny the sustaining mercy of our Father in Christ. That's just dumb at this point. I'm a dirty dog still? lol. This world is yours, there is no doubt.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 04:19 | 1594191 WarriorClass
WarriorClass's picture

Sign me up too!

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 07:34 | 1594384 Christophe2
Christophe2's picture


As the protests in Israel show (and the appaling income inequality that is present there, as elsewhere), you have countless poor Jews who get treated like trash by the super-rich banksters, who somehow seem to all be Jewish (at least at the very top).


Hence, even though you are a poor Jew and even though there are many others like you, it still doesn't mean that "Jews run the financial system" is false, or that Zionism (which only Jews can truly benefit from, by definition) is Jewish and EVIL.


I am dealing with a hassidic Jewish ex-landlord's shenanigans at the moment, and I'll tell you it really sucks to be goym.  I am really sick and tired of it, sick and tired of people who have been brainwashed into thinking that they are the 'chosen people of god', to the detriment of others, in a system of thought that valorises deceitfully taking advantage of goym (but never admiting to it).


Am I an anti-Semite?  I don't think so, but I'll call a spade a spade, especially when people all over the world (esp. Palestinians) are made to suffer unspeakably while Jews keep arguing their BS.  I think it's great that many Jews are fighting Zionism, and I know that you can certainly be born Jewish and still turn out OK, but based on my readings of the Old Testament and Torah, you can't be a good Jew if you stay true to their teachings.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 12:05 | 1595410 tamboo
tamboo's picture

dont forget the talmud, it mandates fucking over the goyim cattle.

~Talmud Unmasked~ Christians To Be Harmed Directly.

sure they'va been chosen by god, their god just happens to be satan, the god of the old testament.

what other god would command his minions to kill every living thing?

The Synagogue of Satan By Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

hitler was a jew funded by jews in order to stampede jews to israel.

. Expose Zionist Lies: "Adolf Hitler - Founder of Israel"

questioning the holohoax is illegal in germany, think they got something to hide by locking up thought criminals?

Ernst Gauss (ed.): Dissecting the Holocaust

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 10:17 | 1594887 SMG
SMG's picture

The trolls are out here lately trying to blame Jewish people for Illuminati deeds, which is a common Illuminati MO.   Hopefully this time when things fall apart, the inner circle of the Illuminati will correctly take the blame.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 10:52 | 1595082 Bring the Gold
Bring the Gold's picture

Who would that be in your estimation? Medieval history seems somewhat informative on who it might be.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 11:31 | 1595260 SMG
SMG's picture

Don't know them all, but Rothschilds and Rockefellers would be a great start.  Start with a few of them and find more as you go along.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 14:26 | 1596046 Leopold B. Scotch
Leopold B. Scotch's picture


Wed, 08/24/2011 - 00:10 | 1593715 Luke 21
Luke 21's picture

You are a douche bag. Hayek-Jewish, Mises-Jewish. I am not jewish, but some of the greatest people to ever walk the earth were jewish. Judge a man by his actions and not his race. The only conspiracy regarding the Jews is to blame them for everything that goes wrong in the world. One day all nations will hate the jewish people. It was predicted long ago in the Bible. Zechariah 14

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 00:14 | 1593728 the mad hatter
the mad hatter's picture

no hate on my part, just spitting the truth like Henry Ford.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 00:15 | 1593732 MobBarley
MobBarley's picture

What's wrong with hate? It's not like you rabbits actually love anybody.

Two faced shit talkers the lot of you.


Wed, 08/24/2011 - 00:27 | 1593766 the mad hatter
the mad hatter's picture

hate? I converted to Judaism

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 04:06 | 1594175 Sudden Debt
Sudden Debt's picture

They love everybody who's face is on a gold coin. Al  the rest they hate.

And like the uberguy on top says, it was predicted in their rolls that everybody will hate them.

To bad none of those fuckers did anything why they shouldn't be hated.

Jews over here in Antwerp look to everybody like they smell like shit. If I walk in the street and see a Jew walking on the same curb, he'd better take a step asside or his ass is going down.


Wed, 08/24/2011 - 00:29 | 1593772 vast-dom
vast-dom's picture

mad hatter you are a fucking moron twice over for thinking there is such a thing as Truth and for being a racist. Luckily you can hide behind your keyboard because believe me you wouldn't dare utter that garbage to me in person. but alas, you shall die a shit that never knew better.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 01:08 | 1593882 Toxicosis
Toxicosis's picture

Spoken like a true and extremely forgiving jew. Obviously your hate far surpasses that of who you accuse. Your "god" would be proud, as I'm sure it loves the smell of vengeful fire and brimstone in the morning.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 00:31 | 1593783 YC2
YC2's picture

maybe its just white ppl.  ask lula.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 10:24 | 1594927 SMG
SMG's picture

So you're doing this.  Does it pay well?


Wed, 08/24/2011 - 00:14 | 1593729 MobBarley
MobBarley's picture

Well Luke 21, when you're people are Antichrisitan materialists that think of all other races as shit

for the slaughter, and amass more than half the worlds wealth while comprising much less than

1% of the population, then yeah, alot of people are going to hate you.

Just a heads up, tardenstein.


Wed, 08/24/2011 - 00:26 | 1593764 Luke 21
Luke 21's picture

How can you characterize a whole race as anti-christian materialists? What about Jesus? 

How can you say that Jewish people think of all other races as shit for the slaughter? As I have stated I am not Jewish, but I know if I had to live in the middle east it would be in Israel. Because there is alot more freedom and individual rights there than any other surrounding country in the middle east.

Who cares if they are wealthy? I would say they have provided more good to the world per person than any other race. Benjamin Graham, Mises, Hayek, Friedman, Greenblatt, Klarman, Einhorn, Einstein, Jesus, the Apostle Paul, the twelve disciples, and the list goes on. The whole moral framework of America's founding fathers finds its roots in the Jewish people.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 00:36 | 1593797 phyuckyiu
phyuckyiu's picture


Wed, 08/24/2011 - 00:47 | 1593837 Hugh G Rection
Hugh G Rection's picture

Goy, Goyim... exactly the reason the Jews will end up alone with their dicks in their hands, surrounded by pissed off Muslims.  Protocols of the Elders of Zion, say what exactly? Ya... it worked for awhile. You got the biggest military in the world to fight your battles behind a lie... that is slowly eroding. What happens when we all realize Mossad involvement?  Have a good time Ahmadinjad, I'll catch it on CSPAN.


This blind support of the Jews by supposed "christians" will come to an end.  You fuckstains can fight your own battles.  Have a nice day!

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 01:19 | 1593901 Raymond Reason
Raymond Reason's picture

This blind support of the Jews by supposed "christians" will come to an end.

That would be American Protestants, only a fraction of Christaindom.  The official positions of the Catholic and Orthodox Churches concerning Israel is to wish them no harm, but neither to support those that teach their children that Christ was a criminal and Mary was a tramp. 

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 09:35 | 1594742 Shell Game
Shell Game's picture

"The official positions of the Catholic and Orthodox Churches concerning Israel is to wish them no harm, but neither to support [them].."

A good libertarian stance, works for me.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 01:58 | 1593996 Lord Koos
Lord Koos's picture

You left out Jack Benny, Danny Kaye, and the Marx Brothers.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 02:24 | 1594046 Toe Cutter
Toe Cutter's picture

The whole moral framework of America's founding fathers finds its roots in the Jewish people? You must be 16 years old or younger because I just read your whole post, and it sounds like a 16 year old or younger individual wrote it. Fairy tales can be fun. I could care less about the jewish argument, however I always found it odd how everyone throughout history whether good or evil miraculously were jewish. Jesus, Hitler, Ghandi, God, Bruce Lee, Oprah..


Wed, 08/24/2011 - 04:14 | 1594184 Luke 21
Luke 21's picture

America's founding fathers embraced Christian principles. Christianity came from the Jews. Islam, Christianity, Mormon, Christian Scientists, and Jehovah Witness all stem from Judaism. If it was not for God revealing himself to Abraham initially and Jewish people we would all be left stumbling in the dark wondering how we got here.

Are you suggesting Jesus was not jewish? The entire christian bible was written by jewish people. This is an undisputed fact.

I wish I was 16.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 07:30 | 1594377 Yellow Tang
Yellow Tang's picture

You just summed up everything that is wrong with Christianity.


Oh yea, founding fathers were just joking when they wrote about the separation of church and state.


Jews hate Christianity, they mock Jesus at every possibility, he was a false prophet, and thus they killed him.  But continue nut-hugging your foreskinless friends.  Christianity is backward, Islam is backward, Judaism is backward.  End them all.


And...Abraham was a pagan Canaanite who worshipped El Elyon.  It's in the jew book you like to thump and hump.  I'm sure we'd be more highly evolved if Abraham had jumped off a cliff before he left Ur.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 12:39 | 1595541 Fed Supporter
Fed Supporter's picture

The separation of church and state was supposed to keep the state from declaring religion as state approved, like England did.  Actually most of our laws are derived from the laws given to the Jews by God. 

Yellow Tang I don't want to be critical of you because you understand some facts about Abraham but I think you as well as most people including the Jews do not understand the Old Testament or the Law and the Prophets.

The Old testament points toward Jesus, beginning with Adam and Eve, an innocent animal was sacrificed, blood was shed for their sins, this pointed to Jesus, the perfect Lamb of God dying on the cross for everyone's sins, those that believe that is.

Look at Jesus' reference to being lifted up like the serpent on the staff.  The Jews had to look, an act of faith to be healed from the serpents bites and live, at the serpent on lifted up on the staff.  Jesus was lifted up on the cross and we have to look to him to be saved.  

Another point, Moses was told by God to strike the rock and it would give living water, moving fresh water from a spring was called living water, it was fresh and clean and would not make you sick.  Jesus is the Rock, he was struck so we could live, the second time God told Moses to just speak to the Rock, as he had already be struck (crucified) and all we have to do today is ask and we will be given the Living Water.  Jesus said he is the living water and all we have to do is ask and he will give it to us. He spoke that to a Samaritan women, akin to a modern day Palestinian women.  The woman said she perceived Jesus was a prophet and then talked about the well being given by her father Jacob and then she brought up religion and the difference between the Jews and the Samaritans.  Jesus told her that the Jews knew who they worshiped indicating that the Samaritans didn't know God the same way.  The Jews, Abraham being the first to be circumscribed pleased God through Faith.  The Jews are stewards of God's word.  However you are right they killed Jesus Christ and rejected him as the Messiah.  But if you read the Book of Acts many of those same Jewish leaders, Pharisees and Sadducees believed after Pentecost, it says they were cut to the heart. They were part of the founder of the modern day Christian Church.  Also Jesus forgave them on the cross.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 03:18 | 1594124 HedgetBedgadget
HedgetBedgadget's picture

You guys crucified Jesus.

Not much love for you guys.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 04:30 | 1594207 WarriorClass
WarriorClass's picture

John 10:18, "No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. This commandment have I received of my Father."

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 09:40 | 1594753 Shell Game
Shell Game's picture

True that, but they did in fact denounce Jesus, therefore there is no reason they are our brothers any more, or any less, than other sovereign countries.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 12:47 | 1595592 Fed Supporter
Fed Supporter's picture

The Apostle Paul warned us Christians of discarding the Jews.

<< Romans 11 >>
New International Version

The Remnant of Israel

1I ask then: Did God reject his people? By no means! I am an Israelite myself, a descendant of Abraham, from the tribe of Benjamin.2God did not reject his people, whom he foreknew. Don’t you know what the Scripture says in the passage about Elijah—how he appealed to God against Israel:3“Lord, they have killed your prophets and torn down your altars; I am the only one left, and they are trying to kill me”a?4And what was God’s answer to him? “I have reserved for myself seven thousand who have not bowed the knee to Baal.”b5So too, at the present time there is a remnant chosen by grace.6And if by grace, then it is no longer by works; if it were, grace would no longer be grace.c

7What then? What Israel sought so earnestly it did not obtain, but the elect did. The others were hardened,8as it is written:

“God gave them a spirit of stupor,

eyes so that they could not see

and ears so that they could not hear,

to this very day.”d

9And David says:

“May their table become a snare and a trap,

a stumbling block and a retribution for them.

10May their eyes be darkened so they cannot see,

and their backs be bent forever.”e

Ingrafted Branches

11Again I ask: Did they stumble so as to fall beyond recovery? Not at all! Rather, because of their transgression, salvation has come to the Gentiles to make Israel envious.12But if their transgression means riches for the world, and their loss means riches for the Gentiles, how much greater riches will their fullness bring!

13I am talking to you Gentiles. Inasmuch as I am the apostle to the Gentiles, I make much of my ministry14in the hope that I may somehow arouse my own people to envy and save some of them.15For if their rejection is the reconciliation of the world, what will their acceptance be but life from the dead?16If the part of the dough offered as firstfruits is holy, then the whole batch is holy; if the root is holy, so are the branches.

17If some of the branches have been broken off, and you, though a wild olive shoot, have been grafted in among the others and now share in the nourishing sap from the olive root,18do not boast over those branches. If you do, consider this: You do not support the root, but the root supports you.19You will say then, “Branches were broken off so that I could be grafted in.”20Granted. But they were broken off because of unbelief, and you stand by faith. Do not be arrogant, but be afraid.21For if God did not spare the natural branches, he will not spare you either.

22Consider therefore the kindness and sternness of God: sternness to those who fell, but kindness to you, provided that you continue in his kindness. Otherwise, you also will be cut off.23And if they do not persist in unbelief, they will be grafted in, for God is able to graft them in again.24After all, if you were cut out of an olive tree that is wild by nature, and contrary to nature were grafted into a cultivated olive tree, how much more readily will these, the natural branches, be grafted into their own olive tree!

All Israel Will Be Saved

25I do not want you to be ignorant of this mystery, brothers, so that you may not be conceited: Israel has experienced a hardening in part until the full number of the Gentiles has come in.26And so all Israel will be saved, as it is written:

“The deliverer will come from Zion;

he will turn godlessness away from Jacob.

27And this isfmy covenant with them

when I take away their sins.”g

28As far as the gospel is concerned, they are enemies on your account; but as far as election is concerned, they are loved on account of the patriarchs,29for God’s gifts and his call are irrevocable.30Just as you who were at one time disobedient to God have now received mercy as a result of their disobedience,31so they too have now become disobedient in order that they too may nowhreceive mercy as a result of God’s mercy to you.32For God has bound all men over to disobedience so that he may have mercy on them all.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 16:00 | 1596387 Shell Game
Shell Game's picture

And to that I say, His New Convenant was made for ALL people.  Christ's revolution of thought was that Jews must put away the old Law and embrace the new Law, one for all peoples.  Again, Isreal is no more and no less our brothers than any other sovereign nation. 

What this means today is that we should wish them no harm but they get no foreign aid from a bankrupt USSofA, they are fully capapable of cleaning their own house.  They have nuclear weapons for crap's sake.  I encourage you to get off of the inteventionist high horse and start living Constitutionally.  Liberty is dangerous and it's beautiful..

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 05:52 | 1594271 JB
JB's picture

Luke 21: Paul was a Roman, not a Jew. fyi. he spread the Gospel to the gentiles because HE was a gentile.

the Gospel of Luke was written by a Greek doctor.

half the New Testament was written by gentiles.

just sayin.'

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 12:55 | 1595632 Fed Supporter
Fed Supporter's picture

Wrong Paul was a Jew.

<< Acts 22 >>
New International Version

1“Brothers and fathers, listen now to my defense.”

2When they heard him speak to them in Aramaic, they became very quiet.

Then Paul said:3“I am a Jew, born in Tarsus of Cilicia, but brought up in this city. Under Gamaliel I was thoroughly trained in the law of our fathers and was just as zealous for God as any of you are today. 4I persecuted the followers of this Way to their death, arresting both men and women and throwing them into prison,5as also the high priest and all the Council can testify. I even obtained letters from them to their brothers in Damascus, and went there to bring these people as prisoners to Jerusalem to be punished.

6“About noon as I came near Damascus, suddenly a bright light from heaven flashed around me.7I fell to the ground and heard a voice say to me,‘Saul! Saul! Why do you persecute me?’

8“‘Who are you, Lord?’ I asked.

‘I am Jesus of Nazareth, whom you are persecuting,’he replied.9My companions saw the light, but they did not understand the voice of him who was speaking to me.

10“‘What shall I do, Lord?’ I asked.

‘Get up,’the Lord said,‘and go into Damascus. There you will be told all that you have been assigned to do.’11My companions led me by the hand into Damascus, because the brilliance of the light had blinded me.

12“A man named Ananias came to see me. He was a devout observer of the law and highly respected by all the Jews living there.13He stood beside me and said, ‘Brother Saul, receive your sight!’ And at that very moment I was able to see him.

14“Then he said: ‘The God of our fathers has chosen you to know his will and to see the Righteous One and to hear words from his mouth.15You will be his witness to all men of what you have seen and heard.16And now what are you waiting for? Get up, be baptized and wash your sins away, calling on his name.’

17“When I returned to Jerusalem and was praying at the temple, I fell into a trance18and saw the Lord speaking.‘Quick!’he said to me.‘Leave Jerusalem immediately, because they will not accept your testimony about me.’

19“‘Lord,’ I replied, ‘these men know that I went from one synagogue to another to imprison and beat those who believe in you.20And when the blood of your martyraStephen was shed, I stood there giving my approval and guarding the clothes of those who were killing him.’

21“Then the Lord said to me, ‘Go; I will send you far away to the Gentiles.’

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 06:34 | 1594315 Confused
Confused's picture

I could give a shit one way or the other. 


But can we stop referring to them as a race? Please? Its a fucking religion. 



Wed, 08/24/2011 - 13:45 | 1595879 Luke 21
Luke 21's picture

It's a race and a religion. Jews are descenedants of Jacob despite their religious beliefs.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 10:48 | 1595066 marsdefIAnCe
marsdefIAnCe's picture

Jesus ... you mean that guy that turned the table on banking scum and was murdered by holier-than-thou torah tards?

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 11:45 | 1595316 JR
JR's picture

What about Jesus? Jesus cannot be equated with any person or power. He is the King of kings, his followers were to continue His work by making disciples of all nations, for all peoples  - including the Palestinians. 

Revelations 2: 8-9 explains that there are Jews who are serving Satan’s purpose when they meet to worship. The ten days of suffering referred to here mean that although the suffering in Smyrna as a consequence was to be intense, it would be short.

John in Revelations wrote (2:9):

“To the church in Smyrna write:

“These are the words of him who is the First and the Last, who died and came to life again. I know your afflictions and your poverty – yet you are rich.  I know the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan. Do not be afraid of what you are about to suffer.  I tell you, the devil will put some of you in prison to test you, and you will suffer persecution for ten days.  Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you the crown of life.”

As  background: The city of Smyrna was about 25 miles north of Ephesus. It was nicknamed “Port of Asia” because it had an excellent harbor on the Aegean Sea. The church in this city struggled against two hostile forces: a Jewish population strongly opposed to Christianity, and a non-Jewish population that was loyal to Rome and supported Emperor worship. Persecution and suffering were inevitable in an environment like this.”  --Life Application Bible (New International Version)

Persecution comes from Satan, not from God.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 00:28 | 1593770 Hugh G Rection
Hugh G Rection's picture

Judging by the thumbs down. AIPACs money has been well spent.


Just remember, dem durdy moozlems hatz ur freedomz, izraelz our ally forever! Don't matter nohow, dey be bomben dem palestines and dem children, dey aint even peoples.  Dem moozlems bombes  us on 9/11, disregard "dancing Israelies.. please DONT GOOGLE THAT!"

Israel and Mossad LOVES AMERICA! Especially bending over our political class and inserting a giant lobby dick!

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 00:46 | 1593835 pan
pan's picture

I am not jew hater, I just question zionism.  Where does that leave me?  In a FEMA camp?

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 01:37 | 1593909 Hugh G Rection
Hugh G Rection's picture

I'm fucking sick of beating around the bush.  Anyone with a fucking functioning brain, and a shred of intellectual honesty knows Mossad was involved in 9/11. Blame it on your enemy to bring the biggest military along for the ride?  Fucking sucks when it's the information age and wtc7 falls in front of millions of eyeball witness eyes.  Larry Silverstein... you may be a small fry in the big picture, but your ass is right in the frying pan.


The fucking Mossad geeks arrested and sent back to Israel, that had the fucking balls to appear on a daytime tv show.... you mother fuckers have even MORE balls coming back to the US.  Moving companies, locksmiths, you FUCKING JEWS think you can fool us with any of your standard fronts????


I dont give a fuck if AIPAC donates the GDP of the entire middle east, you assholes wont be able to hide your involvement in the murder of thousands of Americans.  There are god fearing, Torah abiding Jews, that I respect.  Unfortunately there are more dual citizen zionist assholes that seek to subjugate this world, and murder all the goyim they see fit.  Guess what mother fuckers... you wake a sleeping giant, you best be sure he's pissed at the right scapegoat.  If he finds out who REALLY woke him up...?  Big trouble Little Vagina!!!!


What if the entire US military decided Israel was full of shit, had a hand in 9/11, and shouldn't be given a fuck about???


The dual citizen, treasonist bastards in our political system would have some problems...


Did I just make ALL the lists?  Hope so...

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 01:42 | 1593946 Cliff Claven Cheers
Cliff Claven Cheers's picture

Shouldn't this be under that consipiracy thread?

What is wrong with having Israel as an ally?

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 02:12 | 1594021 Fed Supporter
Fed Supporter's picture

God said he would bless those that bless Israel and he will curse those who curse Israel.


Wed, 08/24/2011 - 02:24 | 1594047 Raymond Reason
Raymond Reason's picture

That all changed after the Messiah came. 

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 02:42 | 1594073 Fed Supporter
Fed Supporter's picture

Enlighten me please?


Wed, 08/24/2011 - 04:36 | 1594220 WarriorClass
WarriorClass's picture

7Remember them which have the rule over you, who have spoken unto you the word of God: whose faith follow, considering the end oftheir conversation. 8Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever. (Hebrews 13)


"And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God." Revelation 19:13


Jesus Christ is the Word of God, the same today, yesterday and forever.  Nothing has changed.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 04:11 | 1594182 Sudden Debt
Sudden Debt's picture

strange.... my God doesn't say that and mine has special powers and WOULD BEAT YOUR GOD IN A 1 ON 1 IN 10 SECONDS FLAT!!


Wed, 08/24/2011 - 02:31 | 1594056 Id fight Gandhi
Id fight Gandhi's picture

Ally? More like a junkie, wanting more money and weapons. USA just needs to befriend israel, wish them well and say fight your own damn battles over who crossed some damn line in the sand.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 02:43 | 1594076 Fed Supporter
Fed Supporter's picture

It is more than just a line in the sand, God gave the land to the Israelites.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 02:51 | 1594089 Id fight Gandhi
Id fight Gandhi's picture

Riiight... And the modern day manna machine is the printing press.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 02:54 | 1594099 Fed Supporter
Fed Supporter's picture

Two different issues.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 07:34 | 1594385 Yellow Tang
Yellow Tang's picture

There is no god.  How can something imaginary give a whole land to a people?  Even if he did, so fucking what?  The Jews had, they lost it, they got it back 2,000 years later. God didn't do that - but we know who did.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 08:21 | 1594467 DOT
DOT's picture

Bullshit ! Asshole !   God gave that place to me. He told me personally.

He also told me I was better than you.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 02:17 | 1594038 Ahmeexnal
Ahmeexnal's picture

The only list you made is the Rockefeller nazi payroll.

Yes, when TSHTF, the power elite want to blame someone else for the mess.

They will try to blame the same people they have blamed for millennia.

That ain't gonna save the Rockefellers, Rothschilds,

They think they are safe in Chile.  They're not.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 00:54 | 1593850 pesamystik
pesamystik's picture

It is my understanding that Hayek wasn't Jewish. At least that's what my wikipedia research tells me.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 01:05 | 1593873 Luke 21
Luke 21's picture

You're right. I jumped the gun there.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 01:00 | 1593863 Phaethon
Phaethon's picture

Mises was Jewish.  Hayek was not.  He talks about this extensively in the autobiographical "Hayek on Hayek."

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 01:31 | 1593923 trav7777
trav7777's picture

who were those greatest people?  The Wrights?  Edison?  Tesla?  Newton?  Archimedes?

The problem here that we have is that actually nearly ALL of the people who are controlling finance and media ARE jews.  This does not mean ALL jews control finance and media as our ostensibly jewish friend the BK lawyer apparently isn't in the right synagogue.

However, I'm sure we can find ample nepotism in his background, but obviously not enough to get him to plutocrat.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 01:44 | 1593950 Cliff Claven Cheers
Cliff Claven Cheers's picture

What is with all the Jew Envy?  

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 02:01 | 1594003 Lord Koos
Lord Koos's picture

Rupert Murdoch is a Jew?

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 09:01 | 1594613 smore
smore's picture

Well, it depends on who you believe. According to some out there, Rubert's great-great-grandmother, Caroline Jemima Sherson, was Jewish. But considering that research found that the young Jemima was baptized before she was one year old, we highly doubt those first-mentioned sources.

Of course, it's possible that Jemima's parents were Jewish and converted, but this puts us in the 1700s. So even if there is that Jewish link, it's long been dissipated.

Verdict: Not a Jew.


Wed, 08/24/2011 - 10:12 | 1594869 pods
pods's picture

Kudos for naming Tesla, THE greatest scientific mind the world has known.


Wed, 08/24/2011 - 06:42 | 1594324 ping
ping's picture

"One day all nations will hate the jewish people". 


Fuck. I got the memo early. Still, I'm only five minutes ahead of the other 7 billion, right?

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 12:10 | 1595426 tamboo
tamboo's picture

perhaps you can detect some type of pattern here:

109 Locations whence Jews have been Expelled since AD250

besides their countless swindles the expulsion of the pharisee moneychangers might have something to do with this:

History of Jewish Ritual Murder


Wed, 08/24/2011 - 00:52 | 1593846 RagnarD
RagnarD's picture

I've been looking for answer to this question for YEARs since Christians called me a JEW when I didn't give them the quarter they asked for while "grubbing" from me in 7th grade lunch in 1977 on Long Island. Why do you hate them?  Are they stupid?  Do you need to support them via welfare payments? Do they welch on their debts?  Do they cause crime in your neighborhood?  Would you prefer to be the Germans who exterminated them and then got backfilled with Muslims?  Or like the rest of the world are you envious of both their intellect/competence and their wealth?  You stupid, stupid fucks. Fuck you. Really.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 01:02 | 1593868 Phaethon
Phaethon's picture

It sounds like you have some personal issues you need to sort through before addressing other people's problems...

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 01:44 | 1593951 phyuckyiu
phyuckyiu's picture

Envious of a tribe that figured out how to swindle us by passing a law on christmas eve when everyone was home, that lends us our own money at interest? That is what passes for intellect these days isn't it, what level of swindle you can run. Don't worry, i'm sure the topic will be illegal to discuss in the U.S. soon, as it is in Europe and can get you jail time.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 09:06 | 1594627 smore
smore's picture

First they came for the "Holocaust Deniers", and I did nothing...

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 23:48 | 1598094 Fiat Money
Fiat Money's picture

the tendency to SWINDLE is  DEEPLY ROOTED in  the bible - the "old testament."    Could this be THE MOST IMPORTANT SENTENCE in the entire bible?  

 "ew International Version (©1984)
The LORD had made the Egyptians favorably disposed toward the people, and they gave them what they asked for; so they plundered the Egyptians.

New Living Translation (©2007)
The LORD caused the Egyptians to look favorably on the Israelites, and they gave the Israelites whatever they asked for. So they stripped the Egyptians of their wealth!

  The above passage is extremely  troubling - and calls the ENTIRE REST of the "Exodus" tale to task,  for  people who are STRONG enough to "ask for" or "borrow"  or PLUNDER  the wealth of another people, are HARDLY poor, abused slaves!    The notion that the Jews departing Egypt were LOADED with EGYPTIAN GOLD is of course confirmed in the infamous "GOLDEN CALF" tale -  gold is NOT lying aroudn in the desert, if the fleeing Jews had gold on them, then they TOOK IT FROM Egypt. 

   If this analysis is correct, the notion of "fleeing with unleavened bread" is also pure embellishment. Indeed, if the Jews were as powerful a MERCENARY WAR TRIBE as these passages suggest,  then ALL the PLAUGES must be looked at again - in terms of DAMAGE INFLICTED by such a PREDATORY, mercenary, RAIDERS  war-tribe INVASION. 

    (see also Slate's discussion of Exodus in "Blogging the Bible" for even more troubling details)

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 02:12 | 1594023 Raymond Reason
Raymond Reason's picture

Mormons complain of the same thing. 

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 08:06 | 1594444 Confused
Confused's picture



Its a fucking religion. You aren't a seperate race of people.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 09:19 | 1594675 smore
smore's picture

Well, perhaps that's where you are Confused.  I'd say that genetically, the Ashkenazi jews are a GANG which have gone some way towards transforming themselves into a race.  It's no different from dog breeding. The Sephardi, by the way, who are discriminated against in Israel by the Ashkenazi, are not.  Average IQ in Israel is 92.  Anyone is entitled to be anti-Mafia, anti-Gypsy, or anti-Semitic if they disapprove of the activities or values of those groups.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 02:51 | 1594091 Yen Cross
Yen Cross's picture

Poof! / Twist? / my mantra.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 09:31 | 1594446 Shylockracy
Shylockracy's picture

The American Defamation League (ADL) can publish some hillarious stuff. It must be taxing though, to be a front for Israeli intelligence, extortion, congressional corruption, diamond and drug trafficking, money-laudering and general criminality, while screaming about "anti-semitism". Of course, "anti-semitism" is a newspeak word for the thoughtcrime of resisting the ruling elite.

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 09:04 | 1594623 Bartanist
Bartanist's picture

Cited from the conclusion of the article:

"The charge that "Jews control the Federal Reserve" is a classic example of the hatemonger’s paranoid-style exploitation of legitimate concerns — in this case, the nation’s economy. Moreover, the wide appeal of this anti-Semitic conspiracy theory among all kinds of extremists strikingly demonstrates how the agendas of otherwise opposing hate groups meet on common ground: the scapegoating of Jews."

"Hatemongers, paranoid style, exploitation, anti-Semitic, conspiracy, extremists, hate groups, scapegoating"? Them's strong words, pardner! And while there is a temptation to argue points of this official ADL document (which I would personally be embarrassed to published), doing so would only serve to elevate the effectiveness of the seemingly intentional polarization.

Tue, 08/23/2011 - 23:53 | 1593624 TruthInSunshine
TruthInSunshine's picture



I saw this on Bloomberg tonight and nearly fell out of my chair when the Rotchschild intervention vis a vis SocGen flashed across the screen, for all to see.

Who said that all the talk of the House of Red Shield was just so much folklore?

Not I.


"The bank hath benefit of interest on all moneys which it creates out of nothing."

--William Paterson, founder of the Bank of England in 1694, then a privately owned bank.

"The few who understand the system will either be so interested in its profits or be so dependent upon its favours that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests."

--The Rothschild brothers of London writing to associates in New York, 1863.

"Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The Bankers own the Earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create deposits, and with the flick of a pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again. However, take it away from them, and all the fortunes like mine will disappear, and they ought to disappear, for this world would be a happier and better world to live in. But if you wish to remain slaves of the Bankers and pay for the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create deposits."

--Sir Josiah Stamp, President of the Bank of England in the 1920s, the second richest man in Britain.

"I am afraid the ordinary citizen will not like to be told that the banks can and do create money. And they who control the credit of the nation direct the policy of Governments and hold in the hollow of their hand the destiny of the people."

--Reginald McKenna, as Chairman of the Midland Bank, addressing stockholders in 1924.

"The banks do create money. They have been doing it for a long time, but they didn't realise it, and they did not admit it. Very few did. You will find it in all sorts of documents, financial textbooks, etc. But in the intervening years, and we must be perfectly frank about these things, there has been a development of thought, until today I doubt very much whether you would get many prominent bankers to attempt to deny that banks create it."

--H W White, Chairman of the Associated Banks of New Zealand, to the New Zealand Monetary Commission, 1955.

"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies."

--Thomas Jefferson, US President 1801-9.

"When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes. Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain."

--Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France.


'Permit me to issue and control the money of the nation and I care not who makes its laws.'

— Mayer Amschel Rothchild


New Court
St Swithin's Lane

London EC4N 8AL

United Kingdom

020 7280 5000


Tue, 08/23/2011 - 23:57 | 1593691 TheBadgersSett
TheBadgersSett's picture
It is impossible to grasp the meaning of the idea of sound money if one does not realize that it was devised as an instrument for the protection of civil liberties against despotic inroads on the part of governments. Ideologically it belongs in the same class with political constitutions and bills of rights. The demand for constitutional guarantees and for bills of rights was a reaction against arbitrary rule and the nonobservance of old customs by kings. >> Ludwig von Mises
Wed, 08/24/2011 - 00:30 | 1593767 Founders Keeper
Founders Keeper's picture



Individual liberty and sound money: Hand in glove.

d-d-d-  Love and marriage, Love and marriage, go together like a horse and carriage...this I tell you brother, you can't have one without the other. d-d-d-



Wed, 08/24/2011 - 00:29 | 1593774 raki_d
raki_d's picture

So- bring back the gold standard & all world economic problems will be solved ?

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 00:36 | 1593800 Founders Keeper
Founders Keeper's picture

Gold standard will not change human nature.  But, it does restore individual confidence by removing 3rd party malevolence.



Wed, 08/24/2011 - 00:40 | 1593813 raki_d
raki_d's picture

By 3rd party - you mean "gold bugs" ?

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 00:44 | 1593826 Founders Keeper
Founders Keeper's picture

Hold on.  There's a monitor.  Just have to...Wait.  Almost got it.... OK.  No.  Just....  Wait.

raki_d, can I get back to you?


Wed, 08/24/2011 - 02:57 | 1593848 raki_d
raki_d's picture

No- dont try to virtually squish the binary bugs.. Just restore your confidence first by making sure you have a finite amount of gold in your refrigerator.. thats all- that should take care of it- sleep tight

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 01:01 | 1593866 GoinFawr
GoinFawr's picture

<---Love borders on Avatars

<---Hate borders on Avatars

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 00:46 | 1593809 TruthInSunshine
TruthInSunshine's picture



You need not bring back the gold standard, although the fact that gold is finite, has unique properties, can be stored indefinitely without spoilation, and is a 'traditionally' desirable barbaric relic makes gold a good choice as a constraint on the money printers (aka debt printers, aka debt slave makers).

The ability to create money/debt from nothing, limited only by the speed of computing, certainly imposes little immediate or even intermediate discipline on the money masters.

History proves that by the time the plebes are sufficiently agitated to dispatch with the money masters, it's too late for any particular society to mount a true comeback.

Oh, and this is off topic, but we in the west could care less about Libya's oil, their gold, nor the fact that they were among a handful of nations lacking a fractional reserve steeped central bank (coordinating with other fractional reserve central banks) - we decided, after many decades of supporting their dictator with money and arms (from the U.S. and then Europe - especially Italy), that he was suddenly oppressing his people, and that we needed to liberate them /sarc/.

Libya makes for a nice appetizer of distraction for Europe's leaders and Obama, while their economies tank. One wonders what they're lining up for the entree.

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