Roubini Selling RGE, CNBC Reports

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It seems that everyone's favorite Dr.Doom is selling his consultancy after only several years of operation, David Faber reports. The consultancy, according to confidential sales materials, will generate $11MM in revenue and $2MM of losses. The bulk of clients of the 85 person shop, Faber reports, is corporations, not actual investors, making the buyside wonder "who incremental clients will be." We wonder just how any potential buyer will be able to lock up Roubini for several years, without whose presence RGE will have questionable going concern value. We wish @Nouriel the best of luck in his sales process, whose successful conclusion (or otherwise) probably means that Roubini will end up as a blogger and paid panelist.

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DormRoom's picture

Dr. Doom going into cash, so should you. lol.

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Will the new owners allow Roubini to continue with his sartorial shtick ? Tighten the knot, man ! For eleven million in revenues, be presentable.

ratso's picture

Dr. Doom is just another stopped clock that is right twice a day.  All doom all the time makes Dr.Doom a dull read.  Not to say anything about how off the mark many of his calls have been.

Pladizow's picture

I heard he will be using the proceeds to short gold and oxygen?!?!

Spitzer's picture

Maybe he is launching the Rubini ETF, ticker symbol, SPAM

Fur Trader's picture

"Gimme 10 Bear Spam Spreads, mr. broker....."   It had to be said....

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With that cash he's going to buy lots of gold bullions.

Smithovsky's picture

$2MM of losses.

Dr. Bankrupt

oogs66's picture

c'mon, its an internet company, slap a 50 times sales multiple on that pig and he is RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

knukles's picture

No wonder he's always gloomy.

junkyardjack's picture

His salary was probably $10.9M 

FoieGras's picture

Dr. Doom closing shop, this must be bullish!?

CPL's picture

He's getting out of the way of the incoming shit storm.


So yes, it is bullish.  Just don't count on "value" or usefulness in any market instrumentation whent he printing press gets going later today.


If you want to take advantage of it.  Go long starbucks, a small cup of coffee should be around 18 bucks in a year when they run the fiat mill.

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Who the fuck is dumb enough to buy a consultancy business without the one and only consultant that matters?

Strom's picture

Someone who wants to "leverage" the "platform"...

JSD's picture

Whomever buys said consultancy.

Nascent_Variable's picture

My money's on Geithner.  He'll retire from Treasury and start his new firm, Lying Elf Consultants.

fuu's picture

At least he can eat SPAM.

knukles's picture

Attention RGE Buyers: Pay in fiat.

apberusdisvet's picture

Gettin' out while the gettin' is good; don't blame him.

A Man without Qualities's picture

Trouble paying the mortgage?

junkyardjack's picture

This has got to be bullish. He ran out of bad things to talk about right?

Zola's picture

The bigger question is what idiot company executive is still paying out for "top advice" like this ?

NotApplicable's picture

One who likes having a gilded scape-goat to blame the balance sheet collapse on.

SheepDog-One's picture

He probably just needs coke money.

mogul rider's picture

Rosie is the only one left.



reader2010's picture

Roubini is a pianist in the brothel so to speak. The business is going nowhere due to the occupation taking place in downtown?

Mongo's picture

The question is ... will he go long spam?

mantrid's picture

Roubini will end up as a blogger and paid panelist


he just rushed to open spam factory. you know, there'll be a lot of demand for hedge against inflation.

buzzsaw99's picture

Calpers will buy it!

Going Loco's picture

He has realised that economics has now degraded to the point where it consists merely of trying to predict actions of governments and CBs (and, possibly, GS). He does not see much of a future when the only job left in his field is guessing which trick Bernanke and his ilk will try next.

cbaba's picture

He wants to speak the truth as he did before..

But he is silenced. He is sick of lying under pressure from Wall Street cartel.

Watch him, he will be back again..

Josh Randall's picture

I hear Roubini is big in Japan

disabledvet's picture

You forgot to add "t shirt salesman." as in the "I'm with stupid" line updated to account for mayhem on wall street.

SilverIsKing's picture

I'll buy RGE...for about 5 bucks!

Bokkenrijder's picture

So does this mean that Sandra-golddigger-Navidi will also be out of a job?

Pectoralis's picture

I was wondering the other day when I saw her on TV, but she's not working for RGE anymore:

Dingleberry's picture

Who the hell needs this ass when the blogs are free to read?  Have any of these clowns been more correct than the main blg sites out there about the shit goin' down now? ? I thnk your own hedge fund. You're taking all the risk anyway.

NotApplicable's picture

Maybe he'll earn enough to get a decent hair cut.

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Shouldn't that read "$2 million losses on $11 million in revenues" ? Kind of horse and cart there. BTW, CNBS reported $14m in revenues. Hmm, you think a few good analysts might have spotted that having 85 analysts, researchers and support staff behind a big- time economist might not be sustainable on $14m, but that might explain why they are struggling and why a fool would pay good cash money for the firm.

Gold Man-Sacks's picture

Roubini is a weenie.

kahunabear's picture

Wow, the news flow has really plummeted. Time for the bottom to fall out.

Missiondweller's picture

Stealth QE3 happening now?


Jim Rogers makes a convincing case:


Given Republican opposition to more QE this seems to make a lot of sense.

rumblefish's picture

so how much to buy $2 million in losses?

smlaz's picture

Buying losses?  Um, can you say "Internet Bubble???"

augmister's picture

Shill for the Administration and Obama....  He lost his juice with me...

Going to cash?  DEFLATION.   

PM's will be bought soon on the cheap.

Hansel's picture

If my business only loses $500 this year, does that make my business more successful than Roubini's?