Russia Halted

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The global capital market shutdown begins, right on schedule:


And form the website:

Bets on who is next? Our money is on Italy

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Final Analysis?

Listen closely, my friends!

We're all fucked right in our asses.

It's time to run for the hills!!!

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France is next actually.  Owes a tonne of money and loaned money to the wrong people.

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It's fractional reserve. It's all one big circle jerk. Everyone a libability and an asset to each other. You can't kill any of them without killing all of them.


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I have said this before.. so I will share again and see if it gets any traction this time..

If You, Owe You.. You will Not Pay You Back..


If You Owe a Friend..


A Bank..

You Will Pay them Back becuase of the implied Consequences of non-payment.

So, the way the Bankers have worked this out.. is to owe everyone else.. so that everyone has to be paid.

The Federal Reserve has Printed $15+ Trillion that we know of and We Owe $14 Trillion (or whatever fucking number nazi's, there is a reason you execution fags work for me and not the other way around.. anal fucks).

So.. instead of owing ourselves.. others owe us.. and we owe others..

Why didnt we pay off our own debt?

Why didnt we invest monies into our infrastructure like we did in the BRIC's?

There is no magic.. it has always been right under your nose..

No one wants to see it.. because then they have to admit their life is a lie.

and the kids and food on the table are more important than not living a lie!

well! the lie is now eating your children.. the blind eye treatment has gone on for soooo long..

never mind..

Money is not our problem.. the FED has Printed 300% more money in 3 Years and 30% more in the past 3 months.

so if money isnt the issue? what is?

Credit? cash trumps credit and there is lots of it.

why are American's NOT buying American Properties?

why is our infrastructure left rotting?

why is our Oil $80 a bbl and $120 a bbl for everyone else/

why are we going to Iran?

I would say PEAK Oil.. just to piss off the idiots and stir the pot.. but that has become boring to me.

so I will say Peak Light Sweet Crude in already developed area's.

Affordable Oil has Peaked..

America is growing its heavy sour crude production as fast as possible.. but not as fast as China..

over land pine line to China?


PPK PJK or whatever you want to call them..


the World is in the middle / beginning of an energy war.. and yes I understand it has already been going on for 30 + years (since the 1970's).

there is no problem with money.. we can print that shit by the truck load. we dont have the energy on tap to put down new asphalt across the Country. there is not enough petroleum..



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It must be the Hippies! or the Democrats giving away money so the country will have a power source when the mid east, canada and mexico dry up!


NO ONE WANTS TO LOOK AT THE TRUTH! the baby boomers just want to cruz in their hot rods and watch the world go by in their golden years.. they lived the lie! they grew the lie! they did their job! now its my generations job to carry on the LIE!




We Dont Forget!




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Uploaded by on Nov 1, 2011

This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, look at bank stocks ablaze and a Grecian vortex. They also discuss speculators responding to falling prices by smashing showrooms in Shanghai and holding Congress hostage in America. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser interviews Leah McGrath Goodman about Occupy Wall Street, the Koch Brothers and oil derivatives and the new market in water derivatives.

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Correct, France goes, it is head for the hills time and they will,they have made HUGE loans in Greece.(more than anyone else).

Their Banks are Screwed.

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Italy's going to take it in the 'nads.

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'Information for bidders' it says but what about those wanting to sell ?

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Yep, screw those sellers.

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Maybe sellers should get used to the taste of paper?

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Not to play Dr Obvious here, but if you cant sell exactly what are the "bidders" buying?

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From now on you can only BUY (or sell PUTS) let it be written

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That is just google translation. Original announcement is in Russian, and it says "information for market participants..."

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Brazil next?  If so the BRIC's will fall like one.

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The BRIC's outflanked the PIIGS?  What's a nice G8 like you doing in a place like this?

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will need to re-shuffle the Guestlist for the G8 elite cocktail parties shortly when France, Italy and then Britain implodes in bankers debt

My is there going to be 3 spoilt brats throwing their toys outta the pram when they're left out and Brazil gets in 

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Add a dash of margin hikes and, voila!

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Micex eat cheesex.

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A German fringe blog published the public referendum-idea in Greece around a month ago. Damn, I didn't take them serious!

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Donkey Kong or Johnny jpeg please.

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ooh wee - now we're getting somewhere!

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Trichet leaves and so does price stability.

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So during Trichets reign the price of your shopping basket has only moved 2% per annum... but your credit card bill (debt) has increased from €360bn to €560bn to €680bn to €1 Trillion in the past year

You call that "stability" ?????

Trichet has full-blown senile dementia and is almost completely blind (cannot see the wood for the trees).. have you caught it? 

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in russia market halts you

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Why is Russia halted, need explanation please.

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Because nobody want's to provide liquidity to a infinite desert.

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Close the vault door on beggers with hat in hand, looking for a hand out, and all those that will sell anything - including Gramma's rocking chair! Looking for liquidity.

Doors locked. Go away! Nobody home! 


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I genuinely, and quite stupidly thought it would take longer than a week for the whole BS zEuro ponzi to unravel. Got gold? Ammo?

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All cycles are speeding up, as all fiat dies simultaneously

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It will, this too will be tamped down grasshopper..

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Silver at $32/oz so I can well imagine physical silver is flying out the vaults.

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$29ish, then my not-for-profit investment fund buys more

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Dave ? Dave's not here....

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Thanks Ben, just when I tought you had control of the markets... epic fail dude!

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Paper silver is burning.... my physical is not even warm

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Silvers going to be the craziest person in the room for a while.

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walrus flippers


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Told you it was popcorn time, best of luck everyone.