Samaras Pledges To "Renegotiate" Bailout Pact After April Elections

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If there was one thing the Troika needed not to hear less than 24 hours after the latest bailout demand vote passed, it is that the leader of Greek ill-named "New Democracy" party who is likely to replace Papademos as the next leader of Greece following the April elections, is that at best the new "deal" will last for two months, or until after the next local election. Needless to say, this it the only "pledge" out of Greece in the past week that is 100% certain to be kept. From The Guardian: "Samaras, the current front-runner to replace Lucas Papademos, told parliament last night: "I ask you to vote in favour of the new loan agreement today and to have the ability to negotiate and change the current policy which has been forced on us"." While hardly surprising, Guardian goes on to point out "that would rather thwart the Troika's demands that Greece's leaders all pledge to implement the current plan, as Megan Greene of Roubini Economics pointed out on Twitter: 'Samaras demands bailout be renegotiated after elections and troika insists he sign that he'll uphold 2nd bailout. We still have a problem.'" Indeed - it is called Merkel seeks guarantees that what the next Greek leader said is a joke before it agrees to send even more billions in taxpayer cash down what Schauble earlier called a "bottomless pit."

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That will go down well with the Germans, not...

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I'm not sure why the greeks continue to play as if they have any cards in their hands.

the ECB can always print and hand it directly to the banks...why even include the greasy, lazy greeks in the loop?

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That would be Germany.  They will abandon the euro (not the EU) if the ECB prints like the Bernank.  Scylla and Charibdas, I say. 

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Other than the reaction of the other PIIGS, a fear of Weimar & the EU breaking up, I can't think of a reason.

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First of all Greeks defaulted and the deal wont be accepted, just moves on chessboard to find excuses. Secondly if Greeks are greasy, lazy..... you are not far behind them with 46 mln on food stamps, and half of population working in greasy fast food outlets, the rest are thinking they're on top of the world preparing CDS's, CDO's and lending freshly printed money to charge interest on nothing.  

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Like most of the Sheeple, everywhere, they just won't get it until the street lights go out, and the neighbors start coming for thier stuff. Imagine what will happen in California on the day the EBT/SNAP cards start declining...

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not sure why the greeks continue to play as if they have any cards in their hands.

the ECB can always print and hand it directly to the banks...why even include the greasy, lazy greeks in the loop?

To take that a step further.. why didnt the Banks.. get the Loans.. in secret... and mmake the loans to the Government.. in secret... like they have for the last couple of hundred years?

Why is this information in the public view now?

Why is this information being made public?

It does not help the Nation?

It only causes drama or violence.




Everyone is ignoring the most important fact of ALL!


Why are the sheep being allowed to upset themselves around the World?

It is almost like someone wants the World in an uproar!



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Beware of Greeks bearing gifts to bankers :-)

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Greek: Here's a gift from me to you!

Banker: A bottle?

Greek: NOT JUST ANY BOTTLE!! Please, let my light it for you...

Banker: so now.... it's a bottle that serves as a torch?

Greek: Yeah.... sure.... OEPS! I forget something in my car! I'll be right back! See Ya!



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That saying about not trusting Greeks bearing gifts should be changed to DON'T TRUST GREEKS PERIOD!!  The sooner these people are given the boot form the EMU the better everyone else will be.  DUMP 'EM!

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Why does Merkel have to care about German taxpayers' money? It's not her own money after all.

Harlequin001's picture

Well I'd lend them money, why not?

In fact I was just about to load up on a few GGB's myself...

If it's good enough for my pension fund, it's good enough for me...

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Samaras, get elected with a sound majority and propose some tough bargaining positions

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I think the public opinion may have shifted after the vote. Perhaps LAOS will be the biggest winner in the next election.

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Greece has NOTHING to bargain with!  They don't have anything to offer.

The sole issue is whether German and other banks have to take losses.  Greece is behaving like a junkie in this process.

Ideally, greece would be cut loose and left to rot and the banks that lent them money would take losses and those banks' executives would be tried and incarcerated.  Absent that, the ECB should just print and give the money directly to the banks to close up the accounting holes left by greece and enforce no bonuses paid rules on the money.  And greece should be expelled from the EU.

People act like the drachma is their savior; the drachma is a piece of shit that is worthless.  Austerity is coming whether the lazy greeks want it or not.  Their days of spendthriftiness while lounging in cafes are over.

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Germans and French buying time to ring fence their banks for the upcoming default, end of story...

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'Austerity is coming whether the lazy greeks want it or not.  Their days of spendthriftiness while lounging in cafes are over.'

You seem to repeat this as if you wish to either convince yourself or others of this nonsense. Hopefully you're at least getting paid.

Lastly, I absolutely love this sad 'productivity' meme emerging from the US. This pathetic obsession with being "productive" backed by idiotic Protestant ethics. And where has it led you? Foxconn? The walls are closing in on you, that much is obvious. What an incredibly horrid creature you are. Mom should've swallowed.


Canucklehead's picture

Let me guess, "productive", "pillar", "strength" are not words used by you and your relatives.

dwdollar's picture

What really gets me is the "Honest day's work" or "The working man" memes...

Honest day's work you say? While you're busying working hard to be honest, others are barely working to enslave you.

Exhibit A: Early America

It takes more than a hard work ethic to build a lasting civilization and to stay free. It's childish to think otherwise.

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Greece has nothing to bargain with? They could say go to hell and let the banks eat their bad loans. They could take the lead from Iceland. Last I read Iceland wasn't feeling too bad about their decision. This isn't a bailout of Greece. It's a bailout of the banks who lent Greece all that money. It isn't a bailout of the Greek people. It's a bailout of the elitist criminal banking cartel. I bet if Greece walks from their loans and is left to "rot" that they will have a great headstart on the rest of the world which will soon be following in their footsteps.

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Ya you know, just mass riots and havoc for a few years, no big deal.

Remind me how Argentina did after their hard default? 

Iceland is a joke of a country, you cant possibly extend what some 300k people did or didn't do onto a nation of Greeks, which by the way, actually love being at war.

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More morons sent to torment me.

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Mass riots and havoc for a few years? Maybe.

Take the deal and you have ..umm  mass riots and poverty for sure for a few years.

Default and let the assholes who created this mess in the first place suffer.

PRICELESS!! At least they would go to bed with the satisfaction of starting to fix the worlds problems.

The greeks, and the rest of us, are going to suffer no matter what. Why let the bankers off the hook? Actually, they will be let off the hook. They should be in jail and not in charge of negotiating the solution to the problem they caused.

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Oh yes they do.  They are the beta test case for Portugal, Spain, Italy, et al.  That's why ECB is spending so much effort on them.  I personally agree with you, cut 'em loose, I'm tired of hearing about making a bankrupt country try to be responsible when they clearly aren't interested. 

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Of course the Greeks are facing austerity in any case.  The question is: what comes after the austerity?

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It's coming to neighborhood of yours too, still it's better to spend 5$ on coffee in cafes than to smoke crack in your basement for 500$ you've never earned.

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Long printer ink and machine roller lubricating oil.

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Guarantees? Supposedly Merkel studied physics yet she is looking for certainty... from angry Greeks no less.

LongSoupLine's picture

Knowledge in the ways of physics, does not preclude political stupidity and its thirst for greed and power.

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It's pretty clear to Merkel, the EU finance ministers, and private debt holders that Greek politicians can be relied on to reneg on whatever promises of austerity they make while begging others to cover their budget shortfall.   Greek involvement in 'negotiations' at this point is irrelevent.   Their creditors are simply maneuvering to distrbitute losses among themselves before pulling the plug.  

Samaras could probably buy a small amount of additional time before that occurs simply by keeping his mouth shut.   But the pandering gene is strong in that one.   He's telling his people what they want to hear at the expense of getting them what they want (German tax dollars).

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I thought this agreement was designed to be pretty binding and airtight because nobody trusts Greece anymore.  I think his electoral base is being eroded to the point he is becoming delusional.

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You cant make this stuff up!  But the HFT's just keep on buying - until the rug gets pulled.  It does feel like the rally is in the 9th inning.  Looking forward to GDP numbers on Wed.

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But...but, I thought Greece wasn't a problem. You know, it's 0.00002% of the Europe's GDP. It's a gnat bite on an elephant's arse.


Well, that's what I was told, anyway.

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Actually, Greece it's industry is vital for the rest of Europe.

They supply 50% of the olive industry, and as we all know : You can't have coctail hour without olives.

And without coctail hour... what would we do during the day? Those.... would become long.... very long working days....


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Greece will get the money. Germany will approve it. Markets will celebrate. People will not.

agent default's picture

Until the next round, an at some point they will not be able to kick the can any further.  And then everything will come crashing down.

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Latest greek deal was nothing more than pure desperation to stop the CDS trigger which will bring the global ponzi down.

Better start printing the 'X' Trillion needed to prevent contagaion for a whole month or two - I have heard it will need 30 trillion to stop a immediate collapse of all debtor countries when greek finally defaults, but who knows anymore?!

Mongo's picture

How do you say "epic LOL" in greek?

_ConanTheLibertarian_'s picture

<greek>epic LOL</greek>

Meh. Doesn't work yet

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ha, ha, ha, ha.

Greek Oligarchs love tarama salad, a dish no Schauble can make or stomach! Bottomless pit of Hades, Not even Stasi land was that crooked! Merkozy now hamstrung; oh, to pay or not to pay, that is ze kestion!

What says comrade Juncker, Prince of Luxembourg? Uber Euro watchdog, Cerberus to its white-washed stash of Luxembourg banked cash underworld?

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It is impossible to go into an Election already committed to a policy agreed between all major parties and opposed by the Voters.......unless you are British where ALL the parties agree not to mention a) EU  b) Immigration c) Taxes  d) Accountability


Then you get a system where noone wanted any of the parties to form a Government and two got together to subvert democracy

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Let me fuck you first - then we can "negotiate" if we should have used a condom.