Santelli On Piracy, Protection, And Policy Amendments

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CNBC's lonely realist took just over three minutes of his busy day today to explain in language that even the e*Trade baby could understand, why he fears for his First Amendment rights. As more sites take a stand against 'top-down' decision-making and who decides what is fair, Santelli veers from SOPA to Obamacare to the EPA in today's well-warranted and reasoned rant at the top of a slippery slope.

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I do not think his day is particularly busy. I like him though.

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He is actually wrong with this rant: the rent-sucking scum are in control; the pions are in a game they hardly know and cannot win alone.

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Santelli is a tool that makes us beleve Cnbc is worth watching.

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Big media can spend as much as they want on legislating their way to success. If their product sucks, people still won't buy it. SOPA is a waste of their time. It won't make their product any better.

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It is big OLD media show biz (hollywood movie studios) VS. NEW internet media (google, wikipedia, etc.)


It is about who gets paid for little people's artistic creativity work. It is about who gets to cash in for a youtube video showing doing something stupid with a Coke can with TV on in the background with music from mp3 all put together by some unemployed college grad living in his mom's basement.

It is not about freedom.

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America is Dead.

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WRONG.  America is about to be reborn, spread the word.

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You can both be right, you know.

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Yeah, those who have used Paxil and Prozac have been chemically lobotomized!

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Romney has been chemically lobotomized

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Don't forget Rombama.  He could win, too.

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mitrack rombama?  he's not for me; he's a tool of the crony corporations.

he looks and sounds good but he lies nearly all the time.

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Can't blame him though, his old man was "brainwashed" and you know that old adage about apples not falling far from the tree.

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Most of the Mormons I have met only know the cult mindset, and life/cults appear to work for those inside them, it is we who do not want to be a part of them that can't make them understand that they are in a cult.  I want no part of Mormon cult America, so when he wins in November I will just have to decamp, your direct deposits into my checking account will still be acceptable however, as long as they do not come with some sort of cult oath or some such nonsense.

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You got the news? It happened in 1913 and the tombstone lays on Jekyll Island.

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There are still good Americans trying to save us, like Justin Amash.

Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.), a libertarian leaning Republican, went as far as changing his Facebook profile photo to a logo of the words SOPA and PIPA crossed out, while also disabling key functions on his Facebook wall, preventing guest posts.

“These bills give the federal government unprecedented power to censor Internet content and will stifle the free flow of information and ideas,” Amash wrote. “Demand that Congress and the president keep the Internet open and free.”

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We are not America. We are the people who live under the American regime.

When people speak of preserving America, or saving America, they're really talking about maintaining their own subjugation.

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I would like to see list "First state to Secede".  I'd relo there.

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Gatman says he is buying base metal on accelerating global growth. This guy is a first rate idiot. CNBC, only the best

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As much as I admire Santelli and his desire to call a spade a spade, he is simple controlled opposition at this point. He is the lone (televised) barking dog among the circling wolves.

Grab your balls and hang on folks. This is gonna get real interesting.

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Sad but true.  TPTB have to create the illusion that their opposition are "free" to voice their opinions.

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They put Rick there preemptively to comply with the Fairness Doctrine, it's only a question of when they pass that too and shutdown all dissent on the Web, they just call it differently like idk 'Stop Hatespeech Act' or something

They will put 1 stooge on every network so they can say 'they present different view points' but don't fret if Rick ever got ahead of him self he'd be gone from the show by the lunch break.

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I remember when Erin Burnett (yes, I watched CNBC before I woke up), sitting next to Mark Hanes, said, "The world is fundamentally a ponzi scheme but as long as we all believe in it, it keeps tugging along."  Haines gave her the dirtiest look and said, "Check your cynicism at the door."  It wasn't by lunch but a couple of weeks later that she was gone.  Wasn't the first time; they had enough of her calling everything a ponzi scheme.


Squawk on the Street


Aired on Thursday, Apr 14, 2011 (4/14/2011) at 05:00 AM



The world is fundamentally a ponzi scheme but as long as we all believe in it, it keeps tugging along.



>> Check your cynicism at the door.


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I think 34B cups had ponzi confused with The Fonzi.  Just another CNBS twit.

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No, Hanes died and she went to CNN to throw hard hitting soft balls to suits.

PersonalResponsibility's picture

Haines died nearly a month later.

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He was no good either. I never heard anything resembling the truth from Haines.

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Because of that bloviating fat old gasbag I stopped watching CNBS (at least with the sound on, I still check it when I am away from the computer for certain ticker items) and it must have been six months before I realized Haines was no longer there.  I won't say what I thought when I saw the Obit because you never know just how stuff like that comes back to haunt you, but I lost no sleep that night.  I have heard Rick Santelli go on and absolutely excoriate guests and his coworkers over positions that were an open invitation to rioting rebellion by the lower classes, as if he seems the only one there that ever had to wash his own car or clothes, he might be very well off now but he understands the plight of the masses quite well and has stated that they are not going to put up with this bullshit forever, that some grasping greed and theft is just too much over the top.  He has outright warned his audience even before OWS that reverse class warfare would be the archer that slayes the goose laying the golden eggs, and he is right.

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But even Santelli wants to keep his J.O.B. He's not going to tell us what we REALLY need to know or rant like he did in the past against government stupidity.

His bread is buttered with the big CNBC knife. And TPTB will not let anyone fuck this market up to not get our Teleprompter-In-Chief re-elected. 

This market will continue to be stale, low volume and mediocre gains until Onothing is re-elected......or not. 

2012 will be a do-nothing market.

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I think you're going to be in for a big surprise.

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au contraire.

dylan ratigan is the bigger mad dog by far, and msnbc for some reason cuts him loose for an hour every day. and ratigan has guests--normal onlookers, not some candy ass like liseman--a few of whom have quite visibly shat their pants during his epic meltdowns.

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I hope so, getting sick and tired of waiting for "something" to happen....

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Santelli is there because he is useful to the people in charge.

The appearance of choice has worked well with the "2 party system" in politics.

Same principal, different medium.

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I think that's a little unfair. Rick is not faking it. Come to Chicago, go to the exchange. You'll see him chain puffin cigs and storming around like he's still actually trading. He's a good guy...

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He'll be the next one going to Fox Business News

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Love Rick Santelli.  Would love to see him in a boxing match with Bob Pussani.  Santelli would open a can o' whoop-ass on Pussani.

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i'd rather see lieberman vs. manny pacquiao

or maybe obama vs. mayweather


15 rounds

saved by the bell in every round

ladies and gentlemen, are You ready to rumble?

HD's picture

I'd like to see Cramer vs Mack truck...

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12 rounds of Nancy Pelosi vs Vince Vaughn. I'd buy a ticket.

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I'd rather see one of those guys with the new Air Jordans epoxied to their feet and set loose in Chi town projects.

Landrew's picture

Sorry to burst your bubble, there are no Chi town projects. Tiered diverse income spread housing. The projects came down and million dollar condos went up.

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All filled by Metrosexuals....

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As usual, it takes a trader to state the obvious. Go Rick Go!

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The EPA is the next tool of oppression.

The scary part is when you dare criticize them you get: "So you hate clean water and air!?!?!?!?!?" or "You want us to be like China!?!?!?!?!?"

Meanwhile, China is kicking our ass in virtually ever single measure that I can find.

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paraphrasing Bastiat...."if you say you are against government regulation of clean air and water, then you are against clean air and clean water"

The Law should be required reading for all

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Bastiat, the first of the Austrians so to speak.  Solid stuff, easy to read, and full of wisdom.  Of course he'll never be part of the curriculum, except perhaps for homeschoolers.

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My thanks as well...and to think he was a Frenchman.