Santelli On Propaganda And Ostrich Economics

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Everyone's favorite Chicago-ite, Rick Santelli, once again presents himself as the truth-teller-in-chief on the propaganda channel. This morning's dismal jobs data but utopian reporting of the improvement in the headline unemployment rate appears to have hit a nerve. Santelli takes on just how bad the employment picture really is, how mainstream media practices 'Ostrich Economics', and finally how nothing is deemed important to most politicians except who is to blame. One of Rick's best as perhaps CNBC has been looking at its ratings and realizes investors want the truth not the spin.

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Santelli is the only commentator on CNBC worth watching!

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Oh I don't know about that. Michele has a nice rack that I don't mind watching. Now... If we are talking about worth listening to , I agree with you Rick is the only one I can stomach.

I didn't junk you btw.

AlaricBalth's picture

I should have said he is the only one worth watching with the volume on.

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Slave economics 101.

How to become an export behemoth (TM Hugh Hendry): use slave labour.

East German political prisoners were not only making furniture for Ikea but also sewing bedclothes for West German companies such as Quelle and Neckermann, according to new claims in Friday's Handelsblatt newspaper.

Claims were made this week that Cuban political prisoners were also used to make Ikea products during the 1980s after a Swedish television programme aired the claims about East Germans.

AlaricBalth's picture

What we need is ZERO HEDGE TV. Count me in for a few shares of ZHTV. (preferably pre-IPO)

Fukushima Sam's picture

You may not want that association to be traceable.

njdoo7's picture

I'd rather be in a concentration camp than a coward living in a virtual prison camp.


The virtual prison camp may have more amenities, and even offer the illusion of some freedom, but it is not something to settle for and hope others are going to change it for you.

lemonobrien's picture

they'll work you to death. slavery is not voluntary.

FEDbuster's picture

Casting pearls before swine.

jeff montanye's picture

regarding using prison labor for corporate profit, it's not just by putatively communist governments, oh no:

Irwin Fletcher's picture

Indeed. Give me freedom or give me death, bitchez!

AldousHuxley's picture

US does have slave economics.


They just hid the slaves in factories in China, Mexico, middle east, India, etc.


Globalism = take slavery to her colonies and away from the eyes of US citizens to maximize profit.


CNBC is typical "American beauty" manlike butch women who doesn't know what they are talking about


Switch over to RT Capital Account. Lauren Lyster doesn't hold back for US elites:

"Wall STreet is at a place where Enron was before everything collapsed"



lemonobrien's picture

illegal immigrant == slave.

ceilidh_trail's picture

Uh, no. Illegal immigrant= illegal immigrant. As one who had to pay out much $$$ and time to have my wife here legally, I don't care too much for illegals nor those who excuse them. They are basically stealing from the rest of us who do it right.

widget's picture

Don't forget that Obama has removed the I-word. A courtacy towards his only remaining voter base - hispanic-only southerners and wall street.

jeff montanye's picture

would that it were true.  though his ratings are dropping.

insanelysane's picture

illegal immigrants are slaves which is something most people don't want to face.  dems believe they are "helping" people and the repubs like the reduced costs of "domestic" help.  It is a win-win for both parties which is why these slaves have not been freed.  

If we really want to help these people why aren't we trying to transform their countries like we try to transform Iraq and Afganistan?  Mexico and most of central america should be annexed which would be a real win-win for the people of these countries.

Henry Hub's picture

Where is the best place to find slave labor? China? India? Guatemala? Think again. It's the U.S. prison system. Many companies are moving their production right into the prisons. Some prisoners work for as low as .50 an hour.

The U.S. imprisons more of it citizens than any other country on a percent basis. Employing prisoners as slave labor is a real growth business.

When they open the FIMA camps and start rounding people up, employment is set to take off. Soon it will be to only place to get a job in the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Doubleguns's picture

Yep, buy CXW stock. Corrections corporation of America.  Sick really!!

Irwin Fletcher's picture

Or, just make an agreement with satan that results in payout in the event of the emergence of a nightmare totalitarian government. Call it a zero hedge.

widget's picture

Does it cover pre-existing conditions? If for example you live in the US

Irwin Fletcher's picture

That's between you and satan. It's like asking whether forcing people's children and grandchildren to pay/work off the debt required to build new military bases is the same as quartering soldiers. It's all in the fine print.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Henry Hub wrote:

Where is the best place to find slave labor? China? India? Guatemala? Think again. It's the U.S. prison system.

Bingo! Oh, wait, it's only slave labor when it's in those countries. Here in the country of Homeland, it's rehabilitation.

Many companies are moving their production right into the prisons.

Well, sure, but they're only doing things like making license plates. It's not like they're working on anything important or high tech.

WTF? Patriot missiles, jet fighters, helicopters? Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, McDonnell Douglas, Boeing, General Dynamics?

Some prisoners work for as low as .50 an hour.

...and somehow the low cost is ... ummm ... passed on to the taxpayer in the form of ... uhhhh ... lower defense spending?

Hey, look at it this way, at least when those slaves are emanc ... that is to say, when those prisoners are released after they've paid their debt to society, they will have new skills and can become gainfully employed in the defense industry. Good jobs, too. "Made in America" jobs.

Now hold on there. The owners of the last high-tech magnetics production plant in the U.S., making guidance components for missiles, received government permission to close the factory and outsource the work to prisons?

Sooooo ... then the best way for these rehabilitated prisoners to start working in the defense industry and use their new skills is to ... go back to prison?

They took our jobs!

Well, I guess we should be glad the factory wasn't sold to a Chinese state enterprise that moved all the machinery to China.

Except ... it was.


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01:53: “Does it really matter whose fault it is?”

Um .. YEAH,  IT DOES!!!!

Until you punish the criminals and stop the fraud, nobody with brains will have the confidence to participate in any purported solutions because you have not fixed the real problem – THE FRAUD AND THEFT.

Dr. Engali's picture

I agree however, All of the original founders of the Federal Reserve are dead.

Hi Ho Silver's picture



Dig 'em up and mutilate their corpses, publicly.


Wouldn't be any worse than their mockery of putting President Andrew Jackson on their $20 note.

11b40's picture

Yep....what Rick calls Ostrich Econonomics, I call lying to the viewers.

I have no problems with the rant, but if he means elect Romney when he says send a message in November, who does he think that will benefit, pray tell?

I am not an Obama fan, and consider both parties to be owned by special interests, but Romney is downright scary in his devotion to looting America and off-shoring jobs for immense personal gain.....which is well dispersed in accounts around the globe.  If you want more aristocracy, vote for an aristocrat. 

Unfortunately, our choices are Gloomy verses Gloomier

Esculent 69's picture

11b40- "elect Romney in Nov who does he think that will benefit , pray tell?"  Yes lets take a look at who that benefits shall we. If you re-elect Obama you will still get the same but undoubtalby worse economic conditons as well as full stealth nationalized healthcare using single payer via medicaid/medicare if the scotus votes down obamacare.  there will be bigger gov't, expiration of the evil Bush tax cuts, all of them including the ones for the middle income, stealth carbon tax via the EPA, less energy independence while giving your money to the dictator nations who hate us by outsourcing US jobs because we now have the highest corporate income tax of any nation(35%).  Romney will benefit all businesses, particularly small businesses that are 70% of the economy while you worry about such a small minority of 15-19% of corporations and then you have financials and so forth. The small business which this president has done his best to limit if not drive out of business will thrive and begin to hire more people because the ability to do business rather than to tax and regulate to death is what drives the economy. Who do you think will have any $$$ to spend if 70% of the economy is sidelined by taxes and regulations that stiffle any economic activity? Never hear people like you complain about Obama or Pelosi or Reid or Schummer or George Soros who rape the people of this country and get stinking rich while doing it.  Don't believe me. Just go ask former Gov and Senator Jon "MFing" Corzine.  There is a difference between the two parties.  One wants captialism, and the others want command and control economy via state run capitalism which is nothing more than Marxism. Which one do you want sir hmmmmmm?

11b40's picture

You sound like a Sean Hannity clone.  What about "they hate us for our freedoms"?  You left that one out.

That was a pretty good joke about Romney helping small business, though.

Does your reading go any deeper than bumper stickers?

Roandavid's picture

Ron Paul is still alive and stealing delegates like there's no tomorrow.

Which, when you think about it .....

hannah's picture


santelli isnt saying that the crooks shouldnt be arrested...he is saying the the current politcal group uses this as an stop the fucking excuses and create solutions but when you elect a president that has never actually had a job and elect politicians that are only in office to fleece the tax payer than you have a no win situation.

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He speaks Truth to Morons.

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Michele has a nice 36DD rack.

roadhazard's picture

She's too butch for me. Even 36DD's don't mellow her out.   

poor fella's picture

S(he)'s a MAN, baby!!!  Is there a 'bag that face' app?

Looks a little too much like Ayn Rand.

AldousHuxley's picture

wall st. women are all dykes, but they are still better than some snooki from New Jersey


Ayn Rand collected social security.


If it wasn't for wall st. bailout, Santelli and his trading buddies will back to pre1970s where traders often had second jobs at night shifts cleaning offices.


Oldwood's picture

As I have been forced to participate in the SS ponzi, I too will hope to collect my "benefits". What's your point ? Most here think the whole economy is corrupt. Should we refuse to take a wage in order to meet your hypocracy standards? Slavery infers we are forced to labor for the benefit of others. Is it morally superior if we are forced to labor for those who don't work and are poor versus those who are rich?

Taterboy's picture

I'd munch on the Chinese Dumpling!

francis_sawyer's picture

Note to CNBC programmers... You'll get your viewership back if you get MCC to do a nude photoshoot (feel free to use a 'soft focus' lens on the face though)... 


Edit: & don't even think about trying the same with Bartiromo... It'd only end up costing you your last possible viewer...

Edit 2: Oh I see Bartiromo is reading this thread... Hey Maria... go back to practicing your line "the markets are off their lows of the day" in the mirror


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That she does. Commenter: "Huge D-Cuppers.? I'd love to initiate a long position in her cleavage." 

gaoptimize's picture

I hope she is a good mother and her children are happy and grow up to be good people.  Then, I hope she will do some soul searching.

WillyGroper's picture

She may have a nice rack, but she looks like Sea Biscuit.

geotrader's picture

The junking probably came from Kramer.

myshadow's picture

michelle CSquared is a female joe kernan.  The nano second you hear what she 'thinks' any pheremonic response to her exterior hotness vaporizes.

Randall Cabot's picture

Yeah, but Chicago people talk funny.

Stackers's picture

Kudlow has a few good moments as well.

AlaricBalth's picture

Kudlow is the head cheerleader for predatory capitalism. An ardent apologist for the banking sector who has been proven wrong time after time, ad nauseum. 

roadhazard's picture

Kudlow couldn't be more repulsive if he tried.  Who are the clowns that like his shit?

Offtheradar's picture

Are you fucking serious?!? Kudlow?!?  That shitbag is a posterboy for monopolies and banking shills.  Kudlow has a hand in MSNBC making people want to puke.  Send him to the fishes.