Scam Trek Caption Contest

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Europe, the final fun-tear...


Courtesy of William Banzai

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Time to beam up more Euros from sick bay!

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"We go anywhere we aren't invited, and screw anything that walks!  (And everything else too.)"

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"SCAM TREK! Where you, and everyone you know, gets to be a part of the show!!"*

* Unless otherwise noted, participants will be placed in the role of Unnamed Red-Shirted Away Team Member.

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Security detail to the transporter room,  Mr. Worfanke..

We are beaming down to give the FRNgi’s a  little bit of money so they can suppress the price of gold-pressed latinum.

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"Spockama, quick!  Rub my pink transpoonder!"

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Give me QE3 Scotty!

Bernanke says it doesn't matter that you're mixing the anti-matter while its cold.

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There's clingons around uranis Benny.

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Warp speed unattainable Kaptain.  Angela has too much junk in her trunk.



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Here... I'll say it...


spelled: "C-O-N"


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All power to shield the banksters. Prepare to fire all printers!

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That Clingon is full of shit.

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Captain Econ-Loot Lagarde: Mister Jackov, fire photo-op torpedo on my mark.

Ensign Trufflé-Hogge Merkel: Mark?! Was sagst du?!


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Scotty, I Need QE3 In 3 Minutes Or We’re All Dead!

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Bernank has the replicator warming up.

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"Excuse me Madaam Captain, but your Adam's Apple is quite appealing today."


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Dammit Tim, I'm a doctor not a printer!!!

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Damn it Wanker TImmah!

There... fixed it for you...

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'Fiat. The final frontier'

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A better way to drop hundreds than any helicopter.

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Nice thought, but he wasn't Jewish.  It's:



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This is SO DISRESPECTFUL to Dr. Spock!

Fiat: The Final Frontier

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Tyler: Here is the winner:

"Fiat: The Final Frontier"

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(Dr. McCoy in sick bay, with the captain, leaning over a torn and ragged patient while waving around that little humming saltshaker thingy):

"The euro, Tim ..... he's dead!"

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If you look closely beneath Lagarde's left boot, you can see the role the rest of humanity has been cast in.....

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Who's turn is it to fuck Blythe tonight?

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Um.. you mean who's got the duty?

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"Scotty, give us Mind Warp 9!"

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Better get the Heavy Duty Clone-doms, I understand she's very toxic...

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Barry looks like the spawn of Uhura and Sulu.


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Scotty:  "She's gonna blow!"

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WTF are Krugman, Joe 'Bright Side of the Moon' Lavorgna, Abby 'spaceTulip' Cohen, Charles W. Kadlec, & Barton 'Smally' Biggs??!!!!!!!!!!

Where's Brian Sack's replacement, Buzz To Infinity & Beyond Lightyear, for FS? [Maybe he's not on the Deck, but in the engine room]

Where are these Winners of the New World?


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"Get ready to fire scrotum torpeedos on three!"

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RonPaulian battle fleet commander: "Your fiat cloaking shields are failing, and we have you intellectually, fiscally and monetarily surrounded.  Surrender immediately to the power of gold, or prepare to suffer the ultimate fate."

Bernankeworf, with a cold sneer: "It is a good day to print."

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See- people like us.  They are using us to emblify their hero's.


How cute

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p.s. - Monday Afternoon "Duhhhh" Humor Headline, courtesy of The New York Crimes (ball licker of fractional reserve banksters, having Krugman as their economic Dean, and being in close proximity to the FRBNY):


Europe Tires of Austerity, but the Alternative Is Elusive

Budget-cutting pain is fueling support for far-left and nationalist parties, but many European leaders simply cannot afford to spend more.

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"Captain's log, Scamship Spenderprize, Stardate 4-23-12.  We have entered into the IMF Nebula surrounded by black holes and fistulas."

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He who controls the Spice, controls the .... wait wrong movie - never mind. Spice = Oil ..... hmmm maybe he was on to something.

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Yes, austerity does have a way of usually producing that result.....

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Remember "The Trouble with Tribbles" episode?

Tribbles will eat fiat paper currency!






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we must save the planet fiatsco from destruction

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