The Scariest Chart Ever?

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There are many charts out there all of which are to some extent worth of the adjective "scary" although today's Bloomberg chart of the day may just take the prize, if only for a few days until the European hopium daze passes and reality manifests itself in the form of line and bar charts. The chart below is perfectly simple and perfectly self-explanatory...

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Debt enslavement.

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Debt Serfdom is the growth industry.

European fiefdom days are on the way back.

Be the Lord of the Manor, bitchez, because the life of a serf is a hard grind.


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Excellent, Smithers. Most excellent. 

Now, release the hounds.

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Why get an underwater mortgage for your house if your whole life is an underwater mortgage?

Have fun in Underwaterworld, bitchez

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I scrolled way left on that chart (several hundred years BC) and found this little note:

Exodus 22:25, “If thou lend money to any of my people that is poor by thee, thou shalt not be to him as an usurer, neither shalt thou lay upon him usury.”

What should we expect when we don't follow the directions?

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we?  I mean, to what group did this constitute a Holy text?  And you should be aware that there IS no direction to lend to people outside the clan at 0%.  In fact, it is interpreted as an affirmative commandment TO lend to them at interest, always.

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Relax, Trav.  My loose interpretation of this scripture (and related scripture) is don't lend money at interest to sub-prime borrowers, rather give them charity, expecting nothing in return.

Maybe you didn't play a role in that chart's data set, but I sure did, each and every time I deposited money in a yield-chasing TBTF bank.

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So what's so scary about this? I'm not American...

I couldn't give a toss...

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Are you a directly or indirectly USD holder?

In that case, I guess you should.

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Nope, just gold and silver...

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Why is every freaking country in debt? Not a single country run a surplus. Can someone tell me who the hell lends out all the money? It ain't Somalia, Mongolia or Greenland - i know that for sure.

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today every country/ sovereign in the known flat world has a central bank -  controlled in tiny-town 'basel', also known as the bank of int'l settlements [bis = bs]

only three countries remain without - iran, n. korea, and somalia   

ps. there might be a fourth but ,...

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If you were to write a cheque with no intent of settling the transaction with goods of due value or kind, it is the same as printing a dollar, mark, franc, etc, etc, where the country has no intent of settling. 

These of course can be issued by private banks to citizens. However, they are not lending you anything more than a piece of paper, as there is no capital backing the loan. 

If I was a bank and I were to lend you 10 tons of gold that you intended to use as collateral for the building of your new swimming pool, and you were concerned about security during transport, I could offer you a bank cheque as assurance of your solvency to your contractor creditors, in your ability to pay them on completion of your pool. If the bank gave you a cheque book and you wrote them cheques for the work done and they presented those cheques to the bank for payment in gold and the banks said, "Sorry! We don't got no gold because all that we offered was credit, We lied. Ooops!" , the settlement of the debt could never occur. You become part of the deciet.

That is the state of our monetary system. Just try to redeem your piece of paper at your sovereign bank. They will ask; "What's the problem with that one?" You will only be issued with another. 

Unbacked currency is a lie. We have all been decieved.

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Awesome exchange thus far. Green arrows all around. 

And that cartoon TIS, tells such a story. It tells the story that the story has been known, plot, character and gotcha plot twist, for a long time now. In fact, we can say easily that we have known the truth exactly as long as the lie has been around.

But it's hard for most to give up long cherished (read programmed) truths (read lies). Every time and I mean every time i see the name FED, I remember Louis McFadden. The truth has been out a long time. On record. Adn eloquently to boot. even Woody Will(less)son admitted he had made a huge mistake.

This has been a tightly controlled experiment. it is merely reaching it's logical conclusion. Those that believe large populations cannot be controlled live uni-dimensional lives.

And OWS should de-mob, like yesterday.

OWS Flash De-Mob


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OWS Flash De-Mob

Good advice, ORI. Sadly, none will follow it ... they'll just keep banging their head against the brick wall, expecting a different outcome next time...

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Isn't GDP per person a flow and Debt per person an amount?  Shouldn't we compare debt service per person with GDP per person?

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BR - GDP is just a reference point that allows for comparison over time and against other economies.


The 100% debt vs. GDP number is misleading though because it only considers Federal debt.  Throw in state, municipal, corporate, consumer debt and you are at 375%.  That is the real concern; wait for bloomberg to post that number.

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Anyone around here hear much media attention to the fact that one of the presidential candidates (Ron Paul of course) started a serious and sobering discussion on addressing the spending/debt (wants to cut $1T out of the budget next year)?  Think this needs more attention?  Help Ron Paul make the point loud and clear.  Support the Black This Out fundraiser happening today - right now - by donating.  Whether a little or a lot doesn't matter - even $10 makes a statement. 

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Seriously, I wish he came in different package, but if anyone who reads this cares about country Ron Paul is only one to vote for. Others don't have guts to do what we need to do. In debate last night, Romney clearly understands problem, but he won't take medicine. Do they realize outcome if not? Or do they expect something else, reset or default?

Last night debate brought to you by your corporate sponsors the OIL/GAS INDUSTRY and HEALTHCARE, major advertising all over entire debate and of course the beefy product placement. Wink,wink, Perry, Romney.

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Ron Paul does care about the nation for the most part, but to be president you have to be able to take care of all of it not just the financial part of it.  His attitudes about non white straight male Americans is DEEPLY disturbing to the majority of people who happpen to be half female, 10% gay, 32% non white, and 80% secular. 

I care about the nation and I want to end the fed, I am a natural born citizen that meets all constitutional requirents to be president.  Does that mean you should promote my candidacy and elect me?  Of course not.  That would be bullshit. 

He also has only one thing going for him, end the Fed, and while that is an admirable policy it just is not enough to be president.  If he were elected and got rid of the Fed in the first week in office then what?  By the second week he would be outlawing abortion and sending gay people to the concentration camps.  No amount of argument is going to get me to vote for that man.  Not until he says that constitutional amendments are OFF the table.  We have troubles, and we will work them out, but not by changing the rules of the game. 

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"Does that mean you should promote my candidacy and elect me?"

Why not? With your name on every bumper sticker -- "Boil The Rich!" -- you'd be sure to be elected in a landslide!! (You'd get 95% of ZH commenters, for a start)

PS. There's one constitutional amendment I'd like to see - repeal ALL amendments from the 14th onwards!! (OK, we could keep a couple regarding suffrage, but even they're really no longer necessary)

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Unfunded liabilities are $116 trillion (778% of $14.9 trillion 2011 GDP) versus $14.8 trillion in debt.  Besides, the US GDP may be severely inflated by an overblown financial sector that accounts for half the profits. Dagong, the Chinese rating agency, says

"If we exclude the factor of virtual economy, the U.S. actual GDP is about 5 trillion U.S. dollars in 2009, per capita GDP about $ 15,000. Meanwhile, the total domestic consumption was 10.0 trillion U.S. dollars and government expenditure was 4.5 trillion U.S. dollars"

The real situation of US debt is far scarier than that graph.


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Remember, your $14.8 trillion in debt is only the Federal debt.  The total debt (Fed, State, Corp, Consumer, Municipal and Consumer debt) is $51 trillion + then the unfunded liabilities.



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Because if you ain't on OUR SIDE bitch then you are just another ant and if the elephant starts another wild stampede or  just splits and falls over dead then you are going to get crushed.


Count on it.


Hitler with nukes,hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


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Neither am I, but unless you live on a cave with wahtever resources you can will feel the efects

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Trav may be correct if I read him properly.  I remember from N. Ferguson's book, The Assent of Money, that Medieval Christain lenders were prohibited from charging interest but their Jewish counterparts interpreted it as prohibiting then from charging interest from other Jews, but it was ok to charge Christains.  It was a good book.

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The restriction on charging interest (to whomever it applied) could be circumvented by charging a "fee" for the use of money.   

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sure, what's the difference between Shariah finance and hire purchase?

The name, that's all...

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Smiddy, I saw the film, and whilst I found it interesting I still thought it an apology for the banks.

Money, or currency, is not 'trust inscribed,' it is a depository receipt, this time secured by the assets in the Treasury. When people understand that there are no assets in the treasury they will discard it for gold or some other medium of exchange. At no point did he say that. That's the whole point of our 'innovative' derivatives industry, to distort the prices of everything indicative of inflation and convince the great unwashed that gold is not real money.

Nice try, no banana...

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Yeah...and ditch the middle finger too Mr Smiley Face. People might get the wrong impression. Like you're angry or somethin.

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It ultimately constituted a Holy text to the Christains and Muslims.  And thus the clan became the worlds lenders. 

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hedgeless_horseman, Exodus 22:25 was practiced extensively in the Middle Ages by not allowing Christians to lend to Christians and Jews to Jews.

This meant that Christians lent to Jews and they lent it to other Christians.

Let's say it did not work very well and it still fuels a lot of childish hate.

hedgeless_horseman's picture



Indeed!  We are always trying to skirt the regs.



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Outside the regs: there be profits.


And inside the regs, there be prophets...

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Best reply ever!!




Seems i can't green you...

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Perhaps better instructions for folks:

"Owe no man anything" - Romans 13:8

hedgeless_horseman's picture

Amen, lest the devil be a counterparty to your counterparty.

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"neither a borrower nor a lender be."