Scene From Pre-Apocalyptic Queens, NY

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A set from I Am Legend, or a picture from a Queens supermarket taken minutes ago. You decide.

h/t arkel

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A Lunatic's picture

Must be the beer and cigarettes aisle.

BaBaBouy's picture


Looks Like The Shelves at Fort Knox...

cynicalskeptic's picture

Plenty of gold dipped tungsten in stock.   The ILLUSION of full shelves has been carefully preserved there.  

Lots of gold in the Basement at Liberty Street too.  But who owns it - or how many parties own it is another story.

As for London and COMEX vaults... that's a whole 'nother animal......

CrazyCooter's picture

Fail. I suggest TEOTWAWKI Beans & Cornbread ...

Oh, but you can't wait til the last minute to stock up on 30 or 60 days of eatin' ... just sayin!



Pure Evil's picture



Looks like the zombie hordes have made their presence felt.

I can't wait until the virus of total collapse has turned everyone into brain eating zombies.

spiral_eyes's picture

no food? 

no worries bitchez

warren buffet is here with $5 billion he found in the bath to fix it

nmewn's picture

The pic looks like a pre-looting event on the bottled water aisle...sort of a practice

AbandonShip's picture

Krugamn says this will be GREAT FOR GDP!

BaBaBouy's picture

Boy, lottsa + votes on this one...

We must be onto something herein.

Bottom line: Have Physical AU/AG, and keep it in SECURE place(s)...

AldousHuxley's picture

Looks like Federal Reserve's gold vault.....empty except few ramen noodle packets in the background there.

Smiddywesson's picture

Yes but how much brains can you extract from the average Joe six-pack?  I think they will have to be eaten like blue crabs, you crack a skull here and there for a bite or two.

PulauHantu29's picture

Wait until gas supplies are cut off ...then the shoot'n starts at gas stations...just like the 1970's.

DosZap's picture


<Wait until gas supplies are cut off ...then the shoot'n starts at gas stations...just like the 1970's >

I live in Texas, we didn't have any of that crap here.

Rick Masters's picture

Really? Do you have any of that flash mob nonsense going on in Texas anywhere?

knukles's picture

Whaddya mean rthere's nothin' there.  I'm here and there's somepthin' there.  It's there, a bar a goldt.  Now, I knows it might not look like a bar of goldt, beins it opens up atta endt, but believe U me, it's not oneadem salted tungsten falsies, eh?  Andlookatta assay mark.  See it sez "Goldt".  Yeah, yeah, jus fuggedabout id dat it sez Magic Marker, ats got nuffin tah do wid it.  There's za bar a goldt dere.  See.  Right here in dah Queenz.  Is as goodaz Fr. Ganox.  See.

StormShadow's picture

Meh. Wake me up when it's empty ammo store shelves

hunglow's picture

SW gun store on the border.

caconhma's picture

American supermarkets after Q5.

HCSKnight's picture

They will be the 1st to be cleaned out....

Sadly the Sheeple will not connect the dots to the truth that the same will happen with the same speed but far mor violence when the collapse comes.

ss123's picture

Did they stock up on iPads to eat too?

yabyum's picture

I take it the bug-out bags are sold out? Long mre's and good whiskey good luck to you folks and God speed...our thoughts are with you

Thomas's picture

That will be the home pregnancy test aisle in about a month.

deacon_blues's picture

Seriously.  Just get a bucket of rice, beans, tortilla mix, and spices.  Everything else is icing on the cake.

SumSUN's picture

I wonder if this is the weekend Mr. Celente will be AWOL.

NervousRex's picture

'Take rhe guesswork out of Eating Right!"

Hey! That's the Soylent Green isle.

Karl Tashjian's picture

Apocalypse Bitchez!

rocker's picture

+1 Karl   Reality Bitchez.  I live in the middle of Hershey Pa.  Went to the store tonight. Went to the better local major grocery store.

    Guess What, we know how to drive in the winter.

The guy in the meat section said, "Sorry. No steaks tonight. Today was worse than any major snow storm that hit us."

He reminded me, this was a Friday before a weekend when they stock up for the weekend.   Hmmmmm. 


Hapte's picture

It's about motherfucking, cocksucking time...

NervousRex's picture

Spakle doubles for sour cream in a pinch, gotta be a new pre-mix container tho.


Peter_Griffin's picture

Lower taxes on the hurricanes!!

LookingWithAmazement's picture

Irene will just be a tropical storm as "she" arrives in NY. Monday back to work. Boring world we live in.

Trimmed Hedge's picture

More like some spotty drizzle & a light breeze....

tmosley's picture

Funny, last time you said that, shit blew up an hour later.


dalkrin's picture

Ever the exuberant soul, happy to be alive.  I have various ideas for you if you are perpetually bored:

-Join up with the GI's, go to exotic, faraway places, meet new, exciting people, and kill them.

-Plant some dynamite in your Ikea-nested apartment, and let it blow.  Next, descend to the unlit, legendary tunnels of NYC where crazed people dwell.  There, feel free to become Lord of the Tunnels, become a junkie, a cannibal, a murderer, or all of the above.

-Quit your job, change your name, take a random flight, and start a fight club.  Start fights with strangers.  Lose.  Wallow in misery.

Hephasteus's picture

Sure she'll be a tropical storm by the time she hits. She beat the crap out of the bahamas and didn't even get tired. If it hits any less than category 3 NY will be extremely lucky. There's a whole SHIT load of heat energy out there right now.

Gordon Freeman's picture

Pipe down--it's barely a Cat 1, and it's still many hundreds of miles from NYC...

rubearish10's picture

Foolish to get everyone excited, desperate and worked up just so the politicians can't be blamed "should" something bad happen. The CPC and the MSM raves "shock" airplay (just like debt ceiling event). After all, no one wants to be compared to how Bush handled Katrina. Unfortunately, people will be somewhat less likely to respond this way next time when something really bad actually happens.

SumSUN's picture

Wow, Queens must be having a big block party this weekend!

Hapte's picture

Hurricanes in the Hurricane. Roof party bitchez!

kato's picture

it is just the soda pop aisle the week-end after food stamps have come out. nothing unusual.

Blankman's picture

Ha!  I used to work at a liquor store in the not so nice area of a small college town.  The owners loved the 1st of the month and so did we as we would trade the food stamp participants their food stamps for cash at half the par value.  Worked out great for both parties!  Run on Heaven Hill half pints!  

Dr. Engali's picture

So who comes in and takes every thing off the shelves except one lonely package of food? It must really be bad if nobody will take it for the apocalypse. Maybe they need to discount it.

Prometheus418's picture

It kind of looks like a package of those "Peeps" they sell at Easter.  If that's the case, I can understand why they're still sitting there.  Not only crappy, but out of season, too!

Seriously, though- theose shelves have sale tags all over them, and down at the end, there are what look to be full shelves of bread.  Whatever was there, it was probably a screamin' deal.  I've seen that on regular ol' non-apocalypse days.

delacroix's picture

those peeps have a long shelf life. they'll still be good next easter.

ManOfBliss's picture

Nah. They get hard and stale pretty quick.

TwelfthVulture's picture

Only if the plastic is violated.  Otherwise, they keep for quite a while.  It's only sugar.