Scene From Pre-Apocalyptic Queens, NY

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A set from I Am Legend, or a picture from a Queens supermarket taken minutes ago. You decide.

h/t arkel

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The kiddies always love excellent shopping list...Well played WB!!

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breeze in the cart!? hahaha, nice work WB!

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Irene could be a guy's name, I suppose.

Two eyes tho?

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you know, the more I watch this whole situation unfold the more I am left to wonder at the level of panic the MSM and the govt seems to be breeding in this...don't misunderstand, I realize Irene is one beast of a storm, I canceled a trip to long island because of it, still I can't help but be left with the sense that this is being hyped above and beyond just "erring on side of caution". the question then is why? of course, I could just be jaded...

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Anything to take the public's collective "mind" off the economy.

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This hurrican is obviously a false flag joint operation between Israel and the CIA.  The kick off of this campaign were the wild fires in the West this summer.  The "earthquake" they felt along the east coast was an after effect of their redirecting the storm towards the east coast with a small tactical nuclear warhead, thereby diverting the public's attention away from Jackson Hole and the markets.  Expect further "earthquakes" and "hurricanes" in the future.


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I think it's interesting that TPTB repeatedly use the mass media to indoctrinate the people with the idea that we should be afraid of nature but trust the "authorities." It's been going on for years, and it's all predicated on an unspoken assumption they seem to have that we need them or all order will break down. This place keeps looking more like V for Vendetta every day. In most real disasters, people pull together and help each other or they die waiting for the damn authorities to show up.

Of course, if you were really jaded, you might think that all this panic is because they know something is coming that we do not.

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Easy solution.....don't watch the boob-tube. If I'm unfortunate enough to be in a room with the Zionews on, I end up yelling at all the lies that spew out from the screen and speaker. Co-workers get irritated with me ........I get irritated watching them eat that shit up. Why is it when I see O, or half of those other "representatives" (traitors) my first words are "You Fu..... Piece of Sh..,?   It's involuntary now --- don't even have to think about it.

Take the power from "them" turn that shit off.

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A lot of people in Queens are from the Caribbean and they know what Hurricanes can do... don't blame them for stocking up just in case.

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This is the new way to get the economy moving and people shopping. Hurricanes, earthquakes, alien invasions. It works every time.

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Maybe they should stop telling people how nice the recovery is going and tell people the TSIHTF. That will get people spending.

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Best hurricane predictor around...

been predicting a bad one...

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Now a word from the Ministry of Propaganda: Keep Calm and Carry On

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Maybe it's the "shelving for sale section" of the supermarket.

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I also agree with what is on the sign in the top right hand corner....."take the guesswork out of eating right"'   .....BY NOT EATING AT ALL

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Panda Watch!!  Media Blitz!  NYCity dwellers come face to face with reality!  This may change the game, or not.  Bullish for construction and clean-up.

  As a HAM I know that after traditional comm is knocked out the 'true reach of disaster' becomes speculation for awhile then the real numbers of hurt and dead come in and make those who took these things lightly regret the flippant remarks they made.  I expect this event to change the game for six months.  Prices for 'supplies' will change as the large n'eastern population centers come to grips with the reality that has escaped them for a generation...nature happens. 

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Where is Slewie when you need him !!!!!!

BBB= Troll!!!

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The biggest worry is if the windows from skyscrapers start breaking, it will create cascading broken glass storm. It will give the wind grenade fragments. Houston went that through few years back but NYC is much bigger one.

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MSM get a nice ratings boost. I guess I'd leave, but not dealing with crazy zombies. Maybe a good storm will kill some bedbugs and clean the shittown up, a little.

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In Fells Point in Baltimore City People are filling bags with sand to protect their Businesses and Homes.  That area flooded previously.  Plus, I am sure the the people in Eastern Baltimore that are on the Bay are scarred to death about the storm.  Huge flooding last large storm.  Many were wiped out.

I went to the store for a few things and it was not that bad.  They were out of rye bread, milk, 1/2 & 1/2, eggs were scarce,  NO D batteries anywhere.  Although, lots of AA & AAA batteries.  I keep lots of bottled water because in my area the water is not potable, so that is not a concern.  Plus, my Well Pump does not work without electricity.  I have been without electricity and water for 4 days at a time with bad weather.

Some suggestions for those who normally do not run out of water when the electricity goes out.  Prepare ahead.  Fill a bowl of water in the kitchen and the bathroom to wash your hands.  Fill the Bathtub with water and hope it holds it and does not run out.  You can use a bucket to take the water out and flush your toilet. Keep about 6, two gallon jugs of water for flushing your toilet.  Pour the water into the bowl and not into the tank, it is more effective.  I save the plastic containers that cat litter comes in and use them.  DO NOT FORGET THAT YOUR WATER HEATER STORES 40 GALLONS OF WATER.  This water can be used in an emergency.  You have to lift the relief valve for the water to come out.

Hope everyone stays safe.

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Also, wash the dishes and your clothes before the storm.  Nothing more frustrating than all of your clothes and dishes dirty.  After 4 days or so the dishes really pile up.  Remember you will not be able to wash them without water.

Because of where I live I do have a portable generator and a gas powered chain saw.  They are invaluable.

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Ive used a chainsaw on dishes before.  It's really good at removing that dried on gunk.  Wear goggles though

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You can use your generator to run your well pump Waterfallsparkles...

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My well pump is hard wired into the box.  There is no way to plug it in.  Probably should get an electrician to set it up with a plug.

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Retail sale and consumer confidence numbers will go up.

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Irene is a dud, like most girls the build up is all the fun... 

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At least in Queens the customers paid for the merchandise. In the Bronx they probably just stole it.


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ooh ooh, let me guess, a pic of the inner workings of timmys brain?

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The Supermarket: It's where beef grows!

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The homeless people must be stocked up. I can't find a single can of Sterno in the entire state of NJ.

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If you run out of Sterno, fill the can with some of that gel hand sanitizer. It's mostly alcohol.

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It's not even funny anymore.. Did you watch Weather channel

this morning. Dude, staying directly in front of the "Hurricane"

on the beach, light house 100 yards from the beach not a

single damage, even sing with the beach name still intact..

Water like 50 yard away from Protective Dunes.

Till it gets in NY, (and that's the BIG IF) you can expect

ordinary windy rainy day, that's all to it. TV hype and


make people run to the stores and buy EVERYTHING, Hey, after all

that's good for Retail Sales Numbers :)))

They should call evacuation on Alaska as well..

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Yeah... just a nothing burger...

I can only imagine the outrage on this site of a NY subway car got flooded out with 100 people drowned...

Some you people here aren't happy with anything....

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Based on the posts here, I am now convinced that 75% of ZH are complete assholes...Fortunately the other 25% compensate enough to make it worthwhile....

Too bad ZH wasn't around for Katrina, that would have produced an epic thread or two....I can only fathom what the level of commentary would have been.....

Now junk away....

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Perhaps the posts come from folks that have been used, misused and abused. They been cheated, robbed, lied to and labeled conspiracy nuts.

Janet Nazipolitano DHS would refer to ZH readers as terrorists not assholes. I'd think they might be just plain pissed off.

Kenya born Barama says "they bring a knife to a fight, we bring a gun". How about calling those "enemy" that don't want Barack Barry Hussein Soetoro Obama what's his names Marxist, redisdribute the wealth bullshit.

ZH readers use power of discovery, power of the pen and the most powerful vote to keep from turning into purple shirt, violent Obots.

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Possesion of functioning anus allows one to hold and express an opinion on socio-political matters....

But it provides no guarentee that it is coherent one....

Obama is complete and utter failure; however, your word salad is even a bigger mess.

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Well my guess was pretty good... From a sample of 10, the fraction of assholes is 0.80 with a variance of 0.16....  Consistent with my hypothesis.... 

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Up to a sample size of 12.... 0.75 

Consistent.... like a rock...

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here we go ladies and gentleman!....apocalypse here and now. Gold and Silver to the moon on Monday

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No, just paper. I hope it doesn't get too soggy.

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Looks like the shelves here in North Carolina in the winter time when they are predicting 1 inch of snow!

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Funny... when we expect a major snowstorm here, there is not much fuss. Just a few common sense precautions. From what I have seen, just people here are just preparing. Nothing silly...

Don't forget the pop. density in NYC dwarfs NC....