Scranton Mayor: Minimum Wage For All Or Become Stockton

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The infamous city of Scanton, PA has had financial troubles for a couple of decades - losing population since the end of WWII - but as NPR reported this weekend, the $16.8 million budget gap that Mayor Chris Doherty is trying to fill (and the disagreements between his taxation proposal and the city council's borrow-more-money view) has driven the mayor to an incredible action. Doherty has reduced everyone's pay - including his own - to the state's minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. In an ironic choice of words, the desperate mayor noted: "I'm trying to do the best I can with the limited amount of funds that I have," Doherty says, "I want the employees to get paid. Our people work hard — our police and fire — I just don't have enough money and I can't print it in the basement." NPR continues, After paying workers Friday, the city had only about $5,000 left in the bank. More money flowed into city accounts that day, but it was still not enough to pay the $1 million the city still owes to its nearly 400 employees.

This is, of course, stressful on the union workers affected as one notes: "[The] kids aren't going to be able to do certain activities this summer — maybe we're not going to be able to go on vacation" (to Italy we wonder?) adding that (via HuffPo), "With Scranton and Pennsylvania being such a hot bed for the next election, we want to make sure that they know there's a Democratic mayor that's not taking care of his public safety unions,". The unions plan to be back in court first thing Monday morning to ask the judge to hold Doherty in contempt. It seems municipalties across the country are increasingly turning to austerity measures to tackle their budget gaps and protect bond-holders (until they finally become Stockton, CA).

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Problem was that Scanton PA should have not incorporaed itself as a city but as a bank holding corporation like Goldman and JPM... then the cash and bonuses would still be flowing.

A typical result of poor planning. Sucks to be them.

You don't see anyone working for minimum wage at GS or JPM do you?

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Only the cleaning and security crews.

They will eventually regret that oversight.

hedgeless_horseman's picture



...and the banquet waiters.  Your cream of mushroom soup, Lord Blankfein

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I can't confirm the US news outlets are not covering this.. but maybe ZH would like to..


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Holy guacamole dude, that is a gnarly protest. I have not heard anything about it until you posted this link.

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Following the election in Mexico there was an article in the print edition of our local newspaper that detailed how groups affiliated with Peña Nieto widely distributed gift cards to prospective prior to the election, telling them the cards were worth about 500 pesos (about $37 dollars).  After the election, when the people tried to use them the cards had a value about one fifth of that amount -- if they were worth anything at all.  That made for some ill will in itself.

The online edition of the article has deleted that section.

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l love the request to remove requests. On what basis?

Oh....stupid question.

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WOWOWOWWWW!!!!!!  Fucking awesome.  Lazy Americants get all divided amongst themselves over left vs. right bullshit.  Viva La Mexico!

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America is actually behind Mexico.


Smart Mexicans are out protesting against celebrity president, dumb Americans just watching about Tom Cruise divorce on TV

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Thanks for the info MH. I see the US illegal alien Mexicans who have flooded back into Mexico have taken their protesting skills they learned back with them. Very nice. 

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Damn poor people.. trying to live... the nerve..'s picture

One must think if one wishes to continue to live or to live well. Let's hope that their energy get pointed in the most effective direction.

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The Zocalo can hold about 250,000 people if its crowded, twice that if it is REALLY crowded.  Hardly the largest protest ever.  It just looks that way because the side streets are all filled up.  Washington can accomodate MUCH larger protests than Mexico City.

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Nice scoutin', pale face. +27.35

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Ha Ha! I was actually there! It was a pretty big event. I have been visiting Mexico City for 20 years and by far, this was the largest event of this type I have ever seen. What struck me was the very low level of police prescence (over the years there has been a steady shift away from private security to government security, at least in the historic district of Mexico City).

My feel, my gut? Mexico is the US in about fifteen years.

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Minimum wage for minimum work.  Sounds about right.

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Yeah, but the fire-fighters, police and teachers unions have *already* filed lawsuits.

You can explain to a union leech until you're blue in the face that the money simply isn't there and their response will always be:  "I don't care.  I want money.  Get it from somewhere".

Union leeches would just as soon see every man woman and child in the community bury themselves in unsustainable debt.    The fact that they bribed politicians for the past 4 decades doesn't enter into their moral equation for one minute.   

I look forward to seeing the entire system go belly up -- every municipality included.  Kaboom motherf*ckers.

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We're about to see the true face of unions.  They've always been about breaking legs (and much worse) to get what they want. 

That mentality has been successfully laundered through "democracy" for the last century ++, where the state smiles at you and threatens you on their behalf with fines, incarceration or outright bodily harm / death if you don't comply with the unionistas wishes.

Now that the money's run out, the organized crime with a flag on the wall crowd (aka, most of your governments) will have to resort to more forthright actions to shake loose their plunder.

Disclosure: I'm Long baseball bats, shin-guards and helmets.

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"Democracy is a religion, with only one Commandment: thou shalt not steal, except by majority vote."

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The mayor is a diehard (D)

This is a SET-UP.



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Indeed. Just as in Athens and Paris, the unions are on side with the NWO in stonewalling any attempt at "austerity" (LOL!...reducing an 8% deficit to a 7% deficit is "austerity" ... ROFL!).

This is just part of the NWO script to bankrupt all western governments and drive them (problem... reaction... solution) into the "solution" of world government for the "failure" of national governments.

Too funny! ... if it wasn't so sad......

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ahh, indeed - if you lose "faith" in your govt, if you believe them to be crooks and thieves and liars,

(which they are, so it's the truth!)

then what else is left but a global Father overseeing all things, who loves you and will protect you from all harm, if you only follow His teachings, guidance, supreme laws.

halfway there, aren't we?

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I'm long Benelli shotguns, extended mag tubes, double-ought buck, and bullet proof vests.

Freddie's picture

Union goons are the praetorian guard for the elites and politicians.  Protect and serve...the elites.

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The 140 k government workers in Greece are able to resist layoffs in a broke economy.  Apparently it is not easy to shrink the number of government employees.

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Have you ever followed a cleaning crew around for 8 hours? You'll never describe it as minimum work again.

Leopold B. Scotch's picture

Audrey: He worked really hard, Grandma.
Art: So do washing machines.

In all seriousness, though, there are janitors for school districts in major cities earning six figures stacking overtime and retiring with commensurate pensions.

Let the market pay the going rate.  It's not enviable work, but it ain't rocket science.'s picture

Yeah, but those guys were always right there to sprinkle some of that orange confetti stuff whenever I barfed on the playground. What was that stuff?

ozzzo's picture

That stuff (and the vomit it absorbed) is the basis of numerous financial instruments upon which our great republic depends. If children stop vomiting (or even slow down) the entire system will collapse.

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But it's for the children!!!!!

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The only real cleaning crew I've 'followed around' in these parts is by the side of the freeway while driving my car.   They were doing DUI remedial work and had bright orange vests on.  Caltrans.    The only distinction between them and southern chain gangs was they weren't ankle shackled.   Minimum wage indeed as in zero.   Minimum work not so much.

I think I need to buy a gun's picture

we really have been living in disney world as a country atonement is going to be a bitch after this election

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I hereby volunteer to wrestle Fear in the barn of America. Or Mose. Whichever.

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That fecking clown Joe Biden is from that area.  What an asshat.

Clueless Economist's picture

Why do the Liberal Scum always bemoan "the teachers, police and firemen" when the public unions are under attack?

They only make up a small minority og Government "workers"

I never hear "we can't be laying off the DMV workers, heath and human services supervisors and the poor useless paper pushers at the Labor dept"

batterycharged's picture

I don't know, why do the right wing SCUM think a piece of shit like Romney or any fuck working at Goldman Sachs deserves more than minimum wages?


Honestly what do these fucking maggots do for society compared to teachers or fire fighters or police?


I guess asking a website filled with DAY TRADERS (*cough gamblers*) is the wrong crowd to ask "what the fuck do you do for your money?".


Clueless Economist's picture

Honestly what do these fucking maggots do for society compared to teachers or fire fighters or police?

Thanks for proving my point.  I notice you did not insert a DMV slug. a useless Human Services Manager or a Labor Dept paper pushing maggot.

And true Right Wing Scum are not fans of Goldman Sachs.

akak's picture

And never forget about the legions of imperialism-defending thugs and cannon fodder, er, hired mercenaries of oligarchic control, er, "the troops".

ParkAveFlasher's picture

...And let's not forget all the operational people who support them...and their managers...and their directors...and their VPs...and their chief executives...and their board members...

GFKjunior's picture

The difference is that the entire nation does not subsidize day traders. The brilliance of the free market is that everyone is allowed to do what they want. 


But I agree, as does about 99.98% of the people on this site, that Romney is pure garbage. He is basically Obama with a couple hundred million more in his bank account, kind of like BO was wit Bush but with a few billion less.'s picture

Also Romney is more ethnic than Obama, what with being a Mormon and all.

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Huh??  if you bought GM or AIG or the banks after the blowup you got subsidized profits on the fake rebound