Sentiment Nearing Record Bullishness

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While we are bombarded with talking heads telling us that there is money-on-the-sidelines and everyone is so bearish with the market climbing a wall of worry, the reality - as we see across multiple asset classes - is that investors are overweight risk assets (e.g. credit investors overweight IG and HY and mutual fund cash at record lows), near-extreme levels of bullishness (AAII and Put-Call Ratios), near extreme levels of non-bearishness (AAII), and yet credit investors believe markets are overvalued (though still buying).


In Equities, the AAII Bull/Bear Ratio is at +1 sigma from historical norm and near its high 'turning point' levels...


and at the same time, credit investors are net overweight risk assets and see it as the most overvalued in years...


and the advance-decline line in corporate credit (high-yield especially) is at extreme levels once again...


So apart from all that - yeah, everyone is bearish!!

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I think part of this is he continued stupification of America. People (similar to myself) used to work hard at various forms of analysis similar to this articles premise to gain an edge.

I said fuck the market a while back but I know there are others who haven't given up yet and this unlimited QE is another form of baffle them with bullshit. They will look at sentiment and in the old days would sell. Now they see $40 billion a month dillute their net worth and they then have to second guess everything they have learned. They then ask, Can I really afford to sell with that much excess money coming down the pipes?

I don't know but it sure makes it hat to give clients a real answer or determine what to doing you only manage your own money.

It's all so screwed up. I'm amazed the complex machine hasn't totally failed.

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yes well the sheeple and muppet-fucks have been corralled by QEi and now they are used to it all so it seems normal, since they are sheeple-muppet-fucks = pavlovian training takes little time and zero consciousness when just depressing the P over and over keeps the high going, and trigger is being done for you so just sit back and get fucked up more at over.

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 all it took was a flood of cold water, to erase pavlov's conditioning

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This guy Larry Yun from a group called NAR is extremely bullish on housing, it portends well for the economy from what i've heard it's like green shoots on your lawn before the full flowering of economic recovery... is it really time to get back into the market?

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Oh no. Not Aknowledging Reality says this is a great time to buy.

Anyway, I have this bridge. I'll let you have it cheap cause I have this gambling problem.........

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This time STFT. Coz NO MORE QE, not now. not until net recession. 


Fed cannot lose face on open ended QE not working so will delay, cannot jeapordise printing more, cannot risk inflation... this MBS they can just about get away with...  IMHO

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Buy high, sell low! Everyone on CNBC keeps telling me stocks are cheap, how can they all be wrong!!? Haha

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It is not equities going up that suprises me. It's commodities going down and treasuries going up that's the suprise....or maybe not in this FUBAR world.

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I can't help but think a little tungsten bar action in manhattan and the Saudi rumor mill are steering skynet a little....

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exactly. welcome to the inverted parallel perversion universe that you have been churn sucked into for years.

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Increasing commodity oversupply being priced in......for many commodities, beware. 





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This tells me we are set for a crash.

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Sorry, crashes have been outlawed.

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But so have recoveries above 3% p.a. FOR THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE  

Coz if Growth heads towards/above upper central tendency of FEd GDP forecast it WILL tighten. 

Monetary policy IS conditional.      

Open ended QE?   As long as people are bending over its open ended..... once they start streightening up, fed will tighten.


What has come to pass is a FED attempt at TOTAL steering of the economy onto long run growth path....   they want "the great moderation" back...



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No crash. At least not until after the election, or right before depending on who you ask.

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Depends on what you mean by crash.  Headlines earlier said "Oil Tumbles to 6 week low"  LOL - 6 week low is nothing and surely isn't "tumble".

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Lol bearishness. Havent seen bearishness since 08' what a bunch of bullshit. The Fed underestimates the greed on wall st. First sign of real trouble and all these fuckers will liquidate and forget QEternity.

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climbing the wall of worry on thin air....  the Everest is certainly attractive but there is a timing for reaching the top and dangers are many

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You can tell sentiment is too bullish when people on CNBD talk about climbing a wall of worry, but if you notice, they only occasionally trot out someone bullish, like their some kind of circuis freak. Then they go straight to probing questions about whether they've changed thier mind or if their really serious about the market falling.

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I'll tell you what's bullish.......
My wife's hard core Christian, Romney loving boss, who just found out from Bank of America, that his 1.2 million dollar mortgage that he stopped paying two years ago, is having the principle reduced to $350,000 at 2% interest and no penalties!! That's what's fucking bullish!! He is dancing around his office screaming "Jesus answered their prayers and miracles do happen" and leaving early to celebrate his good fortune at the Country Club!!!
(and trust me, i wish I was making this fucking up, but I'm not)

No fucking mention of the $800,000 the taxpayers just picked up for him or that it is Obama's program that just "saved" his ass! No mention that he put his 9 catholic children thru collage with those loans, plus bought boats, second houses, and donated to every republican cause under the fucking sun over the last ten years!! Nope Jesus fucking did this!!!

I'm sick to my fucking stomach at how unfair this society has become and just how fucking hypocritical it has really become!!! So if I hear another fucking cock sucker republican talk about redistribution of wealth, and job creators are the righteous chosen ones, I'll fucking come to your house with a baseball bat!!! (and no I'm not a cock sucking democrat either, so don't start with that bullshit)


HelluvaEngineer's picture

If it makes you feel any better, he didn't write that loss off, someone else did it for him.

JPM Hater001's picture

Hey HelluvaEngineer-


If we ask nice do you think he'll tell us what he really thinks?

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Now thats MBS QEternity for you, lots more of it to come - the FED "wealth effect". 

And i said it before QE, its coming and banks gonna fall over themselves to write more crap to flip to Fed. 





Renewable Life's picture

Oh my god!!! Half the people on ZH, have a problem with me, being outraged about this!!!!
-10 down arrows
This should be 100% agreed arrows up, my god this says everything about our Country in one post! And this is an "enlightened" crowd compared to most blogz!

singsing's picture

You would have been better to speak to the injustice.  The religious or political affilliation was irrelevant.  Everyone understands the language of injustice.

That aside, please, please, please tell me you made this up!  It can't be true!!!  Why even try anymore in such a shitty, fucked up world.

Renewable Life's picture

I disagree, the religion and politics IS part of the story, because of the hypocrisy involved!!! It's one thing to take an $800,000 handout and call it a "lucky" byproduct of the Presidents program of mortgage bailouts, and be thankful for both your luck and that the program existed for you!!!!

It's another fucking thing to say, it's a "miracle" that god blessed on your family for being good Catholics, AND saying you don't believe in handouts and Romney has it 100% right, that those free loading entitlement folks are the problem in America, and we need to cut "those" prople off, then take a fucking $800,000 handout yourself!!! It's unreal!!!

singsing's picture

I feel the outrage RL.  Sadly, too many will quickly abandon their principles for an 800k handout and they will come in all stripes and colors.

Too depressed by your story to argue.  We're on the same side in any event.  Been paying my mortgage for 20 years and this stuff makes me puke.

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i think your post was outstanding. Maybe things would better if more people showed emotion rather than.. ehh. after all i got my friends to text all day in my Iworld. Thats what TPTB want. nice passive distracted NFL luvin idiots

dwdollar's picture

I can't feel emotion about it anymore. If I did, I'd give myself a heart attack. It is what it is...

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Maybe he stopped paying his mortgage so HE COULD PAY YOUR WIFE.

Renewable Life's picture

Please, my wife bills her hours and generated 5-8x her salary yearly, so sorry, that's bullshit!

I Am Not a Copper Top's picture

If it also makes you feel better, that douche must report $850,000 in taxable income. If you rat him out, maybe you can get 30% of that.  So stop your bitching and get yours!

Renewable Life's picture

Nope, that's wrong too, not in California, and he already checked on that, and because this money was part of the BofA class action settlement in CA, no reportable income either!!! More love from the 2008 bailouts!!

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I up voted you.

I love the libertarian Christians. Most major world issues seem political or monetary but often have rots in the luceferian underground leaders. I don't buy into all that religion hocus pocus but I know many in circles of power thinks its real.

If parents had to wait until their child could think for itself, versus shoving a long held family tradition down the child's throat from birth, I argue religion would be dead in a generation. Two tops to flush out the final gullible idiots.

Imagine, no religion too. No seriously a world without lunatic Muslims blowing everything up, greedy Jews, and holier than thou Christians thinking they are truly good people even though they often support the wrong guy IMO. Ask yourself, if Jesus were around today would he really vote do a hate filled Republican?

Whatever. I'm rambling. I like your post.

smlbizman's picture

i know what ur talking about....i used my own common sense and realized what religion was awhile ago....i struggled with whether to tell my son my thoughts or wife was a lukewarm catholic...the straw....when he made his first confession and he was made to feel guilty for his sins...he was 6...what i over a very short period of time, i  told him he has never sinned and it was a crock of shit....he is 17 now and we have a very honest relationship and he is not afraid to tell me everything....although, trust me ,sometimes i cringe but i wouldnt have it any other way....oh and he owns his on silver also...

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I don't know why the hell you're pissed about this - you have every right and opportunity to do the same thing.  Go get yourself a 1.2 gazillion dollar mortgage, stop making payments and negotiate a better deal.  

Shit, man, I stopped being pissed off at people a long time ago that are taking advantage of the rules that our system has in place.  

I bet his guy is pissed that someone with a 5 million dollar mortgage did this same thing and so he figured he would too.  It's all relative - I bet some homeless guy is pissed off at you cause you have nicer boxes in your basement than he has as his home.

Stop complaining and start taking fucking advantage of what's available...

(btw, I don't like this any more than you, dude)

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I got my mortgage from a local bank that keeps the loan on the books and doesn't sell it off. If I stop paying I'll get the foreclosure notice in six months. My aunt got a loan from the same bank, lost her job, and had six months to start paying the loan again in full. She couldn't do it and got the notice on the seventh month.

I guess the rule is to make sure you get a mortgage from a TBTF bank.

jay28elle's picture

"I guess the rule is to make sure you get a mortgage from a TBTF bank."

I don't think there are too many people out there that dont know where to go for the "really good deals".  Switch it over for a grand, or so, and play the game.  Those of us that do will come out smelling like a rose, while the rest will simply have a clear conscious and a lot less money.

Renewable Life's picture

No your exactly right, $800,000 to those scumbag criminals at Countrywide, Merrill, BofA, Goldman and rest is a piss drop in a bucket to their 100's of millions in after tax bonus and salaries they kept after the 2008 bailouts.....your right!

GernB's picture

He probably pays more in taxes than he gets back even with the write down on his house. Before you get mad at him, think about whether it is his money that's actually paying down his mortgage.

Renewable Life's picture

Really!!!! I hope your kidding, because millions of other business owners in CA pay taxes too, Including me!!

And actually I know this clown, he's my wife's boss, and I can assure you I've paid as much in taxes with my two companies as this fool, so you can take that pollianish bullshit and stuff it!! What... Do you think Im some poor ass with my hand out and that's why you would say something that stupid? My two businesses, that I've owned and built myself, grossed more then this fools over the last 5 years, and I'm still outraged and It still makes me sick!!

You just sound like another asshole from the Country Club crowd, who is the chairman of the chamber of commerce political action committee, making excuses for his lame ass, hypocritical buddies, who talk big shit at the bar of the Country Club and then go run up millions in debt, and want the rest of us to pay for it!!! But your fucking job creator and taxpayers right, so you can do whatever the fuck you want, screw principles, honesty, fairness, and all that other " yesterday shit"!!! Its about your fucking greatness today right, ........where's my bat?????

Overfed's picture

Fuck. Maybe I should stop paying my mortgage? I only owe well under $100K, prolly not enough to make it worthwhile. Cocksuckers.

jay28elle's picture

What's stopping ya?  So you ruin your credit for a few years, but save 100k.  There are still lots of credit (even fairly cheap) for those with piss poor credit.



dwdollar's picture

I can't say that I'm surprised.

The truth is we're all dependent on Uncle Scam's magic money machine. Romney can take that 47%, add the other 53%, and shove it all right up his ass.

max2205's picture

You gotta pay Romney or obuckobama some bucks to get that deal. Shhhh don't spread it around. He's middle class you know

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You kiss your mama with that mouth?

Renewable Life's picture

Don't worry, my mama is a grown women, she can handle it, she raised 4 boys, and sometimes things are soooooo outrageous, they need a little linguistical emphasis!!!!!