September 11: 10 Years Later

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From Mark McHugh of Across The Street

No doubt September 11, 2001 changed everything.  But the business of actually measuring those changes has been as overlooked by most as the nationalities of the hijackers.  The following is presented in the interest of truth, justice and the American way.

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

~Benjamin Franklin

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It's the cost of the war and the debt acquisition that I find most disturbing. 

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The cost of the war is disturbing, but it's a drop in the bucket of the deficit. The DOD budget is $650B and war expenditure is $150B. End the war and cut theDOD back to $350B like it was under Clinton and the deficit is still well over $1 trillion. Government spending needs to be cut by 33% across the board to balance the budget. Doing so would also crush the GDP and tax revenues

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A lot of the official figures are, I think, fudged (to put it mildly). The military spending is significantly higher, the war spending significantly higher, and the aggregate effect of interest for past war is far higher than is openly acknowledged. Rather like the CPI. 

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I was very long silver over that decade. I should have also gone long Afghanistan?

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09/11/2001 = INSIDE JOB
AlQaeda = CIA + Mossad + MI6
WTC 7 (Salomon Brothers Building) = CONTROLLED DEMOLITION

American Populace = Bunch of stupid animals easy to manipulate and subdue

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true that. I know one person who is awake, and he ain't even a close friend.

About 15 minutes of reality-forcing evidence:

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anyone else have a fucking calculator?

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Americans busy being brainwashed by US Media on how many "heroes" were created out of 9/11 and how al queda is the enemy and muslims are bad and US is always good.


9/11 was caused by US FOREIGN POLICY (war for oil)

99% US citizens have nothing to gain from such policies which create enemies abroad .


WHY Bin Laden ordered attacks?

WHY did Bin Laden attack New York instead of other "evil" places?

WHY do rednecks in middle of nowhere Alabama who have never even been out of their town care about what happened in Manhattan?

WHY do farmers in Afghanistan who thinks WTC photos are from Kabul care about US military presence?

WHY does Al Qaeda even exist?

WHY does US CIA arm Saddam and Bin Laden and Pakistan to fight soviet communists, then kill them off later when they no longer support petrodollars?

WHY does US cover up the truth?

WHY does US spend half of the budget on military while laying off your kids teachers?

WHY does US go to war with certain "evil" countries but not others

WHY does US need to invade oil rich countries?

WHY does US need oil?

WHY does US need to control oil?

WHY does US support petrodollar recycling to defend US monetary hegemony?

WHY the media never discuss the real issues?


Because owners of America need Americans brainwashed to fight against the pawns around the world controlled by their respective owners.


FCK 9/11.





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Ask why does AldousHuxley continue to shill for his Zionist masters here at ZH? Must be nice to get paid to propagandize. 

Aldous has anyone here ever told you you make a fine tool?

Ya. Thought so. 

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What are you talking about? Zionists love 9/11. Gives the world to hate muslims. Gives their WASP neocon friends excuse to steal more oil from middle east to bailout zionist banksters. Gives legitmacy to the puppet western regime sending their own citizens into war for their own profit.


If you don't understand or don't have the brains to think critically about world affairs, you are another pawn in the game of world dominance. I don't blame the mafia's wife for enjoying the fruits of clandestine labor of her husbands' work, but at least she knows where the money comes from.


You put the priority of oil industry, politicians, world elites, media, and war profiteers above your own family's needs, you the the tool whether it be zionist banksters, Bin ladens, Saudis, Bushes, Obamas, etc. Why don't  you tell your sons to go die for my country so my kids don't have to? when they come back alive, I'll be sure to give them a medal.

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Who doesn't love 9/11?


Bin Laden & Al Queda = mission accomplished; moral boost; payback

Saudis = justification to purchase more US fighter jets

Bushes = national support and opportunity to invade Iraq to put their oil back in dollars instead of Euros

NY government workers's masters(police chiefs, fire fighter chiefs, mayors, etc.) = justification to enhance their pensions

Politicians = justification to spend more of your tax dollars (replacement building isn't free)

Fed & Banksters = justification for more money printing (aka bailing out bad debts) to "support the economy"

Military industrial complex = justification for more tax dollars diverted for war spending instead of domestic improvements such as healthcare, education etc. Because terrorism is higher priority for uneducated farmers' kids in middle of W Virginia than education to improve their livelihood

Oil companies = justification to spend your tax dollars to get more oil for less cost and keep the addiction habit going instead of energy independency

Politicians = justification to have more power for national security; easy to get relected as long as they spend other people's money on 9/11 families and photo-ops

TSA = justification to exist and sexually assault your daugters and grandmothers in public all in the name of "terrorism"

Media = sell more fear and ads while showing you all the stories irrelevant to 90% of Tea Party folks not living in Manhattan and will never even visit it.


So how is your life any better from all the pony and dog show of 9/11?



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Apparently a misunderstanding. Thought you were serious when you said "Ask why Bin Ladin ordered 9-11" 

Sorry. Never mind.

Carry on. 

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CIA Whistle Blower Susan Lindauer

Please watch minute 7 and on.....

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Puhleeze! This woman seems to clearly love the attention and produces no support for her contentions though she says it exists. No way I accept her story without a ton of documentation.

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Did you see the SNF game ?? God made Romo fail Jets Won for NY 9-11. Work will be great on Monday.

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Opium and heroin - no 1 export.

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Takes two to tango. Western retards  (especially the greedy bastards on wall st.) are the ones paying for them.


When money is the ultimate goal of your life and country's policies, you will have people sacrificing natural joys (mostly free) to get more money then make up their lack of real life with drugs.

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The official figures are actually pretty spot on.  Nearly, all of the military expenditures are on-budget.  Most congressional districts have a MIC presence, therefore, it behooves the congresscritters to make public the appropriations that are "helping" their constituents.  I would take with heaping handful of salt figures from an organization called the "war resisters leagure."  (Hint: if they are really resisting the wars, they would have no inside information.  Where are they getting their figures, the Joint Chiefs?)  If there is any "fudging" going on, the degree is probably much greater in the off-budget entitlement expenditures.  No prying eyes and all that shit in the shadows.

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How much of the combined National Intelligence budget if off balance sheet?  How many Black Programs are they running? How much do they cost? How much are they offset by illegal drug, classified foreign military sales, money laundering, etc? The rabblit hole runs mighty deep ....

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Not to mention the cost of attempting to care for all the broken soldiers that manage to make it home alive.

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They are not taking care of the returning soldiers. Families are going broke taking care of and treating their brain injured kids...

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You said it. The medical costs for all the injuured (young) soldiers alone will dwarf any of the numbers they claim.

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Most of the cost of war is not even on the books.  And it produces absolutely nothing but misery and waste.

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We lost most of our Constitutional freedoms on 9-11.  Their attack of the Twin Towers accomplished their goals.  They must really laugh at how the American People have to be X-rayed to show them naked.  So, many freedoms lost.

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Just yesterday, the whole 9/11 thing sparked a conversation in my house. I asked my wife if she was OK giving up freedoms and constitutional rights for safety... if she was OK with living in a police state.  She said "yes" with no hesitation.  Her rationale is that she is a good citizen, therefore she has nothing to fear from a police state.  Needless to say, the conversation ended right there.

The point is, my wife's viewpoint is very typical of the average person.  It is what the mainstream media has done and society has reinforced via herd/groupthink behavior.  And you can't easily deprogram this.  I have tried, and failed, repeatedly.  Only a disaster is going to wake people up.

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Most women are like that. My sister is the same way. That's why 0bama's message of the government taking care of everything resonated better with women. 

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it's not the pres it's Agenda 21.

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You'd know wouldn't ya, bitch.

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It's funny, because Bush was the ultimate pseudo father figure and "protector" of the little American sheep who were scared that their small town in Iowa would be attacked following 9/11.  I remember being in a two story office building in Florida that day and half the staff was scared to death that we were a potential target.  Insane.   Bush/Republicans and Obama/Democrats are just two sides of the same coin.  Unfortunately, the large majority of the population wants what they are selling.

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"most women" you know - let's be honest.

to all of you who have partners that you consider beneath your intellect - perhaps if you spent quality time sharing the information you have with them in a non abusive, non-aggressive way, you MIGHT have a partner on your side.

I've found that when you spend time with people sharing, not brow-beating as a "superiour" you get better results - the  time you spend "here" online could be put to better use in your own home, if it was something important to you.

I know plenty of people, male and female, who haven't a clue about the "state" of amrka, nor the economy, etc. - alienating them with smug monologues is NOT in your best interests in the long run.

and talking down your partner to get internet cred is lame.

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This is why bitchez shouldn't vote.  

Ag Star's picture

You're why bitchez should have an abortion if that Y chromosone is detected.

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I can give you the names of a few good divorce lawyers.  Let me know. 

Escapeclaws's picture

Ah the divorce industry! That should do well in bad economic times, no?

MsCreant's picture

Not if folks can't sell the house. I know of people who hate each other living together because they are stuck with the house. What is the sense of paying for the divorce if you can't afford to split up?

FeralSerf's picture

No, it's just changed slightly.  Used to be she got the house.  Now she is being more reasonable and letting him have it.

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I don't know.

There has been so much damage to the culture and education in the last forty years that I don’t know if any spanking will be severe enough to bust the average citizen out of their Kumbaya trance enough to accept reality, the danger that they are in, and the effort it is going to take to restore the United States of America.


Thomas's picture

You don't get to "accept reality". It kind of just takes over.

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"You don't get to "accept reality". It kind of just takes over."

Certainly true from one perspective, but maybe in other words:

"We can evade reality, but we cannot evade the consequences of evading reality”

-Ayn Rand

LetThemEatRand's picture

Coming from Ayn Rand, that statement is beyond ironic.  It is just pitiful.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Interesting but not surprising.  Every Randaid drinker I have ever met has one thing in common -- they are narcissists.    Rand managed to construct a world where every selfish desire of the narcissist is not only justified, but to be exalted.  So it is not surprising that she personally worshiped someone who had no guilt about killing another human being.

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"reality" is a perspective, inherent in the individual.

ultimate reality is not a topic of discussion on this blog, and a read of ANY thread will show that even here, "reality" is not an agreed upon concept, merely pockets of similar viewpoints.

we're here, talking about a particular reality.

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I don't think Rosa Parks agreed with that...

Libertarians for Prosperity's picture



Speaking of Rosa Parks, did you know that Ron Paul voted against giving Rosa Parks a Congressional Gold metal? 

He cited that it wasn't specifically mandated in the US constitution.

But for some hypocritical reason, he's ok with spending $8,000,000 of taxpayer money to market wild American shrimp, and he's ok with requesting $400,000,000 in earmarks in 2009 - designating him as one of the largest PORKERS in Washington. 

Can any of the libertarian super-pigs at ZH cite the part of the constitution which mandates tax dollars are to be funneled to US shrimp interests?  I would prefer to hear from some of the super-pigs who have no canned hams buried in your back yard.  Through years of anthropological research, I have found that libertarian super-pigs who live like squirrels typically don't have an opinion worth reading.