September Manufacturing ISM Beats Expectations, Rises Modestly

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Apparently the robots like it.  I was watching ES and went "wtf!"

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wow...that's were watching ES...what an idiot


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You forgot to add "I am" to the end of your statement. 

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dude, the game is live on the big board. lulz

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ISM beat: As was the case last week, Dr. Copper is, once again, unconvinced.

Cu down ~2%, to $3.08, as of this writing ( after having briefly dipped to $2.98 earlier in the session ).

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Good excuse for the green to appear on my screen.

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And we are green, but for how long?!?! :)))

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Should be good for a 500 Point rally. If you are 1 of the 10 manufacturers left you would be happy as you have it nearly all to yourself now.

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This won't keep Paulson's customers from redeeming. Et al.

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I think that lasted about 5 minutes.  Next rumor please

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$500 Trillion Bailout coming from Nibiru in 2012

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Good for about 16 pnts on the S&P and we are now green?  Wow!

I would have swore when I looked at the futures around 6:15 the S&P as down about 12.  So we got back almost 30 pnits since 6:15?  Or did I miss something?

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We're saved! The world was hanging by a thread this morning, but our ISM muscle pulled us out!

Only one leetle detail: nobody to buy the stuff since we all either don't have jobs or might not have one soon. 

Oh and Prices "increasing at a faster pace" in the report? Not to worry! Ben's gonna pck up the tab ....what a groovy Fed Chairman!

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My shorts raped on those numbers... Sometimes I think that investors generally are retarded. Let´s see how many points get shaven off by tomorrows opening bell.

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kinda,sorta, but not really good news.

time to get on the holiday bump train to nowhere, just like last year.

it's the Santa Claus stimulus...


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Fade the fuck out of this.

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wow, great call.

your bull bias is going to lose you a lot of money.  it probably already has.

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I'm going to Fade, your Fade, and you got fucked twice.

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When do we get the next piece of manipulated and revised data?

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Production and employment expanding while demand is contracting.  That settles it.  The core of this country's problems has to be the deterioration of our education system.  We've reached a higher realm of stupid.      

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Ah you noticed? That's what I call magic! Our economy was so great in the past that we've accumulated a large amount of 'Magic capital'.....Poof!

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Bye bye crisis, collapse, Armageddon. Told you so. Forget about Black October, growth is coming back. Merry Christmas. Boring world we live in.

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market calls bullshit, fades ism in 15 min.

psssst, don't tell anyone:  the market is in the process of pricing in an unavoidable, deep recession, even though we haven't "formally" slipped into it yet.  we're just beginning the second leg down, we still have to wait for the beginning of the third leg for all of the numbers to completely collapse (500k+ initial claims prints, sub 40 ism, negative gdp, etc).

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AEP says:

"A US double-dip is not yet a foregone conclusion. America’s M3 money supply is last growing decently again at 5.6pc, which would in normal circumstances signal some recovery next year. The latest GDP and confidence data in the US have not been as bad as feared."

No crisis.

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ECRI (which has never incorrectly called a recession - NEVER) says:

"We don’t make these calls lightly. When we make them, it’s because there’s an overwhelming objective message coming out of our forward-looking indicators. What is going on with the leading indicators is wildfire; it’s not reversible.”

one can only hope that you don't trade how you troll.  bear markets actually do exist.  really, they do.

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the japan JIT supply issues are o-v-e-r, BiChez!

  • "Japan supply chain issues are over, but exchange rates and raw material prices are hurting our profit." (Transportation Equipment)

we have it in MSM and zH print from an anon-i-mouse "respondent" no less!!!!


arnie gunderson [  Fairewinds Associates, Inc | Leveling the Playing Field ]  sez the tent for fuk_u #1 is "almost ready" so that's a relief , eh? 

he is also pretty pissed that the fuking japanese are now incinerating radioactive stuff which would be treated elsewhere as nukuler waste which means all the fuking experts together, world-wide, would have no idea what to doodooo w/ it! 

arnie thinks the [moronic, suicidal and homicidal?]  japanese are making the environ-mental disaster bigger by just burning contaminated stuff.  but he has no cred in the nukuler industry b/c he doesn't publish non-stop disinfo & L-I-E-S!!!

speaking of which, the ISM nannies did a heluva job, here, brownie!  we coulda had a recession, for pete's sake!  now, we have green shoots!  if they don't put a boosty-bustier & lipstick on this sow, we mighta had calls for more LSAP QEIII!  now, we can just take over Niger, instead!

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some guy in north carolina made 7 tool boxes last month. rally on

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I'm not looking forward to "the day of visitation", and would gladly accept a reprieve, and neither do I want to be unprepared as I most certainly am.

This is welcome news, but even the heart of a comatose patient beats on it's own occasionally. imo.

Seek justice, love mercy.

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This is a continuation of the State of Emergency in Agriculture, declared in 1934. It is still in effect, today. At that time, the cities and manufacturing were presented as the solution to the crisis. The result is that people abandoned the land, and their independence with it.

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"Everyone Lies" - House

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