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Because who needs prime time entertainment when you have a bunch of semi-educated involuntary comedians dying to be the next president.

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where is the "rent is too damn high" guy

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That first green is mine ;-)

GetZeeGold's picture


Lost out by just that much.


And since I've can't edit it.


Yes....I'm that evil.


nmewn's picture presume things that are not there...Mr.Evil ;-)

brew's picture

herman cain has a fly buzzing around his head...he MUST stink!

nmewn's picture

I'm sure the moonbats think its a CIA robo-insect...or sumpin ;-)

GetZeeGold's picture



Heh heh.....ok......I'm not really that evil. :)

nmewn's picture

I know...its intriguing though...what else we gonna do as we watch it swirl down the

Have fun ;-)

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Prediction #3

Donald Trump enters the Race at the last possible minute as an Indepent, in order to take votes away from Ron Paul, allowing Perry to win.

With quotes like "your fired" the Trump will be a conteder.

And his business dealings are much like those dealings of America.

With quotes like " we should make other countries pay us", it's already what the Empire is already doing.

Cuz the sheeple always go with the puppet with the most personality.

In Fed We Trust's picture

And then maybe the Trump can follow up with a new TV show entitled "The Steal"!

How he single handedly stole the election.

Then navy's the Trump could lay the Constution on the stage and invite all the Congress members to take a shit on it before exiting the building..

"don't let the door hit you on the way out" yells Trump to the former Congress members.

Then Trump will introduce the new Super Congress (already in the making) comprised of members from Canada and Mexico amonst others.

New Survivalist's picture

Who the fuck would switch from Ron Paul to Trump?

knowless's picture

for real. go for the manipulative pseudo business man whose main claim to fame is his ability to bullshit and flip property in vegas (you seen their market there now? it's what it should be) instead of the dude calling for rational free market capital controls in place of a bullshit fiat shell game.


love it. fucking americans. which football team do you root for?


or you know, whatever man. palin, there's a fucking leader and a half, or bachmann, just a different model palin, wake the fuck up motherfuckers, action or get out. fuck your campaign, you see fucking paul campaigning on anything(or at all) but his vote in congress and his solid fucking arguments?, makes me s/mad.


a campaign should be; this is what i believe, this is my record: set, match. lets get on with this shit.

flacon's picture

Who ever gets voted in next, his ideas will be completely and utterly DISCREDITED and all the woes will be blamed on him. Ron Paul? ... hmmm....they will hand him a white-hot-potato and blame him for dropping it. 

SilverFish's picture

All those Romney supporters, who switched to Ron Paul after the douche Rick Perry trounces Romney.

Those Neo-cons are a fickle bunch.


I can here em now..    "Gee, my guy with good hair got whipped by the other guy with better hair. I hate that better hair guy, so I'll protest vote for the non-good hair guy, Ron Paul. Oh whos this?  Trump? A guy with worse hair than Ron Paul? IM VOTING FOR HIM!!!"


Its all about the hair.


If I was Ron Paul, after this is all over, at the last debate, I'd pull my wang-doodle out and wag it in the cameras and say "Good luck assholes!!" , throw down my mic and walk off the stage.

Perfect way for the only honest man in the lineup to go out.

knowless's picture

it really is all about the hair, fucking materialistic motherfuckers, might as well just oggle their baddass cars and compare paintjobs, the stripes make it go at least fucking like, 10 miles faster.


sadness envelopes the thinking mind, give me solace in the knowledge that knowing the inadequacies of this countries men  allows me opportunities not afforded them.

Frederic Bastiat's picture

Quit bitching, Romney is smart, Perry is dumb, Paul is piglet.  Vote accordingly.   

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Hegel agrees.  Which one is better than the rest?  The one that instituted the Health Care Plan?  The one with the best hair?  Or the one that has not aknowledged that 9/11 was an inside job?

mt paul's picture

trump and palin 



it's all about the hair...

Mister Minsk's picture

Bachmann and Palin...very sexy...

Ura Bonehead's picture

The Barbie Party.   Hey.  It could happen.

WestVillageIdiot's picture

I believe he is being evicted from his rent control Section 8 apartment in Washington Heights.

GetZeeGold's picture


Actually......enough time has pasted.


I'm guessing......he's gone by now.



urbanelf's picture

He's at home stackin' eagles.

blindman's picture

perry to u.
Ray Wylie Hubbard "Screw You, We're From Texas"
Screw you, We're from Texas
applies to all politicians from all states, near far or
otherwise. screw u, they will. it is what they do for money.
it is their fucking job and their/ the/ our way of satisfying the
insatiable personal demands placed on everyone who accepts
debt based fiat money lent out at interest in a fractional
reserve system.
oh, never mind and screw u.
but, first screw the fed. end it!

Stax Edwards's picture

He has def got the novelty voters this year

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

The same place Crazy Face "The Oil Price is Too High" Bachman is.

Keeping Michele Bachmann Honest on Gas Prices:

FEDbuster's picture

I liked Ron Paul's, "you can buy a gallon of gas right now for a dime, a silver dime" line.

RockyRacoon's picture

The good Dr. almost had to go over and bitch slap a couple of people to get his punch line out.   But he did it.

FEDbuster's picture

Brian Williams should be bitch slapped, and where the hell did they find the other guy?  Didn't you like it when they had to drag the Mexican guy out to ask the "immigration" question?  The MSM is such a joke.  I still think Ron Paul's campaign should produce a half hour infomercial with uninterrupted, intelligent question and answers, that could be posted all over the internet and run on local TV paid for by loyal supporters.

Uncle Remus's picture

Brian Williams should be bitch slapped

Got to be the most natural-born smug fuck.

pods's picture

Corndog FTW!


WestVillageIdiot's picture

I believe Bachmann was seen at the State Fair last week enjoying 3 corn dogs, 6 pieces of corn on the cob and 2 foot longs that were attached to two guys named Atlas and Jupiter.

Rick64's picture

They should just replace this debate with a corndog eating contest, because thats what it amounts too.

Sequitur's picture

All of them are beyond awful, save Ron Paul. Though I didn't like Paul's answer on the private market regulating air traffic control, or drug companies regulating themselves. That is pure B.S., they will put profit over people. Not everything can or should be reduced to the dollar, or to market forces -- because some things are more important.

Also, Perry is beyond dumb, his answers are terrible. If Perry gets the nomination, it's an easy Obama win in 2012.'s picture

Though I didn't like Paul's answer on the private market regulating air traffic control, or drug companies regulating themselves.


Ron said that the corporations already regulate themselves as they dominate the creation and enforcement of government regulations. You don't like that do you?

Ron did not say that corporations should regulate themselves. He said that the market will regulate them. Look at Underwriter's Laboratories, for example. UL is a private company that rates almost every piece of electrical equipment sold in the US. Manufacturers and retailers voluntarily follow the UL standard because providing safer products which their customers trust increases their sales and profits and reduces their liability.

WestVillageIdiot's picture

The regulators on Wall Street are doing a great job.  I think we should have more of them.  They could be even greater.  Regulation is neither good or bad as a concept but in practice it sure seems to be bad.  Regulation is meant to keep the little guy from being able to compete.  You can't grow a pot plant in your basement but the legal drug dealers can create a generation full of babies with flippers for arms and get a slap on the wrist. 

Temporalist's picture

The problem is the nuance of the words and how they get twisted.  There are "Fair Business Standards" that are also "regulations" to play the game and then there are regulations for control.  The "regulation" against anti-trust and monopoly clearly are intended to help the little guy.

The real regulations that are the problem are when all the minutia are supposed to be guarded by some new federal agency "watchdog" that then gets so bloated and lazy and bribed and influenced that they no longer need to regulate since nobody notices or cares and there is no law or justice.

whstlblwr's picture

Unfortunatly, Ron Paul needs to take some of his campaign money and use it for speech and body coach, pronto.

He comes across like a grumpy old man. Also send his wife to get makeover. Unfortunately most American's are superficial, and if he really wants to win, he must consider superficialities too.

WestVillageIdiot's picture

Right now I would take a grumpy old man over that "charismatic" fuckstick we currently have wandering the halls of the White House.

Disclaimer:  I never saw the charisma that made guys like Chris Matthews cum all over themselves. 

whstlblwr's picture

Because you didn't meet him. He glows.

toady's picture

Hey! High yellow is my thing!

That and dark blue.

zhandax's picture

He comes across like a grumpy old man.

That's because he is a grumpy old man and there are plenty of unemployed 30+ guys who are in the process of joining that demographic.

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Dr. Paul needs to set himself apart from all the others, and point out that he is nothing like them.  Let the anger at the status quo rise up (that is how Obama tricked the Dems into electing him).  Ron Paul is the candidate of real change.  The problem with his solutions are that they have pain involved with them, like taking medicine that doesn't taste good but it works.  I think he needs to let America know that this is their last chance to change the course of destruction that we are on.  Talk about economic collapse, bankruptcy, default, etc... Educate people about the FED (that is why he needs a half hour infomercial).