Sheeple Awakenings

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Beware what you ask for... Today's cartoon of the day comes from

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Dat is why mi supports wikileaks informer fi nobel peace prize

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When this guy came up with this how much weed was he smoking?

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Sheeple never leads revolutions for the status quo is too powerful. No, your guns and 401k and votes are nothing when compared to those men who control the institutions such as military, federal reserve, and media.


It is when one the elites had enough decides to splits themselves and enlists the lower class to fight.


Sheeple are just an after thought. Actually it doesn't matter for sheeple for they are screwed for generations doing hard work and giving whoever is in power half of their labor.


The fight is always elite VS elite.


The great recession has made some elites very angry becuase they just found out their co-elites at wall st. stabbed them in the back. It is the Chinese billionares, Iranian oil titans, Russian gas oligarchs who are the other elite. American workers are  nobody.

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Quite distorting.

US citizen elite work hand in hand with US citizen base.

Clearly, historically, very few uprisings base vs elite succeeded without an exterior help.

US citizen elite has done a fine job ensuring that their own base wont receive any kind of help from the exterior as US citizen elite has subdued the other elite.

The end will be that the US citizen elite will prevail, with various bases under them.

Making it easy to play the divide game to rule while the various bases will suck at that game as there wont be any other elite but US citizen elite.

Cracks will exist but nothing to compare with the cracks existing between the various bases forming the subjects of the US citizen elite.

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Elect sparkplugs and ashtrays....cause they won't do anything.


We'll figure it out from here.



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Somebody said Sleeple a while ago and I'm sticking with that. 

You cannot waken anyone who thinks they are already awake. And there-in lies the rub. Of the eyes that is.

Eyes Wide Shut, Ears-plugged, Hair today, Gone Tomorrow, Soft..... sounds like the Sleeple are READY TO  RUMBLE.

All in for the Farmville Revolt of 2012!

Sleep. Sheep. Deep. Peep on the Cheep Cheep. Don't think, Leep.



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They are awake.

It is a matter of situation.

They keep playing the game because they are on the right side of it. They are winners.

With US citizens, it is simple, they only start to question the rules of the game when they are about to fall or have fallen to the wrong side of the game.

Duplicity.Miscalculation. No slumber here.

US citizens know what they do and will do it unless they are no longer the ones profiting from it. At this point, the game has to stop.

Eg: globalization.

How many US citizens repeat and want people to believe that globalization only started 30 years ago? That globalization is dragging them down?

It is quite funny when it comes from US citizens of A because the US of A is a product of globalization, the very birth of their country is a globalization event.

And globalization is now questioned mostly because the benefits of it are no longer that unambiguously and exclusively US citizens.

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fair enough, even though "awake" in this case means something different to being in upright position with eyes open.

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Precisely! There is awake and then there is Awake.


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Dont worry, the sheeple wont 'wake up' till a jackboot is stomping their face.

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This is for the sheeple.  

Too many people are afraid of mathematics because our schools have made it far more difficult than it is, and in fact don't want you to understand it or its foundations, or its implications because those lead directly to God as the only logical conclusion of the universe we live in.

You may or may not want to buy his book.  I'll tell you this, it is not an easy book.  If you are interested, it will take a lot of personal time and concentration, but if you are willing, it will give you the basis of all math and philosophy that you need to build on in order to come to a logical conclusion in any argument.  And you don't have to be a math whiz to get it, it is all laid out for you but you do have to concentrate and think about it.

Let us know what you think of the ad, by indicating whether you like it or not, by clicking on the "Like" or "Dislike" under the video.

If you like it and want no further insight, that's great; if you want to know more you can link to the Prime Thesis here:

And amaze all your friends by being able to give them every prime number that exists.

or go here and look for the book:

And make sure your kids understand math.

And The Creator.


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Math can certainly be made easier and more approachable than the drudgery at school, yes, but putting a definite spiritual spin on it is not the way to sell it to a broad audience that are handicapped by their school experiences.

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Oh. You drive the 405 in LA too?

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Dear ZH readers..What is your definition of a Sheeple and why are you not a sheeple too?

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A sheeple is a person who is does not know the world is run by banksters.  We are not sheeple because we know about the shadowey puppet masters.

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Sheeple are people who, like sheep, unquestioningly follow their masters to get fleeced. and the sad thing is that the sheeple who on their way to get fleeced think they are so much smarter than the "crazy conspiracy nut" who is trying to warn them of their fate if they continue following their master.

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Everyone here is most likely a sheeple.  You know the system is fucking you in the ass but you won't lift a finger -- except to rant on blogs, which is just pitiful whining.

All it takes to bring down this house of cards is a consumer strike.  Just stop buying crap on credit and live within your means.  That would starve the beast once and for all.  If we all went further and only bought necessities, the whole economy and tax collection would go back to the 50s.

You are sheeple because you are afraid to do anything expect wait for the inevitable axe to fall and hope someone else gets it first.  Face it.

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If you're still banking at the TBTF, BofA in particular, and using their plastic. . . baaaaaaaaaa. . . .

I'm sure y'all can add to the list, but this one never ceases to amaze me when it turns up in threads here.

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"Everyone here is most likely a sheeple."  Nice try, Woolcoat.  Unless we take a charitable interpretation of your statement as meaning, 'on account of a confluence of popular factors, any random individual has a final probability of sheeplehood that indicates a likelihood of inclusion', then we have to dismiss this blanket statement.  Certainly, however rare, there are some persons who do not qualify as sheeple; it does seem to be my experience that those people tend to be somewhat prolific international travelers, and one tends to meet those people while traveling internationally.

Break your cultural chains: get off the continent where you were born.

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SHEEP........lets talk


when looking for the sheep in the room and don't know who it is, it's you

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oh.. we're all sheeple.


If you're not a 1%er, you're sheeple not a sheperd... whether you're angry about it or not, it makes no practical difference.


Angry sheeple, self aware sheeple, seem to think that makes them spezal, but we're all part of the same dynamic flock... 


We all get herded, whether we brae or not.



(If anyone thinks they're not sheeple, ask yourself when was the last time you got a phone call asking for your opinion on a major piece of national policy... yeah...)  

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People are products of their environment.

Consider a child raised in Nazi Germany in the Hitler Youth.  What sort of value system would that child grow up with.  What are the chances that he will ever decide to change his worldview? If he does, will he be rewarded or punished?

now...Consider a child raised in a system where greed and usury and certain forms of plunder (corporate takeovers, etc.) are considered accepted norms and even rewarded.  He will develop a set of values that justify these things.  He may still know that something is wrong on a deep level but not understand what it is or have the wisdom to correct it.  Understanding and Wisdom are the key.

Scroll down to "The Fatal Idea of Legal Plunder"

This is also of interest.

We are not operating under the original system.  It is only the traces of the original system that are still left that are the cause of any remaining prosperity and that is dimming fast.  Imagine how cool things would be if they put the original system back.  Under the original system, the USA made 50 percent of the worlds goods and our Federal Treasury balance had grown to the point it became an embarassment and a temptation.

What was the real cause of the Great Depression?  The Bank Panics, etc.  Hint (it was not what they say in your history books).  Google "McFadden 1932" and read the book above.  Once you discern the truth, you know it is the truth.


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I believe it's called the illusion of control.


By the way something, everybody's heard of "the lone wolf", but have you ever heard of "the lone sheep"? Herding behavior does have its advantages, if, as you say, you're not the sheperd, or even a border collie.

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(If anyone thinks they're not sheeple, ask yourself when was the last time you got a phone call asking for your opinion on a major piece of national policy... yeah...)  

If someone calls me on the phone and asks me about my opinion on something, I usually abort the call immediately, sometimes yelling: no time, leave me alone, dont call again.

You mean, maybe I am the 1% and dont know it , and this is bilderberg asking me for my opinion?

Aehm... I will abort the call again nonetheless...

You know what? If I were 1%, I wouldnt want to take part in the shit the other 1%-ers do. That would make me look like a sheep just the same, no?

No, I would be a loner even as 1%... it comes with the individuality.

You cant flock cats... they have an individual mind. But you can flock sheep. And think about it: There are also 1%-sheep.... just look for individuality lacking.

If a 1%-er wants to be part of a big club, he is a sheep just as much as the 99%.

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Sorry bub, your individuality is also an illusion.

Take a myer-briggs personality test and watch your 'unique roguey-ness' get shoehorned into neat profile. You're 99.99999999999% genetically similar to everyone else, only your life experience makes you more unique than one ant is to another. OTherwise we might as well be.


The fact that you speak the same language as me means that you're already part of the flock, your thoughts are described in terms common to others. 


Sit down, and try and do something totally unique. I dare ya. Do something no one has ever done before. Pretty much impossible.


Take some carming  breaths, its ok to be human. I'll brae first to make you feel more comfortable.


(PS I was certain someone would make a reference to telephone marketing or polling of some kind, to quip about being in the 1%. So in that respect too, you behaved as expected...)

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Individual does not uniqueness.

Individual is quite direct label, that can not be divided.

Indeed, in US citizenism, the reality of individuality is denied, through cheap tricks like that one, claiming that individuality is uniqueness.

Two identical products can be individual products.

But hey, US citizenism is as US citizen does.

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"Sit down, and try and do something totally unique."

Art & music much?  Sorry, bub, but the act of composing--each poem, novel, etc, even philosophical treatises--is unique.  Maybe the hacks copy, but there are legitimately creative people, not to mention the innovative.  Hell, even in the small town where I live, there's a benign nutter expat from Michigan who misses the lakes...and got it into his head to build a series of collapseable kayaks from PVC pipe with clear plastic skin, and the whole thing can fit in a backpack.

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You know, we humans are 50% genetically similar to a potato.

Its not about genetics so much, its about memes and brains. Two twins can have absolutely identical DNA but they can achieve very different things in life.

Every child starts as a curious artist who asks questions all the time... but as the child gets older it is discouraged by the system to continue to do that.

I would call myself individualist because I am an artist, I think outside of the box, and I am trying to exist outside of the system.

Humans have done totally unique things during history. How do you explain inventors etc?

Of course we are standing on the shoulders of giants, but the possibilites to combine things differently and create something unique are infinite.

As long as human curiosity remains our strongest characteristic we will continue to reinvent ourselves.

Thunder_Downunder's picture

Spend some time doing pysch profiles and wash away that high school ignorance. You're not unique... at least not as much as you probably suspect you are.


My point was not to attack you personally, but the idea of the lone wolf. It is a popular meme... there are millions of lone wolves... all wondering around denying they're standing next to each other.


There is a degree of randomness to your decision making, but you, me, everyone can be profiled.  See the earlier comment about the illusion of control. This is not much different.


Stating you're an artist is as meaningful as someone stating they're a bureacrat... Both are profiles. I'm an entrepreneur, therefore i'm an arrogant risk taker? Crude profiling...



margaris's picture

Lone wolf is just a way of looking at it, I havent felt attacked by you for a second... why do you say that?

It boils down to the argument:

Are you concerned what other people think of you? Do you actively do everything you can to blend in? This is the typical sheep-behaviour.

Or couldnt you care less and are instead looking for personal freedom and fulfillment?

You see, the first (the sheep) sees fullfillment only thru the judgement others give, the latter (the cat) finds fullfillment on his own.

Of course we all have our habits, and can therefore be profiled. But the more free you are, the more you will make unexpected transitions or paradox moves in your daily behaviour. Call it impulsion if you want.

I for example have been a freelancer autodidact entrepreneur/artist all of my life. And I can see only one constant factor in my life: CHANGE!

I feel free, because I change all the time.

If I were a sheep, I would have my plain vanilla job, and know and care only about how fast the time will go by so I can collect my pay check end of the month.

PS: I dont get your point: "entrepreneur equals arrogant risk taker".... I would call a gambler an arrogant risktaker, and an entrepreneur someone who tries to control the risk as much as possible. So you see? A completely different point of view I make. THATS individuality.

An artist tries every day to see the world a little bit differently than the day before, A bureaucrat tries to make every day EXACTLY the same as yesterday. So how you can even compare those two, or not see the difference is beyond me. :-)

h3m1ngw4y's picture

the individuality thing oh my:

The order of brain activities seemed to be perception of motion, and then decision, rather than the other way around.

sorry to be the first but the free will thinggy is another illusion too ;-)

everybody (including you) who accomodates himself in his belief system (and you have very much accomodated yourself in your belief system) tends to be a sheeple, admit i must an impulsive sheeple. but your looking down on the plain vanilla guy is the very real essence of sheepleism. you are this plain vanilla (artist) guy with a fixed belief system, to NOT cash in a regular paycheck) you are not something special.

free will oh my

perhaps plain vanilla job for a few years just as experience would be the real change for you. but even your refusal to admit it could be something good to experience plain vanilla workerbee, paints you more in the artist-sheeple corner

remember free will is an illusion the brain creates to justify behavior,

only because you feel free doesn´t mean you are free.

margaris's picture

lol, yeah, and matter is mostly empty space... makes it look like an "illusion" too, but thats not the point.

I believe there is free will, but of course we humans consist of two different planes of consciousness,

the conscious mind and the unconscious.

Now if scientists claim that every conscious decision is preceded by an unconscious activity in our brain... that doesnt mean we have no free will (read the end of the article you yourself posted!).

Its funny how you call me a sheep when you are the one trying to challenge the very existence of freedom. Thats a scary contradiction right there.

Look, of course we are in a way biological machines... and we are slow.... thats the main characteristic of our brain i would say... it is slow!

My willingness to make a cup of coffee needed about 10 seconds to find its way out of my dark unconsciousness.... does this mean I am not free?

Of course, the urge to drink coffee might be just an uncontrolled addiction. But what if I had decided to NOT drink a coffee today... although my body screams for one?

What if I smoked for 10 years, and am now 10 years smoke-free? What made me free? If I was only controlled by my body.... then I would still smoke!

PS: about the plain vanilla jobs.... I started out with those right after school..... hated it...... made me embrace the real freedom you have as an enterpreneur much more.... I dont need a boss! I need to wake up every morning and think about:"how can I make money and have fun today..."

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Angry sheeple, self aware sheeple, seem to think that makes them spezal, but we're all part of the same dynamic flock..


Sheeple is an improper notion.

It is a label invented and promoted by US citizens who are losing their status to belittle US citizens who are keeping their status.

US citizens consent to their elite actions, they authorize them.

There is no sheeple. Only US citizens who actively participate and enable their US citizen elite schemes and US citizens who wish they could still participate actively to their elite schemes. And get rewarded accordingly of course.

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I am not wealthy enough to be the typical ZH'er who understands gold/silver. I wince when I see Ron Paul speak publically about a gold standard, yet I still support him.

The thing that makes people sheeple is the Tax code. not the color, form or denomination on the currency.

Libertarian777's picture

you don't have to be wealthy to understand the difference between fiat and gold/silver backed money. All you need is to be EDUCATED (and i'm not talking about degrees issued by an institution).

There are many free books online (Rothbard, Mises, Von Hayek) that explain all this, if only you take the time to.

Ron Paul cured my apathy, got me interested in this stuff and made me do research. At first his ideas seemed radical, when i researched them I realised that nothing he's spoken about is new, it is as it always was. Kings have always debased their currencies, their empires have always crashed. This is happening today. With each progressive president elected, we get closer and closer to a 'King', and with each successive federal reserve chairman we get ever more debasement of our currency.

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Because I'm not Irish, I eat vegatables that grow above ground, and I haven't sold my entire country out to the banker lords like the keepers of the Blarney Stone(d)

Thunder_Downunder's picture

Well, I'm curious. Which country are you a part of?


I'm sitting here trying to think who hasn't sold their people down a river, either directly or indirectly via reckless policy making... Iceland maybe? But the 1%ers still managed to screw the country over.. if not as thoroughly as in Greece or Ireland.


I'm an Aussie, and whilst things look fine n' dandy here, our 1%ers have managed to build a housing bubble thats the envy of the world. And we all know how that story will end.



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A sheeple is someone who doesn't see what I see, even if both of us are blind.

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Sheeple watch TV and they voted for the muslim.

prole's picture

Would that be the Moslem who bought, oops excuse me, "bought" a house right directly across the street from KAM Isaiah Israel Temple? Or are you talking about a different Moslem?

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Because we know we are not able to think for ourselves? Is this even possible?

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Good question. I would initially say that it's people who are unknowing about the crap that going on around them, but... they are in fact aware of it, though is a massively simplified, bastardized and distorted version, delivered by the MSM.

Then I would specify it further by saying that they're not really caring about its specifics, but again, all the national-economic info and financial know-how that daily readers of ZH take for granted is, like it or not, specialist knowledge, and common peopel have enough crap and busy-ness in their lives to sit themselves down and pore over a new dictionary of terms and concepts to learn more correctly whats going on around them irt. the bankins and "financial crisis" etc.

Then I could say that it's people who play along with the bankers and government's game, but in all honesty, I am too, as I in some degree participate in a societal economy, which is taxed by a government system, which pumps funds into the contemporary EU circus, and I'm honestly not at the point where I want to move to a dark, damp cave in a forest to declare my disgust with the state of things.


Actually, it's a bloody good question!

I think a better question, that it leads to, may be:


What can we DO about the shit we see happening before our eyes these days?

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Not gonna happen..  They're not asleep, they're in a drug induced coma..

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they are stupid.

and we all know!

You cant fix stupid!