The Silver Bears Are Back With Part 8

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Because if we have to deal with constant and increasingly more ridiculous BS out of Europe over and over and over, it is only fair to get an update from the bears, if for no other reason than pure comedic enjoyment now that the world has been taken over by the Banana Onion.

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So is the manipulation going to end now that position limits will be implemented in 2090?

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you conspiracy lunatics need to sell your silver and get long groupon!


QE Infinity coming soon, bitchez. I can hear the helicopters. 

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They are actually the silver Bulls, don't be fooled by their disguise.

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Haha... that made my day watching that prissy media stooge trying to pin Kyle in a verbal full-nelson only to have him pull multiple Aikido thows on her!



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She seemed more interested in trying to villify him than getting meaningful information.  Kyle made her look like a complete moron, which she clearly is.  Here you have a chance to talk with a lucid mind, a chance to get the truth, but instead you sink to the depths of statist propaganda, and perception management.  Clearly the media is broken, and their epic dereliction of duty to investigate the truth of this mess has propagated the looming disaster.

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"Add suck here"


Priceless, I want to reprogram and restyle a Teddy Ruxbin. 

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Thanks FutureShock - I was looking for those. Classic wouldn't you say?

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would love to see kyle v hendry despite my scottish origins I think Bass could edge it ...although they both agree on so much

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Good to see the SILVER BEARS back and in rare form.  As we know JP Morgue just took 1+ million ounces from their customer category and have transferred it to dealers.  Must be some serious stuff going on behind the scenes.

On SilverGoldSilver's blog and forum I have the SRSrocco Report where I do updates on World Silver Production, news on the mining industry, how the falling EROI impacts silver and gold miners, Cot Report, historical aspects of gold and silver, and etc.

JP Morgue's stock price is now below the spot price of silver.  You can see the chart at the link below.  According to the SLOW STO reading, it looks like the ratio will head even lower.


Also, if you check out the link below you can see what is going on in World Silver Production.  It looks like global silver production will be less in 2011 than 2010.  If the world enters into a severe Depression in 2012... we just may have Peak Silver.

World Silver Production Updates:

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Fuck silver.

Put your money in ammo and pork and beans.

I'm completely invested in pork and beans derivitives.

My portfolio is exploding.

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I see your pork and beans and raise you .308

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Its all about the Spam baby!! Baked Spam, BBQ Spam, Spam sandwiches, grilled Spam, Spam salad, fricassee of Spam, Spam chili with beans or without, Spamcicles, Spam casserole, fried Spam, pickled Spam, Spam & eggs, Spam tacos, spaghetti & Spamballs, Swedish Spamballs, Spam with poi, Spam sushi, throw another Spam on the barbie, linguine with Spam sauce and Spam straight outta the can (my personal favorite).

Bring on the apocalypse, I'm hungry..

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Dude, you need to visit the Philippines....they have Spam fast food joints.

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Explosive portfolio, or explosive diarrhea?


That is not your portfolio exploding. DO NOT HOLD A LIT MATCH TO YOUR ASS! You will go into orbit. Add pickled eggs and beer to your "portfolio", and the end result will make a natural gas explosion look like a wet fart in a bathtub. Try guns, ammo, rice, beans, MRE's, heirloom garden seeds, and firewood.

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do you have the farts from all those beans?

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Pork & Beans, now there's a good depression era meal. Bread & milk too.

Mike: Thanks for the beans, Duke, they got here just in time.

Godfrey: Don't thank me, thank Mr. Grey. He's got a corner on the bean market.

Mike: Saaaay, is that the same corner prosperity's just around?

My Man Godfrey (1936)

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Ammo explodes. And if you eat enough of your beans I guess your anus will too

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Eat too much of those canned pork and beans and your ass will be exploding. After MRE's it will turn the resulting constipated turd into fossilized weapon of ass destuction.

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Great content - but the sound needs improving. 

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I can only understand about half.  The early ones were much better.  The audio sucks,

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Agree 100%, the audio of the earlier episodes was much clearer, but when the one bear shit his pants, I heard that without problem.

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SGS needs to get to work on Bears 9 already.  JP Morgan just adjusted 1.1 Million ounces of Silver into REGISTERED VAULTS yesterday, effectively TRIPLING their registered silver supplies overnight!

Also pretty interesting that 1.4 million ounces of registered silver is "unavailable for delivery" over the MF Global theft, and suddenly JP Morgan shifts 1.1 million ounces into registered overnight.

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Horribly retarded. Turned it off the second I heard Trilateral Commission.

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Because there's no such thing as the Trilateral Commission?

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maybe it just made rd_kill shit his pants?

at the end where the bear sez "add sarc here" they shoulda put in:  BiCheZ!


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so buzzed I forgot about that part whilst I was listening to the rest.


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All through history men and organizations have tried to conquer and control everything in sight. Thank God that it's different now. With ultimate power within their reach, all the conquerers and sociapaths have taken a vacation. No one's in charge, and no one wants to be in charge, for the first time ever. Yay!

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-94!! I'm new but that's damn fucking impressive to me..

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Finally some advice from a trusted source.   I've been paralyzed without new bear information.  Now I know exactly what to do.  Thank you Bears.   Thank you.  You've been the best source of financial advice going the last year or so.  Very sad that two cartoon bears have more credibilty then anyone on the financial networks.

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The sound is horrible.

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Sounds worse than my 1986 Mac Plus speech program.

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Sounds like Stephen Hawking after he stared into the Black Hole we call Wall Street.

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"WTFuck" LOL, why is this not my handle?

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That was my favorite part too.

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I replayed that 3 times meself.

Edit: 7 times.  It gets funnier.

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If you missed it, meet the second woman behind the silver manipulation—CME's Harriet Hunnable

I will add that Blythe and Harriot both worked at NS Rothschilds.

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She said they just do it to protect the integrity of the exchange -- adequate margin is essential.  

Nice job on MF Global, bitch.