Silver Catches Up To Gold's Fears

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Equities, EUR, and Treasury yields have round-tripped from notable falls this morning to 'recouple' with Gold's relative stability but it is Silver that is running the show for now - up over 7.5% from pre-NFP.

Gold vs Silver 'recoupling'

Stocks vs Treasury Yields vs USD vs Gold 'recoupled'


Charts: Bloomberg

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Silver'z in the house.


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Stack The Dips!

An STD you all should catch!

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i dunno.   nadler says it'll itch and ooze and shit like that.

flacon's picture

How to polish your silver:


Line a pan with a sheet of aluminum foil. Add water and baking soda. Heat. Place silver in pan. Watch the tarnish magically disappear! 



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No doubt approaching another margin call event horizon.

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Advice on how to make silver disappear, more like!  Like back in the early days of massively multiplayer, the original Diablo, I remeber giving people 'information' on how the solution to ALL their problems was to press Alt-F4!  LOL.

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*Sigh* ... It seems that on every rally, a new hoard of silverbug lemmings pile in, only to get decapitated a month later. It's shameful to watch, but they can't help themselves.

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How are your shares in Facebook going? Did you manage to get the +$40 share price on the IPO?

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*Sigh* ... It seems that on every rally, a new hoard of FARTBOOK lemmings pile in, only to get decapitated a DAY later. It's shameful to watch, but they can't help themselves.

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Sigh...It seems that on every turn of the economic collapse and the search for a safe haven, a new hoard of trolls pile in, only to get whacked by their own absurdity a DAY later.  It's shameful to watch, but they can't help themselves.

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lol MDB...nice job leaving out the obvious "paper" vs. "physical" key argument. 


I just decided Goldman should be your'de make the next great contrarian muppet headpiece for them

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Not up to your usual troll standards.

When do you think it'll get back to $6?

Long-John-Silver's picture

When do you think it'll get back to $6?

When it only cost's $5 to dig it out of the ground.

SovereignSilver's picture

If the dollar is your plan, you're done. You just don't know it yet.

dogbreath's picture

MDB,  you aren't george carlin but seriously you should take that schtik on the road,  maybe tour YUK YUKs nationwide.

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If there were a "hoard" of silver buyers (like those who lined up for Facebook - like you dickhead) the price would be well over 100/oz.

I would call you a troll/whore/shill, but do not want to insult the real ones out there.

You have nothing to contribute here but bullshit. Try answering the questions asked of you regarding your superior intellect in stock picking.

I have been hearing squeemish, whining, milk toast, name calling drivel from little bitches like you ever since I started buying silver at four dollars an ounce.

Time for you to STFU, and GTFO.

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It is best to use boiling water in my experience...but that was before the boat capsized.

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Another proud member of the Zero Hedge yacht club...

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There have been so many boating accidents recently, where people have sadly lost all their metal.   One time I was examining a gold coin while on a relaxing nature walk, tripped, and off the gold went, into the lake, never to be seen again...

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All throughout history, there have been myths and legends on the demand for precious metals.

Apparently, a couple hundred thousand years ago, aliens came to this planet and hybridized us into a slave race to mine gold for them to take off planet.

Many believe they are still here, and most of the gold has been taken off planet.  This makes more sense than some of the other stories about what's going on.

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Don't do this to anything worth more than spot.

Cleaning coins will destroy whatever numismatic premium they might have.

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Spot changes. We are not talking leopards.

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There is tarnish removal, and silver polish. Removing the tarnish will leave the silver with a little dulness, that polishing will smooth out while removing the tarnish. Guess which one is the labor intensive?

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I hope Blythe Masters is having a pleaseant involuntarty Bowel Movementthis morning.

Just my luck I am planning to buy a tube on friday..

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It (and stocks) will correct again once Bernanke disappoints later this month.  Guaranteed.  Book it, Dan-o.

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Ah, recoupling... Springtime after all.

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I've been having fun watching the inventory at  The "junk" silver was the first to go, and then the 100 oz JM bars.  I wonder what will sell out next.  It is almost as if people are BTFD!

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On a day like today, I have to fight the urge to knock off work early and head home to fondle my stacks.

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21 (fibo) day roundtrip since falling below $30 paper fiats

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What drives these decoupling and recouplings, considering the thin to non-existant markets?

Seems awfully arbitrary to me.  You know, as if a small group of people were dicatating market action, but sometimes forget that some things are supposed to be correlated with others.

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Bears 9 video coming to a theater near you.

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Bring on those bears!

tmosley's picture

But is it coming to your website (ie WTF happened to your website)?

tmosley's picture

Seriously, I haven't been able to access it for at least a week.

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Down move is done for now, go long

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Some of us have been long for a very, very long time my friend.

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every cloud has a what?