Simmering Resentment - You Thought Banks Were Unpopular

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Presented with little comment except to note that Members of Congress and Lobbyists rank lowest for honesty and ethics with Nurses topping the list and Bankers just below Journalists as the resentment of where the QE funds flow rises ever so slowly at first...


Source: Citi

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Load up on the bank stocks, SCUMBAG Bernanke assures you that their books are not cooked.

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Lawyers, banksters, car sales, politician, douche bags. They are all the same. 

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Yep, I was looking for "President" to be listed with that group.

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In this day an age, what's the difference between a banker and a stock broker?

If they took an average for "banker / Stock broker" bankers would have dropped further.


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LOL -- look at where "Police Officers" rank!  Holy crickey if that's not the most ridiculous, outrageous ... hang on, someone's knocking at the door.

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Haha.  I was thinking the exact same thing.  I guess all those cop shows are paying off.

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In my experience, most police are okay most of the month. But when it's "that time of the month" and they have to meet their ticket quotas the attitude changes. I hate when they open those Mobile Profit Centers sometimes called Speed Traps.

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Where's Prostitues?  They beat them to speak

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That's because most Americans don't run around causing trouble like whiny libertarians constantly crying about "non-intervention" and "the first amendment". If you acted like normal people and played by the rules, you wouldn't experience nearly as much aggression from the police.

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And whiny people should be met by agression! :)

You can do better than this MDB!!!

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Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me.  Fuck rules, and fuck you sir.

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And whiny people should be met by agression! :)

You can do better than this MDB!!!


You mean like Occupy?

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Yes, perhaps this is true, but do you want to live as a slave?  Or, perhaps it would end up that you're just shipped off to the gas chamber: the Jews who resisted the Nazi police (and Their "rules") had a HIGHER survival rate than those who went along.

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Don't forget 2nd, 8th, and 10th.  If only Congress would place a prohibition on citizens reading the Constitution, we could eliminate all of these false interpretations of our founding document. 

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If only Congress would place a prohibition on citizens reading the Constitution, we could eliminate all of these false interpretations of our founding document.

Kudos, sir, for leading by example!  THAT's the caliber of comment to which MDB should again aspire!

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Go shove that matza bread up your ass!!

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I think you will find that all you have to do is somehow run afoul of the local politicians and you may discover how the police can be used against you.  We had a guy in our city spend some time in the county jail because he didn't complete the work on the siding on his house.  I don't know all the details, but I'm pretty sure he must have pissed somebody off and he was being punished for his transgression against the status quo.  It can happen to anyone at any time--if the machine isn't targeting you, you are fine, but if you get singled out, holy shit, the gloves come off and the police state apparatus is completely obvious to you.

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

played by what rules?

Execute brown people to take their oil?
Or party up with terrorists to get gold and cocaine?

Or was it the legalization of forging court documents 20,000 at a time?

MDB what rules are you referring to?


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"If you acted like normal people ...."

There you have it ... So, MDB, where on a "normal" distribution of the population do you stop counting people as "normal?" I guess for you it's at the point where people stop looking like the cops.

"... you wouldn't experience nearly as much aggression from the police.

So even "acting normal" really won't be enough to protect the average citizen from the predations of "peace officers."

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Hilarious, and precisely what I thought... these polls cannot be trusted, apparently no one knows accountants either.

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not to point fingers but funeral directors? 

i'm okay with nurses though; a nurse practitioner saved my life from a malpracticing cardiologist.


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SCOTUS just ruled - Bend over and crack a smile

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"...what's the difference between a banker and a stock broker..."


One doesn't use K/Y...the other does?

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If the poll was about "which group contributes most to society", members of congress would still be last, with Union Leaders and Real Estate Agents right beside them.


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I'd think that Political Commentators would rank last.  Really, what could be less productive than someone talking about others only talking?

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You forgot lawyers.....they're worse than bankers

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Of the 55 men who attended the Constitutional Convention, 35 were lawyers. As was Lincoln. There were a few others I could mention. And there are presently hundreds of thousands of good, decent lawyers in the US. There is also no shortage of clients who are jerks and fools.

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All lawyers should be employed by government and paid a flat salary. They should be available, by specialty, on a first-come first served basis. Why should a rich jerk like OJ get better representation than a poor jerk like me? We need equal justice for all.

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Being a lawyer in the 18th century is a completely thing than being a lawyer today.  

Individually, I'm sure they're some fine people within the group.  As a group, lawyers are horrible people.

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in theory, this chart should be flipped upside-down, with politicians our most revered group and lovely night nurses changing our underwear at the bottom.

yeah i know, sick...

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you do realise that a good percentage of nurses are men, hmm?

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And than maybe Car salesman would rank higher than politicians :)


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That would require a negative scale of measurement, just screws up the chart. We get it though.

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This new release should help the Prez rate well. 


Cold Case Posse: Evidence of Fraud and Forgery

Time-Line Index to Mike Zullo Video (above)

0:00:00  Introduction — brief tribute to Sheriff Arpaio, America’s Sheriff
0:01:20  The original goal was to clear the President
0:01:40  There really is no “document” per se — it’s a data file

0:07:30  What we found in the White-House-provided data file – Video 1
0:12:00  Zullo’s summary of Video 1 — the anomalies
0:13:30  Debunking the “other side’s” explanations, one-by-one
0:14:30  The optical character recognition (OCR) explanation
0:18:20  The optimization explanation

0:24:00  Summary of anomalies to this point
0:24:50  The green safety paper background — more tracks left by the forger?

0:27:00  Conclusions Video
0:32:45  Zullo’s comments on the conclusions

0:34:00  Zullo will not quit until this is finished
0:36:00  New information presented – “typewriter/typesetting evidence”
0:37:00  Document word spacing, line spacing, registrar’s stamp, inter-line font shifts
0:40:00  We are on the hunt for who did this, and we have some pretty good ideas

0:40:50  Video on the supposedly genuine Selective Service card, media avoiding the issue
0:45:20  Why Obama might not have registered with Selective Service
0:48:00  Why a Selective Service card forgery is more significant than the birth certificate

0:49:40  Bill O’Reilly & Sheriff Arpaio — the newspaper clippings
0:52:30  Passenger manifests and INS records — the curiously missing records
0:55:45  The sheriff’s letter to the Director of Selective Service
0:56:50  More suspicious features of the Selective Service card
0:58:25  The investigation is going international

1:00:00  Audience Questions & Answers Begin


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Prez was included...  Advertising practitioner.

machineh's picture

Where is the row for "prostitutes"?

Oh wait, I'm sorry, "Members of Congress" is already included.

Free blowjobs for lobbyists today! Onward to Iran!

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quit slandering prostitutes, at least they provide some value for your money ;)

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By the nature of their "career," they're bound to be packing a few STDs.  Stick your junk in that pandora's box.


Unless that's the type of value you're thinking about?  Not like I haven't been propositioned by them before, but all that goes through my mind is, "holy fuck, STDs!"


Take a look at our species, man.   We're so fucking diseased and sick, it isn't even funny.  I bet if we were to cut away the government teat, a third of our population would either die of sickness & disease, or starvation.  At some point, you've gotta wonder--and I don't care about income level--why people aren't forced to improve themselves.  This goes for any politician, or any other person in society.  Politicians make nothing--they do nothing.  Put anyone in a suit and send them to DC and all they'll do is find ways to get cash out of your wallet.


What a joke: when does it end, already?



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Easy on the working girls man!!

Ok so a lot of them are packing but don't paint them all with the same brush; what of the housewife hookers that pony up to help pay the day to day bills of the over extended?  c'mon did you really think she found a magical SPAMTM  window at walmart?

How many of us would do what they do to make ends meat?........ er ...... wait ... adjusting for real inflation.... and my lifes savings comes out to... carry the one..... HOLY SHIT I'M A FUCKING WHORE FOR THE CORPORATION TOO!!!!! 




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Morality should not be secondary to actions required to make ends meet.


If that is the case, then there is no other conclusion to come to but that the society is broken. A broken society serves no purpose other than exploitation of participants.  Burn it down--destroy it.  Scrap the fucking thing and start over.  "Empowerment" comes from the iconoclasm of the "social gods" that impose a broken system that you must participate in. 


I'd sooner say "fuck you" and spit in their faces.  Fuck it all if I'm expected to "participate" in a society with no purpose or direction other than aimless-corporate teat-sucking fucking freedom.  Take that freedom and go fuck "yourself" with it, I say. Go beyond motherfucking making "ends meet" -- too many people are caught up in their bullshit insignificant lives rying to "make ends meet" that they dare not even consider why they have to "make ends meet" in the first place.

Goddamn, people are pathetic. 

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Whether we like it or not, members of Congress are actually the pimps and we -- the average tax slaves -- are the whores. Congress is whoring the American people to the banksters, the "national security" industry, the insurance companies, drug makers, and Israel. Moreover, they slap us slaves in the face with a shredded Bill of Rights. This pump and dump shows no sign of letting up.

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Hey, I sold cars for a few years. There are a lot of good people who sell cars, honest people. Certainly there are scumbags, maybe a slight majority of them, but I'd trust them before I'd trust a high level executive from BOA or GS. You can take that to the motherfuckin bank.

memyselfiu's picture

heyheyheyheyhey! Don't go and shatter everyone's preconceived notions and stereotypes!

WonderDawg's picture

I predict that within a decade, NO ONE will want to be called a politician. They will call themselves something else, statesman or something, but being called a politician will be considered the ultimate insult.

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I'm a lawyer and I am shocked and embarrassed that my profession is lower than bankers on this list! Though there really are many lawyers who will actively and knowlingly lie for their client, that's their job, to be an advocate for the client's interest. I do admit that the moral problems of crim and litigation made me choose a more paperwork-heavy practice.

Arthor Bearing's picture

The fact that police officers are ranked higher than clergy probably means I should take it with a grain of salt.

memyselfiu's picture

unless you're a choir boy, that is...

Real Estate Geek's picture

. . . in which case you'd take it with a dab of KY?