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While stocks are surging in nominal terms, the options markets are increasingly pricing in greater and greater downside risk concerns. Currently, we are at record levels for this so-called Skew (meaning the price of downside protection outweighs the cost of upside protection by the most ever). Trade accordingly.


and if you are looking for 'cheap' hedges, here is Goldman's ranking of global across asset class hedge relative costs:

Chart: Bloomberg

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downside? I read a book about that - I guess in the old days the stock market actually used to go down.. thank god we fixed that!


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I remember from economics something called a business cycle too where there were actually periods of contraction and expansion.  Can you imagine, contraction?  I'm sure in economics now when talking about periods of contraction, the books just say "print more money."

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

That thing called "contraction" is happening. Back in the day a spade was a spade. Now it is propaganda. That unemployment check is really payment for unemployment work not obviously seen.

UBIGDummy's picture

So this is VERY Bullish,    


For FAZ?

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Hahaha Gubbmint I love your nostalgia. Ahhh yes the good old days. Well I'm afraid the "D-Word" just isn't allowed anymore now that our dear leaders have outlawed gravity and made anyone who questions their incompetence, and I quote "a (financial) terrorist".

My fingers are severly burnt now from attempting to short this absurd market and now I'm wary. Very, very wary about trying to short again.


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along same lines as article above: TVIX is not issuing new shares. 

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Yeah, it's been almost a month or so. But there's still UVXY, which BTW gained in volume after CS announced TVIX stopped issuing new shares...

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TVIX rips.. that's unfortunate

BandGap's picture

Can't happened because know one knows where the bottom is.  This has been pumped up artificially for so long that it would be akin to an avalanche. 

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Yes, the man who saved the world economy fixed it all.

He did it for all of us.

Go Long.  Stay Long.  20+% returns for ever.

ekm's picture


Bear stearns


MF Global

Who's next? - Meryll Lynch?


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If only they were still around, what you meant was BAC and no, it won't be them.


ekm's picture

Well, it can't be Cantor Fitz. It can't be the non american PDs.

Jefferies or Merryll Lynch. These are the weakest.

On Fed's website, Bank of America is not mentioned, just Merryll Lynch etc.

JPM Hater001's picture

My money is still on HSBC...Well, technically its shorting the SPX but my money would be on HSBC if a 10% drop = $14,000 of gain.

ekm's picture

I wish you good luck, but I don't think the Fed could force the non USA based PDs to buy up the NYSE. However, you never know.

slaughterer's picture

ML, nah...

Citigroup, Regions Financial, and Sun Trust---a nice trifecta of doom. 

ekm's picture

Only Citigroup is a primary dealer.

Are you saying C is next?

ekm's picture

Why not ML? I don't know whether they are allowed to buy BAC, but who is freaking buying a worthless BAC? (Wow price just collapsed right now...wowo wowo wowo).

I think ML is buying BAC and getting stuffed and stuck with it.

JPM Hater001's picture

What am I missing...

As of 2011 HSBC was the world's second-largest banking and financial services group and second-largest public company according to a composite measure by Forbes magazine.

Sounds like a big enough target with plenty of exposure to Europe, China, US, and 100 million customers.

Dare I say there might be a counter party risk in there somewhere?

Ese Pinche's picture

up we go.. cant stop this manipulated addict hooker from getting her "highs"..

JeremyWS's picture

Don't worry any downtick will be trampled on by any QE3 rumour, no thta you have no fear BUY BUY BUY!!!

Dr. Engali's picture

There's a lot of leverage in this market trying to suck in retail. Somebody is going to get a margin call soon. My bet is they will have  strong position in Apple.

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Retail is jobless, broke and homeless. That is not exactly the ideal conditions for stock investing.

ekm's picture

I would also add that their liabilities exceed their assets do to ultra low house prices.

asteroids's picture

The bears refuse to step up to the plate having had their faces ripped off repeatedly. I don't blame them one bit. You just can't short this market. No one is willing to sell.

Cdad's picture

No one is willing to sell.

This statement may be true.  However, what is clearly true is that no one is willing to buy [volume].  One statement renders the other statement utterly useless.

And the truth is, of course, that there is no market to buy or sell...which is why capital has fled...far far away from equities.

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Right now the PDs have a deal going on: Using the Feds' money it's, I buy,then you buy then they buy, then I buy, then you buy.. and so on spiralling upward. The idea was that eventually retail would come in a buy the shit and take it off their hands for big profit. Ooops! No retail calvary came. New strategy: Using the Feds' money, I buy, then you buy...until someone blinks. Watch the movie "Margin Call" (bareable..just) for a hint as to who will be the first to cut and run. 

MFL8240's picture

No sir, you are dead wrong.  The Federal Reserve is pumping billions into this sham, no one is buying except them.  Get the facts straight.

HD's picture

Smithy is correct - the fed doesn't buy directly, everything is filtered through the primary dealers. The Fed can print til doomsday but has a hell of a time getting the money to flow exactly where it wants. Ol' Ben would just love to buy SPY directly and be done with it...


Excursionist's picture

Long / short guys will always have to be willing to sell something..  I'd get my nuts cut off and served for lunch if I didn't have downside hedges on.

CryingBear's picture

looks like h&s


Pairadimes's picture

Bullish prescription anxiety drugs.

LawsofPhysics's picture

More technical analysis, a lot of comedy on ZH today, nice.

Tsar Pointless's picture

I know, right?

"A bull, a bear, and a Central Banker walk into a printer's shop..."

Everybodys All American's picture

irrational? exuberant? check and check.

WoodMizer's picture

Ameritrade is running out of suckers, oops, customers.

q99x2's picture

Get your traveler's insurance and short Citi.

They had to jack the EURO a lot to get the bump up. Apple didn't do it.

Fidel Sarcastro's picture

Down?  As in a drop in prices?  AAAAAhahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa!!  Sorry folks, that's just not allowed any longer.  All hail the Central Planning masters at work.

slaughterer's picture

Just got a text from Robo:

"Down?  When ADBE, TIF, ORCL, NKE and (my "cult retail" favorite) LULU are supposed to report blow-out earnings this week?" 

SheepDog-One's picture

Thats just what they want everyone to think....conditioning the sheeple to just stand their and chew their cud and believe nothing bad will happen ever again is easy as pie.

ekm's picture


Only that this time even if the sheeple get convinced, since their liabilities are higher than assets (assets = house prices), they can't be suckered.

Moneyswirth's picture

Don't fight the tape.

The trend is your friend.

This time it's different.

Is this a haiku?

LowProfile's picture




Fight the tape and lose

Bet the tape and think you win

Smart money bought gold

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US National Debt $15,540,923,000,000 trillion (ticking up $10,000 per 1 second)

US Gross Domestic Product $15,074,231,000,000 trillion (ticking up only $5,000 per 1 second, half speed)

US Total National Assets $83,034,598,000,000 trillion (ticking up $20,000 per 1 second, double speed)

must be all the Apple I-Pads that makes US National Assets go up so fast...

what else could it possibly be ?