Small Business Optimism Hits 9-Month Low

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Despite the majestic efforts at jawboning 'markets' higher with constant reassurance that infinite QE will come 'we promise', it seems the real economy - full of small businesses and job creators - hasn't got the message. As while equities trade at multi-year highs, small business optimism just printed at its lowest in 9 months. Trickle-down QE doesn't seem to be taking hold among the dismal reality in which we all actually live - as opposed to the vacuum tune hyperplane that stocks exist on.



Chart: Bloomberg

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adding to my tvix postion this morning..this uptrend is running out of gas and im pretty sure we get a 3 to 5% pullback in the next few weeks..

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

Some of these small business bastards are earning millions of dollars a year. Why can't workers ALSO earn millions a year and get more vacation??? I'm still waiting for libertarians to answer that fundamental question ... 

MFLTucson's picture

Are you kidding with this insane remark or just an idiot?

FL_Conservative's picture

He's an idiot.  I'd like to say you will get used to him....but, like Obama, you won't. BTW, why are small business owners so gloomy?  It's not like they BUILT anything.  Right MDB??

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I agree with you MBD if those geedy small business owner were to take just a little less home and see to it that all their workers got just a little more fairness we would live in a much better world. I just can't get over how these business 'owners' feel they are the risk takers, the innovators, the job creators, and the tax payers. When we all know that it is good ole Uncle Sam and his warm embrace that built it. And if these greedy do nothing, libertarian, so called job creators were to just pay a little more tax and be more reasonable they would see how fairness and justice would prevail.


I had to stop there; MBD I got to hand it to you that's stuffs hard write. Off to mail in my quarterly fairness tax payment. Bankers to the left of me entitlements to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with ZH

yrad's picture

If the workers made millions they would soon quit and open up a burger king.

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Alright MDB, here ya go.  Workers have the right to do whatever they want with their lives and careers.....AND their employers have the right to replace employees that don't fit within the culture or work ethic of the business and it's owner(s).   If you want more money, go find out if someone else will pay you what you want.  If not, leave or STFU and get your work done.  Simple enough for you?

LawsofPhysics's picture

Hard to be optimistic when you can't afford a fucking politician.  Same as it ever was.  The TBTF get even bigger what is new?

FL_Conservative's picture

Very true.  As usual its not what you know and what you can do for yourself, it's who you know and what they can do FOR you....with some well-placed benjamins.   Can we really expect that to change??

Zola's picture

Why is this number not at 80 ?

hugovanderbubble's picture

still has to drop another 40-50% to match with reality

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As big box stores that get tax subsidies, underpay workers, and bribe foreign officials while selling shit made in a Communist country thrive in the farce that is the "Stock Market", small businesses (who are the ones who actually have to deal with the regulations, and can't afford to bribe Congressmen to fix them), get the shaft. 

This is happening in almost all developed economies in the world.

The corporate fascist arm is breathing and growing like Jerry Sandusky's pants in a Day Care Center. 

Free market, my ass.

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Post of the day shizz-- as I prepare to make a run to Atlanta in order to close number 13 of what were 15 retail stores . Once a nice small company is now nothing but a skeleton with skin on it.

Shizzmoney's picture

Sorry to hear that, bro.

But hey, the DOW is up +33....everything is OK!!!!!1111  Time to buy that new car on a subprime loan (as you drive by stores liek this gentleman's which are lcosing down)!!!!111

smlbizman's picture

i closed the doors for good this week........and the irony is they bang you with hundreds of dollars of exit fees to do it...nothing like fucking a dead body for pleasure....and as all sml biz people know, your employees get paid and make alot more money long before you get a mdb i realize you are just a joke, a sad joke at that...but the truth is the truth

i guess i have to change my moniker now...maybe smlbizman r.i.p....

becky quick and her beautiful mouth's picture

the kenyan telling all of them they didn't do anything on a daily basis is kind of a downer as well.

Capitalist10's picture

Plus John Roberts demolished whatever hope they had that the Supreme Court would get the Obamacare monkey off their backs.

MFLTucson's picture

Roberts will retain his job but the Supreme Court under his governance will never again be respected.  His opinion was nothing more than a political game and Scalia, and Kennedy saw right through it.

Salah's picture

Ain't seen nothing yet....little bump here as all corpses come back to life with the election hub-bub.  But early next year Pluto enters America's 2nd House (first time ever since 1776!); it's already in China's (Mao founding chart).  The need to radically restructure will be more apparent than ever, we'll see how long the std "politico games" can continue.

pods's picture

Small business is drowning.

Costs keep going up, yet they cannot afford to raise prices or they will simply sit on the already thin inventories they have.


Shizzmoney's picture

Lew Rockell had a really good theory about the raising of individual taxes, and the Buffet Rule, where he basically theorized that the reason the oligarchs wanted taxes to rise is because it can keep the potential future entrepreneur at bay from making super amounts of money....especially since the under 35 genration is more altrusitic, logical, and not as cow towing to the elites as the Baby Boomer generation is (as they wipe the cum of the 1% from their collective asses).

Raising taxes on those who have less than 10 million in earnings...that ain't going to put a dent in the budget or our future obligations.  Corprate taxes, which actually CAN put a dent into budgets, of course are being waned away as a "stimulant for jobs during economic crisises".  Well, what happens when the USA ends up like Japan and we have 10-15 years of this shit?  As well as other developed economies?  As ZH wrote in an article earlier this summer, through the tenticles of globalization, it means that corporate, not legislators, have more and more access to tax codes. 

That tax revenue is made up somewhere.  Yo udon't have to be Einstein to figure out who that will be (hint: look in the mirror).

The rich basically want to have control of the money, and the capital, for investment.  Then, through this "fiat regality", they are the ones who decide who makes a ton of money and who gets chicken feed.  Financial apartheid happens at more than just the poverty levels.

Who needs knightship when you have credit scores?

pods's picture

I agree with everything except that corporate taxes being able to be levied to where it would benefit the proles.  The corporates own the government so they will never let something get passed that hurts them.

Income taxes are just another policy tool to allow the money system to remain viable, but the greater aspect of it is to keep high wage earners from becoming wealthy.

Wealth escapes the income tax, and wealth brings more wealth.  

The problem is that only a certain percent of the population can be wealthy.  It will not work if everyone can become wealthy by allowing their capital to provide a cash flow to live.

So they use the tax code to beat down and limit those who would rise above high income status and enter wealthy class.


Shizzmoney's picture

I agree with everything except that corporate taxes being able to be levied to where it would benefit the proles.

I tend to agree, although the liberal in me wants tax cash to be allocated in an immediate setting to start assisting small businesses develop jobs and make it easier for business.  All I see is transit fares rising, worse roads, skyrocketing healthcare, lessening unemployment insurance, stagnant social security payments, etc.  Where does the fucking tax money go?

The bottom line is humans, at this point in our evolution, just can't be fucking trusted.  We may be evolving in terms of technology, but we are regressing on how we treat each other.  The world have just turned into this rent seeking great incredible paper chase, where we are conditioned to step over any-and-every person in order to get access to the pot o' fiat.  That's why we need to go local, and build from within.  This isn't a tax income-macro problem; this is a micro problem (fraud, financialization, etc).

The problem is that only a certain percent of the population can be wealthy.  It will not work if everyone can become wealthy by allowing their capital to provide a cash flow to live.

Well, you've just asked a question man has been asking since his existence: is wealth, and happiness, seperate from each other? 

I think the reason why people are so shitty to each other today, because they have, never in history, ever been linked SO close. The financialization of EVERYTHING is only going to increase...and will onyl serve to piss mroe and more people off.  

Peter Schiff at OWS asked a woman, "Don't you want to be a part of the 1%?" I know Peter is probably a Jew, but if Jesus was there, he would have smacked the motherfucker because money does NOT and SHOULD NOT define happiness for everyone on Earth.  They, as a free, centient being, should have THEIR OWN RIGHT to detrmine what their happiness is, not some god damned hedge fund manager.  And that happiness should not at the expense of others.  You can argue today, that the majority of those who made thier billions did so at the expense of someone - whether it be a Chinese worker on Slave wages, Nepotism via the DNA Lottery, or buying a Congressman.

As a artist freind told me, "There's alot to be said about the courageous stubborn idealism of the "starving artist"....well, that's until the rent is due".

pods's picture

The whole reason why we are such a money obsessed society is that the value is constantly being eroded.  You have to rent seek to stay ahead fo the interest on this funny credit money society.

That is why growth is spoken in hallowed terms. We grow or die, or more aptly, we grow AND die.

If money was something inelastic, and maintained value, society would be entirely different.  But government would not be allowed to deficit spend for 50+ years unabated.

That is why our system was set up.  To allow the government to deficit spend, and a central bank to create fresh credit money for them.

If you emit credit money with attached interest, you either have to work extra to pay off the interest, which does not work over the long term, or you have to keep expanding the supply of debt money to allow for devaluation to lighten the interest load.  But it will collapse, it has to.  It is just math.

People whack Denninger about his stance on gold, but when he says going back to a gold standard will not work, he states that it is due to banks issuing funny credit money.  Even on a gold standard, or seashell or petrified dog turd standard, if banks operate on a fractional reserve basis the system needs constant expansion or it will collapse.

It is the same story over and over again, something from nothing.

And it never works.


marcusfenix's picture

well, as our TOTUS once stated.

"here in America, we do big things"

and small business is not big business and therefore is not a part of the big things America does.

in light of this, one can safely assume that small business doesn't matter, after all they didn't put those peas in your pot or those thingamajigs in your house...

somebody else did that.

so please, pay no heed to this tripe, head to your nearest Wal-mart and burn some more credit...

it's the big thing America does.



asteroids's picture

Why would anyone want to start or run a small business these days? Really? Goverment has suffocated small business.

pods's picture

Almost like it was the plan all along?

Regulatory Capture.


Shizzmoney's picture

Well corporates, using government as the enforcement arm, have strangled small business.

I think they is opportunity out there, but it is very slim, and it's in niche markets.  For example, I think in a gfew years, Americans will (at least, hopefully), start to buy more from "Made in USA". 

T-shirt companies, Flash gaming developers, small farms (although DEA breaking those up) etc.......the type fo stuff we can make here, that benefits local communities. And at a low cost, with the consumer in mind (that's another big deterrent of "big corporate governance" - the consumer is NOT always right....the corporate government, is).


Bullsh*t! When you own your own biz, buzz, YOU are the Government. LOL

Freddie's picture

Small business did not build that.  With out dear islamic leader - we would be lost infidels.

Yes_Questions's picture



Small Businesses are The Little People my friend.

Shizzmoney's picture

"Small Businesses are my slaves, my friend"

Freewheelin Franklin's picture

We only need small businesses to the extent that they can serve the TBTF institutions. Big retailers treat their vendors worse than they treat their employees.

It used to be, if you had a small/medium business and got on a big company's vendor's/contractor's list, you had it made.  The only thing you had to worry about was "putting all of your eggs in one basket". Not any more. Them dayz is overz. You are just another working class puke created to serve TPTB.