SNB Late To Appear (If At All), Hopium Rally In EURCHF Fizzles

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It is 17:03 in Zurich...and it appears that rumors of an SNB intervention have been once again greatly exaggerated. Either that or Hildebrand has pulled an Obama and is stuck in the sandtrap on the 18th. Immediate result: EURCHF down 40 pips on the lack of news, and will continue dropping to the 1.2250 level with every minute which confirms the SNB peg hike rumor was just that.

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SNB please do some Euro buying so I don't have to.


Benny & the inkjets

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Looks like it's up to you. 

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Silicon-based equity traders also optimistic today.  All the carbon-based ones are digesting turkey.

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that's the trouble with rumors - u gotta know the source

it was an SNL rumor... SNL.

i can see where there would be confusion.

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I already called top at 10:29.

Otherwise no trades.


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ha-ha. fooled you!

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es magically levitating

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Nothing to do with the DOW rally.  Over here, we are waking up to the fact the world didn't end, crowds for Black Friday are beyond belief!

Hate to break it to the ZH Sheeple every day, but things really aren't so bad.  Currency pairs will be manipulated and traded but overall, markets and everything else will just drift higher over time.

Get out, meet some girls, have some fun!

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Besides PMs, what has drifted higher?

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Nothing like Valium to cure those post feast day hangovers.

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10 percent of the dudes bang 90 percent of the hot chicks. i would bet most zh'er fall in that 10 percent, and you may as well, but zh also has a few dumb asses, and you my friend fall in that category.

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NoMas on Tuesday nite said bulls on Wednesday would all be salughtered. 

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NoMas predicts markets will just continue to rise over time...ignoring markets right now are trading at 1990 levels, and thats WITH all-out Federal Reserve throwing money in fast as they can.

What an idiot.

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Ah yes. 


Conspicuous consumption of far more value than we produce is certain to provide everlasting prosperity.

What could go wrong?

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How's that rally faring out now?

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ES now ignoring huge falls in EURCHF and EURUSD.

How does it feel up there? Air a little thin? Sun a little hot on those wax wings?

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Now, TED INDEX is 50,29 ! running up faster 50 points ! and breaking a line that means a crash credit at the markets !

see here :

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5-min charts of ES, silver and EUR look exactly the same:  FAIL.

AUD, Gold and oil outperforming right now.

One group is going to be right, the other is going to be wrong.

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5 minute charts? LULZ.

Gee, why the long term outlook all of a sudden RoboTarder?

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Bandes de chiffes molles !

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Bandes de chiffes molles !

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all rumoured melt-ups,  enable insiders to sell into the rally's! that's it and that's all folks!!!

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Pumpin and dumpin to each other now, thats all theyre left with. Lame!

Another Hopium rumor dashed, so sad.

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Check this out

Recent Innovations in Treasury Cash Management

 there’s no connection between money collected and money spent.

Rusty_Shackleford's picture

"My God, the genius of that,..."

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Does anybody here think that Netflix will be trading in mid 40s in a short order? I am trying to find one good reason to buy that stock so that I won't go overboard and load-up on its puts.

IrritableBowels's picture

Free pepper spray at Wal-Marts across the country:

Los Angeles

North Carolina

SheepDog-One's picture

Dang! Im buyin some pepper spray stock, soon to be #1 commodity in america.

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Powdered Cayenne pepper would work just as well.

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AMZN down 3%, AAPL down 1%.  Going to be a blockbuster x-mas.  





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WHO ever gets caught short next week is toast!

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Whoever is retail in these markets, is an idiot.

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Gee what happened to the big rally today? Struggling to hold onto any green at all now. And it was all so fixed...'ECB goin to do sumpin'....'shorts about to get crushed' and all...


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as long as the insiders finish selling into the rallys, they're finished for the day! there's always tomorrow to start all over again!