So, Europe Is Fixed Again!! Referendum Is 'Basically Dead'

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This is getting ridiculous. Citing a Socialist Party Official Dow Jones is reporting that "The Greek PM's Referendum Call is 'Basically Dead'!" Instant knee-jerk reaction is a 1% rally in ES and 75pip (UPDATE: 90pips!) rally in EURUSD.

The reaction is ebbing back now.

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A L I E N's picture

What, this didn't come for the FT?

knukles's picture

More fun than the Gong Show!
Who thought it was broken in the first place?

RichardENixon's picture

Pappy baby Pappy baby Pappy baby Pappy baby Pappy baby!

redpill's picture


There once was a leader named Pap

His bond market took a big crap

He asked Italy for a loan

Thought of collatoral to atone

Ah! Put a teenager in Silvo's lap!


camaro68ss's picture

Head fake bitchez, partys not over folks, get back on the dance floor and dance! dance slaves dance.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

knukles enlightened us with:

More fun than the Gong Show!

...and the prize is a lot bigger than $516.32!

Keep an eye out for the Unknown Comic, Jaye P. Morgan, and Gene, Gene, the Dancing Machine.


hedgeless_horseman's picture

Those Greek Socialists are starting to sound like Leninists.

caconhma's picture

That is right. Next, Greek Socialists will sound like Stalinists.

curbyourrisk's picture

FT rumors only come after 3:00.  If this one don't work, don;t worry...the FT got your back!!!!!

TheLooza's picture

Man. Rumor defibrillators to keep this fucker alive.

They hope the chain of rumors can do the trick long enough for the next heart transplant wherein they give europe the diseased heart of an 80 yr old fat man, declare it a success and say with straight face that the patient now has immortality.

Mugatu's picture

The Euro Rumor Mill now looks like a high speed fan!

Expect more "rumors" every time the market is tanking - all of them will be found as untrue but rumors are the only thing keeping the market together.  

redpill's picture

Lurching like a one legged zombie.  Twitching like dying cockroach.  Slouching toward Bethlehem.


AbelCatalyst's picture

Going long now is like picking up plastic pennies in front of a steam roller... When they start tripping over each other to get out of the way is when it will get really ugly!!  

Think for yourself's picture

Hoping this will get fixed without getting out is like staring expectantly at Sodom to see what's going to happen.

Lux Fiat's picture

The footing is getting "slicker than catsh!t on linoleum".

HelluvaEngineer's picture

Hey, anyone else noticed that Greece is awfully close to Libya?

legal eagle's picture

Maybe the US and NATO can assure Al Quaida takes over there too!  Oh happy days.

kengland's picture

"This is getting ridiculous"


You and your crew say this every facking day. Is it ridiculous? How about assuming that we should have a functioning market. That is your frame of reference and it couldn't be more consistently wrong. They have shoved in all of our faces what the game plan is and you continue to act "shocked" by it. It's getting comical.

j0nx's picture

This. Same goes for KD and the TF. Constant calls for the crash and this will end blah blah yet it never does. These guys will keep bezzling longer than you can remain solvent. There is only one solution to this and nobody has really come to terms with it yet because it's too terrible to contemplate. Keep dreaming that voting will make a difference and that crooks will willingly police themselves. I hear that if you believe in dreams hard enough that they will come true...

HeNateMe's picture

Well, don't leave me hanging man?!  What's the solution!?

hambone's picture

The solution is there isn't a solution and don't go looking for one...there also won't be a problem so long as you don't go looking for one.  Stay w/ the the bullshit and sell cognitive thinking. 

legal eagle's picture

Only one, the second coming

Incubus's picture

I think most people stop after the first?

hannah's picture

not with that special little pill we spent billions developing so that the baby boomers could get it up .....

kengland's picture

The solution is the end...hyperinflation. Look, they showed the whites of their eyes on a 15% snp correction. They are willing AT ALL COSTS to destroy any chance of deflation. That's that. To assume a market driven deflationary spiral at this point, which is the implication on each hanging TD statement, is more absurd. Shorting euro! LMAO! Go for it. Get torched. The play book is open. Why the crew is deems this "ridiculous" at this stage is beyond me. The faster you get this the easier your life will get.

hannah's picture

we will have a debt spiral but we have to blow thru hyperinflation first .....

El Viejo's picture

Large entities such as sovereigns take a long time to come down. Plus politicians are coming up with kick the can down the road solutions that really just postpone the inevitable with more dire consequences. Oh its coming alright and we know it because the fundamental mechanism does not work. (It has no sustainability)  So now we have another populist reprieve. Yet another stay of execution, but the electric chair awaits and the end will be electric indeed.

Just one reason why its definitely coming:

Ruffcut's picture

Damn it JOnx, I know you know better.

And so, this market environment show any improvement??? Fuck no!

This is very serious balls of shit, AND YOU FUCKING KNOW IT!

KD likes to fear monger about what he likes to fear monger about.

IT is all about blog entertainment. ENjoy it or watch full house, on TV.

hannah's picture

KD does what he thinks will get him guest spots on TV....

BoNeSxxx's picture



This is getting ridiculous


It's getting comical


Seems like tomato vs. tom-ah-toe to me...

legal eagle's picture

This is getting redundant

Ruffcut's picture

It is getting repugnant., with puke and feces covered all over it.

Agent P's picture

You can say that again.

Dr Zaius's picture

Kengland, I'm failing to understand your frame of reference. I hope you are not actually suggesting that global markets hinging on the media amplified speculation of a socialist politician of an insignificant country (with respect to the global economy) is the sign of a functioning and healthy market. Or, perhaps you are suggesting the opposite.

NotApplicable's picture

His frame? He's not happy and it's Tyler's fault for not saying what he wants said!

kengland's picture

My frame of reference is not based on daily frustration regarding why central banks and governments won't let the free market work. If it were, I would be banging my head on the facking wall. There is no free market. Accept that. They have printing presses and control the law. You don't fight that. Ever. They have shown now for 3 years that they have means of inflating and changing the game as they go. To show frustration and confusion at this point is absurd

Popo's picture

Actually,  most of us were saying it in 2006 and 2007 and 2008 too.  And then the bottom dropped out of the market, and all the people who said it would never happen had a large helping of crow.


Your problem is you fail to understand market dynamics, and you prove your position based on current movements.   That strategy will *always* prove the bull case, and disprove the bear case because bull markets are long slow and consistent,  and crashes are exceedingly rare and exceedingly violent events.

So to say that the bears are "consistently wrong" is a statement of the obvious.   Yes of course bears are wrong most of the time -- because bull markets are slow climbs and crashes are once-every-five-year events. 

But with markets trading at 1997 levels, your thesis that anything is being "shoved in the face" of bears is laughable.  The bears have shoved it straight up the ass of the bulls for 15 years now.   And this time won't be any different.



NotApplicable's picture

That isn't what he wanted to hear, either.

kengland's picture

THat was before they showed their teeth

SheepDog-One's picture

Go start your own blog then.

DonBadajoz's picture

Whats ridiculous is people buying into the story...

fonestar's picture

So what the hell is your point?  The extend and pretend can only go on for so long and when the brainless cops defending the Greek parlimentarians lose their shirts too (as they surely will) what is going to save this joke of a monetary union?  How are they going to pretend all is well and fixed when there is blood running on the streets and civil war?  That is pretty clearly where this is all heading.

eureka's picture

The referendum will be back on in a few moments - or there will be a million greek rock and molotov throwers in the streets of Athens...

ahh, who cares, Greece is gone - and soon with it US and UK - the USUKs  (my term).

All mafia-ponzi schemes come down in due time.

GeneMarchbanks's picture

Nice to see the "market" is a true believer once again. Cue Merkozy talking about Greece entering a growth period soon.

bnbdnb's picture

Democracy is dead.

depression's picture

Launch the B-52's: time to carpet bomb europe with fresh $USD

knukles's picture

Naughty naughty!
Not supposed to preempt Uncle Bozo's formal announcement about the well established but threatened US economic recovery being placed in Jeapordy  (I'll take bullshit for $100, Alex.)  by European financial and economic buggery thereby forcing the Fed's hand to further ease credit though lowering the Funds rate to -7%, announcing QE17, extending Oeration Twist to Ben's Office where the pet stained carpet serves as a nifty "organic" Twister mat, inviting Larry "the Hutt" Summers back for additiotionanl advice and enlist Plugs Biden into a new "Green SHoots Forever" Winter of Recovery public relations tour just after he's done consoling Little Johnny Two Shoes who got sick at the White House Spontaneous Halloween Fruit give away to Underpriviliged Children after eating Organic Raspberries without Washing Them First.

Just Another Day in Paradise, Folks.

OpenEyes's picture

Those new guys running the Greek military really acted fast...  first day on the job, referendum dead, democracy dead... G-Pap?