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We repost this Monday article simply because it is now more topical than ever following today's 10-sigma cataclysm in Italian bonds, and again we ask: when will the market ask what Blackrock's gross or net Italian exposure is?

While Banks Are Being Shorted With Impunity On Euro Sovereign Debt Panic, Did Someone Forget About BlackRock?

Why? Primarily because of this innocent statement by former R3 scion and former Lehmanite Rick Rieder, currently employed by the firm that ostensibly has more clout than even Goldman Sachs: BlackRock. From October 21 "BlackRock Inc. Chief Investment Officer Rick Rieder said the world’s biggest money manager remains a buyer of Italian government debt as European policy makers gather to address the region’s sovereign debt crisis. "Italy is attractive,” Rieder said during an interview on “InBusiness With Margaret Brennan” on Bloomberg Television. “As long as we are moving toward solutions, we think Italy is very reasonable at these levels. BlackRock, which manages about $3.66 trillion in assets, has also been buying debt issued by financial firms and high- yield bonds, Rieder said. As with the Italian bonds BlackRock has bought, the financial debt will benefit “as soon as you see stability,” Rieder said." Uh, Rick, you are marking to market right? Because Your P&L would be a 100% correlation to the following chart, which shows BTP prices since October 21.



Of course, BlackRock will find Italian bonds even more reasonable at the current levels...


Well, here is the chart updated since Monday

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BlackCock down.

Robot Traders Mom's picture

Or what Bob Doll probably has in his mouth right now...

Unprepared's picture

How the fuck can you have $3.6T in assets to manage?

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Jewish accounting rules.

Haha 7 junks that's all you got. Blackstone blackrock blackstone blackrock.

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The Archdiocese of New York runs the event which raises millions for needy children. (that is the purpose of the Dinner, Thank God the Big Name Jews showed up to support the Catholics)

Black Rock is not the same as Blackstone and Steven sold out of Blackstone / cashed out.. years ago. not to say he doesn't play banker in some of the sweeter deals that are beyond the reach of mere mortals.

it is amazing to me (and many others) how the children and grand children of the accounts to the very wealthy.. have far more money that the children and grand children of their former employers. It is almost as if they switched rungs on the economic ladder.

"O" Well! who said hard work or marriage were the quickest ways into money.. I am a firm believer that an accountant and esquire could reach well beyond what even a gold digger without a pre-nuptial agreement could muster.

Consider this a peak into how and why.. as a Country we went from profitable Titans.. to over leveraged trash in the span of 2 Generations.


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Hmmm. You think blackstone and blackrock still aren't joined at the hip. Took a lot of work trying to "spinoff"

Blackrock is tied to apple and even uses apple names ishares. LOL

Credit Suisse has a guy on the board of Linux.

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Well you write the number down on a bit of paper, then when you put it into a computer that makes it official.



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Limited liabilty and (almost) free money? It helped governments create too big to fail.

I did it by Occident's picture

you don't "manage" $3.6T, it manages you.  :)


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Dick Handler's next employment opportunity?

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Blackrock or Blackhole? Well they have enough client money to cover this temporary imbalance...

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Don't they manage pension funds?

PolishHammer's picture

Pension funds are the next target to shake down.  Did you see TIAA CREF share of MF Global?


Not a coincidence.

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You think they make bets with their own money???   They run a little etf thingy called ishares.  Take a look at the holdings of IGOV for example.   Brimming with Greek, Italian, Belgian, Spanish, Portuguese debt.  Chart of the fund looks pretty good, trading around $103.  But take a look at the BTPs of '20 in there... market price, effective yield.    My guess is Blackrock may be averaging down. 

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If they liked them at par they will love them at 50% off.

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Maybe we now get to see who's too big to fail, but as The Bernank (with an assist from Hank 'Tanks in the Streets' Paulson & Timmay 'I Want to Sit @ The Adults Table' Geithner) prematurely shot the big taxpayer funded wad - to save the VIPs & Friends of the New York Branch of the Federal Reserve 'Bank' - we finally see who might be too costly to save (lest the term 'haircuts' be applicable towards central bankers and definitely below the neckline).

Long live Fractional Reserve Fraud, Kleptocraticism & Crony Capitalism! It's all good.

But not to worry, see, because The Bernank & The Trichet will just conjure some more fiat (I would have said toilet paper, but tp has practical and inherent value - fiat is too rough to wipe one's ass with) from thin air, loan it out with high levels of leverage and encourage risk on bets, and all will be well again. /s

In somewhat related news, the devil's goin' down to Texas:

Bernanke shows Fed's independence with Texas trip
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Blackrock= puppetmaster. Since when does the puppetmster answer the puppets ?

Dr Hackenbush's picture

as we are seeing, the 'puppet masters' are over-leveraged and their shadow system is unsustainable

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VERY telling...dead cat bounce in the ETFs...but financials do not respond at all.

This is where the broader market starts to get truly ugly.

TruthInSunshine's picture

Blackrock manages a massive amount of assets (via its Crony Capital Contracts).

But we don't really know if even it is a member of the Big Club.

The Big Club is actually really quite small, as former popularly perceived members can attest to (see Lehman & Bear, circa 2008-2009).

For there is absolutely not a shred of honor amongst thieves.

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The upticks in the Russell [IWM] have officially hit PATHETIC.  There is nowhere to go but down today.

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In 2009 when Goldman was taking all of the "squid" heat, I mentioned that it seemed likely that the flag would be transferred to Blackrock where it could manipulate the world without attracting so much attention.

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"when will the market ask what Blackrock's gross or net Italian exposure is?"

-AFTER they get downgraded.

knight99's picture

When they file for bk?? juust like MF

r101958's picture

"When they file for bk??"

-AFTER they plunder their clients money.

GeneMarchbanks's picture

Fink & Kapito need to load up on new shares to let us know: "We care"

Get the confidence going again...

I am a Man I am Forty's picture

i thought BlackRock just managed other people's assets, that's what Fink said on TV anyway

AngryGerman's picture

and how do you think managing other assets works like?

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Zerohedge have had some great scoops but whoever wrote this piece needs to get a new job.  This is so ludicrously misinformed, it's embarrassing.  Blackrock are buying these bonds with OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY you idiots.  The company itself has zero exposure.  If you need to be told the difference between a money manager and a bank, you are in big trouble.

achmachat's picture

we might need full disclosure... do you work at blackrock?

Hephasteus's picture

Does he know what blackstone means to blackrock.

Global Hunter's picture

does the term leverage mean any thing to you?


jdelano's picture

and just how, exactly do you think Blackrock stays in business?  


We have a weiner! All time dumbest comment on ZH.  

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You do realize they can buy on margin with other people's money?

And they can buy swaps they write themselves with other people's money?


Raynja's picture

And how long can they lose money before people transfer their significantly diminished accounts elsewhere.

AngryGerman's picture

but...but..but.. they are money managers. they don't trade..."OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY"??? MF Global also was a "BROKER/DEALER", you f**k! d**ba*s b**ch m****rf***er!!

AngryGerman's picture

Hello my darling? you want me? i'll give you my gold!!

(i hope you that cutie draghi. or lagarde, the little cunt)

hkfundie's picture


AngryGerman, you're a f***ing idiot. MF Global may be a broker/dealer but they traded principal positions alongside client positions. BLK does not trade as principal, only as an agent. This is one of the many differences you'll find between a broker/dealer & an asset manager in your finance textbook 101... when you read it

and no I do not work at BLK

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If you had said the same of MF Global, you would be quite red in the face now.

Manthong's picture

Louis XVI had zero exposure, until he didn't.

knight99's picture

MF Global was just making money on comissions asshole. It comes down to using your clients money to bet on the koolaid you been drinking

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Soon we will see that no one, no corporation, no country is To Big To Fail. When any organism lowers their standards low enough--that organism will FAIL. Thus is the global financial system, built on a Fiat Fantasy. Yet, like all Volcanic eruptions, the Earth will be well fertilized from this cataclysmic event, and, 10,000 years from now, none of this ponzi economics will have mattered. Blackrock, Itally, Russia, USA- all just experiments in cheating a system governed by the universal law of physics- a futile attempt to cheat the universe-which never works. Prepare for chaos, poverty and war. Back to the dark ages, where Man really functions best anyway.

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Good, I will carry club and wear a condom (so I don't get extradited to the US and exterminated).

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90% of the World's peepers....never got out of the Dark Ages ! Communism, National Socialism, Muslimania, Tribalism, "Benevolent" Dictatorships etc. ! Monedas 2011 Comedy Jihad Beware the Billion Man Socialist Bureaucrat March