Socialist Lampoon's European Vacation Is Over As Merkel Calls To Order

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Ahead of this week's 'critical' game-changing events - or not - it seems Europe's true overlord-ess is back, and now, tanned and relaxed, she is making clear that nothing about her (or her country's) view of the world has changed - no matter how much Draghi, Monti, Hollande, Rajoy or Samaras jawbone about it. It would seem by her words that expectations are being set and conditionality remains key - which means no matter what the ECB does - it is a can-kick no nearer an end-solution; and the market in its wisdom will price through that can-kick (after knee-jerking first of course): (via Bloomberg)


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Obama & Draghi have put Kill orders out on Merkel

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lazy = idle rich = capitalists who make money gambling


workers get lazy once they find out luck overrides merit and hard work.

workers smarten up and aim for happiness rather than money for sake  of one-upmanship.


upper class maintain control by convincing 99% that they too can join the 1% if they work hard enough.

in europe social structure is rigid.


America is following suit.

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Oh dear... Has she been reading von Mises?

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How do you get that from the 6 bullet points above?

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"Montii, Gollum, Marioo.. Mommy's home, time to go to bed now!"

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In Italy we are already doing that.

As it turns out, surprise surprise debt increases anyway.

Waiting for the next tax.

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So, the PIIGS will all leave the eurozone?  How would that work out for Germany again? 

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Better in the long run for all involved. Of course short term Germany loses markets to export their goods to.

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Not exactly, I'm sure many contracts could have been awarded in advance.

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will still be bullish for the first trading day of Sept. tomorrow in the US

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What you suggest is the only thing to do.

But printing money damages returns on capital. People who work should see no difference, but those (banks) who don't would see a depreciation of their assets (loans).

That's why they don't do it. Still it's the only thing to do.

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ES ram rodded even higher, anyway.

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Merkel has to talk out of both sides of her mouth in order to cover her tracks both ways when Greece and possibly Portugal and Spain exit the euro.  She is a very clever politician as well as an outstanding Chancellor.  She knows Germany needs EU export markets but different countries have different needs that cannot all be accomodated within the Eurozone at this time.  So, she has to play a carefully orchestrated kick the can down the road game and let the forces for money printing versus austerity play off against each other in a finely tuned dance that she can manupulate behind the scenes.  Germany will get through this in pretty good shape and she will be reelected.  What happens to everyone else is another matter.  That is not necessarily her concern.  Her job is to take care of Germany and to the extent it helps Germany to take care of Europe in whatever fashion achieves maximum benefits for Germany.

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outstanding Chancellor.


I almost choked.



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Yes, they said that about Adolf in the early days too

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That seems like a sensible post ... but ... I call bullshit.

Socialists the world over still dream of a world socialist order (whether they support the NWO or not). European socialists will never discard their dream of a centrally planned Europe. Merkel's backers will not allow her to depart from expanding both the EZ and the EU ... they couldn't care less about the German people.

Socialists mind everyone's business but their own!

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In other words she still doesn't understand why we can't all be net exporters on this planet.

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As usual, most people, including you, are forgetting the credit default swaps.

If I were Rajoy I would be encouraging Spanish banks to get as many created on Spanish bank bonds and on Spanish sovereign bonds as possible.  Just run up the amount to 10s of trillions.

Then you, Rajoy, have leverage.  

"If you don't send us money . . . WITHOUT CONDITIONS AND SUBORDINATED TO ALL OTHER BONDHOLDERS . . . the world blows up."

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By "people", she means government.  Let's read that back to you "Private exchange is there [to serve the] for the goverment, not the government for private exchange."

She's was a socialist as a child and she's still a socialist.  There's nothing "conservative" about her. 

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So what you are saying is that one of the countries in europe with the most wealth is socialist.  What about the Swiss, oh yeah, they are socialist too.

I hope you are not trying to make a GOP-related point here.

Parhaps you better go look up the definition of "fascist".

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Ok, lets see...


government mandated healthcare...check

government mandated pension...check

governmant regulated energy costs...check

government regulated food prices...check

government regulated hookers...

shall I go on?

Sounds all pretty socialist to me...


Of course its never socialist enough if you ask the right folks...

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Please, wake the fuck up. There is a fucking difference between socialism and fascism. At the end of the day a real company has to provide those services.  Look closer, the state has been picking the winners and losers.

How stupid are you?  Even in a true socialist model, contracts are put out to bid.  In other words, there is still a competitive process.

Again, wake the fuck up, it isn't socialism if a relative few private companies (and their owners) own the people's government and award themselves contracts at the expense of ALL the taxpayers.

Shit, at least true socialism would be a fucking step closer to a free market than what we or Germany have right fucking now.

Fuck ALL the "isms" give me a free fucking market and liberty.

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Free market is the originating cause of all this mess.

Protectionism is the only choice.

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Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

Abraham Lincoln

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He got shot in the back for speaking out; was that foolish or worse?

Some say it was better than worse, others say it was buttering up to gun salesmen.

I say it was History in the making.

Now I'm the fool who should have stayed silent.

According to this  "wise" book phrase Free will is the expression of a silent wish or just the art of a man passing wind. 

We all have to try...that is the humble and humbling  truth.

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You should have deleted the other one, too. It's not a good idea to display your ignorance in a public forum.

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I suspect he was joking.

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I'm going to respond to this to lock in your response. 

This post represents such a fundamental misunderstanding of comparative political economy that it's difficult to respond. 

Fascism is a form of socialism.  Socialism is a subset of collectivism.  Fascism's main goal is direct the economy in such a way that it achieves the highest possible benefit to the state.  Socialism's main tenant is that the state is society.  Those two things are not mutually exclusive. Fascism is one way to achieve socialism. 

Under fascism, there is a semblance of private property that remains.  But the state allows that private property so long as it benefits the state.  At the point of which is does not, the state attempts to seize it.  Communism (another form of socialism) does away with private property altogether.  Social Democracy (yet another form of socialism) holds that the state may seize property after a certain number of people have voted to take it way from someone. 

Putting out to bid means absolutely nothing and demonstrates that you're caught up in the minutia of methods employed by the state to further itself. 

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More mental masterbation.  What part of "fuck all the isms" don't you understand?  I build real wealth in my employees, friends and neighbors and you stink of fear.  

Catullus's picture

What part of "fuck all the isms" don't you understand?

The part where words describe concepts.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Which, just like your posts, is meaningless bullshit.  Real goods and services will rule the day and the problems of tomorrow will (once again) be settled by blood and iron.

Catullus's picture

Thanks for the ego-trip this morning. I've really enjoyed it. I've destroyed enough brain cells responding to you.

My favorite is that you start off by correcting me that Germany or Merkel (I couldn't figure that part out) is really a fascist and not a socialist.  Then tell me to wake up because they're different.  Then say "fuck all -isms" as if actually trying to determine what these words actually mean is a waste of time... because real goods and services will the rule the day (whatever the fuck that means).

Cheers, bitchez

LawsofPhysics's picture

Felt like trolling this morning and you took the bait.  Go back to graduate school.  Folks in the real world who produce things of real value will take it from here.  We are heading into a currency crisis and if you don't think real goods and services rule the day when paper promises die, well then you are beyond stupid and should probably save what brian cells you have left, so fucking off, is indeed a good call on your part.

Catullus's picture

Ah. Fun times. I normally don't respond, but I'm trying to figure out system registry problems and cursing Microsoft until no end.

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We are happy you have built such wealth. I am here from the people’s bureau for ethnic and gender advancement. The party has been deemed that the best way to advance these groups is for the donation of your property. Don’t fret comrade we appreciate all the work you have done and the party will honor your contribution. We will notify you where to pick up your medals; in the meantime you have 30 days to vacate this premise.

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Well, in the end it comes down to 'Who benefits most'. And obviously, not the people in any country really do no socialism there. Where does all the money go in the end? Who gets richer (which translates to 'gets more leverage over others' in this financial dept system), and who looses in the end?

With big / financial business more or less owning the governments, it pretty much looks like some form of disguised fascism to me.

Catullus's picture

No.  I'm saying Angela Merkel is a socialist.

LawsofPhysics's picture

We got that.  Look again, what I am saying is she is a fascist.  Wake the fuck up, the state has been picking the winners and losers in Germany since WWII.

Catullus's picture

What the fuck are you talking about?

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Ever lived in Germany?  Go take a closer look at how the state awards contracts.  Educate yourself.  Prettty easy to be a "competitive" company if you own the government and award yourself a competitive advantage.

Happening in America right now.  Be very careful what you wish for.

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What am I wishing for exactly?

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Re: your post 9.48:

Has it ever occurred to you that the two are basically the same in regards to free markets and governmental intervention?



LawsofPhysics's picture

What part of "fuck all the isms" don't you understand?

Terp's picture

Missed that post between all the replies.


Good on you.