Solt Griechenland Weiter Am Euro Beteiligt Bleiben: Then And Now

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On any other occasion, we would translate this title from the German into English, however at this point in the European lifecycle it is self-explanatory. A poll was conducted by Germany's ZDF today, asking many questions, but this one above all. The answers were then compared to a similar poll conducted six months ago. It is pretty clear which way Germany is leaning (certainly not the one suggested by a very clueless Peter Mandelson during the Munk Debates).

Source: ZDF

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Viel Glück mit diesem Bitchez...

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running through the forest silently

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Tell the Greek tax payers

to put their own foot in to

their mouths and try to

chew it!

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The Germans should direct some of their anger towards their banks which lent vast sums to the Greek government without ny due diligence and then to the politicians for bailing out these banks at the government's (people's) expense.

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Learn another language buddy and you won't need to rely on Google Translate for stupid translations!

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That implies there are only two languages?

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Germany did show the world the power of the blitzkrieg.

Maybe now they will show the world power of a strategic retreat.

It's super effective ... especially if you don't give anyone any warning before you do it.

Auf Wiedersehen, bitchez!!! 


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In the NBA its called pulling the chair.

Shaq was amazing at it. He gets you to support your entire body weight on him and the next minute hes not there and you are on your ass staring up at his ballz with him hanging off the rim and giving you his shit eating smile.

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Germans dont retreat - they do Stalingrads. They hit the dream like limits of what they think they can accomplish, then they dig in to keep what they thought they won, then they die. They mistake a delusional intractability for courage. 

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It is a fatal mistake to assume the other guy playing the game is as dumb as he looks.

Have you neve played pool or poker for cash?


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More a chess player. I understand that the moves you make in the beginning have an effect on how the game pans out and that you can't take moves back.

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strip chess requires a different strategy than traditional... Besides, Germany is more like 'dominoes'...

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It's right, we don't do revolutions but  follow our political Fuhrers without a murmur till the end, be it Stalingrad or today in €Yrope.

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Sadly, you are correct.

It is the downside of the self proclaimed perfectionist that they do not know when to call it quits.



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the German spirit you refer to is lost under a cloak of guilt and shame.  A new book by Thilo Sarazzin "Europe does not need the Euro" tackles this  penance in the German psyche that makes the ntion  pay, submit, accept  retribution.

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How will Germany evict Griechenland from the EU?  Even after they default, again, Greece will probably just be an EU squatter, since the Greeks want to remain, but cannot or will not radically change their whole culture and economy to meet the draconian austerity targets.  Anyone who has had to evict a deadbeat tenant knows what a loose-loose dilemma this is.

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Greeks are pulling tens of millions of Euros from their banks daily. Those paper euros come from the German mother ship. Once they stop the supply, Greece is gone, poof, like that, from the Euro.

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hey, lou!  don't you mean IF they were to stop the supply?

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Hey Stewie, thats the crux of the matter - call it Merkel's version of Prisoners Dillemma.

I know the ZH crew thinks she'll fire up the presses again (its easy and kicks the can down the road a bit but at a cost) but I think she'll bail. She's had three years to be a leader and try to renegotiate the Euro, to try to structurally fix it, but all she's managed to do is get a bunch of politicians (nee liars) to promise to spend less and live right. Good luck with that.

So welcome to prisoners dillemma - either she prints like crazy (commits) or does nothing and exits the Euro by killing it (rats out). Remember, first one to bail gets screwed less.

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I'm amazed that any ZH reader could still ascribe such intentions to Merkel or any leader of Europe/North America. They are all puppets, simply puppets, doing their masters' bidding. Create an illegitimate political construct, stir up some farcical currency with lots of rules to be ignored, and voila!, the bankers own you...and you...and you...oh, and you, too...and your nauseum.

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i've had no debts for decades

yes, the pols are generally the puppets at this point

merkel is on the hot seat, so i'm stoking the tinder and trying to melt her nylon and teflon support  L0L!

i'm actually trying to reach readers in germany;  who think as you seem to;  sound like you're not enthralled by the bankster-operated continent of tribal rivalries, industry, and lusts

fuk the EU!  put the full-court-press on frauM, as we say in basketball, here;  don't let her come up for air without confronting her about this:  expose her sell-out to the banksters

and don't forget the sex, drugs and music, too!

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Theres no such thing as 'Europe' 

Theres a Germany tied to a bunch of cheating fucks. Her masters are German and she will do what her masters command. 

slewie the pi-rat's picture

now, lou, you know my mother was a rat...L0L!!!

did your neighborhood in brooklyn go thru the "kill it before it multiplies" thingy when you were kids, playing? 

well, it's multiplying!  Kill!  KILL!  KILL IT, BiCheZ!

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Easyly done: Just stop paying for those leeches and they're done. They'll just shrivel up and dry out.

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Germany cannot evict any one single nation but we can make their lives so fucking miserable they wish they had never fucked with us.

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Wally baby, the Euro was a German credit card that you loaned to everyone so they could buy your stuff. It's not a bright long term strategy to piss off the customer base.

I remember in the pre-euro days that Greeks would travel to Germany to buy a new Mercedes or BMW and then proudly drive the car back. It was practically a religious experience.

When Things go fully tits up and torched BMW dealerships get displayed on German nightly news, then you'll see if your standard of living will remain at the level you've gotten used to ...

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Sure looks like that is what they are doing to Greece.

And Spain, Portugal & Ireland have taken notice.

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Telling them 'sorry, no handouts today' is about as miserable as they need to make them.   No handouts from German = no handouts to Greek citiezens = fast exit from the Euro so that monthly checks (in whatever currency) can be paid out.

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All those tax evading bitches are happy doing it, but if Germany doesn't want to pay bills for others is nazi mentality, isn't it?

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Could someone please translate the poll question. Is it should Germany stay in the Euro or is it about Euro bonds or something else (like should Germany invade Greece and get collateral for their loans).

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Should Greece stay in the Euro?

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Can we work from a time frame? If it's under 18months  Unequivocally, YES!

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"Should Greece continue to remain /participate /be part of the Euro ?"  The German populaton and press - including heavyweights such as the Wirtschafts Woche and Focus - were reticent from the start. 

Charging political windmills, RK.

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küssen Sie Ihre Arse Auf Wiedersehen...

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No ass kissing quite yet.

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 Die Europäische Union wird für den griechischen Wahlen warten, bis im Juni abschließen. Das gibt der Bank-und das politische System tp vorzubereiten.

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yo but Niall Ferguson nailed it in closing..   bloodbath indeed.

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Das Französisch wird weiter pushen für Verkehrssteuern und Eurobonds.

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Das Französisch can me cross-wise for all I care. It will end up as Sauce Hollandaise anyway.

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Fuckthe French. They are gay and socialists!

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Tyler, take a step back and think. When they put an Italian in the ECB everyone said they would print. When the runs started on the Greek banks everyone said ECB will print. Guess what? No print. It has been almost a week since the runs started. How long does it take a run on a bank to kill it? Remember MF Global? Remember Lehman? The Greek banks will survive.

ECB is doing exactly what they need to be doing to save their currency. Europe has to be weaned off the socialism in order for there to be any kind of future for their standard of living. Printing won't accomplish that, and they know it.

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Excellent analysis! I did not expect that there still are people out there who believe this won't entail more ECB printing in some form (LTRO. ELA, whatever).
Now I am very encouraged to buy few more ounces of PMs next week when May paycheck lands on my bank account.

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1 year 18 weeks

10 posts?

and you're telling tyler fuking durden what to do,  here?  on zeroHedge?  wood? 

another "weaned off the socialism" post for the EU to "save its currency"?

dude or dudette:  this is zH

you are fuking toast, here, asswipe!

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you keep knee jerking like ZH was some sort of closed shop run by red necks for the red necks of isolationist bent. Go ride your bicycle into the red red sunset and keep riding unti you hit the Pacific. This is a free forum. Or I'm GWB.

Knock on wood! If you're tongue in cheek.

slewie the pi-rat's picture

my tongue in whose cheek, old sport?

of course this is a free forum

any time you wanna have a death match with slewie, just let me know, ok?

and have a nice day with your booze and your daughter, too!

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". . . (certainly not the one suggested by a very clueless Peter Mandelson during the Munk Debates)"


"A very clueless The Lord Mandelson", I think you mean.


What a slimy little shit that man is.

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yeah but he hangs out with the 'right people'


"Nathaniel Rothschild says sauna with Lord Mandelson was purely pleasure, not business"


Mr Rothschild claims the former Labour minister’s presence was “purely recreational”.


Lord Mandelson travelled to the region on Jan 30, 2005 as a guest of Mr Rothschild, scion of the banking dynasty, and Oleg Deripaska, the billionaire owner of Russia’s biggest aluminium plant. Also present was Peter Munk, a Canadian gold magnate, and Sebastian Taylor, a friend of Mr Rothschild.


During the trip, the men were thrashed with bundles of birch twigs by a 25-year-old male banya keeper before jumping into ice water to improve circulation and cleanse the skin.


Oh and btw....


Nathaniel Rothschild loses Daily Mail libel case



Financier Nathaniel Rothschild has lost his libel case against the Daily Mail following a 2010 story which he said portrayed him as a "puppet-master".


that from:

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Someone is about to get schnitzeled.