Solyndra Schadenfreude As Goldman Sachs Played Key Role

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Goldman does a great job at murdering markets, especially those that pose a threat to the status quo.

The banking cartel are also the very same men who run the Military Industrial Complex and Major Oil corpprations.  They want the Old Order to go on as long as it has to.  They do have the New Order set in place, but they want to milk the old cow for every drop.

Solar is the only industry that can match oil in the long run.  Coal has a horrible EROEI and is filthy (there is no such thing as clean coal) and Natural gas must be turned into a liquid in order to ship across oceans, and this is a very dangerous process.  Wind has not improved its technology for thousands of years.  The world is reliant on solar tech improving, or else peak oil will swallow the status quo whole.

Yet the oilgarchs do not care what happens to the people they view as peasants in the long run.  They just want to return to be Kings and Queens.  They are psychopaths, and have no understanding about the world that they are driving humanity into.  So they tank the whole solar industry in hopes that people will not finance it and pay for oil with their lives.

Then there is the finance side, who love to take an industry down just to then buy it up.  Look for big money to run into solar right before oil spikes for the last time.  Should be any month now.  Look for solar to be the next big thing after everyone has shorted it only because one company went bankrupt.

I'd put my money on solar energy....I hope we don't have to wait for oil and coal to run out to tackle that.

-Thomas Edison, speaking to Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone

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Excellent comment!  I think you are right on almost all counts.  But don't expect many to comment since they are chasing their tails.

The fun is just about to begin for the elite.  And maybe the reasoning behind the Senate wanting indefinite detention of terrorists (domestic and foreign).

The Occupy West Coast Ports is what is missing from everyones equation.  Amazing that this is hardly discussed here on ZH.  What does that say?!

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Anything for a buck.

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That slimy squid has become careless.  Leaving its detrious everywhere.  

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more like a fat steaming pile of dookie. one day that dog 'll be house broken!

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They got thier cut. Pluck you taxpayer.

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I can't believe they got the loans, the gov didn't do their due diligence very well. It was widely known in the industry at the time their silly "tube"-technology was a failure.

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Very true...i was expecting them to go TU and then they managed to get that loan which kept them going for another was a no brainer that they would fail which also tells you how smart Palo Alto VC money is.

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Doesn't make sense to bailout a green energy factory when you can bailout a parasitic bank instead.

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You have to wonder if Mark Zuckerberg is reading this and staring at the skid mark he left in his Fruit of the Room undies.

Did any of you ever read the Solyndra S-1 filing? Enjoy.

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bankers dont let bankers drive drunk

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The Squid has a blood funnel inserted into every segment of the .gov host. No surprise they were in there for a solar dip.

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Can an evil squid holding company get a bonus up in heya?

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Bankers pay Skankers to dive drunk

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Usually Blankfein sucks somebodies cock to keep this stuff quiet. Lloyd getting careless?

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We need an area where people can talk specific strategies.
strategies for those by investment level, expertise and time needed to make a said strategy to work.

Satandammit I am tired of reading gloom and doom over and over!!!! Give me something I can do now today to succeed in this shitstorm we all know is commin, besides physical bitchez!!

What effin good does it do me to read how I am being and will be raped over and over and over. I get it!!!!!! NOW WHAT????

Come on give me a strategies please!!!

Come on Tyler make it happen

Bring it!


shayne from Nebraska

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Yeah Tyler!  I want to have more money than everyone else too so tell me what to invest in so I can be more rich than all you other people.  Now, dammit!

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Capital G Jimmy, Capital G and your right thats the first step

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Forget my post, buy gold and be safe 

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Shocking, they went green to get the

Meanwhile the CCX is still quite bankrupt.

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I was shipping 2-3 Intermodal containers a week. Solyndra arranged via Pacer Stacktrain.

Grandpa Warren as a Child

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LOL!!!...good stuff ;-)

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The opposite of lime light is LiMe DaRK?

Lemon dark?

Citrus shadow?

I know...  LeMoN HeaVy

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Disgusting. What a rip off.

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the answer is offstage, waiting in the wings, or if there is a catwalk, it might mean pulling the actor's strings.

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I don't see what the big deal is.  Goldman marks its territory like most predators; by pissing on everything.  Since they own everything it's not that surprising.

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Goldman Sachs...interesting legacy notwithstanding the housing debacle including deals like Abacus & Timberwolf, perpetrating fraud by hiding Greek & other periphery EU Debt to allow countries to enter under the Euro Zone under the Maastricht treaty guidelines...using its connections to have Hank Paulson allow GS to magically become a Bank Holding Company over that magical weekend in September 2008 & now Solyndra...How much longer should the US allow this Financial Terrorist organizaton to wreak havoc on the US as well as the rest of the world...The US should use all its resources including it military power to rid our nation of this threat...Hey Levin & McCain - justify why the RICO act should not be invoked in order to eliminate this terrorist organization? Crime after Crime is perpetrated & overlooked - Time that rubber meets the road - if the US truly wants to wage a war on terror eliminating Goldman Sachs would be a step in the right direction

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Odds 10-1 they got out with good deal. Any takers? Thought not.


Are we shocked anymore? GS does deals: and the deal is - whatever happens, GS makes money. No matter the cost.

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Do not disagree with your assessment UoW - But here is an interesting proposition - to the victor the spoils - allow the U.S. military to dismantle Goldman & keep the proceeds of the endeavor - because at the current rate of Goldman's criminal syndicate's  proliferation - I include their depraved alumni in this context as well - it would be the single most effective use of military resources in the last 15 years! Just to watch Blankfein's paws ripped from the Fed Discount window would be a picture that would define a turning point of the present financial debacle!

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Schadenfreude? No. It's freude all the way, baby.

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"(what's the opposite of lime-light?)"


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I would go with dark, rat infested pools,  but...

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So basically, nothing has changed. BFS - Big fucking surprise. Eventually, GS will meet its demise at its own hands. All it takes is time.

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Soon we will be buying Chinese solar energy components at Home Depot and Lowes.

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Is there anything that these scum are not involved in?

We don't need to worry about Iran, nuke goldman sachs the true enemy of mankind and the worlds largest terrorist organization.

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whatever goldman touches, turns to shit, for taxpayers, anyway

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Left its mark - like a pile of dogshit on a white carpet. No way to get rid of the stain. Even bleach leaves negative space. And the smell - it lingers long after the turds are disposed of. Goldman Shits. A mark of dis-stink-shun.

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Goldman Sachs is currently long the following: Madoff style investing, cocaine and hookers and being on their 1 percenter high horse.!/GSElevator

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The squid is involved in a crooked government funded deal?  Now there's a surprise.

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Goldman Sachs' involvement into any kind of shady deal doesn't even constitute a suprise anymore. Its reputation has been so firmly cemented into every lore and conspirational theory, that future historians are going to be wondering how the hell a corporation managed to control the world (along with the rest "olden" banking houses of course).

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SP500 monthly chart remains bearish and USDX weekly remains bullish so it’s only a matter of time until the market makes its move.