Some Market "Fun With Numbers" From Art Cashin

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The Careless Whisper Morning Report


China Arrests Wal*Mart Execs; Future Stores Put On Hold

Graphic Video: NYC Banker Police Watch, Do Nothing, As Man Stabbed On Sidewalk; Thug Didn't Threaten Citi Or Chase

Blackberry Offers Free "Texas Hold 'Em Poker 2" For 3 Days Outage

Charlie Gasparino: "Occupiers" Call Each Other "Comrade"; No American Flags In Zuccotti Park; Federal Reserve Has Already Been Nationalized; Propensity For Violence At Zuccotti Park

Video (Full Version With Delectable Godfather's Girls): Song & Dance Man Herman Cain Mocks John Lennon With Back-Up Gospel Choir; Imagine There's No Pizza, I Couldn't If I Tried...

Banks Could Deny Florida Residents Debit Cards If Proposed Law Passes

MLK Memorial At National Mall; Made In Communist China

Video: U.S. Marine Sergeant Drills NYC Banker Police Into Stunned Retreat; "There Is No Honor In What You're Doing"

San Francisco Mayor; Hire Convicted Felons First, Get Taxpayer Money

Billionaire Mayor's Domestic Partner GF Sits On Board Of Citigroup And Brookfield Properites (Owner Of Zuccotti Park); Mayor Says They Only Talk In Bed & It's Dirty

Video: Family Feud Question; Name Something You Put In Your Mouth But Don't Swallow


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Commit a felony, get a job.  And some still don't believe Amerika is ass-backward.

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What kind of future do we have when you don't have to wait until you get the job to commit the felonies?

These people just don't know how to delay gratification. 

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Art is a great guy, but he's touch is a little off.

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"The S&P 500 is down 1.1% (total return) YTD through Friday 10/14/11. If you were out of the market for the 3 best trading days of 2011"


Lucinda Williams did a sweet one on "Those Three Days".

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6 days...


... the number of talents of gold Solomon collected each yea

... the number of the beast

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If, if, if...if your Aunt had balls she'd be your Uncle.

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Looks like a 90% bad news day so get ready for the PPT sticksave by close.

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Yet another market factoid to ponder Art, if you were in the market buy-and-hold since 1999, you havent gained jack shit.

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"six hundred, sixty and six.."


in Hebrew, the number of his name, the Hebrew alphabet having numeric equivalency.

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pimco was half right about the new is 2%...the daily moves in ES

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Can anyone explain what the point of this Cashin note is?