Some Observations On Bob Pisani's Visit To GLD's Vault

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That vault or storage room wasn't what I expected. It was almost like a regular stock room.

In simple terms how does this paper gold thing work. Gold is a certain spot price, the gld is reflective of this. People buy shares... So do they use contracts as new money enters and then take delivery, place it in the vault.

What happens when gld is sold, the price dips and funds flow out of the fund?

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Obviously no relation to the author, but need I point out the irony of it being "Rand" Refinery?

Since it is from Africa, does this make it blood gold? lol

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US citizens sub set code named as gold bugs do not care about this kind of details.

As US citizens, they do not acknowledge property rights. Blood is smeared with blood from people who tried to steal their gold. US citizens gold bugs already own all the world gold by god given right.

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GATA's latest comments regarding GLD...

Not complimentary.

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Not taking questions bitchez.


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You assume that there is a great deal of homogenity amongst the American people and their thinking.  Don't you know that our greatest strength is our diversity?

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US citizens are monolithic in terms of culture and philosophy. The US is alien to diversity.

US citizens society is articulated around monetization of conflicts (among other things) and can not do without it.

Diversity in the US is just propaganda. Manufactured perception to engineer conflicts to monetize.

If the following happens: a population with certain members having one single negro ancestor from 10th generation backwards, US citizens would still claim they are diverse.

US citizenism conveys unity by homogenization and conformization (standardization)

Their call for diversity is just cheap propaganda to try to hide the very fact the US is a very efficient diversity killer. Huge human beings selection project, that is, that US citizenism.

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This guy has mako like fanaticism towards a single topic...  the difference between the two being this guy is patently incorrect.

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gold, like a diamond, is also best polished by the blood of a bleck men

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So hilarious to see Bob Pisani do a segment about gold and the growing demand for gold exposure.

"It looks like gold is crossing over $300 this week, but trust me folks, gold is going nowhere."  -   Bob Pisani, CNBC February 2000

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It is the old switcheroo!  I've seen that somewhere before...

Right when they weren't lookin.  haha

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The first one was still pretty damned funny. A metaphor for divide and conquer, perhaps.

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Thanks.  I like that one the best, but the pinata is more applicable.

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i watch cnbc all day everyday while working...never have i ever seen pisani talk about gold before and he usually makes up some bullshit reason for market movements on a daily basis

this piece by zhedge is priceless

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Some dumbass just pushed unemployment up.

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Full searchable database of Silver and Gold bars here

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I got a screen capture from the video showing some bars with numbers:

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And that fund (MSL) does use HSBC as custodian.

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Funny to see Kid Dynamite over there posting congrats on the good find.

He is something else...

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GLD is not a substitute for physical gold; it is simply another variant of paper gold.  GLD, for example, reserves the right to redeem your shares not in gold, but in currency. Also, we will never know to what degree each bar is encumbered by third party claims.  I use GLD for trading purposes, only.

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I find it inconceivable that ANYONE associated with the securities industry would be honest enough nor possess sufficient integrity to not cheat when you have this massive pile of assets just SITTING THERE and not making any money.

Throughout the middle ages, goldsmiths issued paper for gold they didn't have; why the hell wouldn't these guys?  If the CEO needs a bigger bonus, he would order all the execs down the line to find a way to make the profit numbers and that could include leasing out all this useless metal because gold is going to crash soon, everyone says so.

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Hah, exactly what I was thinking. As soon as he started the intro for the executive, I thought to myself, "Oh man, everything this guy says is going to be a lie." What did he say?

  • The quality of the bars is assured (talks about good bar delivery list)
  • The auditor has the right (talks about auditing process)
  • "That would be complete illegal. At no time is there a risk to the trust" (response to an unknown question - haha - pin that one on him)

So, in my mind, this reinforces that (1) quality is an issue, (2) quantity is an issue, (3) they are doing illegal shit, and (4) the trust is at risk.

Oh, and if 1 ton has ~32000/oz, then 40 million ounces is 1200 tons. Hugo wants his ~100 tons in physical back. Its just 10% for a country with ~30 million people.

Plenty to go around folks, plenty to go around.

Ha hahahahah.



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One small step for gold, one giant leap for tungsten. 

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Man, I thought tungsten would get a mention in the 1st post. Try harder next time!

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Anyone buying GLD must be smoking some serious shit.

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Smoking the hopium....

Not the grasses of knowledge.

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And there you have it. That bar in the video is Gold pressed tungsten.

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Gold bars?  Yeah we know they're around somewhere.  But when do we get the special on SLV?  I'd love to see the 313 MILLION ounces of physical allegedly held.

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Whoops, whoops, whoops if true!

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Ideed that would be a blunder of epic proportions !

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I would like to watch Bob weep.

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when i saw this live on TV my first reaction was to write down the serial number and check if it was on the barlist!

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PissAnt was too busy getting his complimentary ZJ at the stooge bar to take time to do due diligence on the ZJ bar.

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tyler, when is that invitation coming from fort knox!?!?

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Possesion is 90% of ownership, and most gold in the USA is held at Fort Knox and West Point.  The military has all the gold.  That is why I put a permanent buy reccomendation on gold.

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In this case, the phrase "It's a victory for the bulls" is appropriate.

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Piss-ant-i stuck that gold bar down his pants and acted all sly, as he quietly demurred further comments, once the segment was filmed, and he's stroking it now, every night in his bed, before he closes his eyes and dreams of fields of gold.

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Review the  bar list again. ZJ6752 is there on page 8


ZH6752 RAND REFINERY 406.325 405.39 9977


edit: oh wait thats ZH



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You're so fuckin' smart, aint ya

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janus,  you?e a real freaking idiot but funny as hell (not in a good way towards you though)

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