Some Words Of Advice From Kyle Bass

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gold and guns...


well, i see ZH is making its mark...

if people with BIG money are getting ready for a 'controlled' or uncontrolled default,,look out!

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Wate, i thowt wee wass ignernt rednex..

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nope, i dont think so....

i think you guys were ahead of the curve...

as usual...

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“I think this is something we need to go through. It’s atonement. It’s atonement for the sins of the past.

I've thought this since W...

We've literally got hell to pay...

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i've always thought it was going to be bad...

just how we prepare now will determine how bad it will be for each of us...

but it will be bad...

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Unlike Bass, I prefer dimes to nickels, whether they be pre 1965, blond, brunette or red head!

However, like Bass, I too enjoy exploding on beavers!

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im a dime hound, too..

i dont go for gold, but everyone has a preference...

im not a gun guy either...well, anymore...

red beavers are pretty favorite!

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Kyle's a smart guy, but what's he going to do with those nickles? It's illegal to melt them. Even if he finds someone willing to break the law, they're going to want a cut. Perhaps I'm missing an angle. Additionally, why would he divulge the fact that he has land, weapons, and explosives? Sounds like an invitation to the ATF to me.

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It will only remain (technically) illegal to melt those five-cent coins until they are no longer produced by the US Mint.

It was also illegal at one time to melt 90% silver coins --- do the smelters have to worry about today?

Personally, though, I think the tactic is ridiculous --- if one wants to hold physical metals, gold, silver, platinum or palladium are vastly less bulky, and have a much more established market than cupro-nickel alloy.If the metal in the coins were today worth, say, four or five times their face value, then one might have justification for hoarding them, but at a 10 or 15% differential, why the fuck would one bother?  Assaying and processing fees would easily eat up that small current value advantage.

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If he betting on HI occurring in the USA then a million dollar's worth of nickels would be good for exchange, to procure what he needs during such an event.


A million dollars is spending money for a billionaire after all.

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He can make a hell of a battery with all those nickels, like Walter did when caught in the desert in Breaking Bad. Plus, it's like holding cash with some real value as insurance.

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Nickel?  Ha, put on the brass/lead/copper combo spread..... = bullets....

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He can make a hell of a battery with all those nickels, like Walter did when caught in the desert in Breaking Bad. Plus, it's like holding cash with some real value as insurance.

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Yes, but if he is WRONG.. all he has to do is cash in his nickels and take a fractional loss. If he buys silver or gold, he has to pay a high premium, and if the government doesn't print money, prices may fall drastically. If you buy nickels by the MILLIONS the bank is definately going to charge some type of fee to get you all the nickels you ordered. So there is risk involved. But like I said, if things turn around, he can cash the nickels back in for a minimal loss. If he is right.. well.. he paid around spot for copper and nickel and if he can sell it for fair market value, he could make a 50+ percent profit.

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Hah that's actually brilliant.

Downside protection against deflation and upside gains based on inflation.

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It gets even better.  If or when the government decides to revalue our currency by knocking off a couple of zeros and re-issuing "new" paper money, history shows governments LEAVE the coins as-is.  So the coins KEEP their face value, while the paper loses big time.

So there you have it.


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On the other hand, if we all wake up one day to find our government has gifted us with a brand new currency, say at an exhange rate of 10:1 or even the favorite of North Korea - 100:1, governments seldom bother with the coinage and those nickels will probably make the transition at a happy ratio, each being worth 1/20 of a new currency dollar. So while those not so foresighted have seen their net value drop to $10,000 for every $100,000, the value of his nickels will have made the transition intact.  Smart guy.

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For $500 you can get 5 bank bricks - 10,000 nickles, and at worst, you have $500 cash that will tone the biceps.

At best, you have modest amount of coins that can make the transition to low level bullion when the government decides to stop making them at a loss and might have incremental value in Barter Town.


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Two weeks ago I went right down to my bank and ordered $500 in nickels.  The head teller said she would have them in three days.  She also asked why I wanted the nickels, so I said "I like nickels", that was it.  I felt pretty special when they rolled out my nickels on their bullion cart, all the way out to my car.  $100 bricks of nickels still look pretty good.  All brand new 2011 in rolls, in bricks.  

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3 - 4 weeks ago on ZeroHedge a young 20 something who lamented his inability to get in the game of PMs because of his minimum wage job left him broke w/not alot of cash to spend.

I suggested he get rolls of nickels at banks and casinos because of the spread.

Also the potential of finding pre- '65 issue

 I was laughed at by some ZeroHedge posters.

For the record, this was not my idea but James Wesley Rawles over @ has a story on this subject


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Up until 1964, nickels were 25% nickel and 75% copper.  But starting in 1965, they changed the composition to 75% copper and 25% nickel.  

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I used to have a dick and two balls.  Yesterday, I woke up and had two balls and a dick.  Wild!

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i thought diamonds had the "ounce per dollar" victory hands down? ah, i understand. governments don't back anything in diamonds.

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I filled my basement with 14 tons of newspapers, at $3 a ton........

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Hence the nickles, bribe money......

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This is Texas... Land, weapons, and explosives are just the norm. Yes explosives are very legal to farm & land owners... In fact the mixture that was used to blowup the fed building in Oklahoma City, is exactly what ranchers use to remove tree stumps, beaver dams, ground hogs, etc.. The only difference is ranchers don't use truckloads of the stuff.

Short of the nickels, his stockpile sounds like many of my neighbors.

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Wait a minute..  You're telling us that a bomb in a truck parked on the street blew off half of a concrete building, including the supporting columns?  Ok, physics major, nice try..

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Well I guess I am telling you that... But my point is, bags of that same mixture are in barns all around here, and it's perfectly legal.

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I take your word that it is all perfectly legal.  I've no reason to doubt it.  Sounds like that's the law.


I will never believe, though, that the damage to OKC federal building was done by a fertiziler bomb on the street and not explosives attached to the supporting columns of the building.  That's just physics.


If you haven't, check into the story and death of OKC police officer Terry Yeakey.

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In Ghana we have seen old (copper) coins trading as tokens in the market, despite the fact that their face value was less than 1/10,000th of a cent. You don't need to melt them--they are a known weight of metal. The same could be true of nickels (and old pennies) after a currency event.

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Never mind... some clever people above made more interesting points.

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What do folks do with all those silver dimes, quarters, halfs and dollars from 50 years ago.

I don't know a single individual who melts them down - legal or not - but they're still worth a metric shit-ton more than face value today. A quarter, 50 years ago, was 25 cents. Now it's, what, about 600 cents?

So, too, will the nickels go.



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As long as he doesn't shave the beavers, he's okay in my book.

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Just a little trim around the edges and snip the split ends.

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"W" as in Woodrow Wilson, right?

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And the dude pays good money on the value of tinfoil hat trade in's.

My neighbor just bought an upgraded aluminum foil hat with all the bells and wistles.

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well, evil

how can someone preparing for an emergency be wrong...

FEMA says stock up, in case of an disaster

i think most ZH'ers see a disaster coming...

no tin foil hat needed for that...

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We'll all need tinfoil hats soon, keep the RFID chip implanted in your brain from networking with skynet.

They'll also serve another purpose.

Zombies are attracted to the Delta waves generated by the electro-chemical impulses of your neurons.

Therefore in order to keep the Mexican zombie hordes from discovering your whereabouts, you'll need a 100% aluminum foil hat to attenuate the signals produced by your delicious brain.

Brains, the delicacy of zombies.

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Tin foil hats don't protect you from beaming.  They enhance it.

Here is THE definitive study--


On the Effectiveness of Aluminium Foil Helmets: An Empirical Study

Ali Rahimi1, Ben Recht 2, Jason Taylor 2, Noah Vawter 2
17 Feb 2005

1: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department, MIT.
2: Media Laboratory, MIT.


>>>Among a fringe community of paranoids, aluminum helmets serve as the protective measure of choice against invasive radio signals. We investigate the efficacy of three aluminum helmet designs on a sample group of four individuals. Using a $250,000 network analyser, we find that although on average all helmets attenuate invasive radio frequencies in either directions (either emanating from an outside source, or emanating from the cranium of the subject), certain frequencies are in fact greatly amplified. These amplified frequencies coincide with radio bands reserved for government use according to the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). Statistical evidence suggests the use of helmets may in fact enhance the government's invasive abilities. We speculate that the government may in fact have started the helmet craze for this reason.<<<

I thought ZHers where smarter than to fall for the obvious NWO propaganda on tin foil hats.


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Your research tax dollars at work.  

X.inf.capt's picture

hey, rocky, please tell me these guys arent serious....


merizobeach's picture

I've almost got the $250K, then I can buy my own 'network analyser'!

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I only use genuine 3M Velostat ® in my deflector beanies! It keeps the aliens away, but also much lighter!


P.S. That MIT Team works for the Illuminanti so what do you think THEY want you to think!

flattrader's picture

I thought we were trying to stop the government from beaming messages into our brains?  What do aliens have to do with this?

Stop trying to obfuscate the issue!

[Alien abduction may be the only way to avoid getting swept up in the Great Reset...So there.]

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Sounds like he's just a good ol' boy ...



X.inf.capt's picture

hey, cooter,

he sounds like he see's something...


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It didn't occur to me just now, but I think Kyle Bass is part of the Bass family from Ft Worth.

The Bass family is an interesting clan. You can read a bit here ...

Short version is the Bass family is multi-generational business owners involved in a lot of stuff. They are very active in Ft Worth with regards to arts, philanthropy, and such. They just seem like a class act for the most part.

Besides, if I had a couple billion, I would have a huge ranch, explosives, and sniper rifles too ... LOL