South African Miners "Playing Dangerous Game" As Tensions Rise Again

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While it appears the mainstream media has forgotten about the ongoing drama in South Africa, the tensions are rising rather dramatically around the Marikana mines (owned by LonMin mining). As Al Jazeera reports, thousands of miners (along with wives and supporters) have defied an extended deadline (brokered by the government) and decide to remain on strike. The following clip provides some rather concerning color on what is occurring as Julius Malema, the expelled ANC leader, has already been charged with inciting violence - and is "playing a rather dangerous game." He is calling for a national strike as he addresses the people: "they have been stealing this gold from you. Now it is your turn, you want your piece of the gold." The tough reality is that as extraction costs rise (energy/depth) and now miners' costs rise, then the end-product's cost must rise, or - as Melema suggests - supply goes offline.  Must see clip.


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no mo diggin..  bitchez..

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Unfortunately the price of gold just hasn't risen enough since apartheid ended to afford a pay increase to the miners.

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I don't understand.  Bernanke said he could stop inflation in 5 minutes.  How do these workers not comprehend that?  It's like no one is even listening to the central planners?!  Someone should make this illegal.

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Though the mining industry is largely irrelevant to set the price of gold. As gold as very little industrial usage, most of the gold dug out of the ground for the past few centuries is still there for people to buy:

- Annual worldwide gold production ~2,000-2,500 tonnes.

- Gold dug out of the ground: ~165,446 tonnes.

Shut down all gold mining activity in the world and that's only ~1-2% of the supply taken out...

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+ 1

YES re gold and its price dynamics (at least for now).

Platinum might be the better speculation (short term)...

Disclosure:  The Bearing holds Au and Pt in strong hand and ain't gonna sell...

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Let's get to the point... Can't they Grow Some Hair ???

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It's cool, they're Lamanites.

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"Though the mining industry is largely irrelevant to set the price of gold. As gold as very little industrial usage, most of the gold dug out of the ground for the past few centuries is still there for people to buy..."

Tell me what the ratio to production (flow) to stock is and you'll see why mining has a HUGE influence on the price of gold.

Interestingly, gold has a very high stock-to-flow ratio compared with silver. Gold’s stock or total volume ever produced is roughly 170,000 tonnes, while its yearly production or flow was reported at 2,586 tonnes in 2010 by the World Gold Council.

This puts gold’s stock to flow ratio at 65.7 years, while silver’s is less than one third of that. Other key commodities — like crude oil, copper, corn and wheat — have much lower ratios

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They should simply STOP mining...  Leave it in the ground and stop exporting the value from their country..

Kick out the fucking PIG men and live free..


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The problem with that idea is that Negroes in Africa have an average IQ of 70. They are genetically incapable of producing more than a stone-age standard of living for themselves. They exist in the 100-millions today only because advanced forms of hominids send them massive amounts of food; a dysgenic crime against humanity, facilitating the unchecked multiplication of the most dysfunctional obsolete genotypes, which should by natural law be rapidly dwindling to nothing.

"Stop exporting the value form their country" ... raw material is the only thing of value in their country. Without those exports, the gears of natural selection would come back on-line immediately. Once the Jews have completed their destruction of the West, the gibs-me-dat gravy train will stop, and nature will run its course on the grotesquely distended African population. The Chinese will not be so generous once the watchful eyes of the Jewified West are no longer cast outward.

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American Democrats know how to "control" Black birth rates.

There are 40 million black Americans on the eve of the 2010 Census. We are 12.3 percent of the U.S. population down from 14.8 percent of the population in 2000.

Here is how the Democrats control Black birth rates in America.

Aggressive Abortion Stance Central to Democratic Platform

The above link opens in a new window.

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Rather have stone than paper, you American

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South Africa derives 20% of it's budget from mining and 75% of it's bribes and kickbacks this revolt/strike will not be tolerated as the Rulers have to eat too ya'know

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so much hassle for some barbaric relic.. couldn't they just dig up canned spam? at least it's edible and.. stuff. local authorities could also put money into cans and let the miners dig'em. it is good for economy.

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Reuters reporting that Obama refuses to meet with Netanyahu on his visit this months.................

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Oh that's right, the whole world revolves around the joos.

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isael already provides the phone system which they built a backdoor in so they know ever conversation. they dont even need to call...just go and ask converse infosys.

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Yep, Israhell is where the operators reside.

Whitehouse 666, let me put you right through!

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seems like cheap theatre to me...   pretty obvious that israel calls the shots in the U.S...   so who are they trying to fool with this bs and why? think about it.

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Maybe BiBi ought to pick up golfing. I hear this is where you'll find zerO most of the time...

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That's because, he's about ready to attack Iran and wants the cover of meeting with the US Prez, right before he does it!!

If your neighbor is about to fuck up the guy down the street, it's probably best if everyone in the neighborhood doesn't see you meeting with him, the day before it happens!!!!!

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White House denies it has refused Israeli PM Netanyahu's request for a meeting; says travel schedules conflict - @reuters


Sorry Bibi, I have a 9:00 tee time, "O" 

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Does anyone know if the webmaster of the former site African Crisis and author of "Goverment by Deception," Jan Lamprecht, is still alive? Or has be been necklaced in that hell?

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i thought it only costs $5 per ounce to dig it out of the ground

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Production costs are largely stable but unfortunately ownership costs are skyrocketing.

Nelson Mandelas grandson and President Zumas nephew don't work cheap.

Welcome to the new era of Togetherheid. It's like Apartheid but now Zuma and Mandella heid the money together.

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Does, Zuma and Mandela work in the mines to.

Thats what ill call, solidarity,or,as you points out, Togetherheid,Ein zwei,alles fur eins,eins fur ich.

Africa back to the Africans!

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.. yes and Africans back to Africa!

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kleptocrat oligarchs laboring alongside the serfs, surely you jest...

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Didn't those anthropologists trace all our genetic roots back to Africa?

Shirley (for Kito) they're mistaken.

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High Demand + Unchanged Supply = Higher Prices

Economics 101

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that's bullshit....paper derivatives set the price of gold. econ 101 in the new normal. how do you think they manip the prices of gold...?

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You sure that's Africa? Looks a lot like Detroit.

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more like the chicago teachers union.....

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Damn, I thought that corner looked familiar.

That's Conner and Gratiot.

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I'm part of the Detroit diasphora and appreciate the mention of Conner and Gratiot where I witnessed some road rage action. The driver of one car got out, walked to the car behind him, and beat the driver of the second car through an open window. So very Detroit assaulting someone in front of a police precinct. A couple of police out of uniform walked across the street and made the arrest. 

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Fire up the AK-47s, time to shoot  up some miners, and ship some in from Vietnam.


Edit...apparently three people are too stupid to understand sarcasm based on past events..or they feel that shooting striking workers is the solution.

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They are not so much stupid as they are confused as to how you figured out their plan...

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no sarcasm or joking imo when we saw a shooting at a strike that looked like a f war scene. Knowing sOuth Africans this will end badly.

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I see so you fall into the shooting of miners camp...gotcha.

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i see that you are never wrong.

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Holly fuckawucka hide the white women.

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yeah, it's a dangerous game if the fuckers are going to shoot you for not working. They might introduce it into the US and Europe if it reduces numbers out of work.

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"They might introduce it into the US and Europe if it reduces numbers out of work." - I wish they did, if you don't want to work why should you want to eat

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Apologies for not knowing more about this mining situation, but I'm assuming these miners WANT to work, but would like a little more money for all the digging.

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Start in Chicago, no one will notice the noise of the new gunfire over the existing gunfire.