S&P To About Commence Cutting Corporates

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Those who were hoping only government and government-related entities are about to be skewered by S&P, we have some unpleasant news: according to Reuters Insider: "Announcements should be expected this morning about effects to corporations from S&P’s downgrade of U.S. credit rating, David Beers, head of S&P’s sovereign ratings." This means financials, the corporate group most at risk to the US downgrade, are about to be shellacked. And, as we pointed out previously, a 2 notch downgrade in Morgan Stanley will result in a $1.4 billion margin call. We haven't done the math on the other TBTFs but something tells us Bank of America is in the same boat (and isn't it ironic if AIG also ends up seeing a collateral spring as a result of the US downgrade). Are we about to see the first (of many) truly unexpected consequence of the US downgrade? Stay tuned.

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side note

Radiation Levels Strong Enough To Kill A Man In Seconds Detected At Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant



if this is true and it is, then how in the hell are they ever going to clean that up and just when will this event ever end?  and what are the ramifications for the world?


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So -- in context, S&P d/gs TEPCO to FFF.

I think everyone knew that HPD..

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This is not the clean up you're looking for.

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Slow indiscriminate depopulation as planned / desired.  Read yesterday there is already a 30% increase in still born babies and the background radiation was 1000 times that immediately following the A Bomb hit in WW2 .....  Billions in futile cancer treatments will be reaped along the way.  It really is sureal how little attention it gets.  Hopefully the 'models' predicting it will circulate around the Nothern Hemishere are true for us Southern Hemi's.  It is measurable in Canada so I would be buying a dosimeter and keeping tabs myself ..... can't trust anything you are fed via official channels.

john39's picture

would you really be surprised if it was fake?  I have seen pretty good evidence that it is all an elaborate psy-op.  but, i'm just a tin foil hat guy.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I have seen pretty good evidence that it is all an elaborate psy-op.

Exactly what is "it" that you think is an psyops? The readings? The meltdown itself? Would appreciate an elaboration. Thanks.

john39's picture

the radiation readings are faked.  many of the photographs of the damaged facility are faked.   no doubt that a wave hit the facility, but the rest of it is a smaller scale 911 type event.  but the radiation is all scare mongering.  there are still a few places on the net where you can find real radiation readings, and they show no issues.   the real tell is the fake pictures of the facility.  if you dig around the net you can find a discussion of this, with old satellite photos of the real fukashima plant, which look nothing like the pics they have been showing on the news (which are replete with alterations anyway).

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You are spending too much time on Godlikeproductions.

john39's picture

hardly.  those morons think muslims control the world and that only by saving the state of israel will the U.S. be saved.  mind control anyone?  besides, they are all convinced that the radiation from fukishima will kill us all.  I see it for the bs that it is.

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Sorry, CD. That information is on a "need to know" basis, and cleared for release only at the very highest level. Special Psy-Op Unit 2 is a highly-trained and field operation-tested group. 


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?????  I can contemplate that the quake / tsunami were triggered by HAARP accidently or on purpose and/or  that the Nuclear industry is corrupted and the facilities are sub standard as a result but you can't fake a Globally televised disaster with tens of thousands dead .... You tube and Blogs would be inundated with reports of same by millions of Japanese citizens for starters.

problemfixr's picture

First we will all begin glowing, then many will die horrible deaths.  Then, the Government will raise the acceptable radiation limits and call the ones that do manage to survive crazy and conspiracy theorists.

MsCreant's picture

Go to google, then hit news, then put fukushima into the browser.

The news makes it look like nothing unusual is going on, at all. The silence on this is deafening.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

It's only real if we are told it is.

dizzyfingers's picture

Some elder Japanese have volunteered.

No-risk elder population reduction?

snowball777's picture

Somehow I don't think the denizens of West Palm Beach will leap up to volunteer to deal with the Vermont Yankee if and when.

Forgiven's picture

Laughing uncontrollably!

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So are the PE ratios of 2000 of LinkedOUT not bullish?? Hey Jim Cramer... What do you think?? Should I buy??? LMAO!

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I think US govt should arrest S&P guys and all other rating guys. Rating activity should be prohibited as fraud.

luigi's picture

Unless, of course, they are downgrading concurrent souvereigns... :)

Gmpx's picture

Ratings come from schools. Schools deal with kids and have to make things simplified. In adult life ratng is fraud.

luigi's picture

Indeed: on a more serious note, I agree with you. Serius transparent information should suffice to anybody operating in the financial market, non need for ra(n)ting :)

Gmpx's picture

Any adult-life information should be presented in adult language. It cannot be presented as 1-week old's language: AAAA, UUAAA. How come these "babies" are allowed to damage people's life? RATING IS FRAUD

-Michelle-'s picture

Don't give them any ideas. You know they read the comments section here.

kridkrid's picture

I guarantee there have been endless discussions about how exactly they could go about doing just that. 

Gmpx's picture

Nothing to discuss. Just try them for fraud. No cruelty needed. Greece will make a new NO-PASARAN-RATING public holiday. Many other countries will follow.

oogs66's picture

it is the regulators that gave them the power!  that is what is most insane, the government did this to themselves!

High Plains Drifter's picture

if we started waterboarding S & P guys, and gals, I promise you they would start singing like birds and then everyone would understand what it is they really and truely are all about...........

Gmpx's picture

RATING = FRAUD. Rating has less letters than 2 week old's language. How can anything be described in this language?

snowball777's picture

Central bankers may use more verbage, but the level of semantic content is about the same.

Gmpx's picture

I disagree. Your letter is in common language. I understand it and I disagree. If you have said something like UUUAAAA, I would not be able to understand and the react to your message.

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Somehow, I get the feeling this downgrade/takedown is deliberate. So who's pulling the plug?

Gmpx's picture

I think S&P try to be honest after all previous mistakes. They honestly (within their baby languge) changed the tune. But the very idea of the RATING IS WRONG.

kridkrid's picture

moat likely, no?  I mean it's not like the S&P all of a sudden decided to do their job.  Market crash, QE3 to the rescue?

fuu's picture


We should start arresting people for having opinions now?

I nominate you.

Gmpx's picture

Opinion must be presented in adult languge. RATING IS FRAUD

fuu's picture

JFC. You do know the downgrade came with a big write up and everything? It had charts and graphs and lots of words.

The letter rating is just the short hand.


here read the damn thing: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/sp-about-start-cutting-corporates-well#comment-1536956

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So it should stay with the many words. Mathematically, it cannot be compressed in 3 letters. Even if you compress your photo with Jpeg you undersatnd you loose quality of the photo. Imagine your photo will be comressed into 3 letters - we will not know if you are male or female :)

fuu's picture

So your original point that we should arrest S&P is that although they did release a detailed paper on why they were downgrading the credit worthiness of the US they sum it up in AA+ and that is bad,

Ok I get it, you are a distraction.

Carry on.

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I think the fraud is in converting a long text into a short code and presening the code as it has some value or meaning.

Peter K's picture

And how about France?  Doooooh......

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That would be really bad news.

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Those S&P execs aren't going to be very popular at dinner parties any time soon.....

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Collapse Bitchez, good thing AU/AG have no counterparty/default risk there.

Doyle Hargraves's picture

I prefer physical but XAU contents keep it coming out of the ground in large numbers. Got a chance to check out Barrick and Newmont's operations in Northern Nevada, pretty impressive stuff.

Spitzer's picture

I am 70% physical but that is too easy. Have to gamble somewhere.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I love the smell of S&P corporate downgrades in the morning. And in the afternoon as well.