S&P Downgrades Over 20 Italian Banks, Says Difficult Climate Is Neither "Transitory" Nor "Easily Reversed"

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MPs to vote on call for referendum on UK leaving the EU
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Seems they're not cutting fast enough.

You are either solvent or not.

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I'm sure Cameron will get right on that, considering all his promises in the election.


The referendum will never happen, because EU membership would be shot down 80 to 20.

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Again, sparing at least 15 people the effort.



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A Frech ratings cut will do the uber-bullish trick.

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so when the full on collapse occurs, will I need lawyers, guns, and money--or just guns?

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You will need the guns to shoot the lawyers.

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all you need is love, love.






love is all you need.

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also bullets for your love.

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My vote is "From Russia with Love" myself.

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Milan & Rome riot cam live feed upcoming...

... is this the beginning of a HFT-lead hyperinflation?

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I feel for Portugal, they are gonna get creamed in all this.

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I feel not for Greece, for they cheated themselves into the mess.

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Oh fuck, this should be a good for another S&P pop. 



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Absolutely. The worse things get, the greater the chance of a nuclear bailout.

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i say give them all the boot

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tylers--real question for yous.  How do they keep assassinating the vix?  There can't be that many players hyper-day trading puts..  

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And S&P 20 points off the lows... Would like to say FUBAR but it feels too mild of an expression.

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Soon to be a new  report ' All stocks have been sold, market can only go up from here "

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Gold down while the world of confetti collapses.  This is the biggest fucking joke I have ever wittnessed in this country.

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Looks like the joke's on you. Now let us reflect upon the appearance of none other than the Joker himself shall we?

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Stocks are only up for the same reason gold will be over 2000 by the end of the year.  Someone is printing a lot of money right now.  I wouldn't worry about gold raids.  Gold always takes out the trash.

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why CNBC circus does not report that yet? Are they giving enough time for market to be propt? 

May be algos need some time to start reversing...

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ummm.../ 'Rome we have a problem'..............breaker..breaker..1-9 this is Houston "go full throttle up" and disregard any transmission from Italy...."Roger that Houston"............"going full throttle up" !

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Just sold the dog and pony tickets to stick around and watch mainstream news.

Austerity comes with commercials

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...commercials that want to buy your "worn out gold" (fukkin love that phrase) or to sell you junk on credit.

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What's the problem? 

Italy creates some funny money.  Gives it to the EFSF.  The EFSF buys Italian bonds.


Sounds like a win win plan for everybody!!!


(must buy some more cheap 2013 TBT calls)

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Fascism dies hard in the place where it all began. They knew what to do once the euro came along: take the gold and give "the other people's" as the trade. Invasion is out of the question... there is expansionism of course. Wrong guy in charge for that of course.

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Talk about pathetic - who thinks the Italian banking system is not completely corrupted and bankrupt?  This is really closing the barn door a few months/years after the horse disappeared.


Still, I suppose it does make the MSM a little uncomfortable, so that is worth something.

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Lots of bank downgrades, solid positives for stock melt-ups across the board!

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Somewhere behind the scenes a plan has been hatched.  Most likely it will involve CNBC hacks bad mouthing ratings agencies while the Federal Reserve loans out 30 trillion dollars at 0% to whoever shows up.

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What goes up ..must come down?  Question is when?

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According to the law of gravity yes, but there is no more rule of law here...

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I'm about to downgrade into the toilet...see you guys in a few.

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Ratings downgrades have no effect on the markets anymore. Stocks totally shrug them off.

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Time to replace the head of S&P again?

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while drunk, i asked my paint thinner! are you solvent or not?

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This is reposted from here, but may be interesting, as I currency pairs, groups will long term tell a lot what is going to happen in this unipolar  world when its major reserve currency collapses in 2016  ( after the other, EUR, will start collapsing already in early 2012 but French and German and some other strong Northern countries start to clean Eurozone up):


I have considered GBP/USD - but not in too great detail- can someone present me with the most advanced financial charting and analysis soft

From what I have considered, it seems (but I have to check, too many charts, I also want to be able to study ratios (not only forex-any) charts of even triple ratio charts or triple surface charts (1 price as function of 2 others)  with movable/stretchable time scales, log-log plots etc) that after Eurozone final cleanup in 2013, from 2014 GPB will be pegged to the USD in rather narrow 0,71 GPB per USD +-2% corridor. in 2016, with USA default, GBP will obvioulsy move up into 0,5 GPB per GPB within 2 years. Before 2014, GPB will be also stable to USD at 0,62 GPB per USD, but inflationary pressures will mount.

Also, relatively stable vs. USD during 2014 will be CHF and especially CAD. JPY may even grow from 2013 vs, USD. The big sufferer in USD index is EUR.

One more interesting thing ( I have not been able to make any meaningful assessment of Yuan) is that one currency that will appreciate against USD starting already from 2014 will be PLN, and perhaps, CZK. What it tells, is, that not only these countries have developed good industrial base in post soviet years, but also, that GERMAN economic machine will be running full speed after 2013 German federal elections (between 1 September and 27 October 2013) adn expose confidence that it will continue running . From the chart I had published earlier elsewhere:

USD per EUR 2011-2018

Old EUR USD 2011_2017.png (70.71 KB) Viewed 1 time

One can see that something happens during early 2013 and than especially in end of 2013 when EUR temporarily takes back lost ground to USD. One of the possible reasons is that French elections in 2012 gives hope, while German in end of 2013 seals EUROZONE cleanup act in what ever form. After that , from UDS per EUR graph its clear, that, either as usual , promises are not kept or new factors arise that makes impossible for them to be kept ( and forces US to peg to USD to stoke inflation).

Such ideas about GBP, etc. I will come with more graphs as soon I am able to make them( takes DAYS of working itme/chart)


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I wondered why markets climbed back up today.

BUT ,does this not make the S&P TERRORIST.


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It's quite funny that they used the word "transitory" .

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transitory to total oblivion

no more spaghetti banks

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Wait for the French downgrade!!!!!!!!


Yields are blowing up in France. 

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What I find incredibly cunning is that these "Rating Agencies" seem to be focusing all their attention on Europe after having absolutely screwed the pooch for decades with regard to US corps and govs. It is looking more and more to me like the US it trying to cause Europe to fail in order to cover its own transgressions. Then can "blame" Europe for the failure of the world economic and financial failure. As we know "the victors write the histories", or as an extention "the ones who do not fail first write the news stories".