S&P Key Support Level: 1284; After That It Is Rough Sailing Until 1252

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As ES tumbled to 1285, there is a good reason why it was instrumental to halt the drop because should the 200 DMA in the S&P get taken out, at about 1284, then say hello to the next support which is at the March and June swing low trendline of 1258. Then again, in order to get QE3, which by the way is the goal here once all the smoke and pizza boxes clear, the market does need to plunge as has been warned again and again. Alas, it has to drop by another 20% from here. So, all those who traditionally keep buying the dip in advance of anticipated Fed intervention sooner or later will have to eat their losses. And considering that America may be bankrupt as soon as Tuesday unless the Fed sells its gold, it will certainly be sooner. So as Asian dealers scramble, and Europe wakes up (can UniCredit make it a trifecta of trading halts? Why of course), with America to follow thereafter realizing its Q2 GDP was just 1.7% (and to be revised to 1.4% in 2 months), the race for QE3 finally is on with just one month until Jackson Hole.

h/t London Dude Trader

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TD - Could you make the chart just a little bigger? Thanks!

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Tried clicking on it?

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Well now it's clickable. Thanks! 

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CNTRL + Mouse up and down works too.

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Meanwhile, huge gaping cracks appear within the Libyan "rebels".

Their commander in chief was shot dead by another "rebel" tribal faction: the MI6.


Can't wait for the markets to price this in.

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I didn't see this coming: Boehner is the one who must fall on his sword.

The only solution is compromise with the dems.

Poor Boehner. Now I know why he cries.

His career is finished.

As a politician.

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Don't feel sorry for him.

His carrer at GS is just starting.

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he's a troll, a_x, identical copies on diff strings.

see how unrelated it is? 

see ya!

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Hre was an ex-general and very close to gadaffi. Many in the ranks didn't trust him and they are celebrating in the streets. There will be several young and able patriots to fill his shoes.

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Hre was an ex-general and very close to gadaffi. Many in the ranks didn't trust him and they are celebrating in the streets. There will be several young and able patriots to fill his shoes.

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Hre was an ex-general and very close to gadaffi. Many in the ranks didn't trust him and they are celebrating in the streets. There will be several young and able patriots to fill his shoes.

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sorry about the multi replies.

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sorry about the multi replies.

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sorry about the multi replies.

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BTFD. Guns and Ammo and food. Let the hunt begin. F this shitz.

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The debt ceiling is trashing the dollar enough. I don't think anyone can afford the hyperinflation from qe3.

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Hey ZH/Tyler/etc- have you gotten enough ads placed on every web page yet?
I think you can squeeze 4 or 5 more in before we all get fed up with this crap.



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Lol. Kind of funny when they're all the same banner ad but different sizes. Big brother google caches alll your searches so the ads start popping up from key words in your searches.

Search for porn, get meet singles, search for cars, get car ads etc...

Just use firefox and an ad blocker.

Be cool and donate to zh to keep it going though.

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Damnit, I hope my wife stays off ZH then!

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You must be the big donor around here then.  We salute you.

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the boy needs to learn the more subtle dynamics of web marketing, eh?

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I use Chrome and I don't see a single ad. 

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Hate the player not the game.

Are the DOW futues really supposed to be down 80+? Asian markets are open and supposed to tank this crap.


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yeah SparkySC, being rewarded financially for all the work you have done creating a great website is wrong.

oh the audacity of ZH for wanting to be remunerated to keep the site alive during a depression!!!

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When I rode dirt bikes as a kid we called that a "triple." Don't case it, see you at the bottom.

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Since qe3 is "all about jobs" I found it disturbing reading a story about how companies are clearly discriminating against the unemployed.

They want to hire employed people. I guess I see their point. Even if the unemployed went into debt to get a new degree or training they're still not wanted as they have no real life experience.

This new america sucks.

Apple sits on 70 odd billions in cash from sourcing all it's work out to china. Guess it's time to over pay for some dot hype video service or social network and piss it away. Give out some big bonuses for that.

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Looks like they will be issuing the new Banzai banana republic bucks soon the way the dollar is dropping.

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AAaaaahhhhh ... I love the smell of napalm in the morning.  It smells like ...  Victory!

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One day...this war is gonna end.....

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And with it the Private "Fed".

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Then it is time for the President's Working Group to come into the markets.  Here fishy, fishy!

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game over...thanks for playing...enjoy the home version sheeple...

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continuation pattern. 

new all time high ahead. mark my words, still hold 50% IRA in US equity, will add once things get clear.

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I'll see your continuation pattern...and raise you a chinese bullet train to hell...

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would you guys like some brie?

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You misspelled ASS, Jack.

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Seriously. Does this look like a credit profile you would lend to?

If you maxed your credit card, then amazingly got an increase on your limit, rinsed & repeated, and KEPT your FICO score perfect, you'd be (TAKE A GUESS).

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(RE above) Just wanted link to graphic not article

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uhnnn... ...slewie?


...charles ponzi!

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Picture this scenario: its August 3rd and no agreement has been made. SPX is trading at 1230's, a good 110 point drop from recent highs. Bond yields start creeping higher and the DXY continues to slip into the 72 range. At this point with markets following the sink down to the drain but without the benefit of a rising dollar, congress panics and the tea party holdouts get co-opted into voting for "any" bill to get the job done. This worse the market beating the higher the odds of a vote.


Eventually something passes and it gets raised. However, if it is a short term raise (8 months) the markets will be uneasy about the US finances. Gone are the days when they could raise the debt ceiling by 2.3 trillion without anyone really taking notice. America is now like Greece, needing a debt raise every few months with the politicians screaming and kicking along the way. Its incredible how our "borrowing" hedge lasted for only 3 years.

Glad I have my gold, silver, butane, cash (dollar, yen, euro) medical supplies, flour, beans, and olive oil. The prep list continues to grow.

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This is all theatrics to get someone in congress to blink first. A deal will get through soon enough. I think PMs will get a bit of a beating when the deal passes.....but I have cash waiting for that moment.

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Not exactly. Once again, the US takes in tax receipts of app. 180bn/mo. Debt Service costs 35b/mo. The US does not have a debt problem. YET. What the US has is a spending problem. US Gov. spending is running at app. 300b/mo. And that is the issue that is being addressed by the Tea Party folks;)  

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Incorrect my friend about the ability of the US to service its debt. Although interest expense is 350 billion per month, roughly 2.7 trillion dollars worth of treasury securities are due within the next 12 months. Much of US debt is front ended in short term paper so the game has been to borrow big money with short duration with ultra low yields. Treasury has 90 billion in maturities due on Aug 4th alone, with more big payouts week after week.

US must keep raising debt size in order to service existing debt. The true definition of a ponzi.

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head and shoulders analysis confirms a nice S&P drop any day; maybe even starting tomorrow Black Friday the 29th of July, 2011. Watch out people it's gonna be a grin shit giggles inducing ride!!!! Yeeehaaaw!!!!!!!!!

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Trading this market especially right now is a gamble, pure and symple. Just know that the house has the tools to trade on the information much quicker than you can. So by the time the move happens the HFT's will either be buying or selling faster than you can press the purchase order. Now if you guess which way things are going to go and simply hold that position for a swing trade then sure you can make or lose money. Just know that its a gamble and that no technical analysis will help you at this point.

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Very interesting how Gold and Silver are selling off tonight. Is it possible a total flight to cash is happening? I have MT support in Silver around 34.50-35.50 I doubt it gets that low though.

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as of now I still have gold at 1615 us.....not much of a drop?

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Oh no, Ben's QE bubble is going to burst. What to do?