S&P Warning Of Imminent Greek Default Again, But Promises All Shall Be Well, Dallara Speaks

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Just a week over the last time S&P said Greece would likely default any second, it reminds us once again why we should care.


Perhaps just as irrelevant if notable is that S&P basically said just that back on May 9, 2011. As for Greece, it is a given that if the country proceeds with CACs it will default. Period. And yet that is just what will happen. However a far bigger question, as we touched on yesterday, is what happens next, when Portugal decides to follow the same framework of "deleveraging" only to find that courtesy of having strong creditor protection bonds it can't? Or when the Troika figures out that due to strong negative pledges, the country's balance sheet can not be primed and thus subordinated, and thus is ineligible for secured financing. And what happens when Europe realizes that Portugal is ineligible for saving in the conventional sense? Or Spain? and so forth.

Finally, here is Dalarra's long awaited commentary on the progress of the Greek exchange offer, via Bloomberg.


In Europe beggars no longer can be choosers:


Translation: the future of Europe is in the hands of a few good hedge funds. As predicted on Zero Hedge last June.

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Chuck Bone's picture

I don't care what the ECB says, everyone will find out soon enough that sovereign lending is inherently unsecured.

Chief KnocAHoma's picture

Same old trick - they have gun to the head of all citizens of the EU and are yelling...

"We mean it... we will let Greece default and you will all be wiped out,... or you can support the ESM we passed in secret last night. Your choice..."

GetZeeGold's picture



It's imminent.....and this time we're really really serious about it.


Consider this.....double secret probation.

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Those hedge funds are who own the golden CDS are never going to cave in for a 70 % haircut minus a credit event. This is the Greek gov't and big banks desperately trying to suck more money out of EU taxpayers before the turnip is dry. Greece will default by the weekend. Game over.

Hugh_Jorgan's picture

I don't think the Hedge Funds have a choice over whether or not it happens. They may be able to decide when to take their medicine, but Greece will default.

slaughterer's picture

Can ZH name exactly which hedge funds are holding Greek debt with the aim of becoming the "nuisance" that triggers the oncoming disaster?

GetZeeGold's picture



Greek standoff. Don't blink.

Yamaha's picture

Tyler - and the winners will be?

Eally Ucked's picture

Vega Asset Management, Och Ziff, York Capital, GreyLock Asset Management, Saba Capital and Marathon Asset Management 

slaughterer's picture

Both Och-Ziff and York Capital Management have denied they have material holdings in Greek debt.  

Tyler Durden's picture

Only one name matters: Elliott

slaughterer's picture

If Elliott is involved, we can expect:

a.) extensive and costly litigation

b.) demands for past due interest

c.) exposure of corruption of Greek state and possibly the EU



Calmyourself's picture

Again paraphrasing Stalin:  How many divisions do the hedgies command?

The rule of law is over boy and girls all that remains is the veil of normalcy.

CPL's picture

plus the massive exposure the Canadian government allowed during the time of the super banks.  Canada didn't get their superbank mechanisms because of political pressure, they did however get to help underwrite the EU as a conciliatory prize.

falak pema's picture

Elliot Ness! I knew he was back, now all we need is J Edgar and then those Greeks will all eat pasta like the spaghetti balls of Brooklyn. When a Ness meets a real mess its the best of both worlds, a haircut for one side of mess and a lobotomy for the other.

"Ya takes ya pick for each end of tha stick." J Edgar is not mashing his metaphors.  "Now go find Lula Sue, Elliot, before she burns the dago geeks up tha creek. We have our marching orders from Ben."

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doomz78's picture

so how does a hedge fund control the faith of europe.  Please give me the coles note version. 

john39's picture

because they have the power to force the cabal to come fully into the open and show that law and legal rights no longer matter.   the cabal will only do this if it has to.   sure this info is nothing new around here, but most of the world still believes in the rule of law, efficient markets and the rest of that fantasy world bullshit.   but not for much longer.

RiverRoad's picture

And the Rothchilds will be doing exactly what behind the scenes?

Dcheeth2's picture

Durden Associates???? lol

Spooky Polish's picture

oh reallly ? 


I don't think so .. 


S&P downgrade = bullish
S&P warns = 100% bullish
S&P moans = bulls in africa licks their balls  

a growing concern's picture

Everything is fucking bullish.  I just can't get past the cognitive dissonance of going long in this market.  And this godforsaken market is staying retarded much longer than I can stay solvent in it.  Bastards.

disabledvet's picture

Bernanke, Paulson and Geithner allowed for the chance of the business cycle to work with all the bailouts. It's as SIMPLE as that. While i wouldn't call it a resounding success...it has worked here in the USA. Throw in some shale oil and some cloud computing and...voila'!...you have the makings of a "what shouldn't be a shockingly anemic recovery" but instead a rip roaring one. I'll leave it to you to answer the lack of a "rip roaring recovery." I know i already know. And if you'd seen what has happened to me as a consequence you'd also know why the blow up in Europe will lead to full scale war in the Middle East. Eh. I've already done my bit for King and Country. Let the warmongers on the tele explain it to the fallen...Lord knows nearly all the current crop of war-wonger wannabees not only have never served nor ever cared to but have no problem telling others to "do as such." C'est la vie.

doomz78's picture

They wont have a REAL default.  Credit drfault swaps sure are hard to honour.  They will buy another few weeks by doing the same thing that has hapened for the last 12 months.  Alot of nothing. 

Stoploss's picture

All it takes is one to actually fall, and the rest will follow.

one man wolf pack's picture

The TPTB know this and thats why they are trying not to let the first one fall.

On another note I have been going over Greece's numbers , and if they would just stop breaking plates they could get their whole budget in line. 2 trillion in damaged china, WTF?

Eireann go Brach's picture

Don't ruin the state of the union speech from Obama! Where you will see live a man that will spew verbal poo from his lips all while alternating between sounding white most of the time, but yet will veer and sound black when he suddenly moves off the teleprompter for a second! The fucking endless clapping reminds me of a trip to the zoo and watching the monkeys play together!

Chief KnocAHoma's picture

But he is cool.. he danced on the Lezbo Ellen show.... and Oprah likes him

Money never sleeps's picture

ECB will soon be history as these guys will take over the world with their business model: http://bit.ly/wZ7orO

RiverRoad's picture

Re Chuck Bone:  "everyone will find out soon enough that sovereign lending is inherently unsecured" 

Perhaps that's their "poison pill", though as Tyler has pointed out the world courts could get pesky about that.

trebuchet's picture

Tyler says:

"the country's balance sheet can not be primed and thus subordinated, and thus is ineligible for secured financing"

Chuck B says:

"I don't care what the ECB says, everyone will find out soon enough that sovereign lending is inherently unsecured."

Pardon my ignorance but isnt that the whole point of the SMP and its collateral arrangements soon to be supported by ESM? 

They ignore the ratings of Greek and Portuguese bonds for purposes of taking collateral.... so the more these countries end up selling junk they more they get backed by Senior (unsubordinated) bonds/capital.    (Its a separate point about whether that fiat backing is worth anything long term..... i think...????)

So private sector write-offs/CDS collects will hit the banks, but that is what the LTRO is for, to backstop those.  

So everyone gets sucked into a system controlled by the ECB/IMF..... ?????? 

lolmao500's picture

Crash Europe already. The EU needs to die.

France needs to elect LePen and kick the euro shills out. Bankers and their political friends need to hang high

niktamere's picture

Ceux qui se laissent porter par le système, c'est les même qui votent Le Pen mais qui sont pas racistes , c'est les mêmes qui font les grèves pour protester dès que les escalators ils tombent en panne , la pire des races !

falak pema's picture

what has race got to do with : Mort aux cons!

doomz78's picture

tata. colon.  tu dis rien.  Achete toi douze biere et reste a maison pour la journee. 

niktamere's picture

you fellas must not "get" party politics, I understand. Vive la suffisance

fonzannoon's picture

I think they mean imminent as described in the steamroller scene from Austin Powers.

GeneMarchbanks's picture

We're all dead! But not you. You're excluded.

RobotTrader's picture

Same reaction to potential "problems" in Europe:



1) Everyone suddenly flees to "Paper" as Treasuries are going vertical

2) Gold getting bludgeoned, horrific gap down in the GDX

3) Various and assorted tech stocks like VMW, WDC shucking off Europe problems


Any questions??

slaughterer's picture

Would you answer them?  Robo, what is your SPX target?  Just give us a number. 

CPL's picture

If he doesn't have any numbers, he does an interesting interpretive dance. 


Robotrader is famous for his tap dancing with a back peddle spin with Hamy

Chief KnocAHoma's picture


LawsofPhysics's picture

"Gold getting bludgeoned"

Wake me up when it is back down under $500 an ounce, then I will be even with my paper investment.  Loser.

GetZeeGold's picture



Your definition of -0.67% appears to be a lot different than mine.



LawsofPhysics's picture

Your comment does not even make sense.  You must of bought high.  Sorry, I trade under one general rule - buy low and sell high.  If you are taking a hit with a -0.67% move, then you didn't invest wisely.

GetZeeGold's picture



I first bought gold at $273......I'm good with the -0.67 hit.


I'm unbludgeoned.....and really not all that worried. Haven't you heard? Greece is going to default....and then Spain, Italy, Prodigal, Ireland....you get the idea.


No worries....it will happen in super slowmo HD. Even the slowest should be able to see it coming. Well....right up until the the time the slow fizz goes boom.


At that exact instant....the gold window will close.






EscapeKey's picture

Yes - when is the right time to sell those Netflix shares we bought per your recommendation at their peak?