Spain: The Infographic

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This should explain it all.

It should also explain who has all the leverage. For those confused, JP Getty has a reminder: "If you owe the bank $100, that’s your problem. If you owe the bank $100 million, that’s the bank’s problem." Now just replace "$100" million with "€450 billion" (for now, likely to be €1 trillion in a few days), and "Spain" with "Germany", and it should all fall into place.

h/t Simon

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Its an exponential chart, but something is weighing it down, towards the latest jumps ... lack of space on the chart paper?

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They are probably moving some of the debt over to the asset side of the ledger using some "modern" accountanting practices...

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Accounting is so 80s ... Derivatives can even make them disappear altogether ... for a while ...

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Going UP......that's good right?


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Vapour, Smoke, Flames....

All go up!


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Why is the picture so low-res that reading the text is difficult? (when zoomed in)

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Yes, I agree.  Maybe it's just us?  I have other stuff to do rather than trying to figure out what I'm supposed to be deciphering in a graph that I have to open in another tab and enlarge -- and still can't read.  How come the explanation can't just be stated plainly in the text of the article?  I like puzzles and conundrums, but I'm only on the first cup o' coffee.

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 "Going UP......that's good right?"

These guys are like dumb golfers who think the higher the score, the better their game.

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thick as pig shit you are....

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in case of a penis, yes... :)

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It amazes me that Assets can be Vaporized but Debt never Vaporizes.

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That's only partially true.

If the debts are owed to a connected bank, then it won't.

If the debt however is owed to a pension fund, then it might very well.

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Indeed. And should the interest rate soar the value of said debt does the opposite. "You don't want to be most favored bank" then. I think someone tried to kill the bank regulator in Greece actually. Blew up his/her house or something or other. Not that that would ever happen in the USA of course. "Standing behind that bank examiner is the entire military industrial complex" as they say. And that God for that.

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"The wrong" bonds going down in value?

Then Uncle Ben will definitely splooge.

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It amazes me that Assets can be Vaporized but Debt never Vaporizes.

Not sure why you think this is so.  One person's debt is another person's financial asset. Logically:  If such assets can be vaporized, symmetry suggests the underlying (debt) has also vaporized.  Legally:  the purpose of bankruptcy processes is precisely to erase debt.

Now if you're referring to the fact that our monetary system is based on debt and the currency is in fact just another form of debt, then your statement is partly true.  But even here, debt can (and does) vaporize.  The currency may remain in circulation (in different hands), but some of the underlying has simply disappeared.

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Futures cutting losses...rally on!

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Yes, of course, because German bank downgrades, Spanish debt downgrades, disappointing manufacturing data from Italy, markets running up on QE expectations which weren't delivered... all of these just aren't good enough reasons for the equities markets to go down.

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all of these just aren't good enough reasons for the equities markets to go down.

Do you need any other reasons as proof for our thesis that central planning can offer etrnal growth and prosperity?

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Relax. It's just giving us a new short entry, nothing to be alarmed about.

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You must be crazy; shorting a manipulated insiders market, where the main puppeteer is standing ready to splooge anytime.

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You probably would have said the same thing at the beginning of May, before I doubled my portfolio. But more to the point, yes, I am crazy. But not insane.

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Before you label me as a tin-foil hat wearer, consider the following:

Live records for multiple radiation monitoring stations near the border of Indiana and Michigan have shown radiation levels as high as 7,139 counts per minute (CPM). The level varied between 2,000 CPM and 7,000 CPM for several hours early this morning (EST).

Normal radiation levels are between 5 and 60 CPM, and any readings above 100 CPM should be considered unusual and trigger an alert, according to information listed on the RadNet website (at

Digital Journal reported earlier today that near the Indiana & Michigan borders Geiger detectors from the EPA & Black Cat were showing insanely elevated radiation levels. They quickly changed their story fundamentally, but not before I went OCD on it (see also my username). I personally conversed with the NRC today as well as the Hazmat response Captain for the Indiana State Police.

Here is a quick pic, before it was redacted / "corrected". Notice it is NOT the EPA's RadNet open-air detector in Fort Wayne, but another privately run detector near South Bend, owned by Radiation Network:


They then "made a correction" and called it a false alarm, claiming that their "false alarm" was also the same cause for Black Cat... but what about the EPA's federal detectors, the ones that don't use the same information streams as RadiationNetwork? Read on:

EPA's "near-realtime" open-air geiger counter for Ft Wayne Indiana no longer shows live data but cuts off May 19th. This morning, it didn't (hence the basis for this comment), but by using the RADNET query tool, WE CAN STILL PULL THE DATA UP as in this screenshot <- For more cities and a breakdown of the wind spread, check here

Want more? The area of interest isn't very far away from this strange event that just happened the other day where no fault line is present.

More? The DOD owns about 130,000 acres of land in the area.

Also, I remind you that it was the EPA's federal detectors and privately owned / Internet enthusiast detectors FROM TWO DIFFERENT PLACES (BlackCat & the Radiation Network) reporting the same incident.

Tell me Reddit, am I paranoid?

EDIT 14 pwns EDIT 7Redditor says: Central Ohio here. I work at a large public university (not hard to guess which) next to a small research reactor that's located near the back of campus. There's (normally) a large fleet of hazmat response trucks and trailers parked in the nearby lot. Most of them are NIMS early response vehicles funded by Homeland Security (says so right on them). Haven't seen them move once since I started working a few years ago. Tonight? All gone. edit: will try to get pictures tonight/tomorrow

EDIT 7 comes first: To those who say it was still a malfunction:

You miss a VERY elementary point: one detector was privately ran in South Bend. That one "malfunctioned". But then the data is corroborated by a federally ran detector in Ft Wayne, a good drive away. And then more data as time goes on from other detectors. Like here, where one can see the drifts over Little Rock, AR 12 hours later, which lines up with the wind maps. For those that don't seem to know, that's a long way away from Ft Wayne. And the "average" CPM level in Little Rock has been around 8 CPM for the past 12 months.

and to those that point to the pinhole coolant leak in Dayton:

that pinhole leak couldn't possibly account for the levels seen here, and it was in hot standby mode (hot & pressurized, but no fission) because it was being refueled. And the workers would have triggered alarms if they were contaminated.

EDIT 11 also jumps the line: On a tip, I called the Traverse City Fire Dept and asked them if they noticed anything unusual, muttered that I was with the "nuclear reddit board". They confirmed they had unusually high readings, and that they reported them to the NRC earlier today.

EDIT 1 It's spreading as you would expect

EDIT 2 More "human numbers":

The actual dose from other redditor / semi-pro opinion + myself is speculated to be... RE-EDIT: Guess you'll never know, because armchair-physicists want to argue too wildly for consensus.

EDIT 3high levels of Radon in the area??

EDIT 4 I heard from a semi-verified source that minot afb in north dakota, one of the largest nuclear bases, is running a nuclear response and containment "training exercise" right now with their b-52s. take this with a grain of salt, I'm not vouching for it EDIT: this redditor verifies

EDIT 5: some redditors keep talking about seeing gov't helicopters: here and here and here <- UPDATE: this one now has video

EDIT 6: Someone posted it to AskScience, but a mod deleted it and removed comments

>>>> EDIT 8: > Twes [+1] 11 minutes ago I mean, it is kind of interesting to speculate about... I will at the very least continue to watch this thread/ news stories. I don't know if someone in the 2000 comments has posted this, but before the spike, radiation levels were around 1 to 2 times normal. After the spike they are staying at a constant 5 to 7 times normal.!/LongmontRadMon

EDIT 9: - Removed for being incorrect -

EDIT 10 Battle Creek, MI helicopters & ac-130: & sauce:!/BeRONSON

EDIT 12reliable source! says: > Got an email from friend at NMR lab at Eli Lilly in downtown Indianapolis. Said alarms just went off with equipment powered down; Indy HLS fusion teams responding; says NRC R3 not responding tonight.

EDIT 13: this will be where pictures are collected. Got pics? Send to OP. New helicopters (Indianapolis) to getstarted with, and some Chinooks, 20:30 EST West Branch, MI:

EDIT 14 now up top ^

EDIT 15: first verifiable statement from a redditor / security guard at Lily in Indianapolis >> "There's nothing dangerous going on at Lilly. Nobody is being evacuated and nothings leaking or on fire but a fucking TON of federales keep showing up. Don't know what the alarm was about but theres been a lot of radio traffic" Proof!

EDIT 16: Removed, was irrelevant

EDIT 17 tweeted on the 4th about the mysterious "earthquake" rumbling: >> Shaking felt in our downtown ?#AnnArbor? newsroom. Did anyone else feel the movement? ?#earthquake?

EDIT 18: 1:50AM EST: we're now doing it live (FUCK IT! WE'LL DO IT LIVE!!): <remove> Way to kill it Reddit! This is why we can't have nice things - 2:18AM EST - 3:45AM EST

EDIT 19 Interesting Twitter account. Claims to be owner of the other Twitter account (in Edit #8)... Verified by the Internet at large:!/joey_stanford

EDIT 20 This was posted up by a Redditor in the comments, purportedly from Florida, based on wind map is possibly connected & is definitely elevated to a mildly disconcerting level:

EDIT 21 Joey Stanford has said video proof is coming! Keep an eye on his twitter page! he is a dev for Canonical, and in charge of the Longmont Rad Monitoring Station in Longmont, Colorado:!/joey_stanford

EDIT 22 3:30 AM, OP doesn't sleep. Apparently neither does GabeN, with his first comment in two months (Hi Gabe! Hope you were up all night working on something that ends in "3")... still got my ear out for real news, stay tuned. editception : looks like I was trolled by a fake GabeN account.

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What is all this? Can we get some updates or maybe George Washington can start a thread for it?! I'm very intersted and want to hear more about it. Thanks

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this has already been taken down once, and possibly not by zH, since there are reports of related reports being taken down elsewhere, also

so copy/paste it somewhere if you want it, altho diatribe certainly can keep posting it from the clipboard

diatribe's post contains many links...

slewie the pi-rat's picture

i saw where you put this in the crazyPills string, but it was taken down

veddy inkarresting......

edit:  almost like a dirty bomb attack?

slewie the pi-rat's picture

your second link is XLNT, free_man

it has a 3+ minute uToob video fully explaining the early and i see now it also given in the first link which now shows an update uToob

v. nice & thxz!

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I saw 3 men wearing black suits in Columbus Ohio at the post office. They wanted to use my jumper cables to get their Humvee started.  I asked them what they were doing(they were wearing dark sunglasses too) and they told me that alien spacecraft had been landing in Indiana and they were going to search rural Ohio for any signs of aliens. 6 of the Indiana aliens have been captured and are cooperating with authorities. I'm not suppose to tell anybody.  They said for now, stay inside and don't answer the door.

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One of them must have been Tiger Woods, who ran away with the Memorial cup over the week end. It could also explain all those mysterious wood cuttings in the post above. When Tiger drives, the trees fall like nine pins, or woman's panties, which ever you prefer, it always ends with a bang! 

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holy smoke... +240

yur sharp as a dart today falak...whatru smokin?... I'll have some of that, if yu don't mind! 

btw...interim book review...if u r interested.

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my rantings on the medieval period? There are two sequels and it gets better and better! 

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call me...yur on the contacts list but n\a chat

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you are getting junked for the ufo story?

L0L!!!  not from slewie!  i loved that!  +^+

freemans top link  has this from the guy whose bloggitBe, maybe a formRintel guy gone indy?

{endPaste}  no official story will ever explain these facts this well.  even the DJIA loves the deus ex aspects, BiCheZ!  if we don't allow the NW0 to enslave us to pretect our freedoms, the aliens (who hate freedom?) will enslave us and take all our gold! 

this was only a 50-tonne load, according to the annunaki-watches who appear to be having waaaay more fun than the styoooopid FED-watchers, btw...

me?  slewie is bonging away to this for them:  Hey, Mr. Spaceman: The Byrds  b/c it has always worked for me, before...  Hahahaha!

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Thanks Slewie. I didn't understand it either. I have to admit that I lied about the aliens cooperating. The guys in the dark suits and glasses only told me that they were in custody. I didn't want to start a panic.  They might be cooperating and then again, maybe not.

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thank you. interested to know what this turns out to be.


more OT: just got this Goddard Journal's video

MIT on the PR offensive to okay exposure to population? WTF?!

how can these people live with themselves?


Spain is FUBAR, I suggest tilting the monitor LOL


EDIT: Ohio plant leaked:

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WTF?!?  What are you vomiting out this on this thread for?  No context, no synopsis, broken links. Ununderstandable bullshit unless you put some sort of effin' DESCRIPTION of what you're trying to convey FIRST. 

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Bankers and government people should start using logscale graphs.  Everything looks much easier to handle then.

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Chart obviously upside down.

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Stop spending other people's money might be more appropriate.

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Is this seasonally adjusted?

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Bud Fox for Prez!

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the edit is circular reasoning as Reggie would say; 'cos Germany's problem becomes the bank's problem becomes the German citizen's problem; when the banks go belly up and you lose your savings and pensions and the taxes then bleed what is left. Its the people who always pay, unless you have a genius who invents the route to the milky way and its paved with gold! 

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Gold is not for adornement my friend. One day it won't matter at all. For now "we have banking"...and apparently "total war on Islam."

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I'm waiting for the next crop of geniuses to create a new renaissance. Gold is what you make it, as it has the patience of an angel, it never changes. 

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Just another day in a banana republic with the symbiotic Fraud Street/Crony Politician relationship...

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I thought it was the evolution of debt

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has bank runs started yet in Germany?

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Probably about time when CHFEUR peg breaks?