Spain Utters The B-Word, Ruins The Party.... Update - False Alarm: The Taxpayer Rape Will Continue

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Update: we have entered full retard rumor territory again:


In other words, no B-word; to summarize - Spain float rumors, does not like market response, denies rumor. Taxpayer rape must continue.


Spain just uttered the "B" word and ruined the party:


What is the B-word you ask? Why Burdensharing of course. And we can see why it would be confusing - it never happened once in the past 3 years of central bank coordinated bailouts.

Naturally this means equities wiped out. It also means the free lunch for the banking kleptocrat cartel is now over.

And some other headlines:


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Line up gang.....strict limit of 5.


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On your mark, get ready, go, and the Bank Run is off and going in Spain. Adios Mi Amigo....

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False alarm.........hey......I GOT FILLED!!!!


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The latest fear mongering.  If we don't do as the central bankers say Hitler will be reborn:


Ghost of Nazi Past Haunts Austerity-Gripped Europe: Euro Credit

"The specter of the 1930s financial crisis that culminated in the rise of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi party and the Second World War is stalking Europe.

In May 1931, Creditanstalt, founded in Vienna by the Rothschild banking dynasty and the biggest lender in what remained of the Habsburg Empire, suffered a run. Its collapse after a merger with an insolvent rival sparked a crisis that left Germany and central Europe strewn with failed banks, caused defaults in Europe and Latin America, knocked the pound off the gold standard, and forced the New York Federal Reserve by October to raise its discount rate by 2 percentage points.

“The biggest economic catastrophe of the last century has been, of course, the big crisis after 1929,” Ewald Nowotny, governor of the Austrian central bank, said at a conference this week in Vienna. “I truly can say that when we had the big crisis of 2007 and 2008, it was in the back of the mind of everybody, all of us, every central banker, that we must avoid the mistakes of the 1930s.” "


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Bankruptcy???  Oh damn.

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Should be getting the AAAA++++ today.


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Man,  I was just getting used to my Uncle jessie Greek haircut. Now I have to get an Jersey shore guido haircut? how about a matador styled haircut as well?

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we need many, many more matador jokes in this topic.

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A man on a business trip in Mexico decides to take in a bull fight. After the event, he stops in to the little dive next to the venue called "The Matador". As he checks out the menu trying to decide what he wants he sees a waiter bring a dish to another customer. The dish is spaghetti with these two huge meat balls. When the waiter comes to his table, he inquires. "That is the " replies the waiter. "Spaghetti and Bull testicles. We get them after the bull fight. It is exquisite!" "That's what I'll have!", says the businessman. "I'm very sorry senor, but that dish is only available once per day". Disappointed, the man orders another dish and plans to try again the next day. So again, the next day he goes to the bull fights, and afterwards stops into the dive. Just as the waiter is coming to his table, he sees another waiter bringing the "" to another customer who was there before him. "Damn!" he says to himself. "And tomorrow's my last day here." So the next day, he skips the bull fight, and stands in line at the cafe. He is the first one seated, and proudly proclaims, "I'll have the !" "Very well, senor!" responds the waiter. Soon afterwards, the waiter brings out his dish, but the meat balls are disappointingly small. Very small, as a matter of fact. "What's with this!" the now angry man shouts. "I'm very sorry, senor" said the waiter, "but the bull does not always lose!"
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EUR/USD went full retard

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Yeah.....that wouldn't be unexpected.


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'It also means the free lunch for the banking kleptocrat cartel is now over.' 

Seems relevant.

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i can't take this constant eurotrash onslaught much longer. either plant trees aong the sidewalks of al of europe so that the germans don't have to march in the shade, or let the zombie apocalypse start. 

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Funny about the trees for Germans , it cracked me up.

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It goes, "Why are the streets in Paris lined with trees? So the Germans can march in the shade."

Thank you, thank you... try the veal, don't forget to tip your waitress.

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nein! nein! nein! we vill hear from ze zombie germanz riding mutant velociraptors as long as our esteemed masters of the universe deem it necessary, i.e. until ze germanz let the eurozone go in the way ze MegaBanks want

yesterday, one teenaged niece asked me if ze germanz could not just pass a law that raises all contracts, i.e. all wages and retail prices, by 30% - instead of the periphery doing the opposite by leaving the eurozone

I was tempted to guffaw - then I realized this is as intelligent or stupid as what has been proposed by Dimon, Blythe and their paid shills. of course, it would make the german saver livid...

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Unlawful gain clawback ? How about going after the mansions and other goodies these kleptocrats got through fraud and thievery ?

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"Why Burdensharing of course."

He ain't heavy, he's my brother (in debt).


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Silver acting like its in a depression.


Barely hanging on to support.  My guess is that "Da Boyz" are going to break it.

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Should be time for the massive short covering.........anytime now.


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Trash Robo all you want... the numbers are what they are. At this point there is little (near term) reason to be long (paper) silver. Might as well use it to your advantage.

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That would be fantastic, because I'd like to buy some more, but prefer a lower price.  I really appreciate the way monetary fire insurance so frequently goes on sale as the global financial house fire increases in intensity.  The only analogy I can think of would be, if your actual house was on fire, and the insurance company REDUCED the price of buying MORE insurance, in a desperate bid to get you to think your current policy was losing value so you would sell it back to them before cashing it in.


In any case, a sale's a sale....

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There is little interest among the longs in being MFG'd.  The exchanges are thus losing relevence.  They will go to zero on high volatility as the world abandons them.

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A big fat donught and whop gives a fig when your holding the shiney stuff in your hand?

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Is this Spains way of pulling and Iceland? If so, bravo.

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Not even close to an Iceland.

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It's not a party without the B's and hoe's.  



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Somebody needs to spell this out for me.

Does this mean the Spiderman towel promo ISN'T working?!

Bu..but They PROMISED!

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Circus continues. 

Dylan Ratigan, tired of the bullshit, has his farewell show today at 4 est on msnbc.  He's had a great run with some remarkable explosions of crazy honesty about the charade. 

I'm hoping today's is epic. 

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Unfortunately Dylan Ratigan has had a (disturbing) revelation, the same one many of us have had.

Suddenly we realize that we can shout from the roof tops as long and as loud as we want. But people just won't listen until they are good and ready to listen. For many, that time is never.

It can be very demoralizing if you honestly thought you could make a difference in this manner. At this point many just turn off and become depressed or withdraw. A few others begin the search for greater meaning and turn within for answers.

This is when the real personal growth can begin. It all begins within.

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I'm there, dude. Thanks for posting.

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CD - Reading your post got me to log in this morning simply to give you a +1. I hope more people -- some in my close family -- get to this spot as well. Peace and have a great weekend.

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The good fight is always the hardest path to walk.

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Seems the blue/red charade of American Democracy is all-consuming.  Of course, that's the only game fit for the media to cover.  Who's it gonna be, DimocRats or RepubliCunts?  Step right up for the Greatest Show On Earth: Obammy v Rmoney!  Everthing that matters is riding on this one!

And it all depends upon you, American voter.  Have your say!

Anthing that falls outside the terms of their game is as relevant as American Idol is to the Super Bowl. 

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Shock horror, shudder, the world will now end that the .... bbbbbbond holders will have to share the bbbbburden

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I wonder how the "B" word affects those CDS spreads and 10y rates in Italy and France?


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ssssh NOT say the word "France". If that cat gets out of the bag then all hell will break loose. France has 57%+ of GDP in govt...all of the greektragedy, spanish swoon, and italianinsanity pales in comparison to the debacle that is France. Add in Hollande & the die is cast. And it ain't in the periphery... it's in the heart! 

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Meanwhile in Greece (from Grauniad)

2.46pm: Now Greece's new finance minister has collapsed. Reuters reports "Greek incoming finance minister Rapanos taken to hospital after fainting spell - govt sources". Twitter is alive with speculation as to what prompted his faint.

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What a fitting name for a Finance Minister - Rapanos.

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B-words at Rome politburo meeting today :

Rajoy : lets Burdenshare

Hollande: lets Blast-away!

Monti : lets Borrow more

Merkel : Bollocks to you all!

Oh to B or not to B word! 


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I thought the "B" word was "Bailar!"...the Forbidden Dance!

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Apparently all the algos are having a chess tournament today so it should be another 200 point down.