Spanish Bond Spreads Hit All-Time Record Highs

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Despite all the pats on the back from fellow EU political members and reassurances that all will be well with political reforms, 10Y Spanish bond spreads (the additional risk over German bunds that investors demand before lending money to Spain) just hit all-time record highs. At over 580bps, we are now we well above the pre-Euro era highs (remember focus on spread not yield since Bund rates were so different back then - though current yields remain above the 7% Maginot Line of unsustainability). Spain 10Y bond spreads are now 40bps wide of pre-Summit peak levels and 130bps wider than post-Summit kneejerk reaction lows. But look at stocks and we know all is fixed in Europe...





Charts: Bloomberg

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New record......not bad!


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Hit the alarm bells, DIVE, DIVE, DIVE....So Germany, please open up your wallet. Now time for the distraction phase of the plan, Israel hit Iran so no one will pay attention to this abortion called the EU.

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I mean come on.

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Look at the chart, it's going up aint it? That's obviously bullish, risk on!

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The S&P just bounced off the highs of July5th. If it breaks through that it will go to the top of the trendline, today at about 1396. Unless the missles start flying this won't stop until the shorts are gone or something brings in some volume to swamp out the algos. Enjoy it, they're giving you a much more lucrative place to short and we know the bears win in the end.

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If only algos could trade Spanish bonds, it would be a whole different story.

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Interesting developments with the MoU between Spain and the EFSF: This from the DT:

14.04 Open Europe has also been reading the dossier on the Spanish bank bailout referred to at 11.41. The 139-page document was interpreted by some to suggest that any amount not used for bank recapitalisation out of the up to €100bn could be used to buy public debt.

But, the European Commission said the €100bn was only for the recapitalisation of the country's banks and not for any other possible use like bond market intervention.

However, Open Europe write:

This seems to be only a half-truth, though. In fact, the draft agreement does indeed specify that, for the moment, the entire amount is being provided in the form of a "Bank Recapitalisation Facility". However, the document also establishes that Spain can make an official request to move part of the money to another facility, provided that the combined total does not exceed €100 billion.

In any case, the bailout agreement will be wrapped up by eurozone finance ministers in their conference call tomorrow

If the remainder of the funds can be used to buy ESP debt, this would mean that the EFSF is directly funding a member state, i.e. Eurobonds. And this is very against the German constitution, and I mean very :)


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What a mess, fire some politicians all over Europe, fast!

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And replace them with whom?

It's not elections have done any good recently.


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Wait till next week.

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That long term chart pretty much tells the story. Back to pre EURO levels, it sure doesn't look promising.

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Newmont Mining grinding it out at multi-year lows.


These gold companies seem to trade inverse to Spanish bond yields tick for tick.

Meanwhile, industrials like PPG are hitting new highs, consumer stocks like Walgreens up 14% today.

Oh well, still waiting for the apology from Peter Schiff, Eric King, and all the rest to those who followed their advice and saw their accounts vaporized.

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If you track the price of gold relative to the alleged price of the debt that countries are pawning off on the world the picture becomes all too clear: there is no worse paper to own that government paper. At some point even a gold miner will find a way to make money "to pay the government bills" as well. Of course we'll probably all be part of the Borg Collective by then so we won't even know what we are at that point...let alone who.

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Marco II, bitchez.

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I wish the real human cost of collapse wasn't so high because it needs to happen to clear the system. Of course, none of the bankers or politicians who caused the crisis will feel any significant pain.

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Of course, none of the bankers or politicians who caused the crisis will feel any significant pain.


Get a rope. Problem solved.

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Rope? You're a much more kind hearted soul than I.  I'd lock them in with a pack of starving dogs...solve two problems.

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The Germans used to hang Partisans on meat hooks.  A particularly gruesome way to go.  The unlucky person was hoisted upon the hook placed under his/her jaw.  It could take up to 2 days before their weight would cause the hook to penetrate fully in to the  brain and finally death.  Now I'm not advocating this method but it was rather effective.  The Germans didn't have a huge Partisan problem until late 1944 into 1945 when it was obvious they were going to lose the war.

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now you can lock SPY 1400. book it. the worse the news the bigger the fraud the more ben ramps the algos to mask reality from the sheeple

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European investors in a full fledged panic to buy U.S. stocks.


S & P 500 hitting new world record highs in both Euros and Swiss Francs.

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Europeans obviously have more confidence in our ponzi versus their ponzi ! Winning !! 

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This is interesting. If these full-retard equity markets start to suck in bond money good-bye EU. If this continues look for a manufactured mini-crisis to take the bid out of equities.

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Que volvemos a la peseta ya!!!  

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It s even more worrying when the auction like today s was shite and mkt still doent seem concerned. It s like having a dumb child, he won t disappoint you cos you have no expectations  on him.

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In.  Feeling bullish about this whole picture.