A Spinning Blankfein Responds If Goldman Is Still A Vampire Squid

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It seems the PR machine was in full swing today for everyone's favorite Muppet-slayer-in-chief as Goldman Sachs' Lloyd Blankfein did the business media tour. Bloomberg TV, in the clip below, were perhaps toughest on the domed demi-god as they pressed him on the public's perspective of his firm as the 'vampire squid' to which he responded in glib-yet-deferential terms that "it is hyperbole and we'll have to do a better job of explaining how important this industry is". Indeed Lloyd, indeed. A grand collection of ducking-and-weaving as Erik Schatzker peppered the CEO with questions on his changing priorities as a CEO (wealth creation for partners clients), conflicts of interest ("if you want to rule out conflicts of interest, you'll just give advice to one client in one industry and never do any lending or support for the capital structure of the firm.  It's just not feasible."), on Arthur Levitt's statement of Goldman's hypocrisy (as a market-maker we have to protect Goldman Sachs), being too big to fail, the markets and economy (tend to be a little more positive than what I am hearing from other people), and finally the Facebook IPO.


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"Welcome to our Home" says Lloyd.

Does he mean the building, Wall Street, the U.S., or the World?

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I think you just hyperbolized him

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I think Lloyd Blankfein just rehypothecated all the blood in your body.

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My God, his voice... What a squeaking chubby little rat he is.


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Chrome dome, Muppitchez!


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"You need more prophylacticth!"


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it's not a lie, if you think it's true...

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he's a wizened little fonfer, aint he....

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Personally, I think he's doing God's work.

Of course, from his point of view 'God's work' is Satan's bidding.

And not to worry, we're keeping a seat warm for him in the ninth circle of Hell, right next to Nixon, Stalin, Hitler and Mao.

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its warm down there,  u make millions up here, fuck im selling my soul

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I think I know where The Lord of the Rings director got his inspiration for Smeagol.

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Goldman Sachs.........1 million interview to get in.......only one man leaves.


Crime, Everywhere......


Also, no one else in the major media is picking up the story. The behavior in that company brought down the economy and ruined the financial futures of millions of people in this country. Why isn’t Federal law enforcement putting the titty clamps on the executives who “callously people talk about ripping their clients off.”






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Did Lloyd just say "my predecessors didn't go to China, they called it Red China?"  


Is he taking credit for the firm's presence in China?  I'm pretty sure Hank "the Tank" Paulson would have something to say about that.  Not only that, but Lloyd was helped by having Hank as Treasury Secretary as he made it even that much easier for Goldman to exist and do business in China.  


By the way, Goldman and these other firms better not play the same games in China.  China makes vice mayors of major cities like Shanghai "disappear" over 400k in lost pension funds.  Imagine what they would do to these round eyed foreigners who are experts at stealing much more in other parts of the world......??????  or Would you like something to drink?......I think we know how they like mixing their drinks here in China.  

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Huh? Hey Tyler, why can't I write Chinese on your site?  

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"Welcome to our home"...................

Is he referring to the pig shit power-generating plant under Bartertown?



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I want to see him Hung on the White House Lawn for Treason by a President that gives America Back to the People!

That’s why I am looking at New Zealand and Australia!

Cause it ain’t neva, eva, gunna happen!

They OWN US!

We are SLAVES!

The best that anyone can do is be a house negro!


The Needs of the Many.. Out Weigh the EXCESSES! of the Few!


AT LEAST!! 299,999,600 People verse 400..


400 Earn 93% of the Profits and 299,999,600 get to split 7%! 


How very Civilized of them!


The Lucky 400 know that the Middle is Brain Washed with Dreams of being Someone and the Poor, Un-Educated Wall Mart Shoppers are too busy importing a 3rd World Living Standard thru their POWER Shopping! LOL!!


And let’s not mention the 2 Largest Lobby’s in America who collect more Government Hand Outs  and Secret Loans from the Federal Reserve!



The 2 Largest Lobby’s in America.. Collect the Largest Government Hand Outs and Secret Loans from the Federal Reserve! Those are the Numerical Facts! Bribe the Government and Get the Most Tax Dollars paid in by the Working Class Sheepeople!





(Huffington Post for those of you here that need it)

The FBI / CIA / NSA not only ignore these Numerical Facts! The FBI / CIA / NSA Promote and Support the Theft of Monies from the Working Class Outright! By looking the other way! So that when these Persons Charged with Protecting National Interests Retire from Looking the Other Way! That they may be hired in the Private Sector! High Paid Consultants who spent an entire Career, Looking the Other Way are then Paid to do what they do “O” so well!

For example!


Trustee Finds No Missing MF Global Funds at J.P. Morgan



Judge Rejects MF Global Priority Bid



The Senator Letters That Bash MF Global’s Bonus Plan




SO! not only did the Ex-FBI Chief Look the other way! He suppressed Information and then!! Tried to get Bonus Monies for his Crooked Buddies that Just Ripped Off the Working Class!


Tester calls plans by a bankruptcy trustee to distribute bonuses “outrageous” and demanded MF Global’s trustee reconsider his decision.

“Quite simply, it is unacceptable for you to sanction the award of performance-based compensation before the recovery of client funds,” Tester wrote Louis Freeh, MF Global’s bankruptcy trustee. “Rather than reward executives, I urge you to use these funds to repay the farmers and ranchers whose trust was so betrayed by MF Global.”

Tester also reminded Freeh that bankruptcy law significantly restricts his ability to compensate former firm executives.

“Your authority as the bankruptcy trustee overseeing the liquidation of the MF Global should be used strictly to help maximize MF Global assets so that clients of the firm can see their funds returned,” Tester wrote.

Tester, the Senate’s only active farmer, called for a hearing in the Senate Banking Committee to examine the factors leading to MF Global’s collapse and demanded that the Justice Department conduct a comprehensive investigation.




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JW...FYI...Check this out....from Sovereign Man...


Todays column header and first paragraph...

I was approached recently by a member of our Sovereign Man community who filed the paperwork to relinquish US citizenship some time ago. Long story short, after an incomprehensibly long wait, the US government finally sent him a reply: Application DENIED.

Absolutely shocking. That you even have to 'apply' to relinquish what you never signed up for is intellectually insulting. That you cannot do so freely, and immediately, is nothing short of totalitarian.

It's still an embryonic movement, though more and more US citizens are being driven to divorce their country. Last year nearly 1,600 people gave up US citizenship, up from 1,485 in 2010, 731 in 2009, and 226 in 2008.

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yeah, well i kind of got the impression by "client" he meant the u.s. government.  muppet state baby!

putaipan's picture

s'funny- now i can't get frank zappa's "i am the slime" outta my head


ihedgemyhedges's picture

Was there a burning bush anywhere near him????????

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Not only do we not invite the vampires in, but we fucking hunt them down with stakes!


BPD bitches deserve to be put out of their miseries, for their own good and the people around them.

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"Welcome to our Home" says Lloyd


dick cheneys ghost's picture

How much taxpayer bailout money did these azsholes get?

knukles's picture

Wrong tense.
They get all they fucking want.
Much more than you/we ever can imagine.

Just think of it this way. 
They own the Fed. 
The Fed creates money out of key strokes. 
The Fed wires money to anywhere in the world, unquestioned. 
The Fed is Unaudited.

As much as they fucking want.


BeetleBailey's picture


knukles...tellin it EXACTLY like it is...and has been!

smlbizman's picture

i watched some of this earlier.......who are these fuckers talking to, us zh'rs...or the sheep....i would think they are talking to us, who else has made them somewhat uncomfortable....where they feel the need to answer this invisible pressure being applied...

knukles's picture

It is somewhat odd...
Why the media blitz right now at this very moment?

Pre-emptive strike on some impending bad news?

The Lord Blankfiend Hisself does not as a matter of course do the grimy PR work.

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Fuck you, Blankfein.

Zero Govt's picture

it's Lloyd 'razor sharp cookie' Blankfiend

he's sharp enough to cut any deal to slice his clients and 'customers' he's just not 'got it' yet that his entire business is an unproductive pile of WS junk

the sociopath only needs look in the rear-view mirror at the trail of worthless trash he's left behind... from $Trillions in rotten mortgages, the train-wreck Goldmans caused with AIG to the hundreds of $Trillions in deravitives

What a record you're leaving behind you Lloyd?

Debt and fraud is not as "important" to the US economy as he claims

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did he just say more prophylactics? presumably for more muppet-raping without those nasty unintended consequences...

BKbroiler's picture

Blankfein caught some Elmo AIDS

Crimedog's picture

Bullish Prophylactics

Arnold Ziffel's picture

i wonder what the relationship is (i.e., how they get along) among the Morgans, Rothchilds and the Blankfeins?

Clashfan's picture

I wonder if Blankenstein has to worry 'bout shit like this? Doubt it. This is for us, not him.


barliman's picture


Blankfein ...

... Austrian for "extra large douche"

True story


BeetleBailey's picture

Best part of the video:

Margaret Brennan. Nice rack babe!

All down hill from that point.


French for shitbag.

Dunno if it is true, but let's keep sayin that it is...just like El Douchie here does.

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yo LLoyd, some of my friends from Greece wanna talk to you............

Rainman's picture

This dude should never be the front guy for anything, anywhere at any time.....includes an organized crime syndicate.

SemperFord's picture

Am I the only one who feels they are just going to get away with it? Seriously...I fail to believe anymore that good will triumpth and they will be persecuted/prosecuted/hung!

Clashfan's picture

Duh, they're in charge. Well, they're not ultimately in charge--a few families and the system, really, the Luciferian system, is in charge--but the head banksters are in charge enough so that they know before they commit these crimes that they are beyond prosecution. That's a big part of conspiracy theory that most folks miss: Most of these elites know well before they commit their crimes that nothing will happen to them. They are immune to prosecution from anyone for anything. Period.

Hansel's picture

Running out the statute of limitations has been the plan ever since placeHolder took office.

Jim B's picture

 I am not a crook! I am not a crook! I am not a crook! I am not a crook! I am not a crook! I am not a crook! I am not a crook! I am not a crook! I am not a crook! I am not a crook! I am not a crook! I am not a crook! I am not a crook! I am not a crook! I am not a crook! I am not a crook! I am not a crook! I am not a crook! I am not a crook! I am not a crook! I am not a crook! I am not a crook! I am not a crook! I am not a crook! I am not a crook! I am not a crook! I am not a crook! I am not a crook! I am not a crook! I am not a crook! I am not a crook! I am not a crook! 

Freegolder's picture

He slobbers when he talks, like that cartoon pig, I forget his name, Porky was it?

Also, he reminds me of Obama in his obfuscation and arrogance.

I feel sick now.