Spot Gold $1700

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Earlier we noted Gold's seeming clairvoyance with regard the expansion of the Fed and ECB balance sheets over the last few years. It seems the EUR strength overnight (or stop-run) has provided just enough USD weakness impetus to nudge spot Gold (not futures) back over $1700 for the first time since March 13th.

Spot Gold breaks $1700...


and leads Fed/ECB balance sheets higher on expectations of more printing...


Charts: Bloomberg

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Not money $1700... BITCHEZ!

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Glad I have my Gold but really getting freaked with how bad this inflation is going to get gas prices at this level are no good but they still are gonna print. Madness. 

Gief Gold Plox's picture

I've got mine too and have been happy about my "investment" since day one; now if it could just drop for a few minutes so I could offload some paper I've got, that'd be grand.

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The reality that they will still give you Gold for paper is astounding.

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What I am viewing right in front of my eyes is like living in the bizarro world.  I have people paying for their car stereo systems again  with their EBT card.  They go to the ATM in our store, withdraw $400 and we put the new Kenwood in.  What is up with this.  At the convienince store that I get an Iced tea at, I see people buying beer and cigarettes using their EBT.  THe fucker is ringing it up as FOOD.  What a fucking scam. 

  My friend who earns his money in Costa Rica just got a check from Obama (Child subsidy becuase he is under the poverty level...HAHAHAHAHA)  for $7600.  Becuase he earned less than $20,000 in the USA.  He has 2 kids.  HE EARNS $250,000 a year in Costa Rica.  I just got audited by the IRS.  I helped to start a country band financing  a friend as a business venture,flew to nashville, recorded a CD, bought all of the stage gear lots of gigs..... and the IRS said it was a HOBBY.  $28,000 in penalties.  AND I HATE Country music.  Shall I continue.   I walk around all day....and just look at the poor fools who have not prepared for what is coming.  My sister even teases me and says "Why do we need to prepare, we will just come over to your house....ha ha."  We will see about that....becuase little do they know that this house has nothing.  They will walk into a shell when it goes down.  Then that guy gets arrested from Facebook posts?  Are you kidding me?  And I jump over to my facebook account (Have to have one for our company account) and all I see is dumbass pictures of peoples food.  People take photos of their dinner and post it?  And they say shit like.."Getting a haircut now".  Who gives a flying F*&^.  That facebook thing is a turd.  If you are Short will win.  The new timeline thing they forced on everyone sucks.  Is this enough of a rant?  My only security is that my fiance gets it...will stand behind me, and I come here to Zerohedge and enjoy the site sooo much.  Thanks Tyler.


Wow...while I was typing this little rant...Metals just went way up......what is going on? (Gold up another $5 in 8 minutes)

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Epic post.

Yeah, the whole system falls or 18 months from now...and life is going to change a lot. Can't wait personally. It not about vengenance, but I will take great satisfaction in being proven right.

Campagnolo's picture

I hear you Lee, many folks have being calling for the collapse of the system for years...but in the last PM's correction they were bashed, now things will take course. I hoped you bought in TFD!

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Y'all folks may enjoy watching this educational video.


"Urban Danger" ( was a 1.5hr documentary on Youtube until it was removed for copyright claim just recently.


Trailer on googlevideo:

Black Markets's picture


If you want to free your politicians from the bankers it is really VERY SIMPLE.

Make political campaigning illegal, and simply host a series of live televised debates in the run up to the election.

Suddenly the resources of your backers are out of the equation and it's all about the individual.

Cost to US taxpayers... Zilch.

Campaigning = resources = corruption

CH1's picture

If you want to free your politicians from the bankers

Free them!!??? They sleep together on purpose - eagerly! Both groups are vigorous, happy thieves.



SunBlaster's picture

Pic of food is to let everyone know that even though peeps are broke they still manage to eat well. Same with haircut announcement, he might be broke, but still has money to cut the hair, or maybe he is not cutting the hair at all, but posting it on facebook makes it so. It's not a lie as long as you belive it.

Bicycle Repairman's picture

@ takeaction, I'm still not voting for Romney.

Vooter's picture

...And they say shit like.."Getting a haircut now"...

LOL...and they don't even know how right they are!

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1,700 has removed any last doubts about gold breaking out of its consolidation. Next stop: 1,900

Colonel Klink's picture

Looks like someone has the playbook before everyone else.  Ctrl-P in 3....2....1....


Gentlemen, start your engines! It's gonna be a bumpy fuckin' ride!


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i don't think CNTL+P as QE grand announcement will even work at this stage. they haven't stopped printing since 2008 and the only thing it achieved to date was worsening fundamentals more and more unemployment (not official bs #s) and levitating on shit fumes markets = no way to avoid utter disaster.

Colonel Klink's picture

Money for Europe has to come from somewhere and it always seems to get fed from the Fed.  Even though Bukkake Ben lies that it doesn't happen.  Proof has shown otherwise.

The revolution and stealth QE won't be televised.

I don't anticipate it happening before the elections.  Traditionally Au/Ag rise prior to any monetary movements.  Remember, you've gotta let the insiders get positioned first.

Papasmurf's picture

They transferred a lot of wealth from savers to the banksters.  That was the goal, and it was a resounding success.

Dr Benway's picture

Indeed. The closer we get to the singularity of hyperinflation, the greater the volatility.


Surprisingly, this is the first time it dawns upon me that B/S means Balance Sheet as well as Bullshit. Coincidence?

dwayne elizando's picture

Don't forget (B)en ($)halom!

Overflow-admin's picture

Uh, I tought that meant just "bullshit". Do I have to re-read years of articles? (sarc!)

mjorden's picture

Long fishing pole and bow bitchez

Colonel Klink's picture

Long freak boating accidents!

Kiwi Pete's picture

Yup, insiders all positioned. Let 'er rip!

ClassicCommodity's picture

Follow the big boys to riches!

xtop23's picture

game fucking on.

Hangfire's picture

Holding double eagle up to the moon right now!    

SunBlaster's picture

Holy wow SILVER is @ 32.85, Quickly, someone grab a ruler and extrapolate the price in 2 weeks!

takeaction's picture

This is awesome...cause it is only $5 to get it out of the ground. 

Colonel Klink's picture

If only it were that easy and true.  Fundamentals and TA died long ago.

SunBlaster's picture

Looks like a liquidity rotation to me, finally, it's been 5 months now!

xtop23's picture

Tough to say. Depends on how much damage the incoming margin hikes do.

SunBlaster's picture

Was lowered 4 weeks ago :)

JLee2027's picture

It was? Silver margins were lowered? It's just a bear trap then...suck the stupid in, raise the margins and crash the price. Pocket your money. Like they did in '11.

Just get physical. That's the only thing you can trust.

SunBlaster's picture

All good, we are 'GOLDEN' till end of October, as long as there is no collapse in stocks in next 3 weeks this should take us well beyond $35

ParkAveFlasher's picture

I wonder what kind of margins are allowed on the Shanghai Exchange, and I wonder if the COMEX assclowns have to, now, be competitive and actually allow a high level of action in price.

[edit] From the Shaghai Exchange website:

August 2, 2012

All members?

It is decided upon deliberation that the Exchange will make the following adjustments to the transaction fee standards for each variety since September 1st, 2012.

1. The transaction fee standard for copper futures contract will be lowered from 0.08‰ of turnover to 0.05‰ of turnover;

2. The transaction fee standard for lead and wire rod futures contract will be lowered from 0.05‰ of turnover to 0.04‰ of turnover;

3. The transaction fee standard for steel rebar futures contract will be lowered from 0.05‰ of turnover to 0.045‰ of turnover;

4. The transaction fee standard for natural rubber futures contract will be lowered from 0.05‰ of turnover to 0.045‰ of turnover;

5. The transaction fee standard for fuel oil futures contract will be lowered from 0.035‰ of turnover to 0.02‰ of turnover;

6. The transaction fee standard for gold futures contract will be lowered from RMB 20/lot to RMB 10/lot;

7. The transaction fee standard for silver futures contract will be lowered from 0.08‰ of turnover to 0.05‰ of turnover;

8. The transaction fee standard for zinc and aluminum futures contract will be lowered from RMB 4/ lot to RMB 3/lot.




Looks like there's a new casino in town.

This doesn't change my personal strategy.

xtop23's picture

Yep.They were."Sauce for the goose, Mr. Savvik?"

XenoFrog's picture

They're down to just wrapping this bus with duct tape hoping to keep it together until after November 4th. I don't know if they can make it.

SunBlaster's picture

As long as we keep the sentiment positive, and cross our fingers for no news or better some bad news, hitting $35 should be piece of cake!

devo's picture


Probably a great idea to buy January puts

PhattyBuoy's picture

That second chart is golden !

Munkey's picture

Lol @ ClassicCommodity.

According to Bloomberg, that would be about right!

Zgangsta's picture

So...when TSHTF and hyperinflation sets in as we expect, what will be the proper protocol for using gold and silver towards procuring needed goods and services?  I imagine there will be lots of gauging going on in the Black Markets, but I don't imagine that governments will be of much help either.

Temporalist's picture

It would be better to own stuff too, hard assets, like ammo and guns as many mention but tools, batteries, medicine (even simple stuff like aspirin/nsaids, rubbing alcohol, gauze, bandaids, antibiotic ointment, idodine, etc), toilet paper and soaps and detergents, two generators and multiple solar panels and inverters, propane tanks, matches and lighters, food of course but durable food like grains vacuum packed and beans and nuts, jars for jarring and preserving food, warm clothes, hats and blankets, lots of alcohol...anything that will be of value to you will be of value to someone else and barterable.


And on the note about the medicine I have linked this before but people just aren't knowledgable enough:

Drug Expiration Dates - Do They Mean Anything?

"What they found from the study is 90% of more than 100 drugs, both prescription and over-the-counter, were perfectly good to use even 15 years after the expiration date."

pyrat's picture

"So...when TSHTF and hyperinflation sets in as we expect"


How you gonna get hyperinflation in a depressed ecenemy?'s picture

Return of dollars from overseas as reserve status deteriorates. Increased government payments to anyone except the middle class. Other.