Spot The Odd Commodity Out

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Oil is dropping rapidly once again - while the rest of its commodity peers remain tied to the USD movements this week. The reason? More market speculation that the House of Saud is doing everything in its power to send crude to lows just ahead of the presidential election, even as Infinite QE takes the Dow to 36,000. Just as we wrote yesterday.

WTI is down 6.2% this week as Copper/Gold/Silver hang to USD's strength-implied weakness...


and from pre-Bernanke...


Chart: Bloomberg

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What are you going to do with your QE3?


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The algos read on the newswire that the power generating plants to fire the Chevy Volts were converting to burning FRN's for electricity conversion... Hence the move...

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Bernanke would have more success stimulating the economy if he rode a tiny moped.  "Bernanke's Bearnanke Folly's"

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I suspect all commodities will join Crude's bearishness.

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Better just focus on oil.....cause Grandma doesn't give a crap about gold.


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Do you not actually bother to read the thread you are posting in anymore?

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Not to mention that the ZH thread yesterday on this topic got 52,000 page views and almost 500 comments...


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The hell I don't sonny!  It tastes better than this damned prime cuts in gravy!

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The PPT can gyrate, mutate and sodomize oil, slv and gld all they want but food is soaring....seems barry can't control food prices.

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commodity market is small.  ben is 2 steps ahead. they want $ in stock market, not commods.  will manipulate commods down. would expect precious metals next to get waxed.

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Crude is a special case ... AFAIK storage facilities are full or near full , tankers are parked with full loads... the refined product has a shelf life that cannot be ignored and it must be produced for winter and summer...

Metals production is pretty much redlined at 110% you can't push it up...

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That reminds me, enough with the meaningless financial headlines, did anyone see the true news story today: "Was Jesus married?" Which got me thinking of a number of possible answers:

1. Yes, but it was an open marriage

2. Technically, but it turns out Mary M. had documents with 6 other guys so the whole thing was swept under the shroud.  

3. Yes and the temple reception was a blast, that is until the bankers showed up

 4. Who wants to know?

5. The marriage was simple but the divorce, oh vey, there was no end to the community property

6. The reception food was fabulous but the wine was watered down

7. If I answer, do you promise not to burn down my embassy?




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This happens when trying to "manipulate" the market. The crcen price movements in the short term. However, in the medium term, market forces will always prevail. In any case, we have a great opportunity when prices rise. And we can also benefit when prices fall. Finally, it is not our fault that the authorities committed many errors.

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Hammering oil futures was arranged prior to the QE announcement.  All the broke government allies are in on it together, in an attempt to bail out the banks, keep the status quo, re-elect Osama, maintain power for the elites, and hide true inflation.

To believe otherwise - that there is some kind of a 'free' market' driving commodities - is a bit naive.



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It will work....

....for a few weeks maybe.

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let's just call the SPR what it is... The "Incumbent Re-election Slush Fund"...

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If you view oil as money, like I do, then the SPR is the world's biggest slush fund.

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they don't call it the Petrodollar for nuttin.

question is: how big is the SPR actually?

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funny, it's always been the "odd commodity"

I hear Neil Simon is working on a stage interpretation

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No, thats commodity not comedy.....

Badda bing!

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stealth spr release w/ no announcement - is that even possible?

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either that - or somebody wants the oils down before Israel opens Pandoras box ... Sep 25th, if the rumors are not just that: rumors ...

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Thank YOU NOPE!! I was wondering how long I would have to put up with all the witty stupidity post before someone NAILED the facts!!. I can tell you, there is not one trading vehicle that the Fed doesn't have complete control of at this point. Oil was run up for Goldman and their like to get ripe short positions on the QE annoucement...Down 7.50 in three trading sessions at this point (WTF)!?!?! Gold and Silver are being set up for a crushing too (and I'm a big holder of both physical and paper).

Ben has his Fu**ing fingers in everything that anyone on the planet can trade - (especially if the vehicle reveals inflation) Yet only a few in advance know what he intends to do before it happens. Helen Keller, you and I can see this - Why do all others struggle to get it??? Dow will hit 14,000 by October 15th, oil will trade around 78.00 and Gold will trade around 1690. BECAUSE BEN OWNS AND CONTROLS IT ALL!!! True price discovery is complete history!!

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"I'm surpressing prices!"

"I'm issuing false flags through re-captured mass media!"

"Hookers and Blow!"

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What am I going to do?


Watch political dogma hit the wall of reality Karma of supply.  Nothing to see here, take it for what it is.  Cheap oil for a little while.  

The price is elastic and so far with the dogmatic shinanigans on supply we've recieved a couple of things.

  • Refineries were shut down to skeleton bones.
  • The engineers that do the work to make the oil laid off and never looking back at the industry.
  • All countries are now blind to supply issues


Fer christ-sakes...I'm in farm country in Ontario and attempting to locate diesel was tricky this summer.  Can't imagine anything good comes from this except the price snaps back to where it should be.  WTI 180 and Brent 198

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BTFD. Saudis can artificially suppress prices only so long. They need lots of $$$ for their military to hold their masses in check.


Where's Nancy P. complaining about the 'evil speculators?'

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at this point it doesnt matter who wins..

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Rumor has it that oil is abiotic.

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It must be avatar that allows you to pull off the sarc like that...

"You were a little hard on the Beaver last night...."

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Fuck that, everybody knows that oil comes from comets.

- Immanuel Velikovsky

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Exactly. Worlds in Collision. Everyone should read it. Guy was brilliant. He actually explains why Titan has a hydro carbon OCEAN. Hint: not from dead dinasours

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Right, now when does the next shipment from titan come in again?

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This has to be the greatest example ever of Poeing a thread....

Tell us what you think of AGW, you can do it, you're on a roll!

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It is but it requires the pressures contained in the earth to make it happen.  We can do it on the surface.  It would only take a year to make a limited volume that was already paid for and spent.  Growing oil requires the energy of oil to make it.  The magical natural process takes 150,000 years couple of miles beneath the surface of the planet with temperatures running fairly high for a sustained period of time.


From the production of abiotic requires about 1800 barrels of energy in joules to manufacture one barrel of oil.  People would be more sympathetic to burning kittens for household heat and power generation.

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Hey! We could achieve energy independence and create jobs by getting people use vise grips and magnifying glasess (only during the day!) to convert kerogen into oil....

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Woah!... BACK UP... We could be burning KITTENS?!...

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it's also an antibiotic

and a dessert topping

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It can also be used as part of a salad dressing.