Spot The Odd One Out

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Presenting European and US equity and credit markets' performance from the Thanksgiving Day lows. Can you spot the odd market out?



from 3/19 (the day before the CDS roll and coincidentally the day before the expected event horizon for Greece):

S&P 500 Future -0.7% at 1395 (0.8x daily standard deviation)

US IG Credit +11bps to 96bps (5.5x daily standard deviations)

US HY Credit +65bps to 588bps (4.5x daily standard deviations)

Europe BE 500 (stocks) -5% at 179.23 (5x daily standard deviations)

Europe IG Credit +20bps at 132bps (5x daily standard deviations)

Europe HY Credit +135bps at 638bps (8x daily standard deviations)

Chart: Bloomberg


Hint: US equities

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Fire up the Hewlett Packard, you motherless son of a bitch.

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HP needs a stimulus package anyway...

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Bernanke won't run QE3 before the US elections, that is now clear.

Gold traded at $1,631.90 by 11:07 a.m. today, for an annual gain of 4.2 percent. That compares with a 6.6 percent jump in the Standard & Poor’s GSCI gauge of 24 raw materials and a 9.7 percent increase in the MSCI All-Country World Index of equities. Treasuries lost 1.4 percent.

Everybody was betting on QE3 and India's return to the table. Both did not happen so far and the Bernank and the FED won't save Gold since they care more about job creation.

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Wanna bet?  Obama's countin' on it.

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You're not paying enough for gas, gold, and grub yet?

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....and the big tomato smashes the little tomato and says 'ketchup.'

Life is Pulp Fiction

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Let us stop with the puns. In every thread, someone must tard it up with un-funny humor.



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This from a guy, whose name is Cooter.

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Wow, I think this is the most junks I have ever gotten on ZH (for a single post).

Let us ... LETTUCE ...

... must tard it up ... MUSTARD ...

I credit MDB, the master troll. I love his posts; it is like chum for the autistics. It is fun to watch.I tried really, really hard to tie in mayo and libertarians, but it just couldn't pass QC. MDB, I am going to snatch the pebble from your hand soon!

I will revel in victory!



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Even better, look at the NASDAQ or any consumer index.  Outrageous outperformance for tech toys and self-indulgence.

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not much longer when we look back from Thanksgiving 2012 to today

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I had to send this comment from my PC because my iPad only allows positive information.

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The PPT has run out of dry powder. Sack is fleeing and all they can do is support one market so they wisely chose the one that is most docile and most exposed to MSM propaganda.

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Normal is as normal gets.

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Credit anticipates, stocks confirm.

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And when E.F. Hutton talks, people listen.

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And we make money the old-fashioned way: We print it.

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I saw a great spoof of the old Smith Barney ad which had John Houseman pointing at a janitor busily sweeping away with the caption, "At Smith Barney we make money the old fashioned way: they earn it!"

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UK's total debt forecast to hit £10 trillion by 2015 Britain's total debt will top £10 trillion by 2015, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers, which warned the burden could slow growth for decades as interest rates eventually rise.

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"Can you spot the odd market out?"


Is it the pharmaceutical company that makes parkinson's medication?

The lines look kinda squiggly...

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Can you spot the odd market out?

No, Im color blind

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The Swiss stock market is in lala land, too.

Most of our companies are (mainly) exporting to the Eurozone, but they're still trading at a huge premium to their Eurozone competitors.

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You are supposed to be investing in stocks.  Didn't you receive the memo on Christmas morning?

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Ships carrying Iranian oil not going to be insured anywhere in the world.... from anybody including china....

wonder what that will do to equities when 2.2 million barrels per day disappear in July from total global production?


Why is the s&p 500 not deverging? Because the small .01% (corp. exec's, politicians, wall st. casino funds, etc...) who know how the deck is stacked are in the process of unloading (after re-gaining) their worthless equity toilet paper bullshit to their unsuspecting marks (the 99.999% worlds population) through their 401k's, pension funds,  and retail stock brokers. It's just like a gaint ponzi stock/equity(LOL) washing machine equipped with a devilish laundry/spin cycle.

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Everything looks normal to me.  Nothing to see here. Keep buying groupon shares. Everything is fine.

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Markets diverged from credit in the US, not so in Europe.


In other words, the US markets has some retreating to do.


These guys do a decent and more current job of analyzing US stock indexes.


I use stock indexes to help me buy and sell long term stock positions.  Helps to confirm things. 

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Everyone knows the S&P is correct and the other 5 are wrong.......... just sayin

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and oil is bid...

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long buying on the 3pm HFT meltup.  lets see if it holds.

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I put it on Friday and it hurts a bit right now!

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But now that Brian's gone...... there's Hope:)

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This just makes me depressed.

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But aren't US equity investors always the smartest investor class out there...?