Spot The Odd One Out

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We are now T+5 from the launch of the good ship QEternity - do you know where your asset classes are?


Treasuries, EURUSD, and Oil have all retraced the entire post-FOMC move - US equities not so much...


...and perhaps as an indication of times to come for the Fed - what took EURUSD 3 days half-life and 5 days full-life to be digested took a mere 9 hours for the BoJ's latest QE8 effort this week in USD JPY...


Charts: Bloomberg

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LULZBank's picture

Boldly go where no one has gone before Bitchezz!!!

strannick's picture

The good ship Qeternity, sailing in green seas of endless liquidity

Dalago's picture

We would have also accepted, "Boldly go where no Bitchezzzz have gone before."


Tyler, tell LULZBank what he wins!

LULZBank's picture

Is it coz I is too intelligent?

BTW, I did'nt junk you.

SmallerGovNow2's picture

Like to see gold added to the first chart...

flacon's picture

...and silver. I think silver is going to go DOWN baby.... in the SHORT TERM. Perhaps retest $32.50. 

Dalago's picture

Tis you is.  I uped you and didn't junk you either.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

I junked you.  I don't know much, but I do know that bitchez always go last!

Dalago's picture

Nah son,  Bitchez be versatile; even you didn't end with bitchez!

Angelo Misterioso's picture

seems like it maybe should be "Badly go where no one has gone before...."

Angelo Misterioso's picture

seems like it maybe should be "Badly go where no one has gone before...."

Meesohaawnee's picture

is that  down shapiro's pants?

CClarity's picture

Or as Rosie wrote yesterday, "There was a time, not that long ago actually, when it was the economy that drove asset prices like equity and real estate valuations.  But today, the causation is viewed, even in policy circles, as running in the opposite direction.  It is asset prices that now drive the economy."  

Or at least that is what Ben and the CBers hope.

CPL's picture

Now see spot run.

WTI is taking off again for some reason.

DeadFred's picture

Futures are done rolling. Good chance this last week's meltdown was caused by month-to-month rollovers.  There's a boatload of liquidity parked in the oil futures market making us pay more at the pumps than we need to but every so often they have to move their contracts or else they'll have to, God forbid, take delivery in a market with not that much demand. This time the month-to-month doorway got a little narrow. Maybe they held a bit longer than they should hoping to catch a bit more profit from the expected ramp from QEternity. Oops, sometimes it sucks to be an evil oil speculator, especially if you're not close enough to the Source to get inside info on exit strategies.

CPL's picture

New ride at six flags?






Relentless's picture

This one's gonna make you h-u-r-l!

q99x2's picture

Someone better find Bernanke and have him take a look. Something is not right.

slaughterer's picture

We got badly ass raped by the WTi flash crash here.  Sucks.  Put a Bidermann video on ZH tonight so we can feel better.    

CPL's picture

Yup...I understand this is the dip from chart prognstication..


Naw just fucking with you, happens every quarter now.  Set your watch to it.

Dr. Engali's picture

Dupe.... Damn fat finger.

slaughterer's picture

Buy MBS and financials--i.e.  the worst crap in the lowest part of the sewer.  You will do well.  

mccoyspace's picture

The "Bad is Good" menu sure tastes great.....

Bam_Man's picture

That is called "front-running the Fed".

holdbuysell's picture

At some point this front-running is going to extrapolate to outside the virtual financial system. Got food?

Urban Redneck's picture

Only if you have a TBTF membership card, enabling you to turn around and unload it to the FEDs balance sheet at mark-to-myth pricing for a guaranteed profit, BofA still has 260,000 year-end non-performance bonuses that it must finance.

FL_Conservative's picture

Hopey the Clown says we have nothing to worry about.  He and Ben have all their plans in place.

slaughterer's picture

Texting Simon Potter: "Get to Fucking Work!  Signed, BB"

slaughterer's picture

it is only 12:52 and I am getting drunk already next to Kass's office in Sarasota.  Kass is "religiously short" and on margin obviously.  Next to Bidermann, I can think of nobody who stands to lose as much as he if the ES tests 1530-1560 before the 'lection.   

Dr. Engali's picture

Has anybody seen Corzine lately? I've been meaning to talk to him.... I need some "advice".

slaughterer's picture

Saw Corzine on the beach with a semi-chubby Italian_american woman half his age.   I think some Paparazzi loaded the images to the web.  Corz' looked kind of down.  

slaughterer's picture

You know what? she definitely looked like "snooki" (definitely JOISEY GIRL, like ADRIANA on the Sopranos, but chubbier).   Would not hit that babe though when Lisa Falcone is alive and now available and desperately-seeking-non-Phil with the over-ride-nuptial-agreement button firmly pushed.  But what can Corz' do since MFukker got swallowed by the Whale?  He got to bottom pick the babes like the Red SOXX in Fort Myers at Babes stripper club.  

Ineverslice's picture

Looks like a sinkhole in the middle of that Brooklyn street.


MiltonFriedmansNightmare's picture

This just in.  The U.S. Federal Reserve has launced a bold new program, namely HFQE (High Frequency Quantitative Easing). This program will enable the Fed to inject additional liquidty, as deemed necessary by the Federal Reserve Board chairmain, at nanosecond intervals in an attempt to address the law of diminishing returns first detailed on an obsure financial website entitled Zero Hedge....full details to follow.....

Muppet Pimp's picture

LOL. Had to log in just to up arrow that.  The fed may have to look at this, of course once they figure out how it works they would just signal QE a couple hundred times per second but withdraw the offer prior to it being utilized.  

Your comment reminds me of an article I read once mocking HFT that reccomended companys update earnings estimates on a nano-second to nano-second basis.  Tried to find it but could not, it was pretty funny.  


DeadFred's picture

Ben is not female

"they would just signal QE a couple hundred times per second but withdraw the offer prior to it being utilized

how did he come up with that idea?

Howdan's picture

Hahaha that is one of the best comments I've ever read! So funny because if today weren't Thursday I'd believe it was true!

WTF is going on in Equity Indices by the way? WHO is propping up the markets? Very odd.............

spanish inquisition's picture

My friend Ben said he is going to buy $40B a month in MBS. Now that he has given me a list, I think am going to sell some shit to raise cash and start flipping MBS to the FED.

Squid Vicious's picture

Obama in-trade odds now 69.3%... bullish for businesses everywhere!

Nothing To See Here's picture

"bullish for BIG business everywhere"

There, fixed you...  :-)

The rest of them can have breadcrumbs.

Mercury's picture

Throw gold in there and you'll really see the odd one out.

Vincent Vega's picture

All is going exactly as Fuck You Bernanke planned.

slaughterer's picture

After I am done with Sauv Blanc I am raiding the IPA and calling it a day.  Sucks to be long WTI right now.  

PlausibleDenial's picture

I thought my rhoids were acting up again only to find that,yes, it was the fucking bernake reaming my WTI position.  Shameless.  BTW @ slaughterer,  come over to Palm Harbor and let's continue the carnage.  

Squid Vicious's picture

trannies getting demolished AGAIN today... this is bullish right?