Stratfor Hacked, 200GB Of Emails, Credit Cards Stolen, Client List Released, Includes MF Global, Rockefeller Foundation

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This Christmas will not be a happy one for George Friedman (who incidentally was the focus of John Mauldin's latest book promotion email blast) and his Stratfor Global Intelligence service, because as of a few hours ago, hacking collective Anonymous disclosed that not only has it hacked the Stratfor website (since confirmed by Friedman himself), but has also obtained the full client list of over 4000 individuals and corporations, including their credit cards (which supposedly have been used to make $1 million in "donations"), as well as over 200 GB of email correspondence. And since the leaked client list is the who is who of intelligence, and capital management, including such names as Goldman Sachs, the Rockefeller Foundation and, yep, MF Global, we are certain that not only Stratfor and its clients will be waiting with bated breath to see just what additional troves of information are unleashed, but virtually everyone else, in this very sensitive time from a geopolitical point of view. And incidentally, we can't help but notice that Anonymous may have finally ventured into the foreign relations arena. We can only assume, for now, that this is not a formal (or informal) statement of allegiance with any specific ideology as otherwise the wargames in the Straits of Hormuz may soon be very inappropriately named (or halfway so).

Chronology of releases from AnonymousIRC starting early this afternoon:

And the kicker:

Anon promises that much more is coming:

  • has enough targets lined up to extend the fun fun fun of throught the entire next week.

How the Stratfor site looked minutes after the hack:

Full letter from George Friemdan to clients as of an hour ago:

The full client list as released in a pastebin by Anonymous of all the alleged clients sorted by company name, can be found here. As this is merely an extracted column from a far larger database, we are confident much more very sensitive information, as the bulk of the companies are either in the intelligence or money management business, will be released shortly.

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DormRoom's picture

nah.. Anonymous may be the class that overthrow the capitalists, like how the capitalists overthrew the aristocrats.  Anonymous are the infocrats.  They control information, which is power these days.


NO wonder governments want #SOPA.  They want to track Anonymous @ the TCP/IP & DNS layer.

Polizei_Stadt_2011's picture

"NO wonder governments want #SOPA.  They want to track Anonymous @ the TCP/IP & DNS layer."


That's some retarded shit right there.  You folks that don't know anything about the internet should really refrain from spouting such nonsense.

CrazyCooter's picture

I think he meant to say "Don't ping my cheese with your bandwidth."



q99x2's picture

Maybe they live in Freenet tunnels.

papaswamp's picture

What capitalists? Capitalism hasn't existed in this country for decades.

Polizei_Stadt_2011's picture

That meme is getting worn out by stupid fucks above 30 years old that don't know anything about the internet.  Anonymous developed around the chan sites where posters not choosing a name would post as "anonymous."  It is everything and nothing you think it is.  Because anyone can claim to be anonymous.  In fact, anyone can BE anonymous.  That's the point.


But it definitely is not a psy op or any other conspiratorial nonsense.  I think you are projecting this notion onto them because their action and victories against the powers that be magnifies your own impotence just that much more.  You see these teens and early 20's folks out there owning servers and dumping email spools and you assume they must REALLY be some kind of super ninja hacker NSA guys because OBVIOUSLY no "average Joe" could be smarter or more motivated or braver than you are.


Sorry, you're wrong.  Just because you're a powerless, impotent, defeated old man doesn't mean everyone is.  Deal with it faggot.

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

Police State Script Kiddy:
You have tried hard to generate interest in yourself by your inflammatory posts. I'm older than dirt and had ARPANET and DECNet accounts before you were born.

You got my attention. Now we shall see what you're made of. Not much I reckon. In the words of your idols, "Expect Us".

JOYFUL's picture

Nope, jus wise to yu, Goy baiter.

Now get lost.

Problem Is's picture

9th Rule of Fight Club:

Newbies have to STFU and read their first 26 weeks...

Mr. Polizei_1_week_and_2_day-er...

MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

But -- but, he lurked for like, 3 whole weeks before he signed up and started, umm, started -- would you call it posting?

Polizei_Stadt_2011's picture

I have multiple accounts and change accounts with great frequency.  Only stupid sheep like you maintain persistent accounts that can be datamined and gobbled up by the automated systems that maintain your profile in the government databases.


I'm sure you registered your ZH account with your aol email that is  And you're surfing right now from your home ISP connection.  Probably on Facebook too.


See, people like you have nothing to fear from the police state.  Because you're too stupid to hide anything, or plot anything or, frankly, do anything that anyone would be interested in.  And, moreover, you KNOW you're too stupid to be a threat to anyone other than your spouse after you've had a few too many drinks of rum and eggnog.  So you dote over the state that you worship, gazing upon it with those big stupid cow eyes people like you have.


Despite all that, there was quite an uproar on this site over the NDAA that allows the government to murder or "disappear" anyone it wishes at will on this site.  Yet here you are,, posting from his home ISP account, worrying about how many weeks an "account" says someone has been on the site rather than the content of the message.


Comically laughable.

jimijon's picture

Hey now! I resemble that remark!

Loose-Tools's picture

Your level of "expertise" is not credible to me because ... you seem to be paranoid.

Urban Redneck's picture

Paranoia can be Comical, so can Presumption.


If the architecture and process is engineered correctly the first time then it doesn't need to be modified at regular intervals, or can be done so in a way transparent to the end points.


Even without echelon and onyx, anyone with an iq above room temperature and access to an mazh terminal looking at this single internet posting of mine could identify who I am in five minutes (or at least whose life I would like to make difficult in the event of the shit hitting the fan a certain way).  The failure of the 99% to change their router passwords also presents myriad opportunities for VPN endpoints to enable the FCC/DHS to do a hilarious reenactment of Pump Up the Volume should they be inclined to act up and clamp down.


If the worst you are doing is posting on ZH- then you are probably pretty far down any government lists.  If posting on ZH isn't the worst you are doing- then perhaps your efforts would be better spent constructing more robust Chinese walls between other activities and your ZH posting, then trying to keep the ZH community guessing at your most recent identity…   


infinity8's picture

So, you are some sort of "threat" and are "plotting and hiding" something "interesting"? But, you're so smart and agile that the black SUV goons won't ever darken your doorstep? And, you're gonna post that on a blog that's probably on a list somewhere?

Merry X, dumbass.

zebrasquid's picture

Re: Under 30 wunderkind:  You stand on the shoulders of centuries of giants that have come before and think you got there on your own?  Yeah, sure you did.

And besides, the most accomplished among you is, who, Mr. Facebook? Mr. Twitt?  Just look at what they've turned your generation into - punks wasting their youth tweeting the world what they had for lunch, and really believing someone cares.


Polizei_Stadt_2011's picture

"Idle hands are the devil's play things."


The Boomers ran America and the global economy straight into the ground.  But there are still intelligent young men being born, and they have nothing to do.  Unemployment among men ages 16 to 29 in the U.S. is above 45%.  Ergo, anonymous, lulzsec, antisec.


These people have nothing to lose, and unlike you, they are not afraid.


But if you actually read the defacement message you would likely have reached the same conclusion I did, that this particular hack was carried out by French or Spanish anons.

Neo's picture

You better find something else to do witht you time, youngman, becuase the second the Internet becomes a REAL threat, it'll simply be turned off. What corporations/government giveth, it just as easily and quickly taketh away.

The real revolution will NOT be twitted, facebooked, blogged or broadcast on IRC or even televised so we can all tune in and cheer on the "good guys". When TSHTF, comunications for the masses will be the first thing to go, can't have the sheep coordinating.

It's too bad cell phones have gotten so small and light, at some point the only thing they are going to be good for is as a projectile. An old Brick Cell phone would have made a much better weapon.

As for those landlines....the seeds of the explanation are already being planted.


Dugald's picture

Don't be so negative....there is still Ham Radio, not as popular as it was, but still with us...keep up your Charlie may just need it!

BorisTheBlade's picture

No one will shut down the entire internet, that's not the purpose. Moreover, part of the reason so many lemmings were lured into facebook and twitter was to centralize means of communication for any possible coordination of such events and of course distract. Very few learned about strong encryption and IRC and avoiding centralized channels, so obviously won't be able to do so quickly when it matters, not in numbers usually required to make a difference anyway. Minority won't be able to get their message across, because majority is used to the more mainstream channels and don't follow 'fringe' unless they make the headlines. One doesn't need to control everything, one needs to control the majority and subdue the minority. With minority it is probably already the case as minority also tends to hang out in the same places and leave the traces.

They call twitter 'internet telegraph' for a reason, it was somewhat central in spreading information during uprisings in ME and MSM didn't have any problem with promoting such image, since it happens elsewhere and lemmings get the message that channels are credible, i.e. can support legitimate uprisings. I can only wonder what kind of algorithms are inside both FB and twitter to identify and trend/suppress topics, but I bet there are some. Same goes for google, whose algorithms are not transparent and since google was complacent in allowing chinese censorship to enter their market, what could possibly prevent them from being similarly complacent in allowing US censorsip? Nothing, they are also facilitators in that sense.

So, when something meaningful happens, don't expect to get it as a trending topic or type it in google and see if it shows up on top of search results. Or it will, on a 3rd page drowned in tonnes of noise.

chindit13's picture

I think I'm going to repeat the tag line...J.M. Barrie, not Oscar Wilde:

I'm not young enough to know everything.

Perhaps the Boomers will ask for your forgiveness for not leaving their spawn and grandspawn a free and easy life.  Perhaps you and your generation can get back at them by not using any of the contributions Boomers made to society.  Toss the personal computer, the internet, anything using lasers, cellphones, alternative energy systems, space-age materials, modern medicines, etc.  That'll show'em.

Just for fun, here's the equivalent of "I had to walk ten miles to school in the snow everyday".  Well, I had to carry a three foot high batch of sequential cards across campus, hand it to the technician manning the mainframe, then find a teletype (with real keys and swing-arm letters) to log in and test my Fortran program, then get pissed off either because my code was wrong or the tech dropped one of my batch cards.  I apologize on behalf of those who left you the mess of WiFi and laptops and easy script.

Oh, and don't worry about the debt.  You won't be paying it, and those who own it (Boomers) won't be getting their money back.  Poetic justice?

The slate is clean for you youngsters.  Let's see what kind of a world you can make.  Talk is cheap.  Since time began it has been the practice of the young to believe they have the answers to everything.  Hopefully today's young, like most every generation that came before them, does have a few answers.  Nobody has all.  Not the Boomers, not my generation, not yours.  The species is now and always will be a work in progress.  If you're worth anywhere near as much as you think you are, your generation will produce something of value to leave behind, just as others have done. The world awaits, because Facebook isn't going to cut it.

Oh, and your kids will think you are an idiot, know nothing, and left a mess for them.

Youth is wasted on the young.  The biggest mistake any generation makes---and all of them do it---is thinking the world needs its gene pool.  Had the Boomers not made any babies, the world would probably be a much better place.

Polizei_Stadt_2011's picture

Cool story bro.  You have some obsolete experience.


I wonder if this is how the wagon repairmen felt when the automobile came on the scene and all those "young whippersnapper" auto-mechanics stole their thunder?


In the world of technology you either learn constantly or your skills become obsolete and you become unemployable.  Your vanity comes through loud and clear in your post though.  Vanity with a hint of jealousy.


You'll all be dead soon.  No amount of plastic surgery, diet pills, fad diets, life style coaches, blood pressure/cholesterol lowering pharmaceuticals, or viagra can save you from finally facing up to your own mortality at this juncture.  Look at that laundry list of products that were created to save the Boomers from their unhealthy life styles and appeal to their vanity.  It's embarrassing, and the Olestra/Viagra/plastic surgery market will be a fitting funeral pyre to the most vain and superficial group of people in human history.

chindit13's picture

I gave you a verbal thumbs up on another of your posts, but that might be immaterial.

You have reminded me of a famous tombstone which reads, "You'll Be Here Soon Enough".  You have the arrogance of youth, and that is what might...might...lead your generation to leave something of value behind.  The jury is still out.  You still have to deliver.  You will find things to be not as easy and clear cut as you now think.  With age comes something youth lack:  wisdom.  Also, you have to earn the battlescars.  Ain't nothing free.  Those of us with more solar circumnavigations can sit back and laugh at the echoes of ourselves, mouthed today by a new generation.  You are no different than any of us thought we were.  Only with experience will you learn that absolutely nothing you think is new and novel re the human condition.  When you realize and accept that, you will gain an enormous appreciation for things such as Shakespeare, Brahms, Christopher Wren, Erasmus, S.L. Weiss' Passacaglia.....all the things better people than you and me left behind.

I was kind of a prescient and academically accelerated youth, so I am probably not as old as you might think.  With two still healthy parents, looks like the inherited gene pool is going to smile upon me.  As one lucky enough to have been able to walk away from gainful employment in my 30's and pursue far more interesting avenues, I'm enjoying the trip however long it might be.  Here's hoping your trip is as enjoyable. 

As I said below, I hope you keep posting.  This site needs variety and debate.

Miles Kendig's picture

I'm not young enough to know everything - Oscar Wilde

There it is

I'm enjoying the trip however long it might be - chindit13

Ya, it's about living your own journey.  Perhaps this threads troubled teen might actually discover the facts of life once they choose to move beyond being a Gerbervore and cut their own teeth. 

The best of holiday seasons to you.  Perhaps the pathways of the three of us [our MsMutual associate included] will cross however briefly as we travel the road.  I would enjoy that immensely.


clymer's picture

Chindit, don't give this self-aggrandizing puke any more attention. 

Shit, what kind of moron writes that everyone older than 30 is an idiot, all baby boomers ruined the nation and he thinks his technical prowess far-exceeds everyone else on the web.

anyone that writes in arrogant absolutes like this is clueless, and is not part of the solution. 


Miles Kendig's picture

Agreed to the attention and absolutes parts.

Just remember it takes all sorts to make society go and the winds of adolescence can be a bit brisker for some.  Perhaps that person will get blown away by their own bull shit and perhaps they'll actually grow on to solid foods one day.  It's that persons choice.  They can choose to mumble in isolation or attempt cognitive reasoning and do the incredibly hard work it takes to actually create to go with it.

HungrySeagull's picture



Your post stands as a total ignorance and insult to your generation.

What makes you think that I rely on all that crap in your last paragraph to prolong my life another day?

I was raised long before the net was invented. Certain events are expected later in life and one has a good attitude and does well as they can. Technology did not exist for example to fix things that were considered killers.

I have saved lives in trucking including my own a number of times. One day death will come for you, no one knows when, how or where... but if you are fast enough you might just cheat it one more day.

Sratfor was a useful resource to me. Ever since the wars from the time we had C130's and other planes filling the sky to take over a small country in the Carribiean I have always been deeply concerned and very attentive to our Military.

You young uns did not live 39 minutes missile time over the pole between heaven and hell. You did not see the horror of Korea when it was realized that the Chinese managed to march tens of thousands into the FEBA under cover of the forest fires they set.

Or the horror of Vietnam whose Vets fought to save each other and then are spit on when they came home. It was a French issue and because of our Government's efforts and the People's apathy and protests, General Giap was able to beat us from time to time in the field of battle.


Where are the carriers is a standard question and Stratfor helps keep us up to date more or less. On board those carriers are thousands of very good men and women just out of highschool who dont waste time "Playing" the internet.

Want to make a difference? Go down to the Marine Recruiter or any of the other Branches and sign up. By the time they get through with you in Basic and if they somehow recognize the small amount of motivation within you to play the internet, you might have access to toys beyond your imagination.

And then either put in your 20 years or take that training and make it work while others stand in the soup line or struggle with unemployment.


For every dozen of youngsters who think us oldies are good for nothing, there is one or two who will be more than happy to learn all they can and postion themselves to lead this Nation into a bright future.

But for the moment, we have to make do with what little we have and it's not very much. And that is all we need. Yes my hair is white in places and I have bad days where rest is necessary, it is offset by love and peace in a home that is paid for and a balance sheet that is positive, however small each month.

The internet bill is a sum total of extravagance in our world. It sometimes gives us access to information not covered by the MSM and propaganda crap.

Rick Masters's picture

For all your i-so-adore-the-troops bantor and your suggestion that people join as to avoid unemployment, maybe you should read some facts, like this one: unemployment rate among vets, 30 percent. And my problem with boomers is not that im jealous its that you sold out for money and debt and dismantled the idea of american exceptionalism as personified by education and turned that into a private for-profit business to make us all debt slaves, so dont play your oh-so-innocent game. The reason America became great was universal education, ya know, like the Chinese are doing right now. And they're pouring all types of resources into it. Yes, you've done great things but the other problem I have with boomers is this: your fucking arrogance. I don't like cursing but I ain't bowing down and kissing your ring either, Ceaser.

Loose-Tools's picture

- 100. Bravo! Poorly thought out Snark. Don't bite anyone 'cause you seem to have bit of venom in you. But please continue, as you are permanently burying any credibilty you "might" have had.

Papasmurf's picture

Don't be so smug.  Your live will be harder than his.

Loose-Tools's picture

+ 100. Well said, and thought out, Chindit. Thank you.

riley martini's picture

" Don't trust anyone over 30 " Quote from  baby boomer and 1960s civilrights activist Abby hoffman . Don't trust anyone over 30 was the battle cry of baby boomers . The cycle repeats . Youth unemployment is obsene in this country . I gave up my position so the youngster could make a buck now I can't get my position . Time for a new plan .

Dingleberry's picture

Amen.....and don't forget all of their body piercings and tattoos that make them fell "special".....  Just a bunch of fucking Eminem wannabees.

boiltherich's picture

DB, You nailed it there, every generation has to rebel, it is part of the maturation process, but the current crop is not going out and buying tight 501's or growing their hair to their asses and smelling like corpses, that has already been done.  No, they are permanently vandalizing their own skin, some I believe for the same reason they voted for Obama, white guilt, can't have lily white skin from scalp to sole, have to find a way to be "colored" and then acting like a gang punk from the ghetto is more believable (in their minds anyway). 

But, look at photos of the popular fads from the 1970's that show very dated quiana disco shirts unbuttoned from the navel up, bell bottom pants so tight that they reveal whether or not one is circumcised, longish over styled blow-dried hair, or any other fads from any other era, the difference is that by the time people get to be 25-30 they have to grow up, we tossed the quiana shirts and disco pants, it is not going to be that easy for this generation.  This generation will hit 25-30 and while their minds will have matured they will be stuck wearing the relics of their rebellious past.  Just as tacky and dated wallpaper from the 70's is no longer made or sold, or shag carpet, or the AMC Gremlin, or any other item of that era which we now find so embarrassing it is going to cause a lot of mental anguish and I predict that the future for excimer laser manufacturing equities will be as bright as the beams required to remove the body "art." 

The attack on Stratfor is, well we can't know for certain who did it, but it strikes me as a very odd target considering how many targets there are out there of much higher impact.  I am pretty sure that anti hack cyber police evaluate and profile these kinds of crimes and can tell more from the patterns of hacked databases than anyone here knows or than they will ever tell us, especially since the Assange data dumps.  If the attack was rebellious kiddy hackerettes that got lucky and chose the site because of it's wealthy client list they would have been better off hacking the credit card database of Neiman-Marcus, one has to be in the 1% to get a credit account there (unless they changed their requirements since 1990). 

In the end I am open minded about the attacks, I see the damage they do, but I also see the good they do in outing secrets that should not be secret, and for those things that do need to be secret they expose our collective weaknesses in our defenses.  The problem with secrets is who do you trust with them?  Skynet?  Ethically challenged 20 somethings that are pissed off because they are 75 pounds overweight and never had a girlfriend?  


Hive Raid's picture

Troll analysis.

On second read, I think Police State is a "student" who believes his own shit. He's a one trick pony: "you squares can't fathom the depth of the youth nerd brigade" is every post. These channies imagine themselves as part of a high-tech underground global guerrilla movement, which--like OWS--can't quite articulate their purpose. The 99% of them are cheerleaders like Police State, whose participation amounts to 2x daily beat-offs to grey-area-legal porn, and lolling at the latest yearning submissions in the i-wanna-be-a-internet-meme-star competition.

A later post was laden with sulphuric Jew overtones, condemning those who observe a "Zionist conspiracy". However, the article describes an apparent attack on a leading Jew propaganda apparatus, which the lad seems to relish. In light of this contradiction, for the time being I'm going with: dorm room CS major pedo-porn whacking Jew, unaware of the full machinations of the international Jew squid, and thus not yet in lock-step with it.

[Memories of college; I had a Jew housemate one summer, and upon borrowing his laptop for a minute I encountered hardcore kiddy porn in an open tab.]

At any rate, I hereby grant Police State today's Velvet Jew Head Award, which entitles him to jack shit plus an ounce of Truth:

9/11 missing links (Jew orchestration of 9/11 attacks):

Merry Christmas!

JOYFUL's picture

he'll be around about as long as NO MAS...FAILURE is not tolerated in Mossad operatives, volunteer or professional.  BIG HOOK alert!

Hive Raid's picture

Yeah. Of course, this hack may be a ZOG pawn-sacrifice, to add to the arsenal against internet freedom, which is perhaps the greatest danger to ZOG at present.

In which case, we would expect shill deployment to flesh out the notion that such attacks are possible and part of a "movement". An IDF operative in the guise of a tech-savvy channy would make sense. His reference to zionism would then be a strategic error, I think; a Freudian slip--they just can't help themselves.

No big, but playing is half the fun.

Panskeptic's picture

Ain't no such thing as a ZOG. It's just a fantasy in the minds of losers. The WASP establishment that really runs things does not admit ZOGs.

Snake Plissken's picture

How is life in Tel Aviv s**t head?

SlipStitchPass's picture

I was also confused by the disrupt the Iowa cacus video. If Hermain "I'm a negro from the Fed and I am here to 999" Cain was still in the lead I could understand it but I don't get the call given Ron Paul is in the lead. Seems like Obama does not want to run against Ron Paul.

Also cosider that Donald "BK" Trump is now floating a third party run. Another pawn of the establishment. The only way Trump runs is if Ron gets the Republican nomination nod. Enough Americans are dumb enough to vote for the Donald to give the election to Obama.

#occupy has been coopted just as the tea party was taken over by the neocon whores Palin and Bachman.

ThisIsBob's picture

Sorry, all I see is other people's property being vandalized for sport by a bunch of brats, as mannerless as you.

Conrad Murray's picture

Hmm, I was told Anonymous is just a bunch of script kiddies who meaninglessly deface websites. Is there moar than one Anonymous? How many cakes are needed to navigate a series of tubes?

seek's picture

There is more, lulzsec for example -- who are mostly script kiddies but seemed to have been enlightened.

The other issue is it's hard to know which are legit and which are government "Judas" hackers v. false flags.

The intel and hacking world gets complicated fast!

HamFistedIdiot's picture

I've read a number of your posts, seek. You're an intelligent person. I've heard Catherine Austin Fitts and Alex Jones describe "Anonymous" as a cut-out or a government op. Tarpley described a recent data dump from Wikileaks and how it served to legitimize expanding the Anglo-American war on the Middle East. And of course, no emails will be forthcoming from the inner workings of Mossad, the Soros Foundation, Gates Foundation, Lockheed Martin, Rothschilds, and other groups at the helm of the NWO Beast system. When "Anonymous" releases video footage of private blue blood snuff films, or real damning insider info from the private contractors and government agents who pulled off 9/11 then I'll know we're onto something. Nice that "Anonymous" threatens to disrupt the Iowa caucuses. Gives an excuse for the feds to come in and "help." Can't allow Ron Paul to win anything free and clear. Like you said, "Anonymous" is a mixed bag, a Guy Fawkes mask for anyone to don. You have to take each revelation with a grain of salt to determine what agenda it is advancing. Peace

scratch_en_sniff's picture

I just got the email from Stratfor; most of the companies listed would probably only have subscriptions with whats the big deal? GS reads Stratfor? well stone the fucking crows, who would have thunk it?

Tyler Durden's picture

And some "probably" have more than subscriptions. What is your point?

Mauibrad's picture

Tyler,  what did Stratfor do that attracted the attention of Anonymous?  

Hansel's picture

I was wondering that too, but the client list is a who's who of everyone in the world.  Wow, this is a hardcore hack.

StychoKiller's picture

I believe that Stratfor claimed that they were secure -- hubris seems to attract a crowd (of l33ts). :>D